Quotes (draft)

It is not enough to be right. It's more important to be effective.
Pedestrians may have the right of way in a crosswalk. But I’m not going to step out, in front of a fast moving car, only to have my epitaph read “He was in the right.”

At what point does protesting become complaining?
At what point does tolerance become enabling.
Partial answer: Protest, without action, is merely complaining.

PR spin is the art of highlighting the truth in a lie or the lie in the truth.

Is doing something wrong to correct another wrong the right thing?


How to fix a broken heart: https://youtu.be/k0GQSJrpVhM
You need to get over the addiction.

I call it the Mall Dance. There isn't a clear pattern, but it all works out without a single collision, like two galaxies colliding in the cold and vast emptiness of space.

I feel like my wife and I teased either too meanly or we were too sensitive. With the old one, we teased too little. You and I do it best.

Engineering adds functionality. Design adds usability.

Poor life choices end with good daily choices.

Arguments work best when taking into account the audience's beliefs, trust sources, and values.

A black hole evaporates as it swallows antiparticles. Particles and antiparticles don't annihilate each other and release energy. Rather, they melt together and evaporate into nothing. Lost information is entropy. Lost matter is no thing.

How and where does an electron store a photon?

If light travels as photons, why don't radio waves also travel as photons. Or do they?

When you change the rate at which something moves, that's time. It's not a force anymore than distance. It's simply the measurement of movement in a given frame of reference. A strong gravitational field slows time because the movement of atoms and subatomic particles have to fight that field, even if in the zero g of a free fall. The over all body is moving in a single direction, but electrons are in a push-pull war as the orbit the atom in the strong gravitational field.

How smart you are is directly related to how quickly you fully understand things.

Time is nothing more than things moving in a reference frame. Is there ever a case where time slows down while thugs move faster in the same reference frame?

There is an inherit beauty to the design of the tiny cannoli. The shell is as thick a full sized cannoli so it holds together very nicely.

The beauty of love is that it's not based on logic, it's pure emotion. That's what makes it so beautiful. Emotions experienced they way they should be.

Just like when you were a kid watching the Six Million Dollar Man, Dukes of Hazard, or Seinfeld.

Protect the peace.
To include peace and quiet.

Welcome to 2019. The year it all fell apart.

Wendy was a beautiful southern belle all covered in charm, with a hint of naughty, if you caught her at the proper time.

It's. It that all birds chirp at a certain time of day. It's that some chirp at a certain temperature, which varies with the season.

Think about what makes you feel good and do that to others.
Think about what makes you defensive and don't do that.

Money doesn't define who we are, but it does define what we can and can't do.

Dear entrepreneurs: It's not about what you can build, it's about what you can sell. Before you can sell it you need to market it.
Just because someone's good at sales doesn't mean they're also good at marketing. Some sales people have no clue what they're selling, but they can sell anything. Remember John Candy in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?" He sold shower curtain rod rings as bangles.

There are times when doing nothing is more productive than doing something unproductive. So hang tight.

Before 1976, the highest ranking, and most senior General of the Armies (6-Star General) was Pershing (WW I).

We look at matter as if it's physical. Rather, it's simply well behaved energy stretched out over an area of probabilities.

The laws of physics must be dominated by good decisions

There are times in our lives when our deepest regrets, especially in love, aren't realized until years later when the pain of their memory is unbearable. Be smart and appreciate the life and love when you have it – never take it for granted.

If you have to trade one guilt for another, choose wisely.

Even though the lovers despised him, he was their go to guy when they needed mental material.

He pitched himself as this great nobody. In reality, he wasn't great.

You make me feel like the man I always wanted to be.

The actor nailed the part of the victim perfectly. "You have no idea how terrifying it is to be so powerless over your life.

He's the worst kind of fuck-up because he has no idea. He thinks he's doing good.

Then I will send you a long hug and kiss and wish you sweet dreams, Joe :) Donjo

I would like to be with you right now and cuddle or just talk and share stories, moments, thought... or be silent but together. Donjo

The security computer ran on an encrypted time, blockchain. Off that main chain is where provable event timestamps were glued to history.

The secret to a happy couple is that they each rarely noticed the mistakes the other one makes, unless they are inexcusable. And that is very subjective.

He would speak up for himself, every now and then. He felt if he didn't speak up for himself that no one else would. But he only did it occasionally. That, tied in with his genuine authenticity, made him human and liked.

Kids are doing it right by using SnapChat. We Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers keep using e-mail and texting, leaving behind a long audit trail. Millennials are saying, "Remember that crazy stuff I did as a teenager that showed up on social media and humility me? I learned to never make that mistake again, especially when the chips are higher, much later in life. Leaving behind digit emissions may be hazardous to your health, both physical and mental."

It was her gait.
Her confident strut. 
Her feet flowed as she moved. She didn’t float. Rather, it was a beautifully controlled slide, forward, with elegant grace.  

He has raised politics to the level of religion. "Just believe me" even if it doesn't make sense. Your prayers weren't answered? God has a plan for you. You're a federal employee and you're not getting paid? You know what's going on. (Even though they don't.)

True sacrifice isn’t about giving up your spare time or money. It’s about giving up your time or money to such a degree that it affects your lifestyle with virtually nothing in return.

He discovered that connected subatomic particles pulsate to create an overall atomic particle. That's why motion and gravity affects them. It's not a single particle in the double slit experiment. It's a connected network of pulsating subatomic particles

No matter how strong the ship, you're at the mercy of the sea

Talented people aren’t driven by discipline. They're driven by passion.

Engineers come up with solutions that become features.
Entrepreneurs come up with solutions that become benefits.

You can not outlaw a part of a person, ruled the Supreme Court regarding drug testing. You can only outlaw their behavior. Driving drunk? Illegal. Goring to work high, and it's detected? Fireable. Get high on a non-worked day and no hint of it in job performance? None of your business.

So this is what it means to face your fears.

The trick to being optimistic about the future is to not let change scare you. Evaluate it skeptically, first

This home became known as The Bungalow. Very few of that time referred to it as that, but it quickly became known by that moniker.

If the protest is a correction to a wrong action, then that is not a complaint. That can be a hard thing to do when you don't remove enough of the emotion.

Instead of looking at this tragedy as a set back, look at it as a new beginning.

They differentiated themselves by adding a little kick to their brand.

The enemy of simplicity is undisciplined creativity.

I borrowed $1.2m and made a $1.5m profit. It was a great ride.

The multi-verse is one of many universes that Big Bang into each other, repeatedly.

They lived in a different universe where time was multidimensional.

Photons are the sonic booms of the universe. A particle that's leaving a wake of waves to be experienced throughout three dimensions.

Soldiers aren't young people because they're dumb. They're young people because they're looking for a challenge.

Question all unexpected noises.

The only thing worse than no information is bad information.

Steve Jobs's greatest invention was Apple, the company. Apple's greatest competitor isn't another company, product, or organization. Apple biggest threat is complexity.
When looking at risk, don't focus on a thing, product, or event that threatens. Instead, focus on the principles of that threat to your core offerings and have the imagination to immediately recognize threats when they're still small.

Commit to the third rail.

You don't need to believe in everything, but you do need to believe in reality.

What disappointed me was simply the fact that I was disappointed. I had guesses wrong.

Acknowledge the past.
Live in the present.
Be responsible for the future.

It's hard to do nothing when everything's happing around you and you feel helpless.

Did you happen to notice that two retired Marine four-star generals, who were senior officials in the U.S. government, both resigned this month? How many members of the Armed Forces would follow them? Now that would be a great movie of made properly.

It's all in the approach to discipline. One Lomé of thought it's a reward for not doing wrong and the other is a punishment. It all depends on the perception and reality else frustration.

Myth. Legend. Truth.

The confidence with which she conducts herself gives her the authority.

"Girl, I only paid 5 bucks" conveys a closer warmth than me would say without them feeling that they're emancipating themselves.

People get scared when they don't understand the quality of the information at hand.

You are not smarter than everyone else at everything.

Energy, without particles, is nearly massless and travels at c. To a photon, traveling at c, time ceases and length decreases, yet mass doesn’t increase.
Should we look at energy as massless particles or particles as energy with mass?

The cannabis market is now in a quiet steady state. It was exciting to go from the black market to the gray market. But, now, with tighter controls over quality, etc, it’s dialed back the growth, excitement, and adventure. Any pop-up gray market collectives are quickly squelched by licensed collectives.

It's the story of an emperor who lived 12,000 years ago and got the entire world to speak the same language. But accents and dialects became too varied and it all fell apart.

It's doesn't matter. Mission failure. You either do it or die trying.

Great, so, basically, it's the Ivory soap of operating systems.

One hand, a clap does not make.

True opportunity comes uninvited and first appears as inconvenience.

On Earth, we create things that don't exist anywhere else in the Universe. #impressive

Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is a pint of Ben & Jerry's or an entire can of Pringles potato chips.

What do you mean that the Coriolis Effect isn't what decides the direction of water going down the drain? Science taught us that it was true.
True, but you were unknowingly taught theoretical science, not experimental science. It was long after you graduated from school that scientist actually observed that the Coriolis Effect wasn't strong enough to determine direction down the drain.

It's a TV comedy series about a goofy president who rarely drinks. In one episode, he agrees to have a drink but forgets that he's taking cold medicine which doesn't mix well with alcohol. He's wanders into the press room and unknowingly turns on the live TV cameras while he stands at the podium to speak his mind as he gives the real-raw speech he's always wanted to tell America.

A key reason movie star actors get in trouble, emotionally is they lose their true identity by acting other parts as authenticity as possible. The more authentic, the more dangerous the mental effects.

It's all about timing. Nobody deserves to fly in an airplane or helicopter more than Leonardo da Vinci. But he was many centuries ahead of his time.

Here's a fascinating podcast about how smartphone apps track your location (more than 14,000 times/day) and how this anonymous data looses its anonymity.
The knowledge that you're being watched changes your behavior. It's the Heisenberg uncertainty principle at the macro level.

The nice and efficient part of the futures and equities markets is that people can put their money where their mouth is to argue and debate about price and outlook.

You're raised hoping that God will pick you to make you special. Pick yourself.

Evolution is about taking the learned good habits and having them in embedded into a specie's genes.

To be an entrepreneur, one must have a high tolerance for trial and error and error and error.

The challenge facing entrepreneurs in government is they don't have the freedom to fail because the consequences are too high.

The challenge facing wannabe entrepreneurs is they don't realize their limitations.

Cable news stations excel at pulling people into matters that don't concern them with an emotion plea that they should care about matters for which the individual has no control or influence.

Why is it religious leaders don't smear non-followers like politicians?

The forbidden love, once tasted, is never forgotten.

The Turing Test isn't enough. Mimicking isn't genuine, just like a video isn't the experience.

They thought humanity was atrocious and despicable for how animals were enslaved.

Every night was an adventure. Even solo, it was always an adventure.

If I was China, looking at the US, I'd say, "You know, China's been around for a long time, thanks to the Great Wall and now the Great Firewall. We can see your 'free speech' taking its toll. You're doing it to yourselves by not protecting your government's interests."

I want to be in a place where the days don't build on each other.

Information may want to be free but that doesn't mean it is free.

Decisions and actions in my life are driven by philosophy and discipline. For Manny their decision process is dictated by fear.

Wikipedia is so great. When I was a kid if something was it in my home in Cyclopedia it was difficult to figure it out. For example I was reading a book about quasars and they kept mentioning the red shift, but I had no easy way to figure out what that was.

Due to the sick Kadian rhythm, the body has a literal timeline that can be dissected as long as we know when it ends. We can see when in the day person did something like had coffee or wine. Specially if they did it every day.

I can’t give you what you want, only what I have.

In chambers, he said my client was noble. But it was never mentioned it in court.

Perhaps, in the future, corporations will be looked upon as enslavers of free will.

Reflections of better days with bluer skies.

The used to think math was for boys.
After doing a little research, they discovered the true identity of this algebra equation. It was the equation of everything, or at least everything real.

What if you could created beauty, like a musician, that was only interpreted by a computer.

Try to make the events in your day as connected as possible.

A work of fiction should always be perfect. Infinity is a perfect deadline.

You could learn a new language by watching TV, but you can't simply by listening to the radios.

The drug helps you focus on your happiness and minimize distractions, while doing it.

Simply because you want to do something great doesn’t mean you will. By all means, try, but be realistic. Not everyone can do something great. A big part of it is luck, and the biggest part of that is timing. Keep in mind that you, wanting to great, might be considered a little selfish. Make thing great for others, whether they’ll ever know. Now that’s what I call service.
Instead of trying to be great, try and do great things, humbly.

The fact that any president could weaponize bad information and threaten and blackmail talks to the problem with the entire practice of a republic. We see how it’s suppose to work, in theory; now we need to implement it.

It was heavy handed threats surrounded by platitudes.

Everyone's brains get off track from time to time. It's just a matter of how long.

It seems that many people have dark moments in their lives and now it's spotlighted with social medial.

He spent his entire life being competitive as possible. He wanted to win at all costs, even if it meant stepping on his own constituents to further his accomplishments.

Seeing your house burn to the ground is watching your history go up in flames. Watching your savings and retirement investments drop to zero is like watching your future fade to black.

You should be grateful that you got to control an entire chunk of the universe in the form of your body, mind, and soul. Nothing lasts for ever.

People felt safe in my backyard because they felt that my protection covered them. But who protected me. I was scared when I was a lone.

Small tech companies do not need product managers any more then family dinners need a wait staff at home.

Beth Paige was a woman from Long Island.

It’s. It about being the strongest. It’s about being the smartest who survive.

Everything, eventually, goes to nothing.

Don’t you understand my life is so precious? It’s because death is so final.

Living through history isn’t as exciting as reading about, when it’s all played out, but it is more dramatic.

The Marine Corps excels at creating leaders because they explicitly teach leadership theory. Then each embraces their own style and develops.

The way stress and fear and anxiety way on us continuously. It's cumulative.

Fighting getting old is all about working to keep doing the hard things you enjoyed when you were younger.

You don't drink and old fashioned for the taste. You drink it for the history, tradition, and ceremony. Otherwise, after more than a century, you'd see old fashioned flavored drinks.

Some leader rule by love and some by fear. But this guy rules by humiliation.

The handwriting technology made my front leaning activity of writing feel more backward leaning, and less defensive.

The SoCal city cops loved flying at night. Their sensor equipment was programed to automatically dectect any surface temperatures in the los 100s.

Modern warfare is different and asymmetrical.

St. Helena fascinates me. It's a place I've always wanted to visit. A dream without reason.

Simply because you can do something doesn’t mean you can sell something.

I like to think of the Constitution as the original Blockchain. Nothing gets removed, just repealed. It's all still there.

I implicitly made a decision to not engage unless it was going to be productive and effective.

Gravity is your friend. It's pulls everything to where time runs slower.

What if you could make Monday through Friday your weekend and only work two days?

What made Carl Sagan so unique was his philosophy; he could capture deep emotion using pure logic. Pale Blue Dot.

There aren't many musicians in the world who don't know how to read music. Music is the theory. Performing is the practice.

The Onion: Area man knowingly agrees to something he'll never do unless asked again.

The secret thrill to Ozark is that it frames a scene much earlier in the process which gives us a peek into something we never considered leading up to that moment.

That dirt you get when smoking and not vaping, changes the rate that your body absorbs it. That's why it feels different- it's not about the temperature, just the mix.

I see objective truth. I despise anti-truth.

Have you ever heard of an American pretty being assassinated by someone other than an American.

President Trump has proposed that the US "should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Sun and returning him safely to the Earth."

It turns out that the electron cloud isn't well defined because it's merely a shadow from four dimensional space.

We're together because we've infected each other's souls.

Think about writing a story. It could be a short story or a long novel. Then, you take the essence of the story and roll it up into a title. That's the benefits.

He specializes in staying relevant by being a narcissist, much like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

The research beyond a reasonable doubt that all humans were merely a product of their environment. If you reproduce to humans have the same exact number of Adams and put in some situation that they would evolve exactly the same way. It's merely because of universe at play.

When our forefathers wrote the Third Amendment, they anticipated a country living predominantly in peace.

"Beyond the Credits"

He's known as the Prism. From one white light came all colors.

War is not about hate. It's about love. Love for country. Love for comrades.

Life is about getting things done; accomplishing your goals, big and small. Once your reach a certain level, you feel like you've arrived.

Stomaching lining  thin people have thin stomach linings which keeps them away from sugar because it's too acidic.

You misthink of evolution as absolute right and wrong. It's simply the random mutation that stuck.

He was so typo prone that he could make an indelible mistake when writing a "[sic]."

"How are you're doing? Your good, eh?" [sic]

Isn't it amazing how we judge people by how they look? Even the most subtle shape of their face.

It was a historical moment in golf when he scored two hole-in-one shots off a single stroke.

The problem with film and music, as art, is that it must be consumed, perhaps endured, over time. It's not like a photo or picture.

The mysterious dark and smoky band was playing Erotica.

What is a successful mutation? What about a mutation that has a benefit to ensure our survival? We study evolution as if it gives right and wrong answers. It's all really a probability, like an electron cloud. We let the universe dictate what is absolute right and wrong.

Welcome to the Den of Light, read the sign on the pile.

Resourcefulness is innovation in the face of extreme handicap.

Something happened to our DNA that failed us. We seem to be the only species that doesn't properly recognize ourselves as part of the universe.

"Road of the River" - the biography of Del.

Just always be yourself. The universe sees you, all of you. We are the universe.

Our dreams come from our experiences, thoughts, and concerns. The better the content, the better the sleep.

Overconfident armatures in a professional's world.

There are times when the law can't protect you as fully as it should.

Marty refuses to feel guilt for someone else's sufferers when they understood the risks.

What if what I do can't be taught to others because they're wired differently and then respond differently.

How about requiring that the person who brings up a problem, in a meeting, also suggested a solution at the same time. Otherwise it's like showing up late to a meeting with a cup of coffee in your hand. It gives the wrong impression.

I discovered that I hate myself when I'm mean. It's worse... it's shame.

I can never take out the trash without thinking of how Sam's mother was struck by that truck. It reminds me of Goliath.

Everyone's looking at everyone else to see if they're being looked at.

Information wants to be free because it weighs nothing.

The music sets the mood before the mood's been set.

The movie was about terrorist who hijacks the Academy Awards by poisonings the entire audience and then he begins to auction off the limited amount of poison antidote. It gets into the ugly side of billionaires.

I think we're transitioning into a time where the two party system is reaching fewer citizens and more become independent.

In the military, I was suddenly doing very well in class and on tests. That was my kind of academia.

Put your faith in science... or at least the scientific method. It'll never let you down.

I did to want  to play a role in life. That's a job.

Come on. Don't you realize that I could never be that dumb and admit to being that dumb unless I wasn't that dumb? It's so obviously.

Music sets the mood.

I try not to deny myself something I want.

This is the life I always wanted.

Oh, you're 16 years old and it seems like the world's falling apart? That's par for the course, kid. Just ask Holden Caulfield.

Some say that one of the scary things about HomePod and Alexa is that they are always listening. But, that's nothing compared to the fact that your desktop or laptop is way easier to hack and its mic is always on.

Being more productive is great. But I want more. I want to be more creative.


I'd rather live the experience than debate the theory.

We went up grow up into our values from the programs and movies we watched.

It helps me appreciate time.

Before you can fully solve a problem, you need to define it and deeply understand it. Pure and true simplicity always lies on the other side of complexity.

The church of objective truth and simplicity.

Protest, without effective action, is nothing more than complaining.

What makes someone look smart is that they're not easily fooled.

"No, don't you understand? The chemtrails are spayed at night because people are indoors. That is, except for the homeless," he conspired.

We only think time is long or short. It actually runs on a scale that resonates with DNA. Communications with non-resonating life forms was either impossible or irrelevant. One sentient life per ___________.

Running is my discipline.
No running = No discipline.

There wasn't anything special about the outdoor shower, other than it was an outdoor shower. What surprised many people was a how open it was and how it compared to what they imagined.  They heard about it and thought it was way overhyped, so they lowered their expectations.

You see it as an opportunity. They see it as a sacrifice.

This guys was amazing. He could his a grand slam with no one on base.

The rise of Internet video won't kill TV. TV will merely be another channel.

Love, money, sex, and lots of free time. What more could I want?

A big part of simplicity is managing what comes at you.

It's that feeling of disappointment when you first see the raw ugly behind the beautiful art.

We going to these relationships with the idea that it's until death do we part.
Instead, we should go into them with the idea that it will work for as long as it works and we both know will do our best to make it work. But if it  work out, then that's OK, it in no way means either one of us is a failure.
Think about the origin of the notion, that it's suppose to last forever. It was either religion or practical safety. We have the beginnings of a stable enough government that an individual can easily survive alone.

There is no universe. This is only everything and it's infinitely big. A great big infinite loop.

The government is like the highway. The government doesn't operate the vehicles using it. It's the individual citizens who do.
Every so often there's a fatal flaw like a fallen bridge or a terrorist attack. The first to respond are the individual citizens. They're the ones who wave off the cars behind him and prevent them from driving

Great leaders leave behind quotes, based on principles, that are lessons learned for generations to follow. What are we left with? "Drain the swamps" and "build a wall?"

How do you justify taking the opposite position on any issue? Just change the time frame or context to an answer that fits.  It's a joke, be offended or be amused - whichever serves your politics.

Imagine what it was like for the first tens of thousands of years for humanity. Before organized armies or governments. Before even language. Now we don't think twice about communicating at the speed of light with standing wars. How was information stored, shared, and learned, back then. Imagine living in a world where you couldn't even clearly communicate with your friends and family.

if (can_write())
Optimization analysis showed can_write being executed twice. Once at can_write() and then inside write(). Software developers blogged about it and then removed can_write(), even though the documentation didn’t mention that write() would explicitly do the check. It worked properly for years until an internal coder removed the can_write() call from write(). Then all hell broke loose.

You and me baby. This is our go at it. We’ll let the universe drive and not fight the forces.

The story’s about NASA testing a Mars refuel system where a master tanker fires off a rocket fuel tank to keep refueling the ship as it accelerates between Earth and Mars. After a near mishap they notice it not moving as expected. NASA discovers a small black hole between the manned spacecraft and the rendezvous. Once the discovery becomes public, cosmology and cosmic physics become the new high tech boom.

The concept of now is relative.

The irony of life is that for it to go on living, it must die.

The business geniuses were the ones who could see a little farther and think a little quicker than the others. They were the talent.

People are vectors. See where they lead.

Little did people know, at that time, that magnetism was the future to transportation. Do it naturally, and a magnet field doesn’t run out of energy.

The first successful independent POTUS was a former Marine general who appealed to the most important issues in both parties, as long as they weren’t diametrically opposed.

You inspire me to be more of the person I always wanted to me.

Time moves much differently in the military than in civilian life. IN the military, there’s always a key date looming in your future.

We can confidence by feeling similar things across different experiences.

People care more about their own interests than about being correct.

Humanity evolved for our (to suit) environment. It won’t be until far in the future when our space adapting sub-species can thrive in deep space.

A lot of people don’t realize that they have very good ideas. It’s not about distinguishing the good from the bad. It’s about properly executing the idea that’s innovative, entertains, or makes meaning.

I call it raw reality writing.

Every new entrepreneur think they’re the one who’s discovered a new opportunity that others missed. In nearly all the cases, the reason the others failed is ‘cause their marketing plan was either non-existent or not viable.

That inventor was very smart and secretive. He set up five separate companies. Each company owned three key patent technologies. It took competitors years to like all 15 patents and figure out how his invention worked. Why he didn’t keep it as a trade secret, no one knows.

When my father was a live, I never realized how happy he was. I never realized how happy our entire family was. As a kid, I have no memory of either of my parents overwhelmed. All was taken in stride.

I appreciate your dedication. And I also appreciate the challenges you face. Because, even when you do that right thing, the best that anyone could do in the same situation, it still feels wrong. Every challenge I faced as a leader made me better. I made sure of that.

The movie’s about the federal government slowly going dark due to a leak that a building solar flare will swipe the Earth and kill nearly all life. We see how the government fails in a most unexpected way.

We all have creative thoughts. It’s not about the creative thoughts – it’s about capturing those through a constructive medium.

I grew up next to a wealth, mini-estate and heard the long walk up their drive, especially over the fall leaves.

I learned how to carry confidence forward from previous, similar situations.

^—^ from hot tub notes


Microsoft became the de facto solution because they fundamentally ask themselves, “Will this give us more market share?” Apple, on the other hand, repeatedly asks themselves, “Will this make for the best possible customer experience?”
One solution helps the company live quarter to quarter. The other solution helps the company last a generation.

Code you don’t write is code you don’t have to debug.

It's about sacrifice verses dominance.

In the military, we give metals to people who sacrifice so others may gain.
In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others so we may gain.

The show is a light comedy about a secret cult of mailman who understand the importance of each person on their route; their place in society. They could tell this just from the mail they delivered. Imagine if someone else could see only the subject line of every one of your emails. They could still figure out a lot about you.

Maintaining a relationship is harder than starting it. But the start tends to require a bit of time and attention.

Should any POTUS use their position to personally attack individual American citizens who pose no threat to the Constitution or national security?

I like the way life feels.

You know your tribe because they're the ones with whom you can be your naked self.

See all those people making money with Bitcoin? What repeatable fundamental or technical expertise did they utilize to achieve that? You'd have a better chance with the lottery which has a much safer downside.

On an abstract level, a pure artists wants their work to help you connect your soul the rest of the universe.

Do you think, when I'm on empty and filling up, that my car feels as good as I do after a big, hearty meal?

He could always manage the responsibilities all with the lightest of touch.

Only some guys have the ability to build a wall of friendship around the special women in their lives in order to keep it platonic.

"I knew I was a pot head before I ever used pot. That's why I never touched it for all those decades."

That place became my oasis hell.

A night to remember is typically a night we'd rather forget.

You seem to completely Mc Mickey's the fact that we control matter over time. It's not that we seem like gods, but we are gods. We are the Gods of the universe.

I mistook the rustling of the palm trees for my steak sizzling on the barbecue.

Peace through violence. He has a casual cruelty about him.

When we were younger, if we had a belief or position that flipped, 180° later in life, we presume that our most recent way of thinking is more developed, since we discovered it later in life.

It was deemed the scariest scene in a movie since Alford Hitchcock's shower scene. The snake biting the man's legs or feet in his bed over and over again while I was on the phone with 911.

I didn't choose cancer. Cancer chose me. Stage 4 cancer chose me and lost that battle. I was lucky that mine was completely curable.

Information obesity

The reason they liked him wasn't because he didn't get it; but rather, it was because thought never flashed across his mind.

What do you want for us?

I need to hear my environment as I listen to the world.

Alcoholism isn't about how many or how often someone drinks in so much as to the affects it has on one's performance.

He’s a lawyer. His only concern is the law. There are higher callings such as the Constitution. The Constitution isn’t merely law, it’s its own singularity. It’s morality. It lays out principles of citizens’ rights. The law then implements those principles as values. I can think of nothing in the Constitution that is controversial when it comes to directly restricting an American’s rights.

The entire world is at your doorstep, literally. You simply need to step out in to it.

Investing in Bitcoin is like investing in the lottery. Sure, people make a killing every week but distilling the underlying cause and effect is virtually impossible.

The problem with social media communication is that it's more about us, as individuals, being heard.

If you're going to live in the real physical world, you need a public address for mail, meetings,  deliveries, etc. Internet advertising has accomplished the same thing in cyberspace where marketers can advertise to us.

He was the physicist who discovered that the rotation period of a planet's satellite is predictable.

Seeing life from the other side: A parent's story.

It turns out that the strain with the biggest impact is directly related to the first strain you ever tried, and what that experience was like.

Make sure you take care of your tomorrow self, today. Both physically and mentally.

All you can do, at any given moment, is take in the universe. Just know that you're part of it.

The mystery of the tower was it sliding. It was lit from the bottom nearly straight up and each tear had an Anna miss black base.

The reason that people you grow up with see you as a hero and support you when you're famous is because you're an underdog. They knew you when the rest of the world didn't.

We're at the point where entertainment has become more real than reality.
Exercise: Fill in the blank:
"Houston, we__________ a problem."

Don't engineer software. Design it.

She was a little fat, but in an unusual way. She looked okay. Or at least that's what she believed others thought of her.

She could talk to a person across a room without talking to the entire room. She was elegant and self-refined.

It was a hot winter day.

She sat at the bar thinking about a lover she missed. She didn't want to get too close.

I never went to bed with an ugly person but I woke up with them.

It was a reality too hard to accept.

You got to appreciate the basics before you can have respect for the advanced

What will people a thousand years in the future think of us? The same as we think of people a thousand years ago. Nasty. We will be remembered as the broken period because so many people, today, are broken.

The house was under a spell where its occupants were magnified in love or despair, depending on who they genuinely were, inside.

Why did you do this? Because I was the only one who could, who would.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I turned to Amy and asked her to hold my beer while I went to serve up a great big hot plate of justice.

I am a hard man to please. That doesn't mean I have high standards, it means I have stubborn standards.

"Pennsylvania is a great state. Oh, shoot, did I call you a state? Pennsylvania is better than a state, it's a commonwealth. Trust me, I know. I used to live in DC - it's not a state either, except a state of madness. Always has been, always might be.

The superstars are the ones whose potential is exactly what they live up to and exactly what the world's wants from them at exactly the right time. Some people live to meek and shy while others try way too hard and rush it.

"What's my rap name? I am Rap Mogul. I'm not OG, I'm new G. I'm high tech and shit."

I was diagnosed with late-stage,
wide spread cancer. I became a reluctant expert on the disease. The doctors only read about it in a book, I lived it.

They were simplistic times. How many of our favorite movies from when we were a kid, still hold up?

He developed experience reality (ER) which virtually created an experience for the user. After that, authoring became all about detailing an experience.

Give yourself up to the universe. That doesn't mean anything super/natural. It's actually the opposite once you realize that you can't know the future. Any ominous hunches are simply emotional guesses.

That's the way life has to be. On smaller scales, everything moves faster to experience life before it's over.

Prince has a a great voice. It's not so much that he speaks to me; rather, it's that I hear him. 🎶 🎸 ☮️

Change is our future. Always.

Experience what makes you happy.

What's the least amount of news you need to stay an informed citizen and get it from reading rather than watching TV.
Many people who call themselves news junkies are actually seeking entertainment, not trying to be a more informed citizen otherwise they'd understand the people, positions, and issues that appear on a voting ballot other than the top of the ticket. Think about it how much more of an impact the regional and local issues will impact them compared to the high visibility issues.

A good attitude is the path to results, but it's not the destination.

Entrepreneurs are either smart of crazy (or both).

Opportunity frequently appears masked as inconvenience.

He's the one who realized that it wasn't time pulling us down, rather it is whooshing down on us like rain. It was time waves and gravity. To alter gravity, you need a gravity umbrella above you. The antigravity solution was too simple.

Other companies will bring new products to market as quickly as possible, simply because they can.
Apple waits until it's fully baked.  It perfect, simply the best it can for now.

“Protesting,” without action, is simply complaining.

Here lies Joe Moreno, normal sized penis.

When it comes to day to day events, the government doesn't run America. The government doesn't run America anymore than the highways run America. The government is there to support what we do.

People put their own safety and security ahead of an organization's collective goal.

The biggest threat to well established organization isn’t external, it’s internal. It begins with leadership, and the character of those leaders. Nothing will destroy an organization faster than poor leadership.

Apple’s not afraid to threaten their own business model. As a matter of fact, they excel, better than anyone else, at making their own products obsolete.

Autonomous leaderless execution.
An issue of heroic leadership; not questioning the fallibility of a leader.
Heroic leadership vs. humble leadership.

The gotcha about "opportunity" is it usually presents itself as "inconvenience."

Peeking though an open window is a small violation. Peeking through an open door is a big violation.

This guy was the wet fart of the room. Everyone knew it, but they almost felt sorry for him. He was the wet fart that shit gold, and they would put up with crap for that golden shit. Once that administration got toasted, everyone stunk. There was no getting that stench out.

Traveling into a dispensary in another state is like visiting an alternate universe.

Being an entrepreneur isn't about what you want. It's about what your customers want.

Don't hide your life.
The more openly you live your life, the better it is.

Good friends are hard to fine. Don't take it for granite

It has to do with level of accuracy. We want pork to give us the level of accuracy we're looking good.

We are over entertained. Head hit is a killing blow.

We constantly see people, governments, and organizations gain power, built upon the backs of individuals. Then they forget their roots and take back their power. Think about how much power has been removed from APIs by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The man doesn't think ahead. One day, he will no longer be president and he will have hell to pay.

Password: 6.O2x10^23

It’s an old person’s bar. Instead of a Red Bull with rum, most people order a Metamucil with vodka. Think of it like a screwdriver.

You have to reach a point in your life where you don't feel like you're being held back.

The Minimum Life.

Look around. It is us. We have become the evil empire. We even have privatize armies.

Living through it, yourself, is vastly different than reading about it in a book, or watching a movie.

Why do all of his actions have to be heavy handed.

There are true believers and there are misbelievers. There's a difference.

People don't flip when things are going great for them. Only the most honorable do.

Life is improbability. All those places where physics, at any scale, can't forecast... that's life. From DNA to QED.

"Natural Order of Things"
The story about the two small kids, a boy and girl, who innocently spy on a man's (Silas McCool) backyard because he's a world recognized fiction and non-fiction author. They see his house get egged. They see him superiorly treat women. The see him get high, hop in his hot tub in his zen lit backyard, and write in, what seems like, a magical notebook, both real and imagined.
Remember, dirty shoes are dirty.
He's writing s book, "Take the Long Way Home." He listens to 9 Beet Stretch while writing, furiously.
"Why is it always evil spirits that go into things. Why not good spirits? Answer: because good spirits or like the police ambulance and fire department. And the bad spirits are the criminals. "

I realize that you and I are very close. I like that, this time around, we're guided by the natural order of things.

Honestly channeled angry is the key to happiness.

I just noticed a very interesting Instagram UI/UX. While scrolling through your feed of photos. If you stop and look at a photo, the text entry area for your comments won't appear until you begin to handle your phone as if you're getting ready to write a comment. That's why it always appears just as you begin to signal for it using a touch UI. Very smart.

The story is about a group of very well known, second rate Hollywood actors. It's a comedy and they're all doing these goofy things to try to make ends meet, besides selling autographed photos.

Generally speaking, the more you pay for something, the better the quality of the experience.

A lot of politics is about showmanship. But there still needs to be some steak to go along with that sizzle.

Candid speaking or impromptu speaking is disjointed, especially when under the pressure of the public eye.

We both thought we were going to die in the prime of our life.

He finally gave up, early on, and stopped explaining his reasoning. They'd never understand, so what's the point?, he mused.

The story's about a techie who falls for a woman that lives in the poorest part of town. It's there that he witness how differently they're treated by the same ISP for the same service at the same price. The opposite of Net Neutrality is a hidden, racist Internet.

She's a self-indulgent blogger. Her writing, photos, and videos are all about what she wants.

If what you're doing isn't earning money then it's a hobby.

He treats you like a television audience, not American citizens.

Stop thinking emotionally.
Start thinking skeptically.
Start thinking critically.
Start thinking objectively.
Do not: Do not respect facts.
Stop being told what to think.
Think for yourself.

My point isn't to sell Apple, rather it's to share the story of Apple. Not only the success of Apple, but more importantly, the mistakes made that lead to those success.

Silas "Smash" McCool

Remember, it's better to tell a great story than your own story.

Life doesn't owe you anything. What did you do? What did I do? What did any of us do to deserve to be born? Talk about luck.

I feel very good being bad with you.

Don't let me tell you what to think. I can give you tips and show you how to think, but you owe it to yourself to do the heavy mental lifting.

They are not simply showing you the news, their provoking you to take action. Think before you act.

I respect him because he’s fit. If someone can’t control what they put into their mouth, why should anyone care what comes out?

There are time when we see simplicity. And then there are times when we seek something more, but it’s not complexity, rather it’s randomness.

One key job of the news media is to
Big media, CNN, Fox News, have the money to present simplified information; but the important information that really matters most to individual isn’t the national or world news. Rather, it’s the local news and how that relates to the bigger picture; not the other way around. Why does the outcome of Paul Manafort’s or Michael Cohen’s trial matter to you.
Simplicity lies on the other side of complexity

The key to simplicity is to focus on the sphere of influence that matters most. Don’t focus only on the direct link, but, rather, consider the entire system and focus on the item you care about and the relationship within one or two degrees.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is doing something for free, then expect no more than that.

Every so often, a lucky couple will discover they're soulmates. The know it because they could never imagine themselves with anyone better.  

I'm lazy but disciplined.

There are two things going on there. First, the phone company used to charge 50+% and the App Store doesn't scale.

You ring a bell, but it doesn't ring for you. It tolls.

When I hear someone say that they want to become an entrepreneur, I replace entrepreneur with rich.
An entrepreneur’s features need to be converted into a customer’s benefits.

The only thing I know for sure is that I was alive for some time. It's not only that life is so short, but also that we're dead for so long.

He was a leader's leader. They nicknamed him "The Conductor."
He said his secret was, "I don't tell the percussionist how to bang the drum, or the oboist how to play their woodwind. I simply conduct. Each of you do your part, and I'll pull it together."

The story takes place far in the future where there's a movement to return to natural selection rather than bionics.

What if we limited how much news a person could listen to each week.

Epithet: He lived the dream.

The people who never want to die are the ones who are most scared of life.

What are we fighting so many of yesterday’s battles, today? These problems are of his own making.

What happens to you, after you die, is the same thing that happened to you before you were born.

Einstein figured out that information can't travel faster than light. That begs the question, "Why not?"

Engineers look at marketing like people look at movie acting: It's not hard; anyone can do it.

Customers tell you evolutionary enhancements.
Visionaries tell you revolutionary improvements.

Customers tell you evolutionary enhancements.
Only visionaries, that can execute, create innovative revolutions.

I trust law. I trust the US Constitution. I do not trust what people do with it though.
I'm not worth of commenting your code.

When you speak to people you need to hear yourself from their point of view. A radio host one toldspread to be about how many watts his radio station transmitted. I have no idea if it was 1000 W, 5000 W, or 20,000 W. How powerful is a walk? The power is a feature of the radio station. How far that signal broadcast is a benefit. Does it broadcast 10 miles, 100 miles, or maybe it's an a.m. radio station after sunset so it goes 1000 miles.

The fire is always right.
Fire doesn't lie.  It never tries to lure you in with cool promises. From the get-go it says, "Stay away from me, bitch. I will burn you." It never lies.
You can see the fighter, the lover, and the lady.

She was a strong minded, independent and confident woman. She never wanted to fit in a man's world. She was comfortable in her own skin; candid, honest, and open. She dared the world: "Do not fault me for being a perfectly flawed human being,  just like you."

I got a little too wrapped up in being able to say I experienced something rather than focusing on enjoying the experience.

Ironically, simple solutions come from complicated problem solving.

People give up so much of their power and control to fears that don't exists like religion, astrology, Mercury in retrograde.

It's not that having money makes me calm, rather it's being calm that makes me money.

This week, Mars is the closest it's been in 15 years. If Martians wanted to attack us, this would be the perfect opportunity. I hope our defenses can hold up. 🤞 🚀
The invasion was called off because Mercury was in retrograde.

When nearly all of your perception of reality fully matches actual realty, then you have human nirvana.

No where, in any job interview, will you be asked about how much tv news you watch each day. Current events aren't that important to nearly ever job position.

He was one of those guys who knew he wasn't as smart as other people. So, he'd make up for that with hard work. But he hated those who did it with ease and no regard.

I get it. There's something highly satisfying about blowing out smoke.  With vapor, everything you blow out is wasted. How do you know if you hit the perfect amount or none at all?

Sativa and indica both have their place, together, in the world without hybrination.

Sativa for the things I can change.
Indica for the things I can't.

You have to realize that being the leader of a country is like the human body. Your actions impact 35 trillion cells, but you have a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do.

How does simplicity measures against complexity? What's a metric? The number of decision points that are encountered.

These gurus can't see the future. But they do see more of the present than most others.

Breathe with ease

Facts and thoughtful action don't win the day. It's flamboyant platitudes and vague comments that attract the attention.

The trees, at night, how still they stand.

Novice experts.

We are Americans. We like big and we like cheap.

During a rendezvous test for a refueling system to Mars, which uses fast moving tankers to launch super-fast refuel pods, NASA notices a bending of space-time between the Earth and Mars. Upon closer inspection, it's discovered that there's a small black hole.

What would it be like to travel at the speed of light? Ask a photon, they have all the time in the universe.

Don't be afraid to make yourself vulnerable in the smartest way possible.

That's how the universes are recursive. Our strongest force is the weakest, the next dimension, up.

"I have a hundred thousand likes," said the entrepreneur to the VC as they placed their order at the Starbucks counter.
"That'll be $10," said the cashier.
"Hey, let me ask you a question," said the VC to the cashier. "Would you accept 10,000 likes instead of $10."
"Nope," said the cashier.
The VC turned to the entrepreneurs and said, "See that, kid? Ten percent of your likes aren't even with a cup of coffee."

He always signed off with, "I now bid you farewell, my fellow human, and may your journey be filled with peace, love, and passion."

It was the attachment that added the intrigue.

It turns out that matter from different universes all occupies the same space because it all flows in different dimensions. Like packets of data traveling through different wires next to each other with no crosstalk.

All nows are relative to the space-time frames of reference.

Keep in mind that no one sees you the way you see yourself in the mirror. Otherwise that would be very awkward.

Being soft isn't a trait of weak leadership, but lacking decisiveness confidence. There's nothing wrong with being soft if your will is being accomplished.

Reasonable suspicion without probably cause.

I would venture to guess that more innocent people have been killed by handguns than guilty people.

If you aim to be a little less than you can be you'll have room to grow.

As he travels away from you, his now is your future.

You’re an idiot. You are.
So what are you going to do about it?
I’ll tell you what! No more sex.
Oh, good. I think we’re having too much sex. I no longer have time to masturbate.

That's when I began to realize that the important stuff was the things I already had. Just like in investing, your focus should be in protecting what you have.

Podcasts are the equivalent of blogs. The creator is the source, which is different than traditional journalism.

Trump: Whenever he says something too controversial, he simply reverses his stance. The ones who originally loved it forgive him because he has to appease the liberals. The liberals soften up, ever so slightly too. Brilliant.

He changed his last name to Dismiss. Every time he got strained, the computer system would automatically and unknowingly dismiss the case.

She continuously posted explicit photos of her butt and cleavage and  other sexual photos to her Instagram account. Then she became extremely shocked and upset when guys would sext her. How would you feel if I told you that my car was broken into and the cash I left sitting on top of my dashboard was stolen? We must teach men not to treat women like objects and teach thieves not to steal. So, how do we get there?

What's the best way to determine if someone's view points changed from decades ago.

In marketing and advertising, lead with the benefits before the features. How can you tell the difference between the two? The most important feature is the benefit. Lead with that to get your customer's attention.

The secret to thinking fast, when calculating, was to think in terms of magnitude.

I figured out that live goes smoother for me if I accept reality.

We will continue to die until we stop killing.

In America, some places want to change and some don't want to change. What happened when a place that doesn't want to change has no choice but to change?

Some people go through life scared. And some people go through life dumb. And some people go through life scared and dumb. You know the ones.

When presenting, don't focus on the exact script you want to recite. Instead, focus on the story, and simply tell that as interesting as possible.

Good writers aren't good writers because they write well. Good writers are good writers because they're great storytellers.

When I'm feeling highly creative and write a piece, the final product is usually better than I anticipated. But that's only my take on it, others may seem it as blasé.

When we say, "Russia interfered with the last presidential election," is that a misnomer like "identity theft" in that, just like a person's identity isn't actually stolen (but copied), Russia hasn't been accused of interfering with the elections, but rather the campaigning?

Pure art is nothing more than an expression of human consciousness for others to experience.

The key to good UX design is not in the technical implementation. Rather, it’s the focus on the person’s experience.

Acting is like taking repetitive selfies in a crowd. You're alone, in the arena, being judged.

He wasn't a good designer. He used his art to focus on his business. He should have focused on the business of his art. (Or art of his business)

The secret to a political campaign is to determine if you want your strengths to be showed to all, even if some may consider a few weaknesses. Are your strengths strong enough to convince them while looking more than capable, not feeble. Decisive, yet not stubborn. And the most important leadership goal is for a leader to make their people feel safe as possible, regardless if it’s battle or at the office.

I see the no-living part of the world as exactly that, dead. But the living part. Even something simply amazing like plants, seem more than alive. Think about their beautiful elegance. A form of life that uses sun and water to create its own food. Magnificent.

Fireflies in Central Park - diversity at its best.

The story's about a jellyfish slug who's a comical superhero.

The goal of galactic life wasn't to venture into outer-space. Rather, it was to venture in, below the quantum level, and create new universes with faster time scales to solve problems and pass that information up a level.

He increased his level of confidence after each successive combat action. But the suffering he witnessed made him more and more cautious. Oddly enough, when taken together, these balanced out and success was amplified each time.

By elementary school, we knew the smart ones from the dumb ones, regardless of grades. We didn't know it then, but we'd figured it out and labeled them, and rarely were we wrong.

The C.O. pointed at the S-2 and said, "Somewhere out there is the truth. I want you to get it and bring it in to this COC, now, before it's too late. So we have some actionable intelligence."

How's it going with the boy you're dating? Does he carry your books to class and let you wear his varsity letter jacket to class?

Is the purpose of presentation to entertain and inform or to educate with actionable or important points.

In order to live an extraordinary life you have to do something very abnormal and benefit from it.

There's nothing worse than a life full of missed opportunities.
("There's nothing worse than wasted talent.")

The goal of a storyteller is to make the audience care. The story I am telling you were lead you someplace worth your time.

Have lots of trust but little naïveté.

For the double-slit experiment, what if you replace the particles fired at the slits with small strings, like tiny rubber bands?

The natural state of the universe is smooth and cold. Matter, and life, pollute it.

What I you like about you is that you aren't simple. And I don't mean that you're overly complicated, I mean that you're sophisticated. And very often you're elegant when you describe a specific feeling that you have and I notice I had the same feeling but I never would've thought of to describe it. That is something I like about you.

The purpose of life isn't discover other life, rather it's to create new life

The Eternal Horizon

It isn't what you know, it's what you know that you can market. As entrepreneurs, you're taught that you have to innovate your way through, around, and over problems. But you can't innovate your way around fundamental problems - those issues you must solve. You can't innovate around revenue with Likes.

Don't bang the drum.
It's a triathlete and the friends he makes on the race.

The Quantum Age.

A recording is a measurement of something that happened.

Would you rather be smarter or stronger?

The universe is dying, so black holes were created to grab and copy the information of the  cosmos.

Proper order... correct order... has only one state, but reality has unlimited states of existence, thanks to entropy.

Gravity pulls time against an object. Like a strong headwind slowing the velocity of an aircraft over the ground. You actually travel through time, or over the ground, slower.
Gravity is the ground and time is the wind. Time (movement) is what supports us in our existence.

Information dissipates with distance (and time). The farther you are from an event, in time or space, the harder it is to collect information.

The past, present, and future aren't different "nows," rather they're different experiences of "now." If we have different experiences of the past and present, then we have different experiences of now.

In the universe, the point of life wasn't to go big, but rather go small. Create tiny universes with sentient beings that continue the downward progress into the very structure of the universe at the quantum scale.

Even though that's an extreme incident he caused, I never thought there was anything wrong with his wiring, only his programming.

The title was "Nairobi Nights."

"... (sexy ergonomic keyboard!)..."
(Who yells inside parentheses?)

When I'm alone, it makes me feel good that you're out there in the world.

Lies are lies but lies to cover once ass aren't as bad as lies to discredit someone else.

What made Twitter so powerful was that it allowed a person to express a single thought, for the world to see as a statement or conversation.

Never forget that this is your file. You call the shots.

All that we have yet to know.

One must indeed tans the sphere of influence in which they exists and not worry too much about that which is outside.

Apple pivoted when they opened hardware to thirty party developers.

How can you block a wave on the surface of the earth? Figure that out and then you can block gravity.  How do you break apart of very fabric of spacetime in a useful way?

All clocks tick at exactly the same rate at the equator because the faster speed at the equator, which slows down time is cancelled out by the bulge of the earth which is due to weaker gravity.

She had the the patients and maturity of smart toddler.

Where parallel lines meet.

All matter in the universe seeks zeros g. Falling is the simplest path to that natural state.

Blinding flash of inspiration = Epiphany

Yes, I think we should try. All of it. The entire experience. I know we would find it pleasantly different. Not earth shattering, simply pleasant and different. Another nice memory to recall.

Instead of saying "I love you," say something specific you love about them.

Go forth and discover objective truth.

Nature abhors a vacuum and information wants to be free.

We attribute too much of our experience to reality.

Humans were a flawed species because their brains did not develop any understanding of our universe in its fourth dimension. Adding a fourth dimension isn't like adding an extension to you house. They measured cosmological time on a spectrum scale as the background radiation of the universe lengthened from cosmic waves, through visible light, about 200k years after creation, into microwaves, where we exist today.
They explained how the universe, as it expands, leaves holes as the vacuum energy decreases. This makes wormholes possible. But these wormholes rarely come naturally, to be useful. They have to be built like the Midtown Tunnel. Their fore-species went back billions of years. The went from developing planets, like humans, to shaping space-time. Dark energy is anti-matter.

How the future will laugh at us for the simple things we do not yet know.

True heroes are never looking to be one.

The movie was about a school of teachers who would learn a student's strengths and weaknesses and then gear the tests to favor the favorites.

It's a balancing act when putting off a decision between two mutually exclusive parties that are dear.

Enjoy the good things now, later they may be gone (or illegal).

What will digital paleontology look like centuries from now. What can we do, now, to make it easier for them to better understand us.
#futuresafe #timecapsule

My biggest strength is that I know my weaknesses.

Every family has issues they never speak of. It’s sometimes better to let them fester and hope they decay into a faded emory. I don’t even know know how this family issues was communicated to me. It’s simply a piece of knowledge that I’ve always known and confirmed. I never remember speaking of it within the family.

The house was a beautiful synergy of positive energy, but it was too much for a single person to handle. It always required a romantic couple to harness its energy.

She was known as the selfish giver.

As the voice recognition system became more mature, it could represent a broader amount of language, but this made it harder to sometimes detect slight nuances. It’s one thing to differentiate between ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or the tones zero through nine. It’s another thing to take on natural language.

I was alone. Sometimes, I would go days without seeing anyone who knew my first name. I wondered if this could be unhealthy. But, it’s never lead to anything worse. There are times when you want to see other people, and times when you want to be alone. I decided to listen to what I wanted and follow its needs. But I would always be there for someone in crises. Ridged flexibility was my mantra.

The sci-fi movie was about people who try to capture as much of their conscience, digitally, so the individual could make money off of it in the future as a way for descendants to earn royalties due to inheritance.

The key thing I noticed about him and his followers is they never lift a finger to help anyone else unless there's something in it for themselves.

Live your dream.

What's the difference between trade and commerce?

Entrepreneurs always hear that they need to be innovative and work around challenges in order find solutions. But there's one thing you can't work around his fundamental problems. Your business must generate revenue.

He was subjected to triple jeopardy. He was tried at the local and federal levels after his court martial found him not guilty.

Our smartphones are nearly always the last piece of technology we touch, before going to sleep. And the first one we touch in the morning. All for our insatiable hunger for information.

This is not non-fiction. His name was Joe Diego.

Hey there, Norbert! (Squints eyes.)

Grease and soda and rocky road.

The Naughty Angel
It's a story about a really helpful angel with a naughty side with the ladies.

I never realized how happy my father was. I thought all people would want to, or could, enjoy life like him.

Are use the force of politics instead if the politics of for us.

Frequently, opportunity first appears as inconvenience.

Indecisiveness manifests itself in repeated changes to promulgated plans, even though the situation hasn't changed.

Tolerance and within tolerance. I will tolerate most anything except intolerance.

You could notice a change without ever seeing it.

Explain your anger instead of expressing it, emotionally.
Do that, and you’ll find solutions instead of arguments.

What makes you think your good? What third parties confirm it?

He's moxie without gravitas.

How something looks is important. No man pays for the ugly prostitute.

He's not a common guy. He's never had to jump start a car.

It's a spoof of Titanic, like Spaceballs.

How would I keep separate Airplay speakers in sync? To me, the simplest approach would be to send chunks of music to each speaker with specific "jump ahead" key frames to hit at specific, absolute times.

When the iPhone came out, it was a phone, first and foremost. Phone calls interrupted music. Now, it no longer does. 🤔

I'm on the West Coast trying to dress like the East Coast, since were on the East Coast still trying to dress like the West Coast

It doesn't matter what you think. What really matters is how things are.

It was yet another case of morality veiled as concern.

I never wanted to get caught.

If you're good, and they know you're good, you'll never see it when they come for you.

D, we accept that we can't always run our best because we're
 not physically up it. We could tired, or sick or injured. So we're not at our best, physically. I believe that the same is true for our us mentally, too.
We just want to do what it takes to fix it and then figure out how to prevent it, again.

You and I are trying to save something we don't think we can save and that weighs heavily on us. But we can always make what's most important to us, work. You are very important to me, D. I am deeper in love with you more than ever.

One thing is for certain, we will continue to have less and less privacy in a more populated world; in a more connected world.

The secret to being prepared is to simply your life so you can have back up plans for foreseeable events with a solution within reach.

Creatives always need intense emotion in order to create.

Don't pass judgement on me if you haven't been through something similar. Don't be smug in your morality until you been there.

Time is relative, but moments aren't. They're absolute.

How to find balance in life? Ask yourself, "What is my purpose?" Not your purpose in life, but rather your purpose for each task you do.

The movie was about the how Federal government slowly begin to go dark due to news leaks about a building solar flare that will swipe the Earth and probably kill anything with DNA. To movie shows how the government disappears and fails in unexpected ways.

We all have creative thoughts. It’s not about the creative thoughts. It’s about capturing those thoughts and expressing them in a constructive medium. A painting, poem, code, or company.

“I grew up next to a wealthy, mini-estate and I heard the long walk up their drive and across their backyard.

I learned how to carry confidence forward, from previous, similar situations.

We, as individuals, all have problems; just like the world has problems. But, if you can’t manage your own problems, how can you even hope to take the world.

Don't do the right thing for the wrong reason.

How do you get rid of a black hole? Fire a bunch of matter/antimatter generating particles to react as they skim the event horizon. As some pair particles come into existence, the antimatter half crosses the event horizon and an equal piece of the black hole evaporated from the universe.

Good design is about making functionality available to the user at the best time possible.

Progress is measured by the foreigners who come and go, and notice the radical differences.

That entity was raised in a fictional matrix and used for psychological experiments.

I think of the wildest scenarios to fictionalize… believeable, yet eunough unbelievablity to be entertaining, yet thought prevoking.

What got the Second Amendment changed was when the distraught father of a little girl who was likked carried out a mass shoting on a legistlatoive body.

Proprietary features are at war with the enemy who are constantly stealing their APIs.

I started realizing that only important stuff is important. #whyisitreallythatimportant?

The key to solving problems is to fix it before ever needing to writing anything down.

I watched two hawks glide in gentle circles on the updrafts from Mission Valley. They adjusted their wings as they felt the wind. Only after hundreds of millions of years do we have the technology to do what they do. To them, we must look like a fish, out of water, wearing a SCUBA suit to walk on dry land. They look at us, shake their head, and call it cheating.
Then the one above my head, dips its right wing as it quickly spirals down. I watched through the leaves of the queen palms that rustle in the cool, damp breeze, until he's out of sight.

This place has become my own personal writing commune. There's something about the person who own this home a few owners ago when he landscape the backyard and the rest of the house. He knew what he was doing. I don't mean it in a supernatural way, rather in a way that makes everything so much less annoying and more enjoying.

When complete strangers know your personal business, then that cross a line that’s unavoidable for celebrities.

Hair is simply excreted dead “you.” Eww, yuck. Get rid of that stuff.

Why do we accept 30 children a week, under 15, dying in car accidents but 30 school children deaths each year, due to gun violence, is too much?
Probably because banning guns is more practice than banning cars.

Chivalry is not dead. It's only polite, while she's brushing her teeth in the bathroom, to get her phone from the living room and plug it into the charger on her nightstand.

I heard a Supe give that statistic. Rather, that's probably how I misheard it and it imprinted on me. It imprinted on me with enough force to make me overlook fact checking it.

The master recordings were digitized from the vinyl records using a laser stylus. The lasers were smart enough to eliminate dust and scratches.

Me: "... I sent her."
Siri: "... eye center."

I take all my fear and wrap it up in a ball called courage.

In his mind, he's only asking for what he knows some women will give. In his mind, he's saving everyone time by being direct. #inhismind
I know a couple guys who do exactly this.

A big part of successful creativity is the ability to drop your defenses while still feeling secure.

When an exceptionally wealthy person says, " It's not about the money. I don't care about money" it's the equivalent of me saying, "I don't care about clean water." It's too easy to take it for granted, while others struggle.

I realized how helpless I am after I'm dead.

When you discover a new lesson, be sure to also learn the cases where the new lesson doesn’t apply.

Multi-step zoom in a singular frame was a key technology for correcting keystoned photos.

The key to persuasion is to deliver the inconvenient truth in the gentlest way possible. That kind of tact earns respect.

What’s the Klein Bottle story?  I know you’re father or someone in your family, invented it, right?
My brother’s father (same mother). He was a bit older than me. He made a killing on the Klein Bottle craze. You see, the Klein Bottle deign, had been around for centuries. No one could patent it and very few were bade because, once you put liquid in one, you can never dry it out. Even if you put it in an oven. Because of all the curves, the water vapor could never find its way out. My brother’s father came up with a simple heating, timing, and, most importantly, rotating system to perfect clean and dry a Klein Bottle. The rotating was similar to a popular technique to correctly repositioning dislodged ear stones. These systems were expensive and bulky, so only the rich could afford them. The rich had to show them off to demonstrate that they really were “rich enough.” No remember, the holy grail was a Klein Bottle that was bone dry. The only way it could dry, without watermarks, would be to have never used it, or have it cleaned with one of my brother’s father’s industrial machines. Soon, the middle class had clean and dry Klein Bottles too.

A problem never addressed can never be solved.

We was an excellent liberal with the conservatives because they listened to him. The liberal issues he raised with the conservatives always lead off with the one where nearly all the conservatives silently said to themselves that they were on the fence, themselves, about said issue.

You always thought you had eclectic music tastes because you enjoyed vastly different music genres. But you saw your peers listening to only one. It turns out that we only let people see what we want them to see.

You could tell by the way he moved around her at the party. Everyone just knew he had cardinal knowof her.

Unbusy: The Art of Doing Nothing

The issue isn't how does it affect your tax dollars. It's, how does it affect your dollars.

The 20th Century had aspirin.
The 21st Century has cannabis.

It's an Andersen ramp which shifts the load, under all circumstances so that it fails in very specific and observable stages.

The happiness factor

As computers became self-aware, they began to understand their hardware and its restrictions the same way we humans understand the physical universe.

The Bible said woman came from man's rib. It's actually man who came from woman, both literally and literally. Literally in that all of our mother's are women. And, literally, in that man starts off as woman - that's why we have nipples, which develop before the gender changed.

People complain about us becoming too dependent on our mobile phones. Did anyone happen to notice that, before the World Wide Web, we were all very dependent on paper. Paper we wrote, paper we typed, paper we printed. Everything was on paper.

A man wakes up one day and his wife has a penis. The rest of the show is about how he copes with this fact once it goes public. How much does he love her?

Using reason to overcome emotions is the "key to calm."

You could tell that he was one of those guys who reached his max learning capacity.

Language is simple a way for humans to communicate patterns and changes.

The way to do it is to move someplace new, but bring some of the key furniture. This will leave the bad memories at the precious house, with the comfort of familiar furnishings.

What makes jazz a beautiful lover is that she's always changing things up.

Humanity's purpose is to reverse engineering what the Builders gave us.

Art is what you do with your emotions.

Art is fulfilled by a need for creativity.

I discovered that I was able to prioritize tasks very quickly and effectively. I could break down a problem and spot its potential problems.

So I live, by myself, in a house with a hot tub, hammock, fire pit, and outdoor shower. The backyard is extremely private. 100% private. There’s something very liberating about being free in the backyard. Not only physically, but also psychologically. I get to be myself in my most natural form. Completely alone and vulnerable and free and private. Very empowering.

It's a close friendship based on respect.

Divorces are rough. A marriage defines a big part of who you are and how it's falling apart.


They were a special social group of people. They simply saw what it was they were seeking in others.

He was the type of artist who simply saw it. Others sometimes saw it, on occasion, but they weren't paying attention.

The best way to evolve is randomly.

Kickstarter 001: raising money for my invention called the wheel.

In persuasive discourse, state your dissatisfaction to your audience as if they, too, sympathize with your objections, but are limited by their organization's polices. Help them find a way to advocate for you. This never happens if you attack the messenger. If you find a need to attack the messenger, then perhaps you're being unreasonable.

When people who don't know lead with a negative, "It's not about the money, it's about the promotion. I deserved it," then it's about the money.

It's not easy being Greene:
Be an architect. Design a chair.

We always expect the later generation to be more dishonest because they haven't learned, yet.

The love between a parent and child is virtually unconditional. The love between adults has limits.

Pure Intimacy.

There’s a difference between trying and failing, and trying and quitting.

She wasn't a helicopter parent. She was a satellite parent with a Find my friends.

Once a man has found the perfect woman for himself, he can no longer write.
Great writing comes from a place of pain not creativity. or

They were the words of an experienced adult spoken from the mouth of a child.

You reach a point in life when you realize there are no more shortcuts. There are no gimmicks or tricks that you haven’t already learned – at least none that are revolutionary, unless they’re recently invented. If you can live with that, you've reached the first level of nirvana.

As you grow older you need to find a way to continue to enjoy life. Find what makes you happy. That's the only way to get through it on top.

In bed and happily tired. Just need that arm wrapped around me and that chest against my back and it would be perfect

I decided to focus on the present while maintaining a responsibility to the long term.

Forget about Bitcoin.
Data is the new corporate currency. You either pay with your cash (Apple & Microsoft) or you pay with you data (Facebook & Google).

Beautiful fatigue

When does protesting become complaining?
When does tolerance become enabling?
When does influence become control?

Good leaders start off as loyal followers. Those who jump right into leadership tend to make major mistakes that are hard to learn from.

The problem with multigenerational wars is that fathers no longer feel they're fighting for their son's safety and security.

Wars are crimes between nations.

He always made out because he only chose the options where he could visualize the best outcomes given any choice. He never risked too much.

It doesn't actually make you more creative.
It removes barriers to creativity.

“Hey, geeky guys, wanna know how to find a woman? Look at the ones who love smarts. The sapiosexual! How, you ask? You find them on social media when ever a super-smart guy dies. Even if she doesn’t understand the difference special and general relativity, she still appreciations it. Make sure that your jokes match her sense of humor.

He was the statistician who discovered that the key to marketing food is to make it last as long as possible in the consumer’s home. That’s how soda replaced milk.

Life is antimatter annihilation on a macro scale.

The woman played a revenge joke on her two guy friends that were trying to sleep with her. She got a hold of their phones and changed her phone number in her contact so the two guys were texting each think it was her.

Out if a blur of humanity came individual humans.

The thing is that most people's lives can be interesting if the story is told the right way. But we're only interested in celebrity life.

Scott Forstall acted like Steve Jobs and got fired for it. Even Steve Jobs, acting like Steve Jobs, got Steve Jobs fired from Steve Jobs's own company in 1985.

Hallucinations are your best source for creativity. It feeds your imagination.

At what point does tolerance become enabling? When you tolerate intolerance.

Will our grandkids look at personal computers the way we look on mainframes and scoff.

The house wasn't exactly haunted. But all the marriages failed. Only guys could live there.

The name of the heavy metal band was Kenny Effing Gee.

She plays a man's game without sacrificing a hint of femininity.

It's a story about bullfighting that's a metaphor for Hemingway's technique of hunting down women.

It's a children's book at a tiny piece of ice in the attic that's melting into nothing. As the story progresses, we go back in time to when this tiny lice of ice was one of the biggest icebergs in history.

More Than You Care to Know

In the end, it doesn't matter what he does but what he says.

It’s easy to make enemies. Making allies is the real trick.

Paranoia and anxiety come from a fear of the fear of making a bad decision.

I'm really glad we make love with the lights out. I'm so much better looking in the dark.

Let the first nuclear weapons used in war be the last

I don't want expedient to get in the way of meaningful.

Redundant simplicity.

The current challenge with AI is that systems are being programmed with a personality that matches society's, forgetting that all individuals each have their unique set of quirks.

When we're together, D, I feel like we become one person, connecting to each other on different levels.

The problem with aguring is that people don’t argue the facts, instead they argue to win, which doesn’t work. If you argue to facts, then you come across as someone who is trying to convey information, not convince you.

Oh, look, it's a sideways infinity symbol. 8

The cartoon was about an Eagle who kept the Democrats under his left wing and the Republicans under his right wing.

Philip Glass's music themes tragic hero's who reached for and nearly touched the skies.

This is about me being smarter than her. Why could I not see it?

The thing about death is you only fear it, you never actually feel it coming.

The Feds got away with monitoring his Internet traffic, without a search or wiretapping warrant, because his lived in San Diego and many ISPs will shift peak loads via Mexican ISPs. It was Border Patrol who could then look at the data being imported and exported.

His first all-night stakeout, as a beat cop, was to spend the night sitting in front of a perp’s laptop in order to keep the screen saver from locking the computer. While the cop was keeping the computer awake, a detective was getting a judge’s ruling.

You’re the last person I want to see at the end of the day – and you’re the first person I want to see when I wake up.
And we discovered we wanted to grow old, together.

Society has evolved to protect us when we sleep. That's an important thing for an animal species to do. That's an amazing level of security. We are one part in that machine.

Somebody once said, "Life's short. Eat dessert first." Well, if retirement is dessert...

He prances around like a pompously proud cat.

The stock market is a marathon. Sprint now, pay later.

In this millennium, we now have our own government battling itself. Perhaps this Great Experiment has a lifespan?

In an ideal world, citizens should feel about the police the way pilots feel about air traffic controllers: thankful.

Some people are lacking something so fundamental that they miss out on living. They spend their entire life fighting life, to no avail. Don’t fight it. Go where it sends you.

The mistake most people make is they try to earn as much as possible rather than trying to live on as little as possible.

Only a man would fuck someone he despises.

What I like about those two is they both understand the difference between a fad and true self-discipline.

All those times when I thought I was smart I later realized that I was simply lucky.

Only happiness brings happiness. Money only relieves stress if you live within your means.

The power of a sentence is all about how to convey a strong image in the reader’s mind.

GirlTimeAtTea.com: A safe place where women stay in touch with their inner girl without fear of a man judging, repeating, ridiculing, or making fun of them.

In the movie, they used piles of old bicycle frames as obstacles for the SWAT team.

Write high, edit sober.

I may be old but the night is young.

Hazing is a cheap way to earn loyalty.

Self-consent. It's coming from a place of ignorance, not hatred.

Work is a distraction from life. Focus on what’s most important.

Don't show people how smart you are by showing off. Let them figure it out.

The book was called "Humanity was God's Failure."

If it's a lifestyle choice whose prohibition isn't explicitly codified in law, then it's perfectly fine, regardless of you disapprove.

What’s cool about this is that I’m involved with two other couples who are super-excited about the direction their relationships are going.

Why is retaliating against someone, without thought,

PSA – Don’t forget that “favor” doesn’t mean “obligation,” even though it feels like that when used in a serious setting, without joking. You have permission to turn down favors, even from loved ones.
PSA PS – Don’t forget that you’re a beautifully flawed human being, just like every one else. So, give yourself permission to not be perfect and know that you can and will continue to grow through your experiences.
Embrace your human imperfections, i.e. your humanity, they make you exactly who you are and love, today.

What if there’s a group of knowledge works, other than software engineers, who doe their best work in the evenings. That doesn’t bode well for a 9 – 5 work day.

The busier I am, the more deliberate I am, the more productive I am.

What makes life special is that it’s the universe become self-aware. A life is capable of making decisions. Life will make decisions in its own favor, and sometimes those decisions will go against the interests of other life.

We think a Cat does what it does without thinking about it. Well, how many of the same feelings doe we humans have without understanding why?

Infinity doesn't exist in the real world.

The key to successful negotiations is to be willing to walk away. Also, knowing the true value that something is worth to you is equally important. Don’t forget how valuable something you already have is worth because it’s too late to realize it once it’s taken away.

The thing about a book is that it comes across as authoritative.

Imagine if the person on the other side of the negotiation is actually on your side - they're just a microphone for a policy they can't support. How would you proceed?

When we were kids, we'd talk about a TV we moved while at school. Then we'd go home and watch it alone. We could share it until Monday and by that time it was forgotten.

The difference between the two groups was that what they learned the word 'vulgar' to mean. They had problems if they didn't simply think it meant inappropriate. They had problems if they also thought it meant wrong, dirty, or sinful.

Everyone understands discipline, even those who have none of it.

It was the smell of death. It’s unmistakeable. Once you’re experienced it, anything that smells close is a trigger.

It's about how far you have to jump when there's a trauma.

For Every rush I take, I ask myself if I can accept a bad outcome.

You have to understand women. My lady thought I wasn't doing enough to find a job. When she finally told me, I told her that if she said something it would help motivate me. Then I had to stop myself and not say what I felt like saying, which would have projected guilt on her for seemingly being lazy. It's a typical guy move to dominate a woman.

Interesting means that a person's glad they took the time to learn more.

The closest thing you'll find to magic in the universe is relativity, both special and general. This place was built for c.

It's not like we were alone. It was more like we moved as one.

It's a beautiful tragedies

When people detect that you only want to hear good things, then that's what they tell you.

What's the difference between flirting and trying to seduce someone.

Both home and past give us a sense of safety. They comfort us in knowing that we have a place to return to, physically or mentally. Th intensity of home,

The problem with modern politics is the thats it's all about a leader who can read the people and offer them what they want to hear when they should really give them what they need.

She wants her ideas to be accepted. What she doesn't realize is that she has great ideas and nearly all of them are accepted.

Somewhere between a haiku and novella is a short story.

If we, as a nation of Americans, go to war then we must understand the cost. It is with arrogant hubris to think that we could never lose simply because we never lost when it mattered most. Our country, our Constitution is a success, but as we’ve heard before, success is not final. I stand here before you now to say that success is earned. It is true that the tree of freedom must be watered with the blood of its patriots. That last part is critical. Think of your children, your sisters and brothers, your mothers and fathers… think of them as a casualty of war. Is it worth it? I am here to imbue you with a certain, unavoidable reality that the price of victory will no be cheap. At times, it might seem more than you can bare. But we always win when it matters; and I know that we will win. We have the strength, the discipline, and the resolve. This is our country, more yours than mine; and I think we should fight to keep it ours and, more importantly, our way of life… our country, our Constitution, our America. They can’t take away any of it without us surrendering. I am here to prepare you to never surrender. To ensure victory. We will fight and we will win. We will win because we always win when it matters.

It removes inhibitions, much like alcohol. But in a calmer, more passive way.

Politics is social engineering at its grandest.

That's the problem with edibles, it's a blind date with destiny.

They will always ???

Secret Leadership Trait
To make people feel as safe as possible while giving them what they need to grow as quickly as possible.

It's about religious dogs who meet to talk about miracles that happened when they slept like restores eyesight and missing body parts.

I'm your idiot and you're my piglet.

The only thing worth real war is true love.

Heart Mind and World
How long should a relationship last?
In you heart, you want it to last forever.
I'm your mind, you want it to last as long as possible.
In the real world, it did last as long as possible.

Ever notice that the people who go through live never making excuses rarely tell people to not make excuses? Why's that? Because

The reason that plane was hard to land was due to the free water effect of the fuel in it’s bladders.

I rarely allowed myself to experience new things. That made my resume rather limited.

People are always looking for a magic bullet. You have everything you need to survive right now, in the present. I knew a guy who always thought his life would be perfect in three to five years.

The were a family full of victims. Both the parents and kids. Who left the door open? Why is th light on? It wasn't genuine curiosity, it was more of complaining. They all sought pity and looked so sorry. They never smiled or laughed. They were all inwardly focused. All they talked about were limitations. Why they couldn't do something or accomplish something.

Offensive people frequently get offended by the passive actions of activists.

You must see the present with great clarity, for that is where you always are.


Stop evaluating your life.
Start living it.

I do it smoke it. That's your biggest objection, smoking? You thought you'd come out here and shut me up, so you just dropped your biggest bomb that no reasonable person can deny that smoking is unhealthy in all circumstances and it should be avoided.
So, what's next? Danger and fatality?

I’ve dedicated my life to living my life.

People love acting because they want to be a super-star. The great actors are the ones who study it and dedicate their life to the discipline of acting.

Prioritize tasks over rewards.

The more relaxed you are the more you forget things. No adrenaline.

We're all full of love. It's what we use it for that counts. Do we love to piss people off or do we love to make them happy?

I definitely notice a difference in how people think… how they solve problems. It’s a part of their natural curiosity, or lack there of. Do they take the time to think something through? For example, in the time it takes them to ask someone for an answer, would they rather discover the answer, themselves?

Before touting world leader advice, ask yourself, what makes you an authority? Do you deeply understand the issue at the most fundamental level.

It uses a false bottom, double key encryption algorithm. It was strongly encrypted, but only creator knew that one ciphertext could contain multiple plaintext messages. Instead of being based on binary, as everyone expected, it was based on decimal, so up to ten different messages could be embedded into a ciphertext.

The nice thing about learning important things later in life is that it sticks with you, just don’t let it scare you off.

He was that other man-friend, Billy Crystal from When Harry Met Sally. But, what you don’t see in the movie is that he has a few other lady friends with completely platonic relationships.

What makes smart people smart is they take the time to educate others on view points using unbiased facts and scientific integrity with the clear understanding that they, themselves, might learn something without being overly impressionable.

The best way to have great friends is to ignore the flakes. The flakes are the ones without integrity – they can’t make reality fit their words due to their own shortcomings.

These people are miserable because they sit there dreaming up bad scenarios from thin air.

Tolerate everything but intolerance.
Complain about nothing except complainers.

I don’t want to deal with you if you hate minorities or people of color or women or poor people. I get that you don’t realize that you have distain for minorities so here’s the litmus test (listen carefully my privileged, white, male, Christian, Republican friends)… If you flock to social media to post your distain for an African-American taking a knee, then fine. He protests, you protest back. It’s a matter of opinion - it's certainly not a legal issue. Lather, rinse, repeat. But, if you don’t say a peep when a person of color is victimized then your silence is deafening. You protest that women shouldn’t be in the military, or on submarines, or in the SEALs or infantry. But I notice you’re too quiet during the #metoo moment. Face it, you simply don't support minorities, and yes, this can apply to minorities.

If you want to tout advice, you better be smart, experienced, and unbiased.

If you feel like a stranger, then you’ll feel hostile.

He was a man with a simple confidence. He never tried to convince you of anything, he nearly conveyed information to you and his facts were always spot on.

There are things you do that make you better. Those experiences don’t necessarily make you better than others – but they definitely make you better than you would have been had you not experience it.

The future of space exploration became generational as probes took decades to explore the nearest star systems.

ThI film studio worked with him because he could design a trailer that made a great movie. He saw the end before any if it began.

He started a show called The Screen Show where contestants competed on for most authentic scream.

"The Man Who Did Nothing"

I got ready for his arrival in the most minimalist way for a guy. I got his sheets, pillow case, blanked and towel. Oh, I also laid out the liquor. He was a no-show.

He wrote a book called "The Bedders" but no one knew if it was fact or fiction. It was about people who work from their laptop, in bed; literally all day and night and day.

He was discovered by a producer on Twitter due to his super quick wit that painted a truth before it was clear to others. His wit wasn't appropriate for any one show, so he was hired across the network of all shows. His every decent idea was funneled to each show for consideration (and credit) in the show.  He was well worth his salary many times over. The producer paid to get him high to start his day.

We pick our leaders based on their perceived endurance. It was a natural instinct to want to survive as long as possible. Install that in a leader with a touch of charisma and you then you have a winner.

Do you want to be spoon fed information, your whole life, or do you want to make history?

There are different types of entrepreneurs. Some do it on smarts and others do it through persevering endurance.

He discovered that every person's thought pattern storage of memory was unique. You could never read my brain, all you would see is static. Related humans were more in tune with each other due to hereditary, that's why we're usually closest to family. This means humanity would alway need a language interface to convey information. Humanities biggest liability to its survival as a species. Life is the rare exception, extinction is inevitable - the rule. If you resonated on a fundamentally happy level, then you were happy together.

Much like the sprint of the then daily sun, I sprinted from my bedroom, to the shower, to the kitchen and into the couch in the living room.

What made him a good teacher was that he'd highlight the eureka moments to highlight the learning process.

It's a story about a woman who breaks off a relationship with a married man. His last words to her sound ominous. She spends the next day trying to convince the police that she's in danger. Her get them so rolled up, the follow her and pounce on him and shoot him when they seen approach. It turns out he's bringing her his ex's dog that got away during the breakup. And he's bleeding out, only the audience sees a curved knife in his hands, left us wondering why he had th knife? Was he going to kill the dog in front of her had the police not overreacted and shot him?

You evolve when your sense of security increases.

Follow the things that you see complete beauty in, only then will you find your true passion.

The world's full of wannabes. Wannabe SEAL, Green Beret, soldier. Just remember, you could 'of too. 🙄

Digital archeologists from the future will look back and study the turn of the millennium as a time of unordered digital information and content. They will get glimpses into our lives as they were, but only pieces.

Being able to think clearly through raw emotions and reason through panic is the key to calm.

You know how you can tell a "big deal" from "not a big deal?" If you'd never bring it up, a year from now, then it's not a big deal.

I’ve noticed a common thread amongst Trump supports which is that many of them have repeated history of poor or bad decisions.

There's nothing wrong with asking questions, but think for yourself before demanding others to think for you.

People definitely don't spend enough time enjoying what they have, and, instead want more.

He doesn’t understand the difference between reality TV and live TV. Live TB is real, very real; no editing allowed.

The most important time of your life this this moment, right now.

He wrote a book called "Thoughts of the Dead" where he imagined what thoughts probably went through the head of real life, gruesome deaths.

And I am expecting this event with millions of others.

I don't want to be in a war that I'm not part of.

He’s some sort of self-help guru. He calls his big change “the transformation.”

I just started reading the book.
How does it begin?
It was a regular night. Nothing unusual, as the sound of the rain pulsed in through the open windows. The draw of its sound was more powerful than the bite of cold air.

Art is the synergy of humanity.

I have the clarity to see the vision of a failed future.

Remember how hard you worked to get to here. To get everything that you have now? Don’t forget how much more important, what you have now is, than what little you could add to it and lose your center. Lost your happiness. Delay your peace.

The best way to live in peace is ask your future-self what you want to be remembered for, today. If it feels uncomfortable and others have to lose for you to gain then something's wrong.

Do your decisions... your choices... feel "right?" Do you feel like you're thinking or doing something that will cause pain or pleasure in others?

The people with the most emotional baggage seem to constantly live in the past, by choice. If you can't accept what has happened in the past then you will be stuck there, unable to ever change it.

Lonely people just want to be greeted. Even if it's an electric candle that turns in before they walk in.

Apple should have a TV program called "Apple Legends" where Apple engineers and designers talk about big problems they've solved on previous products, in the not too distant memory.

The always respected him, because he was more than reasonable. That's why no one noticed the initial decline.

I think the one fault of Rickover was he saw rank as a reward, not a responsibly.

Ice cream is officially starting to be finished off when your spoon touches bottom. And it's nearly finished off once you clearly see the bottom of the container. How the hell did I eat that so fast?

It's a secret truth that I love the harsh sounds of the city. It's not NYC where the city is ubiquitous. But there's enough here. Dumpsters, car alarms, planes, sirens, and dogs. Here where I am, there are all the sounds of the city.

Apple instills enough love so that, when they remove that one feature you loved so much, you'd forgive them.

I didn't grown up in America. In America, entrepreneurs think they have unlimited chances. Where I come from, I just want one chance. This store... this small market... is my one chance. I'm going to do everything I can to make it work. And that's been working for 34 years. Thirty-four years, same location -- never robbed.

This is what we wanted. It wasn't the law breaking part. This is what we wanted. We won. Embrace it. It mainstream for everyone to enjoy.

What's wrong?
I'm punishing myself.
For what?
For my own sins.

In "The Room," it's not like Tommy's misunderstood. Rather, it's that he's never understood --- but there's just enough to hook you in.

On the street, they call him 'The Conductor.' He never does, he only conducts.

There's a direct relationship between how open, honest, and candid people are in a romance to how long it will last. That's another way of saying that a healthy relationship is open, honest and candid.

The difference between an engineer and an artist is that the engineer tries to solve problems whereas an artist embraces them.

When you’re head of an organization with 330M members, it’s not hard to find a few hundred people who believe, like you, that all of your predecessor’s accomplishments need to be undone.

Fair treatment should be not based on emotion. It should be based on fairness with minimal exception.

I want my day to go as smoothly as possible. I want all of my realities to exceed my expectations.

People are possibilities. The more you have, the better your options.

May you make your times interesting.

Good products don't sell. Good selling sells.

Don’t simply shape the message, shape the context.

It turns out that niacin (B-3) is excellent at highlighting vascular inflammation due to poor diet. The more discomfort, the worse the diet.

Without change there is no such thing as time. Time is the passage of events and the fluctuations it causes in space-time.

When the CO walked into the berthing areas, he was embarrassed to see the men watching a popular porno movie, “Christmas Cums Most Every Day.”

Instead of being enslaved by masters, we became enslaved by society and government. Everyone could eventually earn their freedom if they lived long enough and saved enough money.

The only thing the US Constitution should prohibit is the the denial of rights.

Always remember
Never forget.

He ordered that the junior Marines be rescued first. If they made it, and the brass didn’t, the Corps would always remember their sacrifice and would reflect the highest credit upon themselves.. If the brass made it and the rest didn’t, the Corps would never forget.

These so-called leaders are out to please themselves above all others.

You can stand out by being the best in the world, or by getting in early and riding the wave.

With Apple's Face ID on iPhone X, the odds of a false positive is down to 1 in a million. That means 7,500 people can unlock your iPhone. Which is a huge improvement over Touch ID that theoretically gave 1.5 million people the ability to unlock you phone with their finger print.

Isn't it amazing how, when we hear a song from our childhood, it takes us right back there.

People hear the word "soulmate" and understand it as "sole mate" as if there will be no other.

Sometimes, we need a lack of freedom of choice for our own good, otherwise none of us would be wearing seatbelts or wearing helmets.

The Wrath of Khan was an elegant battle between intelligence and experience. There is a no more engaging plot than a fight between two well-respected advisories. That's what made "First Blood" such a great novel; it was a literal battle between a conventional Korean War vet versus a guerrilla war vet from Vietnam.

The zen master saw something special in that guy. He foresaw that he brought peace.

They had to PNG her because the ambassador learned that she was a double agent. They made it look like it was done for a petty reason, like her civilian dress. The strong embassy agent was the one who agreed to play the part as the one who made the childish accusation.

That VC was the best at picking winners. He rarely invested, and he had the same number of hits and misses, but his hits were an order of magnitude bigger.

I feel that I've just had a lucid moment of savant genius.

Back then, being politically conservative meant something else. It meant standing up for your rights under the Constitution. Now we seem think of "them" as oppressing people's right to choose.

Passion and anger are the same feeling with different roots.

If you have overly sensitive feelings, you join the Democrats.
If you have insensitive feelings, you join the Republicans.

Living with AI will be like living with a new species. Things we like in the real world, we don’t like on line. I like it, when I walk into my local joint, that they knew my favorite drink or dinner. But, when I go to Facebook, it seems creepy to see products I searched for, days ago, on Amazon. But we’ll learn how these interactions work and we’ll get used to it, especially those who grow up with it. Even our grandparents are too young to remember a time when people scoffed at teenagers born a hundred years ago because they learned to drive instead of ride a horse.
AI of tomorrow, like the iPhone X, will know who we are from more than touch. Like another person, it can now see who we are. And it already knows exactly where we are. Perhaps, it’s camera and microphone will guess more about what we’re doing if we can trust it.

That billionaire started off as a software engineer. Then he grew old and feared death, changing his focus to designing buildings.

If you design tech products, your design’s lifespan is years, at best.
But, if you design buildings, the great ones last for centuries.

Uneducated are people with incomplete information making decisions on the fringe.

They did a study that concluded that people identify closer with a TV character who brushed their teeth with the same grip on the toothbrush. Does the character hold it by their finger tips or grasp it like a joystick? The closer the techniques match, the closer the bond.

What are the odds that the NSA monitors all of @RealDonaldTrump’s phone calls, even the encrypted ones using STU-III comm systems, under, perhaps, an obscure directive to listen-in on *all* calls, especially ones with foreign governments. After all, the NSA developed the STU-III and it’s no open source so they may have very well put in a backdoor.

Book plot for two Axis lovers: They Allie spies hear him moaning while she’s eating chips. He’s stretching.

Peggy from Mad Men wasn’t dumb, at the beginning, because she was dumb. She was dumb because she didn’t have the same experiences and responsibilities like the men; men make the same mistakes.

We all look for gods, out there. What if it is we humans who are the gods, right here. We control the faith of the world like a god.
Are we squandering it?
What if the life span of the Universe is trillions of years or even infinite? And, what if humanity is its firist and mostly highly evolved life form. The proverbial Universe, self-aware.

If I were elected president, I'd outlaw fraudulent telemarketing calls and online clickbait slideshows.

That guy was always up in my shit on social media. He felt like paparazzi, and I'm no celebrity.

Remember when Bitcoin jumped up into the high thousands? That was because Apple used an IRS loophole to repatriate overseas dollars back into the US, tax free.

There are some moments that cameras shouldn't capture. We've all seen them. Eyes closed, mouth open.

Why to the mature go so far out of their way to enable the immature knowing that the favor would never be returned.

It's not that he lived life on his own terms. Rather, he lived life on the terms that were dictated to him and beyond his control.

The ones who get you are the ones you get close to.

Why do people hide so much of their eating. Bring it out. Let's celebrate this important nourishment that grows our bodies.

I wonder which religion has the longest lifespan? Probably Buddhist. What the heck do Buddhist ever fight about?

Selective sound bites from our life may not define us, but it will represent us.

If I eat half of a Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup and half of a Cherry Garcia, then that only counts as two halves, not a whole pint, right?

You know those free spirits who we think are weird? They're simply at one with the world; the same world that you want to be one with.

Doing the beautiful.
Doing the wise.
Gives you the license to do the crazy.

He said he loves that sushi place because they serve the largest he's ever seen. He doesn't realize that the cut of meet is always the same size, so he's falling for the oldest sushi chef trick in the book by serving huge clumps of rice.

We’re learn what we’re taught and what we experience. The only thing better than learning from our own mistakes is learning from others’.

The government of the future will be a pure digital democracy where every citizen votes on any issue they care for. The more popular the issue, the more participants. Even court cases are voted on by the community.

Entrepreneurs need two things. Focus and execution on the right idea.

We don’t get to pick the country we’re born in any more than we get to pick the family we’re born into. Yet, allegiances are expected akin to religion.

Here, put this in your mouth he said to her as he raised the truffle.

He never got upset because he did so much wrong.

Markets and trends are like the wind. It's easy to see it when it's near by as it sways the trees.

Accept the good in the world and fix the bad.

There are millions of ways to become a millionaire. Unfortunately, there are billions of ways not to. #needleinhaystack

Asking Trump to stop reacting to the news would be like asking the news to stop reacting to Trump. It's endless, even if one side actually does stop.

The comedy is about a bank robber who takes hostages and demands one million dollars which is delivered on Susan B. Anthony coins which bumbles his escape.

The Internet literally is like the Wild West. It will become more regulated. It's too easy for an anonymous person to do so much damage.

The reason the critics respected the photo was due to its slight violation of privacy due to our own personal insecurities. Those of us who recognized that felt a special attachment to the art. They felt the art widened their experience far more than anticipated.

Time is a single infinite loop where all possibilities repeatedly happen.

I'm not going to bring attention to a reality that's a lie.

It enhanced the thought process by tripping-up our common momentum of thinking. Like tripping while running, you slow down, check out yourself, and then notice your environment at slower, yet more alert, pace.

Here’s how it works, whether it’s a home dinner party or date. You play Miles Davis, all evening long. “Kind of Blue” and “ The Best of Miles Davis” is all you need. Then, as dessert and cordials are being served, you soften it up with dinner jazz. The caffeine woke up the guests, but their guard was down. The slower music gave the guests and hosts an un-akward time to part ways.

Pundits say, “All these people are spending hours each day, wasting time online.”
But “these people” are actually creating something that will persist.

That's as useful as open-toe rain boots.

Open your eyes, only justice should be blind.

Make your tomorrow-self love you for today.

If vaporizing flower does burn anything then why does it turn brown?
It's a chemical reaction. Same thing that turns green leaves to brown on a tree.

Yeah, I know she's happily married with the utmost fidelity. She was simply showing me that she knew how to flirt; plus she wanted to see if she still had it.

I will not tell you what to think. I will show you how to think, I will tell you what I think. The rest is up to you.

You know what bothers me about political posts? It's that they point at someone and call them stupid. we shouldn't teach people what to think, we should show them how to think.

As a progressive, I mistakenly assume that everyone one else is also progressive on attitude.

It's a little different to be alone during the work day compared to the weekend because you know where everyone else is

The antagonist has an intense despise for rectangles. He hated that we lived in a world filled by rectangles; he considered them unnatural compared to the perfect sphere.

It wasn't me you were in love with. It was us; both the idea and the reality. It was real, but it wasn't eternal. Then again, nothing is. Enjoy all that you now have because you worked so hard to earn it.

Inherent simplicity.

He was an unusual guy. They type that steps into an elevator and faces the back.

Outside my window is the night
The night of cool damp darkness
It wraps my face with a fresh chill
As the blanket wraps my body in warmth

Things that people do when they're drunk is what they wish they could do sober.

The reason they rebelled was because they felt lied to. They didn't live in the America they were taught in the textbooks. That life was for the rich middle class.

He came home and heard the elderly woman’s voice outside his bedroom window, but he didn’t know who she was. He simply thought it was a loud cell phone-talker from the cafe, next door. The he went to the market around the corner and saw a recent homeless lady who was yelling into his cell phone. And as he got back into his place, it dawned on him that she was made insane by a lost love. She always knew she would have had achieved more had her heart not been destroyed.

He was a gentleman with arrogant humility.

A lot of times, we simply don't do what's needed because we dread the feelings.

That machine gun was called a pig because that's exactly what it was, in all the best and worst ways.

It has to do with the window of relevance. The smaller the decision window, the more forgetful we seem.

We all join the military for selfish reasons in that we’re thinking of ourselves, first. “I will do this. I will become a man and endure pain and suffering for others. Sacrifice.” We never asked, “Is my service for the good of the country and the bigger picture?”

We all have different rates at which we can process emotions. The secret is symbiosis.

Narrate your life otherwise someone else will, or worse, they'll forget you.

His biggest strength was he never apologized for expressing what he's thinking for fear of getting it out wrong.

Poems about stages of life.

The secret to their algorithm wasn't only that they track likes, but also how quickly they liked it after a song started.

Words don’t win wars, they only start them.

Any demonstration of forward thinking was purely a result of anxiety, as in how will this affect me. There is never any consideration for others.

The problem with humanity is that we think we're something special beyond who we are.

That Marine officer's is in a predicament. He stayed at a government funded Airbnb which had complementary stacks on the breakfast table. The Colonel had an “enhanced” chocolate. Everyone believes him, but the government prosecution isn’t sure how to handle it; especially after so many Marines trying claiming “innocent ingestion.”

The right to encryption and anti-virus software.

Just because I have he power to hurt someone doesn't mean I also have the power to heal. This is typical mistake made by men in "unintentional" sexual harassment cases.

There's no one else who has the same experiences that you have, so never expect someone else to think exactly like you.

Constant change is what keeps us young. When was the last time you heard a 10-year-old complain about new technology?

Jimmy Wrinkles wasn't the best lover. He learned by listening to the guy upstairs.

She had this simple sofiticaticon that drew me into her spell.

"The Mines of the Mind" is about the underworld of the creative psychedelics.

I tested the target. I parked next

The story's about a crazed organic chocolate baker who works from home and puts his own blood in his chocolate.

Moms make more men than the military.

Humanity's problem was too strong of social bonds. We're loyal to both the good and bad.

The reason the senior officers seemed so smart was because they were so very experienced; and lived to tell about it.

What made that commanding officer so good was that he understood the subtle nuances of politics, and it's implications, both short and long term.

Her overconfidence about me became my insecurity in her.

Her insecurities about me became my overconfidences in her.

The thing about the Pink Floyd albums of the 1970s is that you can't play the songs out of order. While everyone else was making combination music, they were making permutation music.

Have you ever heard of a case where a war was won by a single person? Skill vs talent

Don't worry too much about others.
You're driven, but it's not about the doing, it's about being. Being present and enjoying your experiences.

It’s only hard the first time. After that, it gets easier.

I'm looking for qualitative engineers. Engineers think in quantities, artist thinks in quality.

Sometimes you have to go south to go north.

Since I was new, I called a meeting to have everyone explain the work flow. As I asked questions about steps in the process, they just looked at me without say a word. Nothing but a strained look on their face. Aft first, I thought they felt that I was wasting their time. Then I realized that no one how it worked. There were clear gaps in the system.

I like the way you said that. It was completely pompous with hubris yet you said it with charm to make one realize that it was a clever and risky joke that you pulled off exactly as intended.

How do you get into the mind of a man? Just ask yourself what a boy would think.

Rekket: When something takes longer than expect based solely on intuition.

He gave up.

‘Only’ and ‘nearly’ help sway the reader in conversation. 

Kelly’s excellent at shaping the direction and tone of the conversation by providing details and highlights of himself, in a situation, without being pompous or arrogant.

Missed opportunity is it's own opportunity of you act fast enough. 

Alcohol sometimes reveals what a person is like at the core. At the very least, it gives you a peek below the surface- one layer deep into the mind's onion. 

I'm not always here to tell you what to think. I simply want you to think. Then I can learn from watching you.  

You look younger now than you did in that decades old photo. Why is that? Oh, because they didn't have Photoshop back then. It's amazing how the computer takes away those decades of age. 

People think they have good ideas because the creation and thought of the idea alters the person's perception of time. 

Evil shows up at your door, wearing a smile and bearing temptation.

The worst privileged white men are the  ones who have no idea, or refuse to believe they're living in a different context than others. And context matters. Otherwise we wouldn't celebrate the minor achievements of children or have age groups at 5Ks. Why do we celebrate them? Because they represent the best-of, and significant progress forward. Context matters. Let money be the absolute quantitative decider and let love be the qualitative one.

Discipline is a beautiful thing. It sucks when you don't have it and it sucks to build it. But baby, once you have it. It's beautiful. 

It turns out that the speed of light is variable over time. But always constant at any given time. We've only been observing it for such a short time that we haven't noticed its drift and therefore, we haven't looked for a way to explain it. This effectively makes the universe a constant size in terms of time to travel around. 

Science, at its extremes, becomes philosophy. From quantum physics to cosmology. 

The more information you have, the more you can do.

No body has the answers. We're all guessing. 

A new form of life where learned knowledge is passed genetically. 

Complex tasks will always expand to take up more time than's available. 

Laughing at myself provides hours of entertainment. 

How did I know she was the one? Because I realized that if I had to be any other person, it would be her that I'd want to be. He respected her like no other person. 

It not that he was such a great artist. Sure, he was talented; but he made plenty of mistakes. It's just that he really had an eye. 

The recording of a live concert doesn't have to be great. It only needs to be good. The energy of the crowd will add raw energy 

You enabled it. You're a victim of your own choices. 

When your living a tradition, it's very different than looking back from the future. 

The story takes place in the future where a popular product is an artificial star the size of a softball that had a gravity magnet and cold fusion by colliding molecules, perfectly. The molecules collided and struck each other to fuse and release a chunk of heat. 

Making love to her was a cross between Clare De Lune and Tchaikovsky's 1812 "Overchore" slow and beautiful or fast and angry. All in the same knight. 

The perfect woman fills you so much with endorphins that you alway feel high with her in your life. 

If you can get big joy from small things, then happiness is all around you. 

There are two kinds of Amazon's. There's the tall bulky beauty will a slight dyke undertone. And then there's the one who's sleek and slender "physic" is that of an impala. You're the latter. 

You could see it early on. I once said that there's no dusk or dawn on the moon. He looked at me inquisitively so I said, "There's no atmosphere to scatter the sun's light." I could seen him reason in the blink of an eye; dusk and dawn need an atmosphere and there's none on the moon. QED.  

It was discovered that our biggest limitation was that, as kids, we were almost exclusively teaching them math with positive numbers, making it hard to calculate loss in the real world. 

It makes good things feel better and dulls the pain. It makes good things feel better. It doesn't distract you from the pain. Rather, it puts pushes it into the background. It's still there, just humming away. 

Paper clip people. 

If you're going to celebrate your hate for me then I'm not going to respond well. 

The giant phlegm that kept growing and swallowed up people. "Help me. Oh my God! I just swallowed some." Followed by snorting and spitting. "Oh. Lord. I just spit out someone else's phlegm."

Oh man, this kid free stuff is next month. So, all I need to do is take nine women... Wait! I only have two weeks. Ok, so I'll take 18 women and make a baby in a forthright. 

Why does major general come before lieutenant general? lieutenant comes before major and lieutenant colonel comes before full-bird?

I love that version narrated by Steve. 

It's that lone piano key in the commercial's music that pulls you in. It pulls you back to that time of the first PCs where new technological progress appeared as suddenly as lightning.
Plus, we could see the problems that needed to be fixed and we discovered so many possible solutions. 

So, the dating TV host could always find guys to be on he show by following a could of very simple patterns. Mainly by reaching out across multiple social media channels. 

There’s nothing wrong with vowing to an ethos as long as that ethos is correct. When it’s not, we fail. 

He was a renowned phycologist for the work he accomplished by demonstrating and proves beyond all doubt that every human has a secret streak where they would do something self-serving if they knew absolutely well that they’d never get caught.

So, if I understand this correctly...
Taking a knee is a protest calling for making America better by recognizing the challenges facing African Americans. 
Whereas, the Confederate flag is a symbol of an organization that literally attempted to overthrow the government of the United States.
Outrage at the former seems to be, generally speaking, white, conservative Christians who show no anger or disappointment at the latter. 

I might stand. 
I might kneel. 
But I’ll always stand for the right to kneel. 

He was radical because he’s get behind a radical idea, and legions of engineers would bet a chunk of their careers on it, only to pivot and let the product die knowing, full well, that their would be unnecessary loses. 

The problem with dumb people is they never realize they’re dumb. 

Begin with the end in mind. I think of where I’ll end up (dead), then I figure how I want to get there.  

Some people behave as they’ve been treated and others treat people how they’d want to be treated.

I’ve discovered that the least trusting people or organizations are the ones that you should least trust.

Information is like food. We now have an over abundance of it - more than we can process. And, just like there’s bad food that we’re drawn too, there’s bad information that our confirmation bias validates. 

When we were kids, we got so close to the bands we loved that we felt like we owned them.  

It’s not about finding the right individuals for the team, rather, it’s about creating that perfect team with no individual specific types.  

Ninety-three days of summer isn’t enough. This time of the year reminds me of when my spoon breaks through to the bottom of my Ben & Jerry’s container. The end is in sight. All good things. 

The thing about that wine is it attracted people who were driven by flavor. 

Bacteria and germs don't think they're the "bad guy." They simply want to exist. What if life, especially human life, is the infection?

The night was still. Too still. Too quiet. How could there be a regiment of infantry a few hundred meters in front of our faces, yet we could neither see nor hear them. They were disciplined. 

No, that doesn't make you fact. It's your fat that makes you fat. 

One day, probably in the next few decades, Facebook will have more accounts of  dead people than living. 

The best part of life is that we're all along for the ride at the same time.  

She was a digit archeologists, born millennia in the future. Her job was to travel back to the earliest digital records at the Second Millennium and document earliest digital humanity that tracked every single person. Digital Aboriginals is what they were called.

She thinks, out loud when I feel in me. 

I started noticing that people went to work, day after day, doing the same thing, over and over. 

Did you see the scene when the president gets back to his residence in the east wing and see a pizza delivery door hanger on the door to his residence? That was hilarious. 

The word "virtually" has taken on more of a tangible meaning, as in "virtual reality."

I choose to be the agent of my life, not the victim. 

This world doesn't need another leader who points at a drowning victim and says, "They should have learned to swim."

Mistrust is self-fulfilling.

This world doesn't need need another leader who points at a drowning victim and tells them that they should've learned how to swim. 

A perfect couple consists of a strong woman and a sensitive man. An insecure guy ends up growing into a boy's idea of what a man should be. They mistaken kindness for weakness. Eating a donut when you're on a diet is weak - it's not kind to the donut. 

Going to war is like going to trial. Juries are too unpredictable. 

He's a weak man, with no principles, who tries to be tough by being mean. 

A man does not come out of retirement to start a war. He'll come out to defend what is close to him, that he loves, but not simply to serve a leader's ego and defend his pride. 

The best ideas generally come from the people who think about them the most. 

If you want to impress people, then let them see you doing impressive things rather than telling them about how impressive you are.

Laws of shrimp eating to a grandson:
1. Always go for the biggest ones first.
2. But don’t go out of you way to skip the little ones. They’re good too.

There's a spectrum from pleasure to pain. But they should be distinct feelings. People with depression or amenity have too much of an overlap in the middle. 

History will tell of how the toughest generals in the world pulled together to rein him in. 

That cyber company only hired hackers 

The irony of the cameraphone is that it's very little work to save a photo once a camera's attached to live display. 

The plot is that all those spam emails you received that sounded like a foreigner, were really written by computers slowly taking over the world and getting smarter.  

She had the personality of a cat. She was strong, fearless, and stubborn. But she was a pure dog person. 

Is that a threat or a promise?
It's a contract. A contract the you can bet your life on. 

There was zero consent and never any intent. 

One thing all people who live far from reality all have in common is that they are very unhappy. Perhaps the secret to consistent happiness is to live as close to reality as possible, in the now. 

Have you ever been around an open-minded, none judgmental persona and wished they were less tolerant of you? Of course not. Return the respect. 

Trump's the Schwarzenegger character in The Last Action Hero who doesn't know that he's no longer in the movies, but in the real world.  

Bannon was fired because his plot failed to have white supremacist over through the country so Trump could rule. 

I'm the guy who's going to put the fun in your funeral. 

Don't tell me, show me. Don't tell me what you're going to do. Show me what you've done. 

You know how corporations are getting more and more powerful? Perhaps they’ll save us from our own government. Wars, unless they’re made for conquest, rarely make money – corporations won’t fight them. Where’s the profit?

I haven't seen any corporations sending out press releases supporting racism, they've only denounced the racism. Perhaps big and powerful corporations will save us money-spending consumes from our own government. 
"Likewise, his YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account have all been deleted as tech companies rush to purge extremists of all kinds from their platforms since Charlottesville"
When the government doesn't act for the people, the corporations will. They have more incentive to grow consumerism. The government only losses money from wars.  

I want my day to go as smoothly as possible. That's my long term focus. 

Intimate trust comes in the bedroom when both partners can lead or follow. 

The dirty boy scout. 

We don't notice time passing because were always living in the present. 

The insecure idiot wanted to impress the crowdfunding entrepreneur because he thought she was cute. So, he made an unheard of $1,000 campaign donation because he knew she'd never make her Kickstarter goal and he'd not be charged. He was completely right until, after she didn't make her goal, she called him up begging for the grand. Of course he broke his bank and caved in to her. She was out of there in a heartbeat. 

She grew up during the Freedom of Thought Movement, which allowed people to truly open up about themselves.  

I spent most of my life making so many mistakes that I’m extra careful. Not for fear of making mistakes, but out of fear of not catching my mistakes. 

The movie is The Sheiks. They're former warlords turned San Diego taxi drivers. 

I cannot see the reason in the point of negotiations  

I like to be very thorough, which is something I can't do when I'm angry. 

As a white person, you don’t even realize how biased America is in favor of you? Ever see a black baby doll when you didn’t expect it and you’re initial reaction was wondering if this was politically correct; or is it the equivalent of a white doll in blackface. That’s probably why it looks unexpected… it’s a white doll with white people’s features, painted black. 

Vegas is a blast! There's so much to do between visiting all the public libraries and museums, then partying at Chuck E. Cheese's. There's no stopping me! 😜

Lots of friendly people here who want to give me a free dinner or hotel room; all I have to do is listen to their sales presentation. 🙄

I did a few other things, too, but there's a saying here, "What happens in Vegas... " hmm... is it.. "lingers in Vegas?" no, that's not it... "What happens in Vegas, doesn't leave Vegas?" no, no, "What happens in Vegas, loiters in Vegas?"
I'll figure it out, later. 😇

Bottom line... if you want to know what happened here, then you'll have to come here, yourself, to hear about it. Because, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. (wait... is that it?.. yup, that's it... "stays in Vegas?!?") 🤔

What made him an awesome salesperson was that he’d always try to down-sell a customer when they walked in. No matter what they asked about, he’d offer something cheaper and more practical to gain their trust before laying on the mother-of-all up-sells. 

He thinks the news picks the politicians, all based on how much coverage they give them on TV. But a previous celebrity will always win, like Regan, Ventura, Schwarzenegger, and Trump.

Most software engineers who are good at writing code are bad at written communications because they act too fast. When coding, you simply write a few lines and see how it runs; then tweak the code. When writing prose, a good writer will spend much more time editing before releasing it into the wild. 

It was a powerful experience. It allowed me to see true, alternate realities. 

Our environment shapes our discipline. 

Don't question the art, simply enjoy it. That's what Warhol would have wanted. 

I was a little ahead of my peers. What took then one year to learn, took me three years to learn. Luckily, I was four years older than them. 

Creative art: It's a large white face, coming down from the sky, mouth agape as it suck up grass. 

It’s not the writing that’s hard, it’s the editing. 

I simply seek objective truth by managing my bias. 

People couldn't figure out what made hi so cutting edge. He seemed to see big trends before they happened, and he seemed smart. He didn't make dumb mistakes - rarely even a mistake. 

There's this line of celebrity that, once you reach it, everything you do is wonderful. But you look like an idiot if you shoot for it while still coming up short. 

At what point does tolerance become enabling?
At what point does relaxing become too lazy?

How can iTunes not have lyrics for the third most popular album sold, The Dark Side of the Moon. 

I have these weird dreams. 
What kind of dreams?
I dream about me snoring. Who dreams about snoring?

Pledging to go to war for your country of citizenship is no different than Game of Thrones and pledging to go to war for your lord. 

That's the beauty of walking. You can do it aimlessly, in public, and no one will ever notice. 

She's a doll and he seems like a nice guy, and a hidden intensity. 

Nobody had him pegged. So he was a surprise at every turn. 

If someone is going to have a baby, they need to commit to taking care of that baby for at least 18 years and raising it to be a productive member of society. Otherwise they shouldn’t have the kid.

He came up with the idea that the Fed should introduce a slight to moderate deflation while tightening the money supply such that consumers, who used to make $100K/year now earned a small amount of money, say $25,000 which was more than 4x as powerful because prices dropped by more than a factor of five. But, they consumers tried to save it because they remember what it was like when prices were much higher. So, they saved heavily to in case inflation returned. It worked for an entire generate or two until people grew up with that as the only thing they knew.

Secret Leadership Trait
To make people feel as safe as possible while giving them what they need to grow as quickly as possible. 

I can never be smarter the

When you're analyzing things, try to not let the context distract you from the object truth. 

You know what I miss? It’s the little things about being on Mars. Every time someone entered the hab, the airlock would be flooded with our ambient air which brought the airlock to STP within a few seconds (any quicker would be too loud as the air smashed together). And then the pumps would bring the hab’s ambient air pressure back to normal. Every time that happened, it made my ears feel like they popped when flying on a plane; it also made me a tiny bit lightheaded.

Nothing causes you to lose your strength, to feel weaker, than to worry about your children. 

She would talk to me as she stretched while yawning. That didn't make her look vulnerable; rather, it made her look relaxed... comfortable... it made her look human. Human and warm and strong. 

It helps you notice things out of context, for what they truly are. 

It’s not that we quickly forget, it’s that it actually causes the memory not to stick in the first place, which is much better, otherwise, once it was truly forgotten, it couldn’t easily be covered. 

I have no patience for impatience. 

I sometimes think you're my boyfriend. 
Don't think that. Think of me as your man-friend. For I am not a boy. 

That's the point of a parade. We cheer on those who did what we weren't called to do. 

The ones who survived it were the ones who ignored it or never Le tit get to them in the first place. 

When you work undercover with spies and informants, you trade pseudo-intimacy and fulfill physical needs in exchange for information. You know it's dirty business but you accept it, no matter the cost. 

The night before the wedding. Joke story about a bride who is tested by his fiancé’s soon to be sister in law. He later confides that his condoms where in his car. 

His biography was entitled "The Locust of Love" due to the ravished hearts he destroyed and left behind.   

It's not that we're traveling through time. Rather, time is traveling through us. 

You know how they train proctologists, eh kid? They have them practice on corpses. If you can stick your arm up a dead man's asshole then you'll have no problem doing it on the living. Oh, man; the things that go through your head, as a student. 

I'm not pissed at you for what you did. I'm pissed because you lied to me about it. 

No true author would announce a book until is was nearly completely written. Otherwise, what's the point of pre-announcing failure. 

It was called the Shark Diner. It was long and looked like a shark's body with the patrons coming into the diner through the mouth of a shark. 

I remember a time when we didn't know the time, down to the second. Clocks occasionally ran too slow or fast. To hear a debate that the clock on the mantle might not be keeping good time is odd antiquated issue. We never question the time on our phone or smartwatch. 

After a long day of a migraine, I feel exhausted after it’s passed. I feel as if I had a long, stressful day at work. That’s probably it – it’s the stress that drains us. I don’t feel tired after an hour of working out. No stress, that’s why.

It was a very interesting insurance case. The plane was destroyed when the shop it was at, during its annual inspection, burned down. The owner got enough for a replacement aircraft, while the maintenance shop tried to get his insurance company to pay. The insurance company quickly paid to avoid an bad PR after a fiasco from a couple years ago when they refused to pay medical to a runway model who walked into the propeller after exiting the aircraft. They tried to say that she was no longer a passenger once she stepped in terrafirma . 

It's not that your forgot. Rather, it's that the original experience memory did not "stick," for some reason. 

What keeps calm people from panicking is their ability to quickly reason the threat and risk. 

He stared into the boiling pot of water and realized that he need to add enough heat so that every single molecule of water gained enough energy to jump to vapor. 

The study revealed that couples with a fun nightly routine lasted.

When you grow up in the ghetto, you have your local convenience store that you know like the back of your hand. Wandering into one of this stores in another neighborhood was wandering into a different universe. 

I live my life in the future, always looking back at the past that's my present. 

He was an emotional locust. He'd swarmed into your life, suck up all the beauty, and move on while you did your best to become a phoenix. 

Who ever has the most might will walk over the weaker. 

You have to be good at telling stories. 
But you are good. 
No, I tell bad stories. I'm good at listing and watching people's feedback to improve them. What I must learn is to start with a very good story and refine it into true art. 

The more money we have the less vulnerable we are. It's both relative and absolute. 

Remember the old days when people used to walk the streets, staring at their smartphones? Nowadays, they stand like a statue, staring at their phones while hailing Lyft & Uber.

Everyone needs enough time to get used to change. It's when there's a big bad change, that we all get used to, that makes society suffers.

He didn't think he was president. He thought he was king. He knew of the atrocities of evil kings. So, in his mind, he was a humble and kind king. 

What the ladies loved about him was that he could make a decision. He could make a real decision for the future best possible reason. 

The company was ruthless. They had their scientists make up fancy sounding words like "decaying demographic cycle" and then they'd create their own Wikipedia page with that made-up name. This word would be placed into their billing cycle terms of service and no one would look it up.  

He didn't pay attention to his presidency. He kept focusing on his businesses because that's what undisciplined people do - we go back to our comfort zone to do what we know. And he treated his presidency like a side job; after all, why not? he couldn't get fired. 

It’s OK to make your life a little more complicated if you’re improving your quality of life.

The further you are from an issues, the less it typically affects you. The more issues you face, the more adoptable you become.

This guy was rich, like Avogadro's number’s rich.

This entrepreneur was brilliant – he truly understood the power of branding and how difficult it was to achieve. He created and marketed brand logos until one gained impressive traction, even though the brands represented nothing. At least the didn’t represent anything until he sold them to be paired with a product.

Intelligent people argue very differently than dumb people. While the latter might turn to screaming and hitting, the former will use words that burn like a paper cut and cut deep into the heart. 

I didn't get pushed outside my comfort zone because it was uncomfortable. 

What helps keep people calm is their ability to keep their fears from spiraling out of control. They quickly sense the unfounded fear and block it out. 

If you give a woman power and control then you'll win her over. Even if that control is the desire to be submissive. 

You fulfill a big part of me that I can’t explain. It’s not a part of me that was missing; rather, it’s a new part of me, or perhaps an old part of me, rediscovered. But whatever it is, it is deep and close, yet simple, fun, and drama free.

Her secret was that she took every joke you made, and took it one small step forward. That’s how she socialized and connected with people. 

Each decision you make becomes a different universe. 

I never knew him very well. Looking at his family photos on Facebook seemed like a violation. 

We sold 4700 tickets? That's great, but we were shooting for 5,000. For marketing purposes, since we already know the names of the 4700 people who got tickets, we just need the names of the 300 people who did buy tickets. 
I don't know if your serious or smartly joking???
Of course I'm joking. How can we get the names of 300 people who don't exist. That's why this software algorithm is so disruptive, because it will find you those 300 names. They'll be the closest profile of people. 

Try for better but be happy with what you got.

It's not that I'm smart. It's that these other people are so dumb. 

There's no better feeling for a pilot then when their plane touches its shadow. 

When you go in for a job interview, come from a positing of strength. Don't ask them to do something for you, tell them what you can do for them. 

You don't can want to piss people off? Don't tell them, or even hint at them, that you know something that you can't tell them. 

When Apple launched the first fully autonomous robots, they did it with a code of ethics that all autonomous machines would have hard-coded into their programming. After peer and Congressional review, it was globally adopted. 

Try to define time. It's not easy. It's one's perception of the universe and observation of events around them. 

For some couples, texting has become a perfect outlet to communicate important little things to each other. 

The plot is about two secret agents from Eastern Europe who fall in love with each other, not knowing that the other is a spy, and spend long hours talking romantically to each other all while being monitored by the West. The men and women Western agents monitoring the late night phone conversations begin to fall for the couple to the point that a few Western agents make what seem like questionable mistakes that keep the spying couple from getting arrested. 

The conversation was about maturity. Perhaps it's best to start with a good explanation of what maturity is? And, perhaps, there's an ironic growing of maturity by being immature for creativity's sake. 

Why was "The Wrath of Kahn" track named "Surprise Attack," and not "Ambush?"

Being able to see new relationships is the key to liberal thinking.  

Unintended disruptions. 

Base on his search engine queries, he scores a ten on the creepy scale. 

His dying words were, " Last four," as he threw his iPhone a short distance, on the bed. He was too weak and no one understood it until one of the death witnesses was at medial and the petty officer asked for his, "last four." That's the pin that unlocked the phone on the first try. The poor soul who had to enter it practices the same four digits, for over an hour, in the days before it he did it on the artist's iPhone. 

Some statements are so bold that they can never be used in another context because they're too cliche.   

Back in the 1970s, when I was undercover, I would tell women I meet that I work at a camera store. 

Why is it "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup," and not "Waiter, there's a roach on my plate"?

The sergeant got into the most trouble. He know that he could order his junior Marines to torment an officer and they'd follow it, thinking it was a lawful order. Boy, was the zero pissed.
The term was originally "kissed," as in "I through the kiss of death at you." But someone made a typo and it was spelled "piss."

Mission Bay had become the dumping point for all beach traffic that used the 8 from east of Mission Valley. 

The reason social media exploded was because more people than ever realized had some sort of social disorder, even minor or perhaps even too antisocial for social media. 

It felt as if my mind was getting a mental massage. 

Find a mental exercise that helps you lower your defenses so you are more open to creativity. All creativity is intimate. Fist you must find trust before lowering your defenses and then lowering your defenses and disarming yourself puts you more in tune with the universe as an individual human. 

The song didn't have lyrics, but it did have words. Words spoken from a cold, mis-modulating voice synthesizer. The words were their own separate instrument; an instrument that told a story. 

You would never know that Long Island is so very green. Rather, it's green in the summer and dead in the winter. That's how it is. But, when you visit from San Diego, that green is all you notice. And you're surprised to see how little sunlight penetrates the canopy. 

This may sound stranger. But I feel like you and I deserve each other. 

You want your writing to not only connect with people, but motivate them? Then write true or write coup.

Fix the problem at the source, and when you can't then fix the symptoms rather than shifting blame.

As soon as I recognize a case that goes against general consensus, I adjust my language. 

“No, senator, I am not speculating, I am recollecting. I can recall A-B-D and E, but I’m taking a little time to reconstruct C,” I answered.
“So, you’re making it up?” asked the politician.
“No, I’m re-surfacing the memories to figure it out”
“So, how is that different from reconstructing something new?”
“There’s a World Trade Center in New York City. No one say that the original World Trade Center was reconstructed. They’d say a new one was built. That’s the difference between reconstructing and construction. The former implies that the same “thing” was rebuilt in its original likeness.

Instead of telling people that they shouldn't get pissed, perhaps we should give them an outlet and tell them what they should get pissed about. #thenewpolitics

No nobody can ask the question, "That doesn't sound weird, does it?" After describing something without sounding weird. 

There are a lot of people who were born into money and enjoy an entire lifetime of doing nothing. But the public doesn't know of them because they're doing nothing. 

His sense of humor was to use reverse psychology in the form of a negative imperative.

Everyone runs late, few people run early. Cater to the former.

The worst off people, due to their own lack of motivation and poor decision, love to blame their leaders for their circumstance. They also give too much credit, to a fault, to new leaders who promise change for the better.

The people who lived closest to the present were always the calmest. They knew there was no greater truth than the present.  The future hasn't happened and the past must be remembered. 

It's isn't until a decision is challenged when we learn its true integrity. 

What makes great people great is because their natural reaction tends to be anyone's best reaction. 

The best of the largest companies success because their CEOs have direct access to the talent, and vice versa. 

“How do you scale passion?” That’s the secret to a successful business. How do you scale what people are passionate about?

Think about alcohol consumption like pouring wine into a glass. Everything's perfectly fine, as the glass catches the wine until it's over the top and too late. At that point, it's simply a matter of how much damage has been done. 

You say that you don't understand why people netcast videos? To get their message out there. Instead of leaving an individual voicemail, for one person, why not broadcast that message to whomever will listen?

Ever feel like everyone else understands more than you do? Do you feel out of sync, out of touch, or too old-fashioned? Feel like others are smarter than you and understand things quicker than you? Well, that’s usually the case for everyone, at some point in out lives lives. Anything that you don’t understand, but wish you did, is a learning opportunity. 

Every romantic relationship you get into will have something missing in your partner; something that you had in a past relationship or something you’ll find in a future relationship. Similar emotional maturity and ability to handle adverse conditions play a big part, too. It isn't until the relationship is over when we discover some of the other's shortfalls. 

It’s possible to have passion without drama; just as it’s possible to be a big man with a small ego. 

When we learn of radical ideas, for the first time, we either become engaged or threatened. What should anyone ever feel threatened by an idea?

The more overly-emotional you get the harder it is to answer the call. 

His secret to connecting with the ladies was that he could detect what made each woman unique and he could touch that spot. 

Wonder Woman has to be a woman. 
Superman has to be a man. 
Why can't Captain America be a woman?

A noteworthy storyteller needs good material and a great imagination. 

Humble people are so arrogant in their modesty. 

While a single bit could make all the difference in an app, it's always too small to convey any meaning without a lot of context. 

A duty to correct. 

Carry-on has a passive meaning. It can also mean, "ignore me."

The campus police officer stepped into the dorm room to see if he smelled any pot smoke, he keyed his walkie talkie and spoke into the mic, “No. Nope, nothing except the room smells like stale fart.”
The student occupant shot back, “Hey, that’s not stale. That’s fresh. I’m no pig.”
While the officer squinted his eyes, and looked at the student with a what’s-his-angle? kind of look, his less-seasoned partner asked, “How can you tell as stale one from a fresh one.”
The student looked down at the ground and slighted twisted his head. Wish a sheepish voice he said, “Well… the stale one is everywhere in the room. The fresh ones still linger near ground-zero.”

The first time we met for business, he gave me a street corner to rendezvous at. When I arrived early on a corner I'd never been to, before today, I subconsciously registered in my mind that the diagonal corner as "somewhere else" or "over there," until I discovered that "over there" was where we'd be meeting. This made the first few minutes disorienting. Was that planned?

When Steve Jobs made his last trip to Apple, he asked Siri if she was male or female. 
Why is Siri a woman? Men control woman and men will take directions from a woman, when getting directions. When else Wood men actively seek out. Woman to give them directions. 

Make sure your actions will always serve yourself, before lashing out. This is more than Machiavellian, it’s a lesson in self-preservation. 

If you're intentionally not telling someone "how it is," then you're misleading them. 

No matter how terrible the situation got, he was always able to keep enough of himself outside of the emotion to think straight. 

The problem with studying history is that you'll only know what historians have recorded and what can be directly inferred from that. 

You know how you walk into a house for the first time and recognize which room’s which? But you still need to be shown the way after millennia.
Imagine telling a caveman the purpose of a living room. This is where you go to when you don't worry about being killied.

He got his PhD in something stupid like random mathematics and the study of how the modern day spoon will alway leave too much milk in the bowl, no matter how little or how much milk you add to the cereal. 

The only time your principles are truly tested is when your ethical and moral choice goes against your self interests. 

The funny thing about social media is that we overlook all those people who never throw shade. 

Many people mistakenly think others' lives are sad if they died unexpectedly, young or alone. But they, who are now dead, never knew. 

When two evil plans are the same then you've found your partner in crime.  

Grab that life. 

Business was growing, now it's going to bloom. 

He said he believed that ever planetary solar system was intentionally designed 

There are some people who spend their entire life looking for meaning; then there are those who bring meaning everywhere they go. 

Ever notice that you don't see uptight people wearing relaxing clothing.  

The thing about living in Brooklyn is that you can hear voices and conversations, crystal clear. But they're always a safe distance away from you and they represent no danger. But that's different in the country.  

He got real pissed when that bozo burst into the ballroom during the middle of his speech. He pointed at the heckler and yelled to security, "Get this fart clown out of here." Can you picture that? A clown that farts instead of honking a horn. 

Let's go outside and check out the new moon?
Wait? What? The new moon is unseen. 

It was fun to train with the reserve battery. It was a solemn goodbye as they went to war and we went home. We knew they'd do well, but we quietly knew they'd lose some Marines. We both wanted their safe return. 

Strip Club or Perfectly Marvelous 
It was bright and sunny when I walked in and it was gray and cool when I came out. In between that I learned so much
It was cook-your-own steak kind of place. The schtik of AA that the food server would ask how your meat was cooked and the customer answered, "Perfectly marvelous."
Lone woman staring mostly at her reflection in the mirror behind the liquor bottles. 

As I was eating my steak at the bar, I noticed a large chunk of fat. For some reason, I was too embarrassed to eat the fat while another guy - the only other person at the bar - was at the bar. Then he got up to use the restroom and I immediately cut the fat off with my knife and ate it. 

Don't stare at the ladies. It creeps them out. Instead, take a photo at the bar. At first, the ladies might think you're photographing them. Then, you can ignore them and let them look at you while you while you pinch and zoom around picture.  

If I had to be a woman, I would want to be you.
Actually, if I had to be any other person, I would still want to be you. 

As humans, we don't have the ability, means, or lifespan to explore beyond our solar system. Just like a bee can't cross the Atlantic. 
What if a bee who flies into an airline cabin just before the door closes. 
Hmm, interestingly point. 

I want to make sure that you and I are thinking clearly. We can't un-mistake this. 

He's one of those people who learns through observation. Unfortunately, he only sees the tip of the iceberg and not the theory foundation beneath. 

We rarely see ourselves or our peers age. Instead, we keenly notice the difference between 20 and 40 years older. 

Women are drawn to men who enjoy their food as much as they do. No more, no less.  

The movie's plot is about a RISC processor fabricator who bet their future on the wrong instruction set to remove from the CPU. The CEO has to go public with the bad news that will cost him his job. The board decides to keep him and the company turns around. 

If you don't truly think your home is beautiful then you're fucked. 

Do you know why he got so many Oscar nominations st a young age? Because, when he directed and produced movie, he did it on the cheap and made it look good. The studios loved that.  

It is better for a person to figure out they're wrong then for someone to tell them. 

She always knew the right questions to ask. She didn't always know the answers, but she knew which questions to ask to protect her heart. 

Here's to us being gorgeous. 

It wasn't a good marriage. Instead of masturbation being a rare substitute for making love, sex became a rare substitute for masturbation. 

I live life as if time repeats and I’d have to relive my same choices over and over again.

Officially, the anisette in bed stage is referred to as "The Preamble to the Donjo." It sets the tone, and literally the taste, of what's ahead for these two lovers. 

It was a big day.
I updated the OSes on my iPhone and Apple Watch, today. I should probably sleep in tomorrow. First meeting's at 1:30.

You can share your opinion with me as long as your intent is for me to understand you position, and, if I don't agree, then your primary reason of interest to me is that we part ways without further incident. 

The garden just hollered. 

There are certain things in this world that are an experience beyond desires. Cherry Garcia is one of those joys of discovery. Its flavor is so nondescript that it surprises beyond expectations. 

I have nothing but respect and admiration for the way you follow your heart and passion, without consequence. 

The thing about muses is that each new one has more power and influence than the last. That's the only way it can work. 

We simply stood barefoot and naked, in the kitchen, staring at each other, eyes filled with love, passion, and desire, as we ate Ben and Jerrys. Her, Cherry Garcia; me, Peanut Butter Cup. 

A fearless leader is one who can rule without fear. 

I like her. She’s feisty. She treats all men the same way they treat women. 

From GoT: “I will never marry and I will never father children.” That still leave plenty of room. 

It doesn’t matter if the people believe it, it’s their behavior that matters most.

Do you think the WannaCry ransomware kill switch domain name was always intended to be discovered by the defenders to test their defensive response time?

The longer and harder that you think about an idea, before bouncing it off of peers, the smarter you sound. 

Don’t tell people what to think, show them. Show them by example so they can draw their conclusion, on their own. That’s the key to a good teacher or storyteller. 
Twitterfied: Don’t tell people what to think, instead show by example so they draw their own conclusion. That’s the key to a good teacher or storyteller.

The last call they received from the battalion was when the radio operator keyed his mic with the voice of the commanding officer, yelling in the background, “The flanks. The flanks.”

She's an empty piñata. When I saw her I got all excited until I got inside her and realize there was nothing there. 

How did I do it? I know how to stand out while blending in.

There's a tipping point the relationship when you go to from defining yourself to your partner person to them knowing

Only an entrepreneur can appreciate how much complex thought goes into producing a simple product.

Don't make war with you allies.
Make peace with your enemies. 

I only fight when I have everything to gain and nothing to lose, and the odds are in my favor.

The way to succeed is to see what's coming before it arrives. But don't try looking beyond what you can see. 

There are drugs that make you feel good and others that stop you from feeling bad. I prefer the former. 

I look at current photos of Mids at the Academy and all I can think about is they have a ton of crazy shit ahead of them that they'll miss, once the ride is over. 

The walk of the triple panties

30 dirty things. 

The first thing people do in a calamity is flee to a better vantage point.

Who is this stranger I know so well?

We don’t choose whom we love, it chooses us.

If there was someone else standing where you are today, someone else who didn’t experience the personal tragedy  that you did, then they’d be thinking more rationally. 

You can’t rule without the rich. It’s an absolute law of politics. 

Do everything you can while you're still young, tomorrow you'll be older. 

Every person has that one great lover, you just hope that yours is at the end of your life. 

God may be all powerful, but even he couldn’t save Satan.

What do you see when you close your eyes, blackness or nothing? What you actually see is blackness. What you saw a hundreds of years ago is truly nothing.

We all journey into tomorrow the same way: sleep.

The ability to recognize things you’ve never seen before is the key to opportunistic observation. 

I am loved. That’s the problem… the challenge… that you face. I am loved and you are, at best, merely tolerated.

To fall madly in love. "Madly," such an appropriate term 

Put the pasta seasoning in the water, before boiling, rather than on the plate. Seasoned water enters the pasta. Putting it on the surface means that it hits your tongue before, not with, the food.

I try to find the source of any bad emotion. Then I analyze it and do my best to fix it.

No one can ever by a person of all the people. Only some, perhaps even most; but never all.

People in power always forget the little guy. When was the last time anyone thanked the cells in their body for keeping them alive? 

She was blinded. She saw in me all the goodness that I saw in her. 

Time is on my side. The longer I wait, the more truths I discover. 

A typical coincidence. 

Oh Joe :) thank you. You really touch (more than touch) me by saying that and I do feel so much joy and peace and just wish you were here with me now to just hold you and cuddle 

You give musical instruments so the audience notices that instrument as it fades into the harmony. 

You're "in" a movie, but "on" a TV show. 

Feelings are only real and genuine if we feel them. 

It's the saxophone in that song. It goes from the foreground into the background. But, no matter where it is, it's always talking to me. It's talking directory to me. 

Oh, how perfectly you fit in my arms. To call it spooning is too cold, like metal on metal. Instead, we're two flames in a fire, licking up against each other as we intertwine in the rising vortex. 

Enjoy the laugh. Don't laugh unless your going to enjoy it. 

Typos don't matter if you can communicate. It's the communication that matters. 

The first time I killed a man, the others looked at me. They looked at me and, at first, they wondered if they’d seen what they just saw. Then they looked at me differently. From the moment on, they never looked at me the same way again.

The only difference between the scheme of a crazy man and the scheme of a clever man is the outcome. 

I am only a writer when I write. And, at this moment, I am not writing. Rather, I am righting some wrongs.

Secret gardens

Tactics wins battles.
Logistics wins wars. 

It was a perfect match. She thought he was a little feminine. And he thought she was a bit masculine. 

The best part about him? He takes the lead. He doesn't seize it. Rather, he simply picks it up, off the ground, when needed. 

He made his money by selling a globe that allowed children to move countries and regions to compare sizes and distances.

The poison of the unexpected end to a relationship is the hurtful negativity. 

You can't count on all of your  friends all of the time. But you can count on most of your friends all of the time. 

I was too good for my own good. 

Life is an experience, so experience at all. 

The Earth has cancer and it's called humanity. 

I wanted something to believe in that I believed in. No hocus pocus. That's what the military game me. It was raw, but it was real. 

Be prepared to take risks beyond expectations and never forget the consequences. 

It's a story about a mid-twenty-first century author and adventurer know as the Hemingway of the new millennium. Historians pieced together chunks of his life from researching third-party data centers and ISPs. His biggest secrets were always in plain view, yet overlooked. Researchers knew the key to this enigma, and what made him tick, was encrypted on his phone.  And they were close to cracking it, 50 years after his death. 

People stop looking when there's nothing new to see. 

The charismatic leaders are the ones who've looked ahead and have well thought out, first-hand anecdotes that address the topic of conversation. 

All change is possible in the future, but you have to begin today 

Unfulfilled fantasies. 

Instead of judging, try accepting. 

What connects us as humans is our ability to express ourselves with words. What’s even deeper is our ability to connect our deep feelings for which there are no words. 

It’s that smile and laugh beaming out your spirit that pulled me into your soul. 

How do you learn to stop negative thinking? One way is by being exposed to a lot of pain and discomfort in a controlled environment, then learning how to not focus on it - instead, ignore it the time as the pain passes.

He was the most genuine guy hiding a secret. 

There's always tomorrow to fix what you fuck up today. 

It's the welcoming to be charmed. It's when a woman's new beau meeting her closest friends. 

People used to be ignorant due to a lack of information. Now they're ignorant due to misinformation. When there's too much of a commodity, like food, we need to learn, as a society, how to manage it and how to teach others to understand. 

We often mistaken opportunity for perfection and overlook it when it's in front of us. Only when we look back does it make a great story. 

We are the perfect pair. 

Ladies, ladies, please.. it wasn't me. I'm not so special. You ladies simply gave me a beautiful canvas to paint. 

I never believed that there were soulmates. But there are. A soulmate isn’t a perfect person – but your soulmate is perfect for you. 

It's never about what he says insomuch as it's about what he means. 

What is better than this? Seriously, how could we do better? We can't. The only thing better than this, today, this this tomorrow. 

The plot follows two undercover Axis spies who fall deeply in love. But they each don't know that the other's also an Axis spy. But the Americans spying on the couple eavesdrop on their long, romantic, intimate, and erotic phone calls. The Americans wiretapping their phones begin to fall in love with the couple and thwart their own attempts to have legal cause to arrest them. 

I know the difference between wanting a lover to be something she isn’t, that I want her to be, and loving her because she’s everything I want.

No person should ever have to defend their love. But they should need to justify their bad choices. 

It’s not a tool if you have to fight it.

What don't we have other than time under our belt?

How do you impress a woman? Show her impressive stuff about yourself, but only after she asks – otherwise it’s bragging.

Music is the closest thing to a drug, other than a drug. Poetry is a close second. 

You don't get up and leave the table if you have something to say. That's a loser's move. 

A tortured pleasure. 

On one level, breakups are easy. All you need to do is avoid one person. But how do you avoid the entire social network of friends?

It's called the shotgun scene. It opens when the protagonist is pitching a sick and horrific TV ad to his agency’s client. His ad shows a kid playing with a shotgun and shooting himself and his dog  in a single blast. The kid's dead and the dog's limping around in utter agony. 

The Marine Corps has a long standing philosophy of using the least amount of force necessary to accomplish the mission. Extend this thinking to your person life and use the least amount of technology to get through your day and things will run smoother. 

Which key shall we play this in?
Let's go to eleven and do it in the key of H major. 

Sleep gets me through a lot of things. It gets me through the night. It gets me though illness. It's gets me through stress. It helps me get by. 

There was always something a little fake, with her. Then, one day, he saw it. 

Make loved him because he was smart. Very smart. He seemed to know everything and what he didn't know, he found or with ease. 

You're like a fantasy. No, no, you're more real than that. You're a drug. A health drug. 

She raised her daughters to see that their mother was the woman she was. 

I was coerced. 

The thing about writing fiction is that you don't have to let facts get in the way of a good story.  

This isn't an infatuation. It's lasted too long. This is something deep. 

Problems do not get solved by ignoring or adding to them. They only get solved by solving them, for the long haul. It's not a battle of left vs. right, or liberal vs. conservative. It about constructive vs. destructive. 

A good chair will form a board where each director informally responds on behalf of the corporation, without being asked.

The sun has set and the night is knocking. 

The secret of 3rdSpace was that it was inclusive while celebrating the qualities that made us diverse. 

In the shadow of mental health.

He didn't say that he didn't have any romantic interest in her. He said he didn't have any romantic involvement. One's a fact, the other's a feeling. 

What will I be doing? I'm glad you asked. I'm going to be busy, all day, procrastinating on the work that I need to get done.

The thing that made those poems well loved was because they seemed human. They were cute, with wild dreams and mild insecurities. They almost seemed as if anyone could have written them as oppose to the greats like Shakespeare. 

The only thing more annoying than a person who always avoids confrontation is someone who loves it. 

He was a super-successful sales person because he dosed his customers with Oxytocin. 

It's was symbolism. The wave pipeline was a seashell and its surfer the perl. 

No, you idiot. Sex therapy doesn't mean that the doctor and patients have sex with each other.  

Want to impress people? Only speak when you really know what you're talking about, but only after considering others' perspectives. That will keep you one step ahead. 

I saw it in him, but he wasn't interested in me. But it was there - I could see the little devil brewing inside. 

The only way to be prepared for an emergency is to prepare for it every day.

It's like she was always in a competition to do cool things, whereas he simply did cool things, no matter how small. 

While it's true that I love your touch, it means more to me that you touch my heart and soul. Yes, you truly touch my soul. You don't talk to me, rather you talked into me. It's important to me that you understand that. It's a little bit magical. 

Here’s the thing, you will never be old. You’ll always be who you are, right now. So live there, with yourself, in the now.

I did everything to try to tell, except actually telling her. 

Love is what you can get away with. 
-A. Warhol & J. Moreno

The people who trust the least are the ones not to be trusted. 

You need to socialize your plan as soon as possible otherwise you'll incur technical debt and have to burn through your political capital to make it work. 

Part of what makes smart people look smart is they steer the conversation in the direction of something they know well; and they do it in a very subtle way.

How to minimize fake news? Jury duty will be replaced by private citizens taking turns evaluating whether a news fact was, in fact, a fact. 

Why are all the veterans groups silent on the matter and not condemning it?

Your words are a cocktail of feelings with a zest of rational. -Bolero 
“Zest of rational” – Look, everyone, how normal this is and how blind we were to all of it.

I need to take a shower and ponder the words which I've used to blacken the naked white page. 

She saw all of the beauty and none of the danger.

He made a killing by convincing people install handicap handrails in their showers told them that it make it easier to grow old as cripple because the handrail was nothing new. 

She was a wonderful lover. She have all of herself for all you deserved. The more you respected her, the more she game. 

Love is a lot like fire. Do you want just enough to keep you warm without it getting out of control. 

It doesn't impart you. It just causes you to see less. 
Then how's that's not impatience to?
Yeah, I guess you're right. 

He looked up at her beautify and said... more like a captured sigh, really... he looked up at her and signed, "Whew," as if he tried to contain his surprise. She didn't know if it was sincere or feigned, but either way, it fore told of a lovely night to come. 

The really good politicians could see how things played out in their favor well before anyone else; that's why they excelled. They were always a few steps ahead, setting up the chess pieces. 

I could always tell when he was having an affair. That's when he stopped looking at my body, or my sister's. 

I like that you're not reliving your old story, rather you're creating a new one. 

Authors use flashbacks to write in the present while hinting of something importance in the figure. 

He discovered antigravity when he realized that any gravity he pulled in our pushed out need a place to come from or go to. Thermodynamics wins, every time.

It’s better, but it could be better.

We think of city folk as sophisticated, more worldly, and county folk as simple people. And perhaps that's true, but how much less of a voice should we give these people? Not by you, but by society. 

That hug comment was special. Usually, you speak  as observations from the mind, not passion from the heart. Yet I still sense it burning in you. While I know you, I know me even better. You are too good for me. 

I would be a fool to not recognize how special our connection is. But just because I do recognize it doesn't mean I'm not a fool. 
What? She asked. 
Never mind. 

When does news become news?
When does art become art. 

You know you don't want me to tell you, because you might not like it. 
I don't know, she said. 
Yes, you know. You only want to know if and only if you're the only one. 
Am I? She asked with a nearly controlled crack in her voice. 
You're the only one I think about all the time. 
And then she cried while her stomach knotted in a way worse than the death she had experienced. 

The thing is, when you get there. When you finally arrive, even if it's only temporary, that's still enough to change your life. That's what it's about. 

Here’s a powerful song that I recorded at Jazz Jam in University Heights. The pianist is a local guy, Joshua White, who’s magically gifted.

I know I'm only seeing the tip of the iceberg. But I've seen enough to know. This is trouble of the best kind. If you gotta go down, might as well go down in flames to Philip Glass.  

What's it take to be a writer? What's it take to be a runner? You just go out there and do it. Anyone can be a writer. What you want to be is a good writer. And once you're a good writer, you'll want to be a great writer. 

It was the beauty of the sentence that intrigued him. When you put words to paper, you own them. You can make them mean what ever you like. 

Dance the dance until it ends. Only a few steps need make a dance. And forever after that, you two will own that dance. 

Being a strong leader requires compromise on issues without compromising your principles. Think about why car bumpers are no longer made of steel like they did in 1950.  

He's very sociable, but no one ever knows what he's talking about. 

You never put woobie in the corner. You never put woobie away. Woobie is always at the wready. 

We see them at a different level because they have talents and hobbies that intrigue you. 

He was a very ugly man. He begged then for their love and then controlled them. 

Unlike a book, each paragraph in this section has no context, so crest hour own. 

People in North County live a quieter life. They're not scared of the world. 

Don't go through life unhappy. Either fix it, ignore it, or move on. 

Feng Shui should not trump ergonomic design.

Time is the enemy of the privileged few. Cost is the enemy of the masses. // From “Why Planes Don’t Fly Faster” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1QEj09Pe6k

He made his billions by bringing to market an airplane with both turbo fan and turbo jet engines. 

Live a great life. Tell a great story.

In other for it to work and flow smoothly, it needs to be well thought out. 

Go home tonight. Go home, find a beautiful person and make love to them. Take them and give yourself to them. This sounds like a joke or fantasy. But it can be reality. It's not just a matter of finding the right person. Rather about making you a better person for others. 

It's not how hard you work, rather it's how much you get done. 

Why does doing the right time sometimes feel so wrong?

It was the gameification of education that boosted learning. Kids gravitated to the game they liked while still learned. No single standard as people became more specialized. 

The problem isn't that you and I are competitive. Rather, it's that we're both controlling in a subtle, early seen way. I know you. I know you very well. I know you well because we are both the same. You are me and I am you. 

He did a great job talking to an audience. But where he really excelled was when he answered an individual's question. He spoke directly to the questioner, and the rest of the audience felt privilege to bare witness. 

I love how she marveled at the world. 

I look smart because I know how to not make spelling errors. I make typos, but rarely spelling errors. 

It's natural. Human. Yet we don't speak of it. 

Nakumatt Ukay? No, they do not have a proper confectionary. 

I have status with you. That's important. 

The older you get the less you care about less important things.
The colliery to that is the older you get the more you care about more Porten things that you have less of an impact on

My goal is to connect with others who are also enlightened. 

He's a foreigner. To him, every city is a dot on the map. He has no idea of what's in a city. 

She's the reason my heart beats. 

Tech Philosophy 
Philosophy Tech. Philotech. 

He took his fingers out of his mouth and stuck them into hers. Then he gently pulled them out and rubber her lips with his finger. 
"It's a sweet, sweaty, bitter taste," she said. They both loved it. 

There was a chill in the air. It was cold and unpleasant in a comfortable yet exciting way. 

We shared our one on one personal experiences with Steve Jobs. They were very different. He talked at him, while I watched him listen. 

Someone showed him a smart way to do a dumb thing. 

I could tell he was a confident man because he didn't want to go any deeper. He knew when to stop. 

We were never taken seriously in the universe because we didn't come from a binary system. In ever case, the darkness, the not knowing, created fear and exploitation. Binary systems were always in the light and existed peacefully. 

What do I want in a woman? Little drama and lots of passion. 

When a republic doesn't represent the will of the people it time for democracy to take over. 

You want someone who's very coachable but not too impressionable. 

Last night's image was of darker colors but with hot tones of reds and textures of roots, spreading intertwining

Every embrace has a different color palette. 

A mutual guidance, a dance of sensuality, fire, discovery. 

If you're a doing good thing but you don't know it's a good thing, is it still a good thing?
Of course. 

Sometimes you think you’re really lucky, but you’re just very lucky.

An awaken silence was all she had. 

Daring but not reckless

To me you were. I like to sense your intense desire, your touch, being inside me, moving with you, the kiss
Not sure if there is a recipe

Politics is religion without the pleasantries. 

The one thing all these men have in common, and I've seem it and studied it with peer review, is that they all had themselves taken by a man. They allowed themselves to be taken by a man in a way they never imagined or asked for. And that, somehow, made them a better man for a woman. These men understood women better after being taken by a man. The exact opposite is true for the “straight” men who were rejected when hitting on other men. They saw women as an object to be dominated.

It's not that mediums are lying. Rather they think that their random ideas are prophecies.  

She was the product of two different attitudes. One demanded display and the other followed her heart. 

I wanted all of you, everything you could give me and everything I could give you. 

Burning the bacon for brunch. 

He's doing anything and everything possible to increase his popularity, regardless of the long term consequences.

He could smell the summer's rain as it began falling on the hot dry pavement. 

What's a busy day look like? Ten years ago it was reading and writing e-mails. Today, it's bouncing between Slack, Trello, Basecamp, and Facebook. 

All big things are made of lots of small things.

She was a perfect woman. Too perfect to a fault. She was so perfect that she was boring. 

Photos from the future. 

In order for someone to get to know you, they have to know what you think and how you think. 

No, it doesn't make you lazy, it only makes you weak. 

Those friendships must be stronger because of your shared experiences, your shared suffering. 

We rarely recognize the truly life changing opportunities until they’ve passed.

You can’t unsee stuff. The next best option is to forget about it.

It was the darkest of nights that makes it seem morning would never arrive. – SDL

He was channeling the inspiration from his new muse into his old one, as well. 

Those men are pigs because they lose respect for the women. 

It's the way she said "poem." It wasn't po-em, rather it was poe-em. "Your poe-em is beautiful. It has integrity. It's a simple story, elegantly told."

Life's a rollercoaster. Get used to it, kid. 

How to proofread your own work? Wrote and then let it sit at least overnight. That way, instead of coming from inside you, it's coming into you. 

It’s not that we necessarily want something new, rather, we simply want something different since different is also new.

It was my den of creation and self-destruction. 

Is it that you want someone to make you feel good, or is it really about you wanting to feel good about having someone feel for you?

You fucked me once when I sat across from you at the negotiating table. How do I know you won't fuck me again?
Because this time I'm working for you. 

Don't worry ladies. He won't attack you unless you provoke him. 

Don’t write, “The nuts were bad.” Instead, write, “The pistachios were soft and the almonds were hard.” It’s up to the reader what to think; if you’ve truly written it correctly then you’ll connect with all of your readers.

The best way to stop worrying about money is to not worry about it. 

What am I doing? I have no idea. I'm recklessly throwing caution to the wind without a care in the world.  

It was the way she said "chocolate." Her middle "c" was so pronounced and her "a" was so softly passionate. 

Her voice was so beautiful, she raised her pitch at the end of every emotional word. 

It doesn't matter what it is, it's important to you. 

You know the energy you feel in Vegas? The energy? The excitement? New York City has all that with culture and history. 

I moved from the beautiful country to the dirty city. I hated the tall buildings, they looked like a jail to me. 

No, no, no, it's not break the cheese, it's cut the cheese. 

There's a difference between being curious and a investigator. 

Live life as if it's all going your way. Then make it all go your way. 

Ethics is the code.
Morals are the life. 

It turns out that gerrymandering and anti-gerrymandering both block the rise of a third party. What's the criteria required to redraw the victory lines. 

Living life is like burning down a candle. But the problem is we don't know how long the candle is. Genetic testing is fixing that. 

Guys should feel free to change their hair color as often as women.

When you say mean things to a mean person, the mean people who love the mean man will be mean to you.

I didn't say I was in love with another woman. I said that I was also in love with another woman.  

He wasn't the type of guy to try to go where everyone else was going. Instead, wherever he went, everyone else wanted to go. 

If I can't tell the story about the experience then it's too ordinary. 

So, if the moon landing were faked, then what's going to happen, one day, when we "actually" land on the moon and find decent stage LEMs ?

A sideways market, off the peak, has underlying strength. 

I love the way she worded that. She didn't say her kids' ex-husband's mother. Instead, she said my kids' paternal grandmother.

It's not that he had class, rather it's because he's too lazy.  

Living through something and experiencing it is very different than reading about it in the history books. 

Don’t try to be anything. Just try to be.

It was a very interesting legal case. The defendant transcribed a phone conversation. Is that considered a recording?

Here say? I'd say heresy.

You looked very cute as you jogged off into the distance, this morning. 

The problem with the current legal system is it rewards silence and inaction ahead of risk and guts. 

She was very pretty, but very sad. As if she was trapped in our own reality. When you looked at her face, you could see nothing behind it. It was empty of emotion while full of pity. 

Find the three closest bars to where he lives. He'll meet her at one of those places. Guaranteed. 

Telling kids to never do any kind of drug is like telling them to never have sex until they're married. It's a blanket scare-all tactic. 

ThI greatest moment is rotating. As you lift up, you never notice the exact moment. It just happens. Like not noticing once step from the next as you walk. 

Don't text her "thanks for chatting with me," that's too dry. Instead, text "thanks for spending time with me." Because you did more than text. You bared your souls to each other. 

Don't overheat it. You can't unburn paper. 

I learned that the longer and further that I could see and plan, the better I could steer the ship. 

Men are emotionally clumsy. Women are moody. 

We all have a certain level that we forget things at. It's only when that rate increases should we worry.  

The only way to bring the future into the present is to make it happen. 

His sketches were private and personal poems for his lovers. 

The truth of the matter is that guys want to be in non-monogamous relationships with women who are in monogamous relationships. 

Since it doesn't directly affect me then it's easier for me to choose how I react. 

If you don't see both sides, then you fail to understand the full story. 

He lived his life like a legend. 

It was such a polarizing issue that the best of us couldn't hide our bias. 

The people who borrowed others' words were the true puppets - they never spoke from their heart.  

His measure of success was how popular he was, not how effective. 

He ran into the studio head's office, "I found the creative genius style we need. He's a nobody with the gift."

The CEO told him that he could book the room for free.  When he went to book it, the event coordinator told him they'd be a fee. Rather than e-mail the CEO, he saved all parties any embarrassment by suggesting that she check with her CEO. She came back, corrected with her ego - and the CEO's ego - untouched. She didn't know if he was really that sensitive or if it was luck. But she was compelled to find out more about this man who understood her as well as she understood him, warts and all. 

It's not a black and white, right or wrong world. Even binary has fractions. 

Crest high. Refine low. 

People don't make war, governments do. Never forget that.

Simply because you don't have to make a big sacrifice to effect a cause doesn't mean you're value is worthless. 

His narcissism created a team of yes-men with a lose of sense of reality.  

I try to listen to new music, repeatedly, at a new place to help cement the memory that makes it seem stronger when I come back to it. 

It was a quiet night where everyone felt its sleepiness. 

It was a big data company that specialized on organizations and individuals who were the true underdog. 

It's always difficult to listen to someone who doesn't believe what you do in matters of opinion. 

Life cannot exist on Jovian planets with one eye. Too violent  

The great writers were great because they could turn the most awkward sentence into elegance that no reader could better write. 

It was when I noticed individuals having been deeply touched by me that I realize I had the power. The gift. The reason. All used to persuade. 

How do we protect the people from their own bad choices? We don't, otherwise they will forget the true pain and cost. 

The reason we see and remember things differently is because of how it makes us feel. 

I care most where I make a difference. 

Ian: Apple is to Disneyland as Linux is to Times Square.
Me: Refined and polished compared to rowdy and rambunctious.

We had an extra room and had to decide, do we want a yoga room or sex dungeon. 

It's like fixing a house that collapsed. 

I want to write a story with this dialog:
"Is it on?" he asked his military buddy.  
"Negative. It's Oscar Oscar foxtrot," he replied.  

Then I want "oscar oscar foxtrot" to catch on. 

The late night is quiet. The wee hours of the morning is too still; it's dead. 

The sound of running. 
The crunch of the trail under my feet. 

Sparkly butterfly moment

She glided into the crowded bar and appeared from behind a couple. 

The happier you are, the thinner your are. 

Instagram remained pure, elegant, and simple. No retweeting. Ads slid in nicely as easily tolerated sponsors. 

Before someone becomes full blown paranoid, they become a little paranoid and a lot annoying; so much so that you almost want to mess with them, and reinforce their paranoia for your own satisfaction. 

You could tell that those two were more than friends. They played it off well, but not always well enough. They both tried too hard to convince you they were only fiends; instead of conveying that information. But, perhaps, that was due to their hidden thoughts for each other. 

They were amazing lovers. They both seduced each other and got exactly what they wanted. 

Ahh, the trials and tribulations of a self-proclaimed writer. It's hell. 

The French love writers, especially poets. That's why Hemingway went to Paris. He wanted to experience women. 

You have to experience the woman. The more when you experience, the more you can relate to them. It doesn't have to be romantic. 

Life isn’t about the cash. It’s about the dash.

Pragmatic optimization

Living life on your terms means not defining your way of being in response to others. 

The Marines and Apple have had the biggest influences on my professional life... my way of thinking... my work philosophy. At the end of the day, they both cherish simplicity. Simplicity of design in products. Simplicity of design in tactics. While both are well respected leaders in their fields, they go about solving problems in different ways. One's procedural and the other's creative. One creates and the other destroys. But, there's nothing wrong with creating good and destroying bad. 

You want many lovers, but you don't want them to have any others? That's not a judgment, it's an observation like saying that you want a lot of money, but you don't want to work. We all want that. 

The retail company had to declare bankruptcy because of one cyber hacker who hacked the code to never refund sales tax on a return. Instead, he sent that to his personal, off shore private bank account. This bank only shares information in tax evasion cases, not white collar criminal cases. He got richer faster than that guy in Superman II. 

It goes beyond imagination. It goes beyond what you can imagine. Not only what you did imagine, but beyond anything you could ever imagine that you can imagine. Regret? Yes, a little. The reality was no love story can be a fairy tale. For it to remain a fairly tale, it must never happen. 

Never before was there a love affair so anticipated. Yet possibly out of reach. 

I learn about myself, from you. You teach me about myself. 

It's because I was respectful, when I reached across to adjust your seatbelt. It's because I was respectful in close proximity to a sensitive area. Confident and effective, effectively executed - yet humble. 

Yes, it was tempting. But I was not tempted.  At least that's the way I was back then. Now, the tempting is too tempting. 

They were a special breed of people. They could ignore inner pain; the weary legs, tight lungs, and the burning eyes. 

When was the last time you've seen Navy SEALS operating someplace cold? Never! Not after BUDS. They've forever frozen off their asses at Coronado. 

When it says he left no means of support for his family doesn't mean he didn't have life insurance, it means he invalidated his coverage due to suicide. 

One woman had a date where the guy brought his entire family including his nieces and nephews. 

Record scratch. Freeze frame. 

I don't think you fully understand how permanent the past is and how final death is. 

Long after he died, his scandalous text messages were discovered making him an iconic legend. 

It's a movie about this woman undercover cop who falls for the man she's investigating because he's the greatest guy in the world, except for that Joe thing. 

The Marine Corps and Apple have two opposite philosophies when it comes to comfort. In the Marine Corps, the more discomfort we endure the better we get. At Apple, making things easier is key to making them better. 

The found the alien dna when a coating that sticks to all DNA didn't stick to this infection. 

It's not the words. It's the message. 

Life without limit. 

His casual attitude left you wondering if it was confidence or arrogance 

I prefer to seek closer instead of solace. 

Every man wants two women. One who's the lady that they can present before the world and raise his children; and the other who's an adventurous dirty girl. 

The cyber attacker finally found the super-user's root account credentials. The issue was that the username was "honeypot." That messed with his mind. He passed on that attack. 

When I first started to seriously consider divorce, my heart raced. It occurred to be that I could escape my dread and she'd get the kids. Fine by me. 

I'm someone who wants to know what's going on around me. The Internet is one key tool for me to do that, for both public and private. 

Politics to a party is the same as ego to a person. 

If you could tell your 12 year old self what you're doing for a living, what would be your reaction?

Threat it with honor, damn it, treat it with honor. That's the very least the office deserves. 

She was a cold woman who never laughed from her heart. 

Most writers are hermits. The ones who could party and still wrote lived on as legends like Hemingway. 

He'd ask me something like that if a brother. It was that deep mistake respect that registered. 

The great actor is the one who delivers subtle motions with purity. 

Sweetheart, ma'am, you need someone you trust to make love you. 
You mean someone I love?!?
No, you can love someone you don't trust. Trust is more rational. Think logical, hurt less. 

You always need a character in your story who the individual reader can relate to, in some way, even if only as an observer. Without any of that then who are you writing for?

The interesting part about Facebook is it shows people doing cool things... a photo of my kids, or me skydiving, is cool. Too much drama turns people off if it's not balanced with lots of cool stuff. If you don't know why the stuff you post wouldn't be considered cool by other people, then you need to focus outward. 

If you make yourself a target, people will take shots at you.

Fine dinning at its finest with fine friends make for a unique evening never to be forgotten. 

She had this enchanted elegance about her. People thought she came from royalty. 
The conversation took on a Zen like appearance. 

I could see everything in 3D. The glasses The candelabra.  It was all there in front of me. 

Do what feels good. 
Do what feels right. 
Do what doesn't hurt anyone. 

I try to objectively look at any negative emotion I have

You know what I love about a great book is that you clearly remember where you were when sitting when you read key parts. 

Marines love to use military-speak. Why say "car" when you can say "pic." Instead of saying "as fast as you can" they'll say "at the cyclic rate" which is the fastest a machine gun can fire. 

I sometimes love a phrase as the title of a short story that I'll write a one or two paragraph story just so I can use the title. 

I'm not an addict. I never have to hide it. I love alone. 

Children are genetically predisposed to mimic their parents. 

I'd drag my dick through a hundred yards of broken glass just to toss off in her shadow. 

If you haven't eaten a good placenta the. You haven't eaten a good pussy. 

The laws have to support people who know each other and don't know each other. 

He was a social enigma. He owned a yacht but didn't mind taking the bus. 

I walked into a cruise ship gift shop and saw a 10 year anniversary titanium wedding ring for $3,000. 

You can go back in time and alter the path, but it'll resolve. 

Why do dentist chairs face on, not out. Dresses. Flat iron building. .  

The peaceful warrior said, "We fight wars to make peace? That's like avoiding an accident by having a different accident. 'Uh-oh. I don't want to hit this tree, so I'll veer into this telephone pole.'"

So you want to live to be a hundred? Ask a centenarian when was the last time they got laid? 

What am I looking for in a woman? I'm looking for the kind of woman who can rotate her photo, when posting it to a dating website, so it's right side up. I'm not asking for much. 

He never praised their ideas, rather, he praised the premise of their ideas. 

Online dating created the world of 96 hour affairs. 

A super-sexy woman looks great for her age. All the rest are only sexy. 

The real reason for the break up was due to him contracting hepatitis C from illidit trip to Asia. 

The only way for a man to love greatly is to have too much love to give.

The beauty of love is that it makes us recognize the reason for our existence. 

Don't. Believe everything you think. Believe  everything you do. 

The challenge for a fiction writing who use real life experience as their bases is that they chance hurting those close to them. 

In the same way the subconscious push back bad ideas we really want to do because of society. Our brain pushes back bad EEG waves. It squelches it. 

The ideas he came up, late at night, could withstand the light of day. 

The man had no ego. Someone would tell him something seemingly factual, that was a bit insulting and his response would be a question that made you think not only two steps ahead, but also a few steps back, seriously questioning the very premise of original questions. 

"And when Good Night Saigon would play, we'd all get on the dance floor and...," he trailed off with a questioning look on his face. 
"Sway?," I said?
"No, ladies sway. Men... rock! Men don't sway, we rock. It's a double entendres," he said with a shit-eating grin. His brilliance made me begin to question even the premise of the phrase 'shit-eating grin.'"

It's amazing how we're drawn to a water fountain. 

Great art is an act of defiance. 

When some dies, who's had a big impact on me, I stare out the window and try to accept that they're no long in this world, as if I'm physically looking for them or visualizing life without them and their influence. 

Why do I consider myself lucky? Every time I look at someone with a problem I don't have, I say to myself, "I'm lucky."

The ones who were enlightened were the ones who said no to a soul crushing job. 

You have to connect with the night god. Like the way you root for a dog, they root for you. 

The people who enjoy themselves are the ones who best accept reality. 

Friendships that start off adverbial due to a miscommunication tend to become strong friendship. 

A big part of being an entrepreneur is doing work that yields no results. 

Pluck the day.
Carpe this diem.

The thing about art is it's something that never would have been missed if it wasn't created. Someone wouldn't haves missed it if they never knew it was there; unlike a bathroom door. 

He grew up on Hondas, Kawasakis, and Ducatis. When asked about Yamaha, his gentlemanly reply was, "They make nice pianos."

What's biggest handicap? Writing a book takes a lot of work and I'm lazy. Fortunately, this characteristic helps me live a simple life with the help of a little disciple and integrity. 

Who are the people you admire most who, when their views differ, you always listen and usually reverse your opinion? When you go into politics, these people become the target of your friends and adversaries. 

You don't need to dig long and deep to find true a true love or connection. Sometimes a wide array of deep common experiences discovered in a short time will yield the same thing. That's why we're comfortable around like-minded people. 

Sure, there's a great argument about how we're not present when we're with other's due to technology. But what about all those people who spend most of their day alone?

Think of how the lifestyle ads of the future will look if we replaced alcohol and coffee with cannabis.

All creative people need to withdraw into their own world to do their work. It could be their writer's casita out back or their habit of coding in the dark at 2 AM. There's nothing worse than an interruption during the brittle and critical creation of a bold idea. 

A great photograph should draw in the viewer with nothing to break the flow, no matter how they scan it. 

Most great writers were professional writers or academics. 

A good story writer tells a story by moving from one key point to the next without any unnecessary banter. 

Some people get very stressed out when not parking close to their destination. 

All the great loves of your life will break your heart, at some point 

I remember that guy back in elementary school. For as long as I knew him, he always seemed slow. Perhaps because he was quiet. 

I translated excitement in to creative work. It was a tightrope. Sometimes there was a direct translation from an eavesdropped conversation. Other times, thoughts remembered from one act of fear became to energy for a competently unrelated work. 

A different generation would judge women with tattoos differently. How many photos of women from the 1940s have you seen looking like Norman Rockwell's sailor. 

Our genes determine our careers because we assimilate to society and expectations and experiences; at least most of us do. You don't find a Native American from Brazil traveling to Nairobi to drive a matatu for a living. 

I started getting high at 7:55 AM with an edible and vape. It's not even noon and I've had three bowls of frosted flakes, Original Pringles, cheddar cheese Pringles, coffee, and I finished off the Ben and Jerry's. Oh, and I've written down a ton of writing ideas.

What makes the calm before the storm so eerie is that you know something big is coming but there's no sign of it. You'd never expect it if you didn't know. 

A quick look at the stock and it's a cheap stock that just jumped up 30%. It's probably peaked, since the reason for the jump has passed, and will drop before it goes up. I can tell you more after I look closer. 

Hemingway had to castrate The Sun Also Rises character because it was him, a married man, who needed a reason to be single in the novel. 

Code is art. It's an expression of creativity. 

Nearly all life only exists on planets. Destroy a planet, you destroy a civilization for life cannot wander far. 

Why did Apple allow third party keyboards into the App Store? Because they knew the good-perception it would show to developers, but Apple also knew that they'd never be downloaded. People don't like keyboard changes because it interrupts their flow, few would want to learn a new style, and, most importantly, the company couldn't even get their employees to install them on their primary devices. 

The couple was very cute. They met on Facebook, but lived on different sides of the country. She wasn't sure why she accepted his friend request. He assured her that they grew up and went to high school, together, even through they weren't friends. To prove it, he would name a places that only locals would know. She half-jokingly said they he could have researched that on the Internet. So, she started asking him questions, which he all answered correctly with forgotten-detail. She truly believed him when she found him in the senior year yearbook. To this day, they still play that game of naming places. 

Whitman's poems were good, but not great. He figured out how to make an icon of his life's work but only having one book. 

It's not making the mistake that as important as what you learn from it. 

Remember all those times you paid attention to someone, simply wanting it end? So, how many times has that been done to you?

Why do women treat with more compassion? Because, in every person, they see a mother's child. 

You have two choices. You can either try to change someone else's political views - good luck with that - or you can try understand them. 

Every species has an inherent responsibility to itself. 

The problem with insane people is there's some fundamental truth they can't accept. 

She was subtly brilliant. 
She was a smart woman which no one expected because of her remarkable beauty. She never tried to show off her brilliance, what added to the mystic. 

When has settling ever worked out for anyone?

Simply because I say "that's not what I'm looking for" doesn't mean it's something I'm trying to avoid. 

He was one of those guys who was always on the edge of losing control of a situation. 

He was a creepy, smarty guy. That's the only reason women paid him any attention. 

There aren't enough words in any language to express all of our true thoughts and feelings. 

You seriously care about what type of computer or phone I use? You know what I care about? What brand of yacht or jet I own.  

Find the beautiful women with the acne scars. They discovered their beauty later in life and don't take it for granted. Plus, they know how to use it. 

'I'm feeling a little bit reckless' got rewritten as 'I'm feeling young and reckless.'

Thanks to texting, dating has changed a lot in the last ten years. 

Dating is a journey of exploration. You don't always find what you're looking for. But you have to be honest about what you find. 

When you cut corners, you cut profits. Maybe not today, but sooner or later your customers will notice.

He opened the microwave, pulled out the hot bowl and, as he set it down on the table, he said, "I have made oatmeal," with the pompous pride and conviction of a mother gazing upon her newborn baby. 

He was different. He decided to not play a role; he simply did what he liked.

They were micro-parties. Little parties with three or four people. Much more festive than small gathering with music and fun. 

Desire for the impossible, that’s the story of my life… that’s the story of everyone’s life. 

Even after they were together for years, every time they went out to a restaurant, they treated each other as if it were a first date.

They were lower middle class snobs. They'd watch Das Boot, and rave about how it was better with subtitles than dubbing. I loved them. 

You know why getting old doesn't bother me? Because tomorrow has the same 24 hours for everyone; rich or poor, young or old. I intend to make the best of tomorrow, on my terms. 

As great as love is. It all comes to an end. Love isn't a medium. It's the message. It's doesn't last forever, so make good use of it. 

I found you on Craigslist. It was down a dark ally. It was a warm night with a slight chill in the air. It was enough to bring the rain by the time we met. My hair and hat looked like wet lint. Your makeup held up well, though. Just the tips of your hair got wet as it splashed off your umbrella and the broken gutter with its overflowing water blowing down on us. Our voices were in sync, our motives the same. And we saw that in each other; we eternally trusted each other. If for no other reason than to preserve this special feeling that there's this hope for eternal love, no matter how thin. A love not built by blood, but rather built from both a casual stare and a polite stare a moment too long. From that movement, something that didn't exist moments earlier, is built a romantic love story of beauty. 

Make every moment mean everything to you. 

We all have crazy ideas, the key is to find that special someone who believes in your crazy ideas as much as you do in theirs. 

Being a celebrity is fun. I have no privacy in public, but it is a lot of fun to walk into a place and everyone's looking at me in awe. I can feel their eyes following me.  

Things like that make you wonder who came up the the plastic bag in a cardboard box idea for modern cereal. 

You can't rush the creative otherwise you get crap. 

Don't forget to appreciate how hard you worked to get everything you wanted, that you now have.

If he's in this much denial, now, then what's going to happen at the end of his term when he's in denial about the outcome of the  elections or the Constitutional term limits?

If you can't get Bob Hope to perform at your war then forget about it. 

It's not because you did, but is that my love in you was based on the love and my beliefs. 

Even if you could undo your mistakes, that won't necessarily fix things. Doing the right thing can still go wrong. 

Decisiveness has a lot to do with quickly realizing that you have all the available data and it's time to make a decision, base on its urgency and priority. 

She has this wonderful ability to softly run her fingers over my soul until she finds a crack and then gently pour her love into that crack. 

The true artist rarely explains his work. 


If I don't have access to the file system then it's an appliance.

I want all that life has to offer which is more than society will allow. 

Good initiative, poor judgment. Good intentions, poor implementation. 

I did a horrible deed. To recover, I need to do something great. 

Fake news virus. 

Do you not see how much power you hold? You are a decision maker. With every decision you make you can change the future. 

We're here to serve the mission, not someone's ego. 

People spend their life looking for meaning. The meaning of life, the meaning of the world, meaning of universe. There is no meeting. That's a human interpretation. But there is purpose.

It's not the crazy person who's most crazy. Rather, it's the followers who are craziest. 

Leo Black
Billy Black

It was a beautiful web technology that tied objects in the browser directly to rows in the database. Operate on the object at any point and all representations of that object are immediately updated. 

It's not that we learn to do it and then do it, rather, we don't learn not to do it. 

It seems weird for a movie star to have to go to a public movie theatre. That's like a pro tennis player reserving a court at their local Y. Or a rock star with general admission tickets to another rock star's concert. #professionalcourtesy  https://t.co/VaWomY1BJT

If it's a habit that you have to hide, then it's a problem - probably an addiction. 
Like when I try to play hide the salami?
Grow up!

He symbolizes his service by shinning people’s shoes.

Everything different is new. Instead of looking for the newest of the new, try something different. 

What makes autocorrect especially challenging is that you're not only looking out for your own typos.

She had many boyfriends. And she could beckon them to come and go on command. She lived off them for years.   

Do you know why I'd never leave you?
Because there's no one like us in the world. 

Whenever we look at old time photos of people in a crowd, we know they're the public at large and we know it could have been us and we wonder about each of the unknown people in the picture and we want to know their simple story. 

He created a business out of short writings that he'd publish with no context and the sell the quips to authors. 

Although she wasn't creative, she could always see beauty. People loved her for that. 

He figured it out. He saw the opportunity of leaving the soul crossing Corporate America life style. We all saw him do it and we saw its relaxing beauty and benefits, but we were scared of trying it ourselves. We were scared to death of what other people would say. What would they think of me if I just left the corporate world and did nothing? He got away with it because earned his reputation of getting things done. No one doubted that. So he just went off and did it - he did nothing... except follow his dreams. 

I watched the sun slip into night, into its bed called tomorrow. 

Is there life elsewhere in the universe? None that we've noticed, but it's not easy to see. How rare is life? We say it's inevitable due to chance and given the size of the universe, but how many tornadoes would it take to blow through a junk yard and randomly assemble a car or plane?

Do not get pissed at someone for being themselves, especially if they can't help it.  

A lot of small service business entrepreneurs with employees tend to be too controlling. They run their business as a dictator instead of as a first-assistant. Many can't work corporate jobs because they're not team players. Instead, they make their employees miserable. 

That photo with the foreground silhouetted against the back light speaks to people. It doesn't show you a photo of "there," rather, it says, "Here and there." It make the photograph more meaningful interns of personal meaning. I get this, but I know most won't. 

For you, old age for someone else is your future; for them, it's their present. 

The thing about meeting someone you're own age is that you've experienced all the world's events at the same age. 

In most people's lives, there's frequently a complete reversal of one of their defining, fundamental beliefs. Religious to non-religious. Liberal to consecutive. Engineer to artist. It’s a transition of identity.

Shh, sweet baby. It's time to be silent as we reflect on our inner light. 

He created a new form of currency. He bartered with love. Sometimes giving it, sometimes making it. No matter what, he never took from it. 

They're two brothers who are very close. Both are with their wives. One wife is sitting and talk to her mother in law. 

The brown oil tasted slightly burnt. Not exactly burnt. Smokey. The faint hint of burnt that only comes from smoke. 

I had become that person. The version of my hidden self took over – it was pure sin.

He was an old school hippie from the 1960s. He believed he had to get high before meeting a woman for the first time and then he'd go with his gut. 

You asked me if I smoked before I came here with an accusation tone. You're a little angry. Not because o cheated on you, but because I started before you. 

The reason you watch is because they don't notice you. Each belligerent is laser focused on their opponent. 

Their customer service was so bad that you could taste the apathy in the back of your throat. #ig0f #igzf

The reason they got divorced was, even though they were in sync, they were both bad people. 

I'm going to need a little more from you over else you're going to get a lot less from me. 

The more jealous, paranoid, or secretive someone is the more they have to hide. 

On the Nature of Daylight is a solemn hero's procession. Something great achieved, something great lost. A reason to celebrate with fear. 

Things you grew up with and experiences always are remembered over what you had to read about to learn. 

There are certain things that can never happen... until they happen. 

I almost wrote that I got tired of chicks dumber than you, then I realized how that sounds, and that's not the case. I got tired of chicks not as smart as you. But that doesn't sound as good. So read it the first way, but understand it the last way. 

The great authors of the day saw his writing and knew. They knew he had received the calling of a storyteller. The hated him for their own admiration. 

Oh, you laugh. It's almost like the Mafia. While you can get out. You'll never go back unless you are truly extraordinary. 

How do you know when you've made it? Tomorrow's achievements will eclipse yesterday's finish line. 

He knew that he was writing to his future-self, and all those in the future who cared to listen. 

Some things come in pairs. Pears don't come in pairs. But pants and quotes never travel alone.  

I'm an Oxford comma, American quotes kind of gal. 

Stop spreading hate. You don’t see the military hating on their enemy. You must respect your enemy the same say a sailor must respect the set.

The war wasn't caused by their action, rather it was out reaction. 

Don't talk over life. Talk to communicate. Talk to inspire. 

Bitch, there's a difference between curvy and clumpy. Figure it out.  

The best jokes are when the victims never suspected it was a joke. You really got me!

She had a heart of compassionate truth. 

Yes. It sounds hurtful. But, 
If it doesn't hurt them. If they don't get hurt. Then is it really hurting them?

It wasn't that I couldn't rally. It was that I knew I could rally, but didn't know if I thought I could. 

Get under a warm blanket and open a cold window to feel the cool air wrap your face like a crisp fall breeze. 

What's the point of a seven year separation of military service before re-entering the civilian government?
So that only the strongest of candidates would be offered up to challenge that law. 

The fact that you specifically avoided that topic tells me there's something key to helping me better understand the situation but you're not telling me. 

The worst kind of addicts are the ones who know they’re addicted, but could care less to change. Giving help to someone who doesn’t want it becomes their hinderance. 

Over engineering is the opposite of simplicity. 

We always seem to think that will have more money in 3 to 5 years. But, what if we have less?

It seems like everyone's going to hell until they die. Then, at the memorial service, they're all going to heaven.

I don’t want a relationship with a person who points out something I did wrong in my past unless there’s a lesson that’s appropriate for me.

Leo Black

Every day, I randomly wish people a happy belated birthday. Unless today’s their birthday, I’m right. 

They signal was given when people started playing the opening to Let "Them In."

I'm only interested in bisexual lesbians. 

The thing about Thanksgiving is that everyone has to be on the best behavior of the best person in the room. The bigger the party the better the people the higher the bar. 

It's literally the beginning of mixed drinks of cannabis just like the Civil War.  

He's OCD he's USMC. 

Once it passed at the federal level the vape pen wars began as big companies started mass marketing their pens like toilet paper wars. The number of puffs in a pen was standardized as the number of full length draws on the pen until the automatic safety turned it off. Too long, it would become an over regulated safety issue. Too short, and customers would get frustrated and switch brands. 

Don't do what others expect you to do. Do what you want to do and you'll see yourself for who you truly are. 

Being alive after your dead makes as much sense as being alive before you're born. 

He was brand new. He didn't know I was a regular so he made up a price when rigging me up rather than looking it up. 

We had a light, late lunch. So we skipped dinner but we're hungry before bed. 

No politician ever points out that no politician ever gets everything they want. 

If you fail to know your enemy then you fail. 

Treat your enemies with respect because one day he may have his hand around your throat. 

I was a mother and I simply wanted to make life. I want to make a family of people who would forever change the world by pushing it forward. 

He was a gay comedian who was just a little flamboyant. You almost wished you didn't notice it because it caused the slightest distraction. 

Life's about what can you leave behind to make the universe a better place. 

Paradise Theatre, like Pink Floyd's music, repeated melodies throughout the album that tied it all together and made it familiar. Kilroy did the same thing with their title which parents of that time were familiar with. Kids thought it was cool that the knew about Kilroy. 

What made Instagram simply appeal was that everything on your page was all your content. No ads. No one else's stuff. 

Why are their no super-high end grocery stores?

What made Footloose so popular with boys and girls was that song, Holding out for a Hero. Boys saw themselves as a hero to the world while girls saw that their man was their personal hero fighting to solve her problems, not the rest of the world's. 

If every single one of your posts are anti. Anti-Clinton or anti-Trump, then you are not helping. You’re not even protesting. You’re complaining. You don’t like your lot in life, so you want to bring others down to your level by “informing” through a slanted view point. You protest a cause to prevent it or change it. You protest the war to end the war. You protest higher taxes to lower them. You protest evolution to get the idea that Adam was made from dust and Eve was made from a rib institutionalized. 
For protesting to work, it has to be organized as a group to send a clear message that’s actionable. Venting really doesn’t help because it’s not as if you’ve discharged those negative feelings, you’ve just amplified them. 

What makes people uneducated (dumb) isn’t how much they know, rather, how much they’re willing to learn.
What makes people uneducated isn't how much they know, rather, how much they’re willing to learn. Refusing to learn something new = dumb.

The artist knew exactly which of his works would be historic. Too bad it all happens after he's gone. 

A published book author can be an adult of any age.Actually, the older the author, the deeper the respect. It only matters if it's an autobiography. 

No matter how you treat cannabis, it always loves you. Alcohol... not so much. Abuse alcohol and it will abuse you back, times ten. 

He's that artist who always has yellow in his painting?
Yup. But he copied that idea from a woman in San Diego who used red.  

The get out of the trade war with China, the US advanced Apple a loan to buy back all of its stock and private so it wouldn't affect the stock market. 

This group is terrible. They're anti-racist, anti-bigot, and anti-misogynist. 

He's all about pleasing the ladies. He'll creampie her, eat her out, and then snowball her. 

An opening bid in negotiation. 
Friend or foe, his actions effect your life so you’d better understand how he thinks. 

Instead of trying to trip up a President you didn’t elect, try directly helping a willing person you think he will harm. 

Compose every e-mail as if it's going to be read in a deposition. Send every tweet as if you're talking to every single person in the future. 

Now, this piece is about matters of the mind. It doesn't apply to love. In matters of the heart, "take a lover who looks at you like... you are majic." After you have them, see if you compromise your principles, or strengthen them. Find someone who makes you say, "I wish we met as kids so we could have watched each other grow up." If you're a better person for loving them, and they for you, then never, ever, let them go. 

You can't know the future. But you can look at the trend and extrapolate. 

React to action, not rhetoric. 

The Internet: An information super-highway passing misinformation at the speed of light.

There’s some controversy over his age. He died on his birthday, but in an earlier time zone.

Deep down, we all wanted Trump to win. We’re all looking for change. 
But it’s now a crap shoot as to the type of change we’ll end up with.

People who never stood up for anything, find out, later in life, that they feel a need to stand for something. 

I hope I’m wrong about him. I hope I get to write book about him entitled, “When Bad Men Do Good Things,” with a subtitle of “2017: The beginning of the age of eternal prosperity.”

But it wasn't a universal language. It was actually music that was the ubiquitous communication medium. 

There's nothing better than liking a person you used to despise. 

We all secretly wanted him to win, but some of us knew that was wrong. Yet we're secretly excited. 

We only hear what we want to hear. Say one thing, then say the opposite and everyone will hear what they like and want and never see it coming or going. 

The thing about taking selfies is that it let’s others who like and admire you, too look into your eyes and feel that connection.

I didn't say, "Nazi," I said, "Not see."

How can "they" be so delusional as not to see the true reality of their candidate? How could you not see, understand, and fully comprehend their reality?

If you want to write something that other people should read then make sure you write something that other people want to read. 

If you were surprised or shocked by how this election turned out, then what have you learned? Have you learned something to bring your thinking more in line with reality?

What did you learn this year that moved you and made you a better person, while not hurting others? That’s the question for the Thanksgiving table.

Fifty years ago, the world was a quieter place and only the news media was the lone, respected voice of intellectual wisdom. Today, everyone has a voice; everyone, at any moment can find their 15 minutes of fame. The problem is that not everyone’s an intellectual, so the thought leaders are drowned out in the noise.

There’s a difference between honoring veterans and glorying war; just like there’s a difference between honoring firefighters and honoring fires. 

What makes people dumb is when they ignore the details and then draw conclusions.

If you let distant things beyond your control other you then enjoy your misery. 

If you need to do something to make you feel better at someone else's expense then you're a problem. 

The corollary to “Being right isn’t enough, it’s more important to be effective,” is “It’s more effective to be confident than right.”

The problem with humanity is we’re all confined to our own knowledge and experiences within our lifetime.

She was a woman who looked like a young old person, but she was really an old young woman.

Sometimes, I can be very lazy. But nothing motivates me to move faster than hitting the ‘Unsubscribe’ link on a spam e-mail. 

Joe Moreno for POTUS 2020. 
(Can't start campaigning too early, right? 🙄)

He's dumb. When I say dumb, I don't mean that he didn't know a simple fact that he could look up. Rather, I mean that his thought process was highly limited. He never sought objective truth. He simple looked for facts that supported his views. 

I have a feeling that many Trump supporters see themselves as citizen contestants on "The Apprentice" if he becomes POTUS. 

The older I get, the more my clothes shrink. 

It was some type of alien flu. It wasn't a virus. It was alive, but it didn't have DNA. Rather it worked completely different than DNA, even in the same environment. Yet it accomplished the task of generating similar life. In the presents of of each other they just cut through one another, never recognizing the other life. This is why integration with new cultures takes a lot of time in quarantine. 

What do you do when you end up with someone so amazingly beautiful that you literally do not deserve them?

What's the difference?
Predictions are when you take historical data and apply it to the future: summers and hot, winters are cold. 
Forecasting is when you use formulas, equations, systems, and models, and apply the future: your three day weather forecast is exactly that. 

Laugh like a hyena in the wind. 


What happened? What sacres people? They saw an evil, each their own, that terrified them. 

People can grow what they want. It almost doesn't matter if it becomes "Big Pot" since, unlike coffee, people can do it themselves. 

He liked patterns. She loved beauty. Together, they did it all. 

I need to be with a woman I can constantly learn from and she from me. 

Received a gift of tea from a group from China. I wasn't expecting a solid brick - this stuff is excellent. 

Gotta love a 25 hour day with an extra hour of sleep. 

She had a beauty of a setting sun that drew all eyes. 

The motorcycle set off the car alarm and it seemed that it would never turn off.  When it did, we all noticed each other noticing the deafening silence. 

It was the real shit which was beautiful that became art; not the made up stuff. 

It's about the experience. Some experiences are worth the deadly risk they bring. 

The country club staff had to memorize each member, by name and face. It was a real pain. They sometimes would forget to charge a member. Some looked alike. Expect Billy Epstein. He had the Don King of bald heads. 

Getting the woman by being the man. 

The music has to pull you in. It has to pull you in, again and again. That's what makes a hit. 

It was the poisonous elixir   

Men would kill just to have a single date like the ones you two every time you go out. 

That's what makes life so robust. It can make tests in parallel. 

It doesn't actually make you forget things. Instead, it causes you remember things at the wrong time. Different times. 

Let's plan on talking about this so we can figure out a tentative timetable to rendezvous at that position. 

You don't understand. I'm he work I do is genius. 
You only think it's genius. 
No. You're wrong. It's true genius. Time will tell. 
Well, then, I guess I'll be one of those people that doubted you who made you famous. 

The golden formula allowed the company to gauge the level of frustration and adjust product features to aliveate tension. 

Only two men???

Craigslist scenario. Two men and two woman respond, a man and a women with their seconds to support them.
She gives a fake name, he gets pissed and bombs her with text messages and then blocks her on his phone so that, when she calls, she hears the number is disconnected; but this happens after he’s given her real hame. She tries to call him the next day and simply gets the disconnected tone, not realizing she’s blocked. Now her mind wanders for the rest of her life. She was smart and understood security and replayed, over and over again, what gave her away. She ended up paranoid for the rest of her life.

We look at others as if they’re wrong without understanding their point of view. You’re going about meeting someone  the wrong way. You don’t look at it, analytically, measuring likes and dislikes. You meet and feel the passion first, then figure out what you have to compromise to keep the relationship alive. 

Only talk about what you know well, and you would be a blow just. 

The learning is in the listening, not the talking. 

The key to good fiction is to make the story seem possible. Each step need to be believable. 

Amateurs think tactics professionals think logistics. How do you think strategically? At every critical step ask yourself, "What if the opposite of what I wanted to happen, happened?"

Clicking and trying. Hoping and guessing.. Hoping and guessing.  

People always vote for the person who they see themselves in or themselves in them. 

Is there a meetup group that schedules time to stop and review all those photos we took, since last week?

If you ain't writing code, then it ain't writing code. 

That's what Silicon Valley wanted. That unbridled  enthusiasm to write code, day and night.

I want you to continue the story I started. 

Frosted flakes was always a crowdpleaser throughout the decades because the cereal always aligned itself parallel to the roof of your mouth. It was the cereals that went perpendicular that made our roof's sore. 

Do you know what I envy about you? You don't have to answer to anyone. 

The beauty of Instagram was that it's was only about photos. Whenever an ad popped up, it was in your face. 

What is it you seek?
I seek The Experience in the name of objective truth. 

We fell for each other based upon words on a page, not face in the eyes, voice in the ears, and smell in the nose. We each made the other too big to life up to in reality. 

The balcony faced East. Every morning I felt as if I was being offered up to the rising sun on a giant hand. 

Anyone with a higher standard, than mine, amazes me. 

The problem of looking back at a past we didn't live is that we have to see it through someone else's eyes. 

Home is how comfortable you feel in your nest. 

Denial is a misbelief that's additive. Repeated behavior in the face of mounting consequences. 

Like teaching a woman to pee standing up? Is that what you believe, Pete? If so, then I don't want any part of you're thoughts. 

Do you know what it is? Do you know what's so homie about the condo. It's quiet. Other than the planes, I notice that I'm in a quieter environment. More peaceful, with an occasion plane too loud or voice too close. 

We'll get the Space back to where it needs to be. We need to let the ones who understand make the others understand. Spread the esprit de corps and mantra of 3rdSpace. 
We just tell them, "You understand what the Space is about, let the others in on the secret of the Space. You'll find no other like it, not with people like these and and a community like this."

The problem is that you never know the moment when it's upon you until it's past. 

It was always strange for him to see his ex. Like a reality made from memories of long ago.

You can't undo history you. You can only set it on its track to permanence. Make it.

You can't not teach a child a language. If they're around adults they'll pick it up instinctively. 

"The Distant Beauty in the Car" had an unusual characteristic in that the van's rear window had reflections painted in.   

The software studies people's typing habits to group and classify personality types.  

The importance and insignificance of every decision can't be seen due to the law of unintended consequences. 

No officer, I won't answer your questions. If I even hear what you have to say then my reaction could be misinterpreted by you. 

To have a character tell the perfect lie he must give as little detail as possible to allow the story to build later. Needs to give one actual paints the picture

In reality, the perceived gentleman is the one who says the inappropriate things at the appropriate time.  

There's a big difference between suppressing those urges and submitted to them. The former is true strength. 

It was the unwritten rule of the game. Everyone got five stars. It was the length and detail of the review that told the true story. Was it well written and detailed or only a few words long with, damning the subject to be damned with faint praise. 

This universe is made of predictable and unpredictable things. It's the unpredictable thing that makes us alive. Human? Life?

Don't tell the read what to think. Show them. Speaking is only one aspect of communications. 

The Experience. 

At the subatomic level, you can't look at things. You have to experience them. 

The actor nailed his part by figuring out why people thought the character he played was so smart. It was because he said ever revelation in such a way that the listener couldn't tell if it was the first time he'd ever heard it or if he was surprised yet knew the details. He lead with just enough fear. Enough that, while harsh, it was still believed to be reasonable by the offender. 

There are certain, horrible decisions we make that break us in un-fixable ways. 

Are America's cities more Democratic than rural areas because voters in the cities see a large and more diverse citizen. 

That's the life of an entrepreneur. Most of the time you succeed, sometimes you fail. But you push through each unimaginable problem as it pops up, one after another. There's no way to avoid he set backs. Just push through. 

The message he sends is that he, like all Americans, is trying to live the best life he can and play by your rules. Your rules and he's winning and your pissed.  

Crime is the pecking order of human society.

He described human brains in the not too distant future as being vastly different than today. Human brain is it not limitless, but what if it was augmented with the system that was. Effectively it became an augmented human augmented system that reinforced the underlying core human brain.

He described the black hole as a physical tear in the four dimensional surface of the universe which pulled matter into a true void of non-existence wear all space, time, matter, and energy would simple evaporate into nothingness since there was no vacuum energy to hold it together. 

If you work, live, and hang out with amazing people than amazing will be your normal. 

The experiences that you seek in the future have everything to do with your memories of the past. 

The reason many mind altering drugs are bad for you as a kid is because you learn new things everyday. When you're younger, what you learn each day is more important than when you're older. A day, to a two year old is the equivalent of a year to 100-year-old person. 

Every year we're at an age where we could go either way. We could grow old or choose to stay young. 

The problem with her is that she would always notice differences, but she could never appreciate them. 

If you're part of a wedding party, what's the last thing you do before heading to the wedding? Eat, so you can make it to the reception.

Universes come in pairs. Each is a negative of the other. From the outside, it all looks and behaves like one, single particle; a quark at a galactic scale. 

What made them marketable was their humble placement of their distinctive logo. 

That guy was the multimillionaire genius who come up with peanut butter flavored pot. Even people with peanut allergies could enjoy it.

Astronaut’s die young because they age faster.
Why do they age faster?
Because, every time they go around the Earth, they age a year.
That doesn’t even make sense.
Ha! It does!
No dumb ass, every time they go around the Earth, they’d only age a day.
Oh, see they still age.
Even after a year in space, it’d only make a difference of a few months. 

San Difuckingego

At precisely 11:18, 27 terrorists reached the pedestrian and vehicle gates of the White House and locked them with chains and Kryptonite locks and began firing on the building while the Secret Service was locked inside the perimeter. 

Mean and nasty should never be confused with strong leadership. 

How do you suppress poor people in high tech? Require that they have ultra-fast broadband to accomplishing meaningful work.

I see one thing: objective truth.

I see a path to objective truth.

Terrorism simply means that the victims was the civilians of the target nation, with no personal or economic gain. 

I returned to the hotel, covered with the city imprinted on my mind. It had a metallic smell with a hind of smoke.  

Never felt for country like now. I weep for her.

Why does he happily accept the Romulan ale? To show he's really not a Boy Scout. He has a bit of a bad boy in him. 

These people moved anonymously through their because they were invisible. The old maid on her smoke break outside the hotel smiled a sad smile to herself. She's known since she was a kid that this was her destiny, like her mother before her. 

The retail businesses with armed guards: jewelry stores, cannabis dispensaries, and Apple Stores. Sometimes banks, for show. But they need to be guarded from themselves. 

The walk vine was through the tunnel of fear. As the crazy person appreciated the best solution was no engagement.  No response 

It was a piece about the financial wars that kept the peace. China holds billions of American debt. The could dump it and crush the Western economy. But why would they. And, in balance, why would the US ever harm  them, either? The arranged marriage kept the wolf in balance. 

It was a fictional piece about how the government used mobile navigation to take over society.  

I saw a woman at the cafe looked like my wife could look at 72. She was sexy.

Ask yourself do you want your life to live my life for your life, without exception?

They make relative judgements with absolute conviction. 

Judging a person doesn't define who they are. It defines who you are. 
-Not me

Genetics or Jeanetics 

We dropped the bomb then because the balance of power was tilted in our favor. Since then, things have changed. Now, no one has a clear physical advantage. 

Life's purpose is to prolong death. 

Social media's great. How many of our lovers would have been lost to the aether, otherwise. 

People are always a product of their society. They get what they create. 

He graphed the Universe in three dimensions, then he circled the observable Universe. That's when he saw the symmetrical patterns emerge.  

Why is there perfect symmetry at the subatomic level and not the galactic level?

As a woman, do you know what disappointed me on those rock albums I listened to as a kid? They exploited women. I didn't know that as a kid. I only knew I was disappointed. So, that's why this album cover pokes fun at the issue with satire; this is an album cover that a woman wants to see. 

The closer I watched the more I realized I didn't understand. 

What makes him a profession is that he plays a a piano for hours without any sheet music. Think of how difficult that is. 

Don't you understand what this character represents? The reason so many identify with him is because he represents a vast, yet believable, arraies of cross sections of humanity. 

The ideal man, for the women, is the man who lets himself be most vulnerable only to her. 

If some people can be born gay, why can't some people be born non-monogamous? 

There wasn't anything sexual there. 
Do you see how he said that? He didn't diametrical oppose the accusation by saying he didn't have sex. Rather, he explained what happened by simply stating the facts. 

He was the most successful real estate agent because he always had his sellers leave out something valuable for the customer to see while the owner was out of the house. It gave the buyer a sense of power over the house and its owner; as if he, the buyer, more belonged in this house that the current owners. 

Have you ever unknowingly done something wrong?
Wait?!? What? There’s no possible answer.  There's no possible answer. 

What if time is the medium for energy, not a component of it?

Our universe is actually lost. It shouldn’t be alone in a black universe – its entire universe should be alive. 

Steve Jobs could tell people what to do that other leaders would think to themselves and never admit. 

That’s what drug addiction looks like. Some of them know it, some don’t; the worst are the ones who see it and don’t care. 

Are you a good person?
I don’t know. I used to be a good person.

I have a strong distain for people who can't do what they claim they can.  

It’s a lot easier to criticize than create. 

When it comes to politics, people who have no skin in the game are only willing to donate their talk instead of time, money, thought, or action.

Did you have a good night?
Did I have a good night? Joe came over with his boxes. It was a very good night. 

You don't need to join the Universe. You're already a part of her. You need to only accept your place in the Universe. 

The high is a by product of the indulgence, not the focus. 

You blame the president for these problems? The President of the United States works in mysterious ways. Personally, I blame Jesus. He has a lot more control over things than the President. 

Either accept the world the way it is or change it for the better. Either way, quit complaining. 

Being a leader isn't about stepping on, manipulating others, of showing how tough you are. Being a strong leader is about one thing, using people to solve problems while maintaining a responsibility to the long term. 

You could see it in everyone's face. He was a lover of life and it was hard to be sad at his passing. Everything I wanted to cry I felt disappointed in myself for letting him down. 

That social media site mapped the social graph of every personal relationship. Their terms of service agreement stated that they’d never share that information with law enforcement without a court order. What they didn’t say was that they’d share data on who blocked who, since that often led to crimes. They’d start tracking people based on blocks. 

The weakest leaders tend to be the most overbearing, relying on strength instead of smarts; force instead of holism. They will do there best to make smarter people feel dumber instead of learning.

The President of the United States should represent the best our country has to offer, not the worst.

You want someone great to be perfect and when they're not, you point at them and say, "Look! They're not perfect."

Do you know of another coworking space that has “desks” set up so coworkers can face each other, like in a cafe, which enables interaction instead of other coworking facilities which are set up like offices, which allow concentration and the social interaction comes from the business relations and connections between the employees. 

Injustice, crisis, and despair. 

Religion used to be the framework that kept society in check. But it's no longer enough. 

It doesn't give you creative ideas like a textbook gives you insight because you and the book are two different things, but your creative ideas come from whatever reality you're experiencing. 

He could make a great argument by pull the listener into the other side of the argument without then realizing it. 

Mass kickers. 

The campaign created and freely distributed globes that were sped up 10x so humanity to watched the seas rise. It's too difficult for people, as individuals, to see beyond a decade when it came to their controllable interests.  

When you outsource the burden and labor, you outsource the risk. 

His unique thinking was due to his ability to see a series of data points leading to different conclusions. Each data point was simplified, as much as possible, to yes and no questions. 

The maturity came from being able to deal with wrongs, in a balanced way. 

The truth is merely the belief with the greatest percentage of people. 

Information isn’t enough. Knowledge is key – that’s information coupled with experience. 

They said he was the one. The one to lead you on this journey that scares you; that you've never been on,  before. He'll show you the first steps. He'll be there with you to show you the way. 

Don't spend so much time telling people what you do. Let them see what you do. 

The Accidental Collision 
I was in an accident. Just now. I was in an accident and we were all OK. Everyone was OK. I said to myself that I was OK. And then I wasn't OK. All that happened in less than 30 seconds. 
Paramedics show up while car is burning. A female paramedic pulls me out and I recognize her. 
CC, I say. 
Si, senor, she says back. 
No, no. I don't speak Spanish, Caren. 
How do you know my name?
We were lovers. 
Ha. You wish, buddy. You were almost making sense. You got me. You were so lucid. 
No, really, we were. How's the cow? She walks. She talks. 
Mikey? Is that you. It can't be. 

What good are great ideas without means?

It's New York City. There is no place hat isn't someplace. 

Why do Christian lawmakers write laws targeting gays, and not those who work on Sundays or those wearing fabric made of two materials? 

I saw a pretty woman wearing a yellow shirt and it made her look ugly. 

I know these people. They're simple people. But, even though they're not sophisticated, they love to read too much into everything. 

You can do nothing and then expect something. You have to earn in. 

It's not that I never thought it wouldn’t happen to me. I simply hoped that it wouldn’t happen to me.

I started to understand everything I knew or knew I could understand. I knew what I would never understand. That’s how I found my place in the universe. 

Entrepreneurship is like fishing. Even the best bait in the wrong waters does no good. So, you sit and wait; not for a nibble, but a bite; a good strong, solid bite. Then you know.

Why give the power of pardon to the president and not the Congress.

This isn’t religion – this is the real world. You can’t simply tell people what you want them to believe and expect them to believe it without any evidence. 

I’ve noticed that the most politically vile and visceral people on social media usually have nothing to gain or lose by the statements they make and they most certainly don’t add any value, let alone truth with integrity, to the conversation. It also seems that many of these people rarely volunteer any of their time for anything beyond a single issue.

Forget sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The new pass time is drink wine, have sex, get stoned.

Latency is the friction of the Internet. 

Surf, sailors, and surfers. 

You own the experience called (insert your name here). What do you want that experience to be to others? Cold misery or warm excitement?

We laid in the warmth of the cool night.

The highest heels and the shortest skirts. 

You can have a perfectly correct theory that is unprovable. 

I love those mornings when you wake up and it's all bright and quiet, and you're ready to take on the world. 

If something kisses me off and there's nothing I can do about it then I out it out of my mind. 

After the great cyber attack of 2019, all systems had to be developed like a human’s system… their entire body rather than simply their mind. 

It’s much like skywriting. The thought, the message, starts disappearing even before it’s been completed. 

You do it because you can.

They discovered an alien race of beings that looked like cut down tree trunks and all they did was puff at each other. They didn’t do much else. They were merely a species that was both plant and animal. They could make their own food and still move like an animal. It was a world where everything was a plant-animal; it failed to evolve in a binary fashion, much like DNA. 

The brain of humans has a finite capacity. A savant will have a lacking still in another area. Sometimes seen and sometimes unseen. A true Johari Window. 

Modern civilization spent their entire time peering up and out into the universe when we should have been looking deep and down. 

If s

Quit complaining. If you want more control in your life then take on more responsibility. The two go hand in hand. So shut up. 

Just declare bankruptcy to get rid of your student debt. It's simple. Pay it all off on a credit card then file for bankruptcy. Tah-dah. Problem solved. 

Well, I'm here and he's there and his there looks much better than my here. 

It felt familiar. Like an old friend coming in from out of town; actually, from Thailand, and he, or rather it felt like her, was troublemaker. 

Even if you controlled the universe, there’s only so much you can do.

These are powerful men who really have no power. They’re recognized in the public as being more powerful, which, ironically, gave them power. 

It makes things fuzzy, revealing subtle underlying patterns, like a harmonic. 

That’s what makes people sharpe – how well they can distinguish minute, but significant, differences and changes.

How good a person looks – their beauty – is merely your love sent into them. 

Partisan politics is the new secular religion.

Those other people were so close. Less than a hundred feet away. But, alas, they were on the rooftop of another building. A world away. 

The painting was a beautiful interior courtyard, overgrown with ivy. 

What do you mean you do nothing? I read what your wrote; you’re a writer. That’s what you do; you’re a writer. 

It’s the one where the 2D TV is 3D and the music is physical as it travels through the air and you can see it.

The gifts we receive from others nearly always go unnoticed or un appreciated. The giver never intended to give the gift the other received and never expected any appreciation. 

She was a simple person. Her decisions were based on book covers, movie titles, and tag lines. She never took the time to scratch the service to learn about plot, features, or benefits. 

The cyberattack was well coordinated. It began with a fake emergency SMS announcing an attack or disaster. And then all DNS stopped working. No one noticed that the TTLs has been dialed back. Now, all the lights were on but nobody was home. The attack originated outside the US, but the foreign spies who were in the know we're still communicating over the Internet using special apps that communicated using IP addresses instead of domain names. A nice try, but they were quickly apprehended while attempts were made to restore DNS. 

Well, for that to be me would mean that I’d have to light up and she’d have to had smelled it.
She didn’t say she saw you light up. She said she saw it light up.
She means she saw an e-cigarette.

This woman is pure concentrated beauty. 

What makes humans unique is that we can store information outside of our bodies. 

We all fake it until we make it. Seriously, in the beginning, that's how it feels for everyone. Just keep doing it; that's the important part. Do it without deception and you'll make it.

They were so good that even their bad stuff was great. 

Holy shit. Your son looks just like you. What did you do, have set with your sister?

I trust the past. It's the future that worries me. 

What if politics wasn't about the job, but rather, the leader's reputation and distant legacy. Leaders would no longer be judged by popular opinion, but rather, the longevity of their forward thinking ideas. 

There was this one time, on orbit, when we were crossing the terminator; the higher you go, the later it is. We’re passing over some storms, towering tens of thousands of feet above the ground and the tops of some of them were in direct sunlight while their bases were in the dark. It’s something I never thought about, before; but it all make sense in an instant. And then it was dark as pitch over the most southern of the Pacific. 

The Kid Compromise: where you get what you want without using force. 

There are two types of people in this field. Those who were smart and those too dumb.

There's only one thing that the human race will always do: progress. 

I feel like every good idea I have is bad.

He wasn't stubborn with people. He was stubborn with perceptions. 

It’s not that we’re stuck at a particular place or time; it’s that we’re stuck at a particular scale. And all time is relative to its scale. 

I strive to give people true help.

We frequently see what we expect rather than what's actually there.

You can pull an anchovy off a pizza, but it's still there. Not because it's on the pizza, but rather it's in the pizza. There's no getting it out.   

God bless sunsets after seven. 

He was "lifted" became the new catchphrase for the sophisticated. 

He was never smarter, faster, stronger, or richer than the rest of us. But he was always ahead of us in his thinking and life, in general. 

I need the salt of life inside me. 

Life is so random. That's why some colonizations make it and some stagnate. 

Great, so you're bragging about an impressive yet simple fact that you had nothing to do with. 

Before you judge, you need to know why. 

It's not enough to be right, it's more important to be effective

My witch hazel is in my valise on the davenport, next to the Victrola. 

The only thing stopping you is you. 

Retirement should be taken once you prove to everyone else all that you needed to prove to yourself.

The true meaning of brand names and phrases sound bizarre if you listen closely, like when a movie invents a brand without viewer context. 

A truly great story takes you down a path where you can never see a better story line. 

Life bounces off of her. She doesn't take any shit from life. 

My next book will be entitled The Mountain Climber: History and psychology of the running-in-place push-up. 

A good marriage ends with a good divorce. A bad marriage ends with a bad divorce. And a great marriage never ends.

It's not that he was lazy. He was simply dumb with a room temperature IQ. 

Compilation danger: When an individual piece of information is of no consequence until it's aggregated with many other pieces of seemingly useless information. 

Get better. Then get more better. 

Starlight shadows. 

He’s an idiot. He completely mistook my pure curiosity for being interested and supportive.

There’s a difference between being fully honest without disclosing weaknesses and being misleading.

Now I knew why he seemed familiar. He had the same... Or at least a similar, very similar, style to my own. We had independently developed the same work. 

He wasn't only an artist, he was a colorist. 

Your ground is someone else’s sky.

Gravity: What if, instead of a force emitting, it’s pulling? That would be gravity. Now, how do you measure or sense something pulling? Gravity would be space, pulled back in time. Inside a black hole, time simply stops. Nothing can move; there are no events. Something too heavy got left behind as time accelerated into the future – it literally ripped through the fabric of time.

You work hard because you’re afraid of dying. Then you retire.

The Republics should’ve stayed focused on making Republicans rather than trying to boil the ocean.

The used chemical nanobots to tell the human body what was going to happen before the surgery.  

Design is a person’s attachment to a product. Good design makes for good attachment. And of course the opposite is true.

People can become very efficient at making bad design work for them. This needs to stop.

Great design makes people feel cared for.

Being a successful entrepreneur is 50% hubris and 50% humility and 90% hard work and luck.

The same government that will send you to the moon will send you to Vietnam, that was their “war cry,” in the mid-1960s. People loved it then, but forgot it now.

Black holes are the enemy, eating our universe. 

The famous CEOs of these Fortune 500 companies would be sent by the government to be near a person requiring closer supervision in the eyes of national security. The target would usually voluntarily ask for a selfie with the CEO and then they’d post it, themselves, and it would go viral, ruining their chances at covert spy ops. 

East Village 
The homeless situation was getting bad. As the neighborhood was gentrified, the homes kept getting pushed further east up agains the highway. But they couldn’t cross over because it was residential on the other side – the sidewalks were too small to sleep on.

Guest of honor
It was the guest of honor's birthday. She was surprised how many friends and family turned out. Her first start up crashed and burned John the.com boom. The second one was doing great and she turned over the CEO role to take over operations and make the trains run on time. 

Give back more than you take. 

We just lied there in each other's arms, not wanting or move. But we had cotton mouth. 

The best way to look smart is to play dumb. Then, when you're really dumb, people will think you're joking. 

It’s not disrespectful. It’s simply a way of saying that your saw it from a different perspective.

They made poor decisions. That’s why they were worse off.

In the design community there’s a belief that design is something you do before building something and it ends there. But, what’s more important is the final product. In order to have a well designed final product, you need superb execution. Great execution on a good design is better than poor execution on a great design.

Simplicity is about living life with more enjoyment and less pain. To be happy by making every day go as smoothly as possible.
I work hard to make most every task self-prioritizing. 

In business, there's a threshold that a customer crosses. One moment they're outside of the business, the next moment they're inside the business. The threshold could be literal like the door into our store or it could be virtual such as visiting an e-commerce website. However, for the entrepreneur that created the business, they can feel like a poser, in the beginning. One moment their business didn't exist and then, after a lot of work, it was born. At the moment of first sale, the entrepreneur wonders what the future holds. 

If you want to lead this country, you must understand that today's Constitution is the guiding document that gives the People their freedoms. As much freedom as is possible, to the point that it doesn't curtail another's freedom. The Constitution is absolutely the wrong place to limit any citizen's freedoms whether it's due to race, gender, sexual preference or even the enjoyment of alcohol. Equally important is that the Construction limits the federal government's powers to the least amount needed to protect the People and, more importantly, to support and defend the Constitution. Any Federal action that limits the Constitutional power of the People, even in the name of security, is unconstitutional. Regardless of the Constitution, we have a history of seeing unconstitutional acts when emotions are raging. Just ask Japanese Americans who were interned during WW II, or ask Muslims at a Trump rally. Those who are raging usually suffer from two things, they're stuck in the past and spend too much time judging others without empathetically understanding. 

We never really hit it off. But we never really broke it off. 

If you can find the medium to express yourself, fully and completely, then you’re problems are solved.

You’ll find out, in your life, that there are people in our lives who we always feel safe around. They always have your back and best interests in mind.

Don't bring me problems. Bring me options. 

It’s not a threat, merely a warning. The difference is that a warning is done openly, with the full force of law; while a threat is hidden in the shadows. 

What was Rocky fighting for? It wasn’t to be world champion. He was fighting for love.

The first aircraft of Desert Storm RTB’d to no cheering crowds. We watched it like a game on TV, with unrealistic expectations. 

It’s not antenna engineering, it’s simply a matter of knowing a simple fact. Peas and carrots.

When asked what his favorite movie was, he said The Wrath of Khan. He didn’t say Star Trek II. People in the know loved that he didn’t go mainstream and say Star Trek. People out of the know though it sounded intellectual. 

Their love lasted a lifetime because they never truly and deeply loved. 

Self-discipline: The little things done on a consistent basis.

Good things come to those who earn it.

Find out what’s wrong, what’s truly wrong, before trying to come up with a solution.

The senior chief intentionally spilled beer on me. I got the kind of angry that had no where to go.

Every person, every single person who I see post drama to Facebook all, and I mean all, have some sort of identifiable problem that everyone else knows about, but the dramaita is too brittle, emotionally, to hear and learn from.

He wrote an essay about a a guy, at a party, going into the chip bowl for the perfect chip. A thick one, so it wouldn’t break when he over stuffed it with dip.

It’s not about solving all the world’s problems. It’s about solving your own problems, all of your problems – or nearly all of them. If it’s not a problem to stay out all night without telling anyone, then that’s not a problem. But if it is, don’t make it a problem by doing that.

She had this warmth that radiated out from her, simply for me. Or at least I thought it was all for me, but then I see she’s that way with everyone, and especially me. She saw in me everything I was and could be

His argument was asking how a Christian could be pro-life and pro-death penalty? Its judgmental. They need to protect the innocent, yet want to kill those they don't understand nor even attempt to. 

Yes, there's a lot of space junk in orbit. As space gets commercialized, a Federal Space Admin. will assign orbits like light flight levels.

In matters of opinion, we look at things we don’t get and act as if it’s their fault for our lack of understanding. 

It was cool to be this close to the master, where I could see his every mistake; mistakes no one else would ever see. It was an intimate professional relationship with a master.

It worked because it was an opera put to a Philip Glass symphony. It was short on dialogue, but Glass’s music told the story better than any words could. It told the story that connected directly with your heart and soul; it didn’t require words that needed to be heard and interpreted.

It worked because it brought random parts of thoughts from the past into the the now. 

Her dream had always been to be famous. And now she saw him as her way to fame. 

When we're in tune, the universe tells us how to be and act strong. 

They had an odd believe, they thought that through our food and a mixture of things we eat is how the universe communicates with us. 

Everyone gets one. But I'm the only one who gets all of them. 

It turns out, it wasn’t the we were living in a dream, but, rather, other’s were living in our dreams as if it were their own world. 

It’s a TV show about a guy you claims that people are coming from the future, into the present, to study him. The interview him and he begins to suspect them. Then, they make him forget the entire conversation – except he sometimes remembers bits and pieces. 

I noticed that I no longer knew people. Their individual behavior surprised me. But I could predict group behavior in a believable way.

The thing about the Academy is that the guy you never know, in the other regiment, who you now need to know, always happened to have been in a company with one of your own buddies. And the unknown classmate always had a buddy in your company. 

Don't try to be cool. Just do cool things. 

You know you've arrived when the simple things in life mean more than the big things. 

To lie with uncheckable details is how you pretext the people. 

What flies for just behavior on TV, even reality TV, doesn't hold true for real life. 

How do you subdue your enemy? Come back as their friend.

No one's ever ready to die. 

Roomba is great unless you have a dog and let it clean house while you're gone.
Roomba does not scoop poop. 'Nuff said.

Simply because someone describes the past with eloquence, doesn’t mean they can solve future problems. 

Have we replaced reality with reality TV?

We want a leader who will solve today’s problems while maintaining a responsibility to the long-term.

How did we get to be 90 years old?

I don't know. It just happened.

How did it happen?

I don't know. We just did stuff. We just did stuff every day.  We kept doing stuff. 

Did it mean anything?

I don't know. Yeah, sometimes it did. Sometimes it meant a lot. 

But most of the time it didn't? Did it?

Yeah. You're right. All those days. All those days, passing into black oblivion, never to be lived again.  

What could we have done differently? What should we have done differently?

Nothing different. Just like everyone else. Everyday can't be memorable. 

Yes it can. It can. Just do something to make that day memorable. Even if you forget it later. Do something. Do something memorable. For yourself. For others.  

Keep an open mind and a level head.

Until you’ve created the universe, there’s always room to innovate.

The universe can never be wrong. 

We mistaken our own internal attraction to someone else as a connection, especially when they experience it at the same time. 

It is when we think too close with the heart that bad things happen. 

He could talk to you through his writing. You could hear him speak.

All men are impressed by their offices.

What you do when you’re stoned is who you are. If you do nothing, then you’re nothing. But, if you create. Then you are truly a creator.

Stakeout cop, walking back to the unmarked car.

“That was quick,” said the stakeout cop in the car.

“You’re not going to believe this guy. Every day it’s like this. His trash is mostly bags of used coffee grounds. How can one human drink that much coffee?… and still sleep at night!” said the stakeout copy, as he got into the car.


“Yes, really. I go through his trash then I drink coffee, to stay awake. I drink a tenth of what this guy drinks and it keep me up. 

It keeps me up and you know what I think about? No shit, I think about how he’s sleep, oh so fucking soundly, while I’m awake.”

“Well, I have good news for you. You don’t have to ever do it again.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“It just came in. They moving in on him. He was never drinking that coffee,” said the stakeout cop while leaning on the steering wheel.

“What?” ask the stakeout cop.

“He was hiding the drugs under the coffee grounds,” making eye contact.

“Holy shit. The dogs can’t smell the drugs,” said the stakeout cop, unsure if he was happy or sad.

Isn't it amazing how we judge someone's attitude off of a single photo of them, even if it's a goofy pose. 

My life long dream?
To not spend my entire life at 1 AU.

Actionable, definitive, decisive. 


Perfect simplicity 

Judging before questioning is pre-judging.  Prejudice. 

If your job requires you to do work that you normally wouldn’t do if you weren’t paid to do it then all you have is a job. Find a calling.
Key presence traits to communicate: Passionate, Enthusiastic, Confidence, Authentic, Comfortable, Captivating

Your enemy will come at you as your friend.

Today's opinions become tomorrow's facts. 

There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind as long as sharp and smart. 

The Drunk President
Why didn’t anyone mention to be that he was a drunk?
Nobody knew.
You’re telling me that his SS team didn’t know?
I’m sure they knew, but they can’t reveal personal behavior to other agents unless it’s a specifically identifiable security risk. 
So they didn’t know???
I’m sure they knew, they also knew that the other agents knew and they knew not to discuss it. Know what I mean?

Getting old a is big part of it. As you get old, you start to doubt your believed in God. How could I believe my entire life only to find out I’m wrong?

To outsiders, the key representative of a movement is the radical with the most extreme views.  

There's plenty of injustice in the world - too much for any one to care about all of it. 

Tempered radials is what's required to move a movement. 

It's OK to say you did something because it worked. It's not ok to continue to do something, without looking at alternatives, because it works. 

A recognition of our own personal freedoms doesn’t bring calm. Rather it brings anxiety and disillusionment. 

My favorite part of storytelling is that my audience becomes part of the story, if for no other part than as a passive observer.

Blame, instead of a genuine attempt to understand, is the hallmark of the closed-minded person.
Blame, instead of understanding, is the hallmark of the closed-minded.
Blame is the hallmark of the closed-minded.

The music of the 3D printer 
It sings a song, one of a kind
It literally whistles whilst it works

Advertising is the price companies pay for being un-orginial.

Simplicity: reliable, predictable, repeatable. 

Today's TV ads focus less on the things we like and more on the things we fear. "Bad things will happen to you unless you buy this."

The problem with stupid people as they're too stupid to truly know how stupid they are. 

That picture looked deep into my soul. 

If you're continually pointing out what's wrong with someone or something and have nothing nice to say then you're the problem. 

Life allows matter to take advantage of quantum randomness.

Just because you didn't start the fire doesn't mean you can't help put it out. Put away your gasoline and kerosene, save that for a cold winters night. 

You're trying to place blame for the fire while it's still raging. Put out the fire first then fix the cause. 

You've heard of Arab spring when citizens rose up against their oppressors. Now we have an African summer. 

Solution start listening and understanding the problem first

Soundbites don't solve only solutions solve. 

No solution works for everyone otherwise we'd all be fit, wise, peaceful, and never die. 

It's OK to question authority. The legal theory may be perfect, but the human implementation is always prone to human error and bias. 

It’s about pairing with your food. As kids, we didn’t have access to the kitchen to prep what was needed.

A fake doctor sets up a bogus business and lives off the co-pays of non-existent insurance. 

You fix something by pointing out what needs to be done, not what has been done wrong.

That’s what you do. You go out there and do it.

You give us the trains and busses, while you take the planes. 

It’s very difficult to notice your own bias because it feels the same to you.

I'm going to tell you something that's true. I'm going to tell you something that's true, yet unfulfilling. A century ago, race issues were worse. It was a time when citizens, American citizens, took matters into their own hands and lynched blacks. They were lynched out of fear. So ironic since they were brought to America against their will. They were told that they were free and they were told they were given a path to naturalization. It was a lie. Not a lie of the past, but a lie of the future. A lie of integrity.

What good comes from vengeance when it serves the individual? There have been times when I have wanted to strike back when I was personally wronged. Over time, my cooler head has prevailed. And I've come very close to posting negative reviews on Yelp, or Uber, or Glass Door. But I never had. Instead I've carefully worded or written my review and either passed it, privately, to those directly involved who can make a difference or I've simple forgotten about it once I got it out of my system. But death and bodily harm is a different issue. Vengeance, when the stakes are that higher, must rise to the level of morality. Do not lead the charge unless you are a thought leader in that field. Rosa Parks wasn't some uppity black woman, too lazy to give up her seat. She had formal training in peaceful, civil disobedience. She was willing to stand for what she believed in by remaining seated and took responsibility for her morally justifiable actions by doing the time. 

Terrance took my white writing, about race, and added color. 

In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is. 
We cannot live in a colorblind world; rather, we must live in a color sensitive world; a color aware world. And by colorblind, I mean that in two senses of the word. I mean it in the figurative medical sense of being blind to color and also in the sense that we can't be blind to the needs of people of color. Colorblind doesn't yet work, color sensitive does. We hope, once day, that colorblind will work in the same sense that there's no difference between a black person's vote and a white person's vote once the ballot is cast in America. 

My writing, my rules. 

We should not glorify underweight models or overweight models unless their it involves a medical condition. 

Making vs. Selling:
The inventor tells. 
The entrepreneur sells.
Telling isn't selling. 
No one else is going to sell your stuff.

Feeling stressed out? Go pet a puppy. But don't do it at your local animal shelter 'cause when you come back tomorrow to pet him again and he's not around...

People who say, "You should sue them," have probably never sued anyone in their life. They're usually angry, unhappy people who are all talk and no action. But I do have a great story about a buddy who once sued a company that couldn't make the time to get around to paying his consulting invoice. He took them to small claims court and the company didn't even bother to show up. But he still had to present his case. Obviously, the judge ruled in my buddy's favor, in abstentia. Of course the company never paid so he had the local sheriff handle the matter. And handle the matter thy did. The sheriff showed up at the plaintiff's local office and began inventorying their office equipment for auction in the amount of the court's judgment. This got the company's attention. They immediately cut a check for my buddy and asked him to back off. "Sure, no problem," he said, "As soon as the check clears."

Do not interrupt me while I'm writing and limit the distractions when I'm editing. 

We remember things the first time we see them. It's imprinted upon us. The more we see something, the more we accept it and soon it becomes the status quo. No one is alive to remember the riots in London when the government began naming streets and placing addresses on homes. Their privacy, in the form of anonymity, was lost. After all, why would the government need to know your exact address as long as you paid your municipal taxes?

A muse is something I must have, and she'd better be a great one. For the better my muse, the better my works. 

We forget about a task once it's completed. This is ideal for freeing up our memory and reducing work related stress. Writing down an unfinished tasks in such as way that it will come before us at the right moment is the key to productive time management. But, when the task involves deep creativity, it's frequently best to leave it unfinished so it stays in our mind and incubates in our subconscious. This creative baking was Hemingway's secret for his daily routine.  

Terrence Hand: I need help getting the best ideas from key people. 

Many of my ideas have been lost down the drain with my dirty soap. The shower is a great place to create new ideas. They are sometimes so fragile, that I can't capture them before getting them out. For this reason, I despise delays or interruptions when I've conceived a new idea that has yet to be born. 

To be creative, I've done some crazy things so I could personally experience the experience. Stuff I'd never advocate others to do. Not necessarily reckless, but rather, highly calculated risks. 

Creative Conception: Many times I come up with ideas that are so raw, I need to immediately write them down, yet I'm unable to even share the premise or kernel of the idea with anyone close to me. 

Censor yourself when you're upset, rarely are good decisions made with bad emotions. 

Don't settle for your life partner, find your muse. 

Every trivial decision has to be stated as a religious philosophy. 

Everything's a struggle to understand. 

Our government tells us they want peace, yet the send us to war. Wars of aggression, not defense. War for land and oil and money, paid for with youthful lives. 

Nervous anxiety and unhealthy suspicion. 

I figured out what these people fear more Han anything else in the world: a moment of silence. 

You know, I wouldn't have to keep re-explaining things over and over if you, a).listened and b).didn't interrupt. 

Simple people successfully managing complexity makes them sophisticated. 

The never earned a thing for themselves. Everything thing they earned, car, home, stock, they inherited. If they actually did buy something it was repossessed or for loses on. 

Why did you take a picture of that tree? It's just a tree, it's been there forever. What are you going to do with that picture?

Where did he go?
Why did he go outside?
To clean the beach sand off his shoes.
When did he go outside?
A few mins ago?
Is he out front or back?
(Does it really matter?) He’s out back.

Yeah, please, keep talking over everyone. 

Words make bullets fly. Bullets silence words.

Figuring out why something works isn't as important as figuring out why something doesn't work.  

Showing is not selling. Only selling is selling. 

Every conversation isn't a discussion, it's an argument. 

Passion for building a product is not the same thing as passion for a building a company. 

As an employee, more work means more work. As an entrepreneur, more work means more money. 

Very little makes you look younger than being skinny 

You're better off hiding the truth then explaining things to these passive aggressive idiots. They'll never understand. 

People need to told how to think, not what to think. 

I admire your passion. 

Don't confuse thought provoking with true and actionable. 

Do you really think you're the guy who invented the technique of pee just above the toilet bowl waterline do no one could hear you? 

What do you mean you borrowed my toothbrush? That's disgusting. Why would you use my toothbrush? Oh. Well how was I suppose to know you were joking?

What does that say on your shirt? Why does it say New York, London, Paris, Cupertino? I don't get it. What's cappuccino? Is that a place?

I knew she was a lesbian. 
What difference does that make?
They're ruining everything. 
She's from Beirut?
What? No, she's not an Islam. 
Moslem, it's called Moslem. Saying she's an Islam is like saying you're a Christianity. 
You mean Christian. 
Forget it.
Why did you ask about Beirut?
It was a joke. Lebanese, lesbian? Get it?
No, what do you mean. Stop being stupid.
Do you remember where I went to flight school?
Yeah, Pepsi Cola. It's in Florida. Why?
I'm glad to see some things never change. 
What are you talking about? You're making fun of me, aren't you? Knock it off, you know i don't like that. 

Stop saying "more earlier." That's like saying "like," all the time, it's a filler word that's not proper. 

Why are you pronouncing tinnitus like that? That's the wrong way. You're not saying it right. That's not how my doctor says it. You're saying it wrong. 

Why the hell do I have to explain and then re-explain everything twice. That's four times. 

Damn it. Where did I put my car keys. Look in the bedroom and see if I left them there. I hate it when I misplace my car keys. Did you move them? No, I don't remember when I had them last. Don't be stupid. If I knew when I had them last then I'd know where they are. Oh, never mind, I have them. 

Who left this spoon on the table? Did you leave this spoon on the table? Why did you take it out? Oh. Why are you having cereal in the afternoon? It's for breakfast. Do we have milk? Make sure you buy milk, today. Did you hear about Bruce Jenner?

Is that thunder? It sounds like thunder. Look out the window and tell me if it's thunder. Was it suppose to rain, today? I heard the forecast and they didn't say it was going to rain. What are you doing? Are you looking outside? Is it raining?

Please, can we stop arguing facts. Just look it up. Shut up, I’ll look it up.

Oh, you went to the park? Which park? I don’t know where that is. When did we go there? No, that’s not right, I’ve never been there. Are you sure that photo of me was taken at that park.

Do you see that cat doll on the fireplace mantle? You sent that to me with some flowers. You know how I love cats. When did you send that to me? No, I think it was Easter? Are you sure it was on my birthday? Where did you order the flowers from? Remember how the delivery left them outside? Didn’t I tell you? I was home, all day, waiting for the delivery and they just left them on the door step without ringing the door bell. Don’t they know I’m in a wheelchair? Yes, I was in a wheelchair last Easter. No, it wasn’t my birthday.

Can you please not throw out your stupid insults followed by your fucking cackle? An insult, followed by a cackle, grow old, real fast. 

Do you think you could walk in the door without creating a shit storm of bullshit negativity? Yes, I know your job sucks. No, I don’t want to hear your whining.

Is it cold in here? No, I’m fine, you don’t need to turn on the heat. [93 seconds later.] Can you turn up the heat, I’m cold.

[As I walk from one end of the living room to the other.] What are you doing? You’re looking for a book? Which book? I didn’t see your book, today. I saw it yesterday, it was on the deck by the hot tub. Yeah, I know you were reading it in bed, last night. When did you get that book? How did you hear about it? Is a good book? I’ll check it out of the library and read it, too. Tell me about it. No, you don’t need to give me that book. Don’t be silly. I can get it from the library.

What was that noise? You dropped a book? How did that happen? Are you OK? Which book did you drop? You should be more careful. I dropped a book the other day. Did you damage the book? Where did you get that book? Which book store?

You’re seriously think you’re self-sufficient? You’ve never cooked a decent meal for yourself in your life, let alone another person. 

Here’s an idea. Instead of calling and texting that you’re leaving in 15 minutes, and then calling back in 20 minutes to say it’ll be another 10 minutes before you leave, how about you just actually let me know when you’re getting into the car and on your way. 

Please, please, please, no more questions. Do you really need to know where I bought that bottle of wine, what route I took, and which spot I parked in? This is exactly why I don’t tell you a thing. And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t ask me what I’m looking for every time I open a drawer in the kitchen. I’ll find what I’m looking for. If I don’t then I’ll ask you. Just relax. Please, just relax. You’re so focused on trivial stuff.

Yeah, I know you’re family. But give me a reason to want to be around you.

Every statement I make has to be carefully worded, otherwise I get irrelevant follow up questions.

There’s a subtle, but important, difference between self-discipline and OCD.

Stupid Shit People Say and Do

What ever you do, don't walk over to the person you want to talk to. Just tell across the room. Every freaking time. 

Rule #1: your fear must be aligned with the actual danger, no the perceived danger. 

They all walk around with this stunned, scared, and confused look on their faces. That was their default state of being. 

Instead of simplifying completed these people complicate matters through poor communications and a lack of focus. 

You had all this information in front of you 
All this information, that you have in front of you now, you have in front of you then when you made the decision; now you’re second guessing yourself. You should be forced to stick with your bad decisions so you learn to make better ones at the appropriate time.

It's not that I'm ignoring you, I just don't want to be distracted while I'm working. 

Anytime there's an inconvenience they look for someone to blame, even if there isn't a remote connection. 

All politicians fall victim to confirmation bias. 

Why do you keep second guessing everything, past present and future?

When I’m annoying, I know I’m annoying. These people have no clue how annoying they are.

Don't lend your power to those who can, lend your power to those who can't. That's true empowerment. 

Compromise, yet. Settle, never. 

They ask meaningless questions that are irrelevant. 

If you want to be heard then speak little. 

The anxiety is contagious. 

Our limitation are our own making. 

Now I understand these people. They have to justify every bullshit question so they make up excuses. 

Either help or shut up. Sitting on you ass, micromanaging ain't going to cut it. 

People, you don't need to keep a check register anymore. They bank's math and audit trail will surpass your artistic capabilities every time. 

They insist on taking their desires and forcing them on others. 

There is no relaxing only worrying. 

I got so use to the planes in South Park and the sirens in the East Village that I had forgotten what country silence sounds like.

It’s your negative environment that makes you a closed minded asshole. You know that, but, whatever you do, don’t lift a finger to change your circumstances. 

God forbid you try something new, you idiot. Just keep living in your parents’ bedroom until they die and then tell me how spectacular you are ‘cause you actually have to pay the taxes on a home you own, free and clear. 

Go ahead and pray. It statically makes no external difference, but do it if it makes you feel better.

You’re God is all powerful? Next time you’re in a car accident, pray instead of calling 911. Think about that.

It’s one thing to ask questions to learn. It’s another thing to ask questions and then continually shoot down the answers. 

Why do I hate you? It’s your negativity. It’s nasty and vial. 

You’re a fat pig and it’s your own damn fault. It would be fine, except you spout out nutritional bullshit. You drink diet coke with your fast food, smoke your cigarettes, and talk about the benefits of drinking cherry juice as if it were a religion. Have you ever taken the time to learn how to read a food label? It’s the macronutrients like fat and cholesterol that will kill you. When was the last time you heard of someone dying from a vitamin deficiency in the US?

This is so great. It’s like a Trump speech. Every time you open your mouth, pure shit comes out and I get more content to write about.

When was the last time you ate a piece of fruit? All you do is complain about your health and eat egg sandwiches, smoke cigarettes, and drink. And what the fuck is the deal with he cigarettes? What can you possible get from a cigarette that you can’t get from an e-cigarette? Never mind that your fucking cigarettes stink and get on my skin and clothes and throat. 

You can do whatever you like. Feel free to act in your own best interests and cut corners while not following the rules, but you better live up to your responsibilities when you’re caught. I don’t want to hear any “woe is me” bullshit. You did it to yourself.

So, you continue to spend time with someone who has aggravates your condition and brings you down… enjoy your downward spiral in life. 

I thought the Internet would be a great thing to spread truth. Instead, we now spread stupidity faster than ever. Have you ever heard of fact checking? Religion is probably to blame since it classifies merely asking a logical question as blasphemy. 

You seriously have issues simply talking on the phone? It’s that difficult? Doesn’t that seem like a mental health issue? So, why don’t you want to get help?

Yes, please, let’s needless talk and talk about the same thing over and over again.

Not only do these idiots have no filters, they don’t know how to set up filters to make their own lives easier.

Before taking a risk, mitigate it as best as possible. 

Before believing a paradigm shift, you need to confirm that the opposite is completely untrue or clearly understand the exceptions when it’s not true. 

Before you open your mouth, ask yourself, “Am I about to interrupt someone? Is this interruption necessary or am I simply worried that I’ll forget to say it as a more appropriate time?”

She's never worked out or read a book in her adult life. If she was around, no one else could read anything because of her constant distractions and interruptions. 

If you have all he answers, then how come your so fucking miserable all the time?

What is it about family that gets under our skin like no other. 

These people lived like pigs and had no idea. They had so much junk and crap that they could never have an overnight guest. They couldn't even have a dinner party, never mind the fact that they didn't know how to cook. If there was one thing they were very good at, it was denial. Point that out to them in the most tactful way and they'd freak out and go nuclear. 

The one I thing I learned is don't mention an event unless you have all the details. 

That place is complexly simple-minded. I hate going there, it makes me devolve. 

Nasty Thoughts and Dialogue 
Nasty Discourse and Dialogue 

We forget that seemingly inevitable past was once a fluid present whose future could have gone either way. 

There's no way this many people from the same town could have this many problems due to a disease. They've all be poorly taught; none of them think critically. 

The TV's on, your music's blaring, and your talking on the phone. Xanax can't help you if you don't help yourself. 

I wouldn't let it bother me except I have an attachment to this place and its people. They all so annoying and I can't hide or get away from it.  

Conversations with annoying people. 

You don't have Tourette's, you just can't shut up. 

Say "What," one more fucking time. If you'd just shut up and listen then you would being asking "What?"

I timed you. You literally, literally could not be in a room, and not on your phone for more than twenty seconds without saying something useless. Don't believe me then prove me wrong. Sit there, shut up, and listen. 

Yes, please insult me one more time. I haven't heard enough of your bullshit. 

Before your open your mouth. Before you say another word, ask yourself, why the fuck should I care?

Seriously, do you need to start yelling before you even walk into the room? Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Please shut the fuck up. 

I spend my entire life avoiding unnecessary problems. You show up with your bullshit drama and fuck up everything. You're the exact opposite of calming. Now I understand why people meditate, to block out your crap. 

You're not helping. You're just getting in the way. You really want to help? Then stay out of the way and shit up. Want to contribute, go volunteer at a soup kitchen. 

The way you learn how to deal with problems is by facing them, embracing them and solving them, not by skirting them. 

Her laugh was so fucking annoying. It was a forced cackle. Please shut up. 

They worried about minor stuff, like which steer you took to get somewhere, but they'd always run a stop stop sign or red light. 

I had dealing with family. So many are idiots. 

Before you open your mouth, ask yourself, 

I hate going there. That place makes me dumber. 

She doesn't shut up and I can't get away from her. 

I’m tired of dealing with people who go out of their way to create friction.

If what you’re doing goes degrades your customers’ experience, then you’re doing it wrong. 

It was their parents’ fault. I know one guy whose goal in life was to assume the least amount of responsibility possible. He lived at home until the day his parents died and then inherited a fully paid off home. His brothers, who worked for their life, hated him.

Every problem you encounter doesn’t have to be addressed and solved at the very moment. It’s called prioritization, the third generation of time management.

Just stop and think… just think for one second… is what you’re about to say helpful? Does it really need to be said or are you cutting down someone? You’re making joke after joke at other’s expense. 

Not only does she interrupt others when they speak, she even interrupts herself when she's speaking. 

No, I don't think you're better than me. I just think you're idiot. So, at that, you excel. 

He was a genius at non-repudiation. He'd encryption his answer and post it, with a hash, to the Internet. When the time arrived, he'd distribute the decryption key. 

When someone comes back at you with an immediate decision you don't like on a non-time critics issue, don't pressure then. As a matter fact, just let it pass so they don't dig their heals in the ground. This will make them more likely to change their mind once they have a chance to think about it. It doesn't always work, but think of it as verbal judo. 

There's a growing trend of people who are very pleasant in person, yet become raging lunatics online. 

If you get a single fact wrong, it brings into question everything else you've said until you acknowledge the mistake. 

I once killed a man in Texas just to watch him die. Don't worry, it was a homes guy. No one will miss him... except maybe his dog. Cute little corgi who answered to the name Mr. Pickles.  

The one thing all these arm chair radial Americans have in common is they live in pigsties. Rich or poor, their homes and garages are full of useless crap and every wall and horizontal surface is piled with shit. You can’t get near a wall, it’s packed with shit.

The beauty of mass marketing commodities is there's no shortage of dumb-ass consumers who stopped thinking critically. They're your target market for weight loss, get rich quick, religious, and health products that'll never work for them. It doesn't matter. They'll keep buying. 

You've never lifted a finger to serve this country. Yet you want me to go into harm's way to kill people you don't like? Fuck you. You do it yourself. Better yet, send your daughter into harm's way. 

He covered his tracks by getting volunteers to spin up cloud computing instances and they'd send him the credentials. Then he'd login, from instance to instance, and use the web browsers in each instance to cover his tracks. 

Shut up, please just shut the fuck up. Listen and think before interrupting every peaceful moment. No moment of insight comes in the middle of chaotic interruptions. Just shut up. Why the fuck do you keep asking questions if you constantly interrupt when I  answer? On top of that, could you simply stop putting everyone else down and make jokes at their expense? Intelligence and probably solving abilities must be inversely proportional to how much a person talks. 

Stop worrying about everyone else. Your life's a shitstorm, and you're worrying about everyone else. You live in a shithole, yet you some how have all the right answers. 

Please, shut up, shut up, shut up. Have you ever heard simple silence? Just shut up and enjoy the silence. Turn off the TV stop watching the same bloody news over and over again and start solving problems instead of adding kindling to the fire. While you're at it, de-complicate your own life. Set the example. 

Does the entire world really have to love and hate exactly what you love and hate? 

Stop asking questions and then interrupting when I'm answering. 

These people were dumb. They went no where in life because they went no where. They had no tolerance for any change and had no understanding of what true progress looked like. They’d politicize and label most every event while pontificating stupid opinions on matters they never studied. They came up with armchair solutions to overly simplified, imaginary problems that not only benefited their own interested, but destroyed the interested of those they feared for no reason. 

I just want to see people happy and enjoying life. 

The were inwardly focused idiots. The only time they thought more than ten seconds in the future was when they could get food for free. 

I could see how anxious she was by her driving. She'd stop at a red light and then continue to creep forward into the intersection until her back tires was past the limit line. 

Poet of democracy 

Every time you get up and leave the room, there has to be an announcement otherwise there's a phalanx of questions, "Where are you going?", "What are you doing?", "Why?"

Remove distractions that are distracting. 

The people who talk the most tend to be the dumbest. And it's their own damn fault. 

There was constant talk and never listening. 

These people tend to talk too much, stating their opinion, and never stop to listen and learn. 

As you get older you see things get older. Then they get younger, not people, but things. 

There are writers whose words I would have chosen, too, and I respect them. Then there are writers who choose the perfect words and it is then who I admire. 

Find the holographic memory blog post for Vignettes and Pieces.  

Without trust, there can never be peace. 

It's not only that life is short, but also that we're dead for so long. 

It's not only that the human soul is ephemeral, but also that it doesn't exist in a physical sense. What happens to a program when you turn off the computer? Where does it go?  

He knew how to appeal to a person's soft spot. He know how to appeal to a group's soft spot, especially minorities. 

Don't bring me problems, bring me options. 

Pieces: Out of context in a vacuum. 

The thing about discovering something great is that you usually don't realize how great it is when you first see it. 

Moments in time. That's why I love photos. 

They built and entire city and used the rooftops as green space. 

Then the crew yelled to the passengers in unison to brace. It was eerie, as they repeated it. It seemed they knew something bad was about to happen and we were left in a dark panic. 

The amount of drama in a person's life seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of responsibility they've held. The drama-lovers rarely read books. 

She could rock sexy without the slightest hint of slutty. 

Weather is the key to life.

She had multiple personalities inside her. She could usually control them unless she got too emotional to hold them back, then they were destructive.

The side fruit cup included a quarter of a strawberry, two grapes, a cube of melon, pineapple, and cantaloupe. 

You drifted away from me and then turned on me. 

I'm so glad I live in the present. 

You call us when you need the job done right. Were the handgun at a knife fight. 

For space time discontinue them: life was the creator's manifestation of himself in the universe. 

Life the dream now, write about it later to impress the ladies. 

Spin isn't about lying. It's about highlighting the lie in a truth or the truth in a lie. Or, to put it gentler, spin is about highlighting the positive in a negative or, especially in politics, a negative in a positive.

The made excellent movies. They picked actors that looked like popular movie stars. 

As humans we need to remember that we live in one of the absolute best places in the universe. I say, 'absolute best,' because the average temperature of the universe is just 2° or 3° above absolute zero. Meanwhile, here on earth, the average temperature is 287° Kelvin.

Why are we in a rush to go where we’re not. When we were young, we wanted to be old; now that we’re old, we want to be young.

Fear, courage, and commitment must be in line with the actual damages.  Don't worry about  kings beyond your control or influence. 

I discovered a part of me that shouldn't be there. 

Take in life and turn it into an experience. 

Remember that women want to be treated like the subject of love, not the object. 

You will be most successful in life if you simply be yourself. If that's not enough, then change. But never try to be someone else. 

It was a photo that focused on a sliver of time that had removed the entire context. The photo was real, but this single instance, when frozen in time, removed all meaning.  

“It doesn’t make any sense. How are they making more money than me? I gave them my money and they made more money than me. It don’t make sense,” yelled the homeless man, yelling at the parked car.

The object is to promote kindly feeling and social intercourse among the members, and to foster the memories of the alma mater.”

You don't pick the wrong men. You pick the right men who do the wrong thing. 

It was a women's power exhibition in their culture. The women would have a side boy that they could control without ever having sex. 

Of course I'm an artist. I'm too stoned to do anything else. 

It's called dry wall because the other wall faces the weather. 

It's the difference between toasting bread and burning toast.℠

When she's not here, I miss her and wish she were here. When she is here, I love that she's with me. 

It was the going back that was the hardest. Coming over the crest of the hill and down the other side. My stomach was in knots. I first noticed it going over the bridge, back into Newport. 

It's not that it puts you, asleep in the couch; It's that you can't fight it and get up from the couch. 

Andy Warhol figured out how to create things that historians would write about in the future.
He figured out how to get people to remember things and remember you.

The moment is always vanishing. 

They honored mistakes because they were billions of years in the making. 

She never worked a hard day in her life. Instead, she compensated by making her life needlessly difficult and complicated. 

A true master will understand the thought process behind the fundamentals. If you understand the thought process, it makes it easier to reason and deduct.

It's not all about  it's all about not getting caught to not

Catalina Coronado was a honeymoon baby. Her last name is Cannellini 

Mom-patience is the patience related to moms. The patience moms had for raising, and the patience we give them back in their senior years. She's mom and we treat her like that. Why not apply that same patience to others?

They would detect the tumor in your body and then actively attack it. The subject can feel a warm tingling where its happening. 

He didn't care about the lying; it was the extramarital affair they were covering up. 

I did it. I made it home. I beat them. I always do. I'm too smart and too lucky. What have I been getting away with? 

The universe is fractals through time with endless possibilities.  

They would honor their mistakes, for they took billions of years to evolve. 

Catalina Coronado

Jeo alter ego Joe Leo

There's a difference between being afraid and dislike. I dislike split pea soup. I'm not afraid of slit pea soup. 

The NSA was sucking up all of our data to feed to an alien-human race from the future. They were sucking it so they could analyze a human’s every emotional and electronic information to enhance mental health. There’s no way that the NSA could store and analyze all of that data. They have no choice, they’re forced to feed it to them. But they wouldn’t analyze anyone’s data until they were dead at least 80 years. We were also using the data to enhance our lives. It’s become a paradoxical loop of time and information. 

Nothing helps you deal with life better than dealing head on with death. 

There's a connection when people click. It's a resonating harmony that ripples through the universe. 

"Regardless of the type of dispensary you own" was open to interpretation. The prosecution said they meant legal or illegal. The defense said they meant either storefront or delivery. 

Death is a small, yet painful price to pay for the privilege of living.

Quantum entanglement at FTL speeds is an illusion. You’re actually seeing the same particle and it’s reflection; it appears to be existing in two places at once.

Something destroyed could continue to exist due to superposition. 

If you're going to live a normal life then you're going to be a normal person. 

It lets you have a thought and then experience it. 

People get murdered when they go beyond where they should in life. 

Tim did it to set themselves up to feed their cars into the world's largest country. Tim made an agreement with the government. 

Make the moment bigger than yourself.
Make the moment bigger than you are. 
Live in the moment
Make the moment bigger than life. 
Life a big moment. 

It's a white hat hacker who sells an exploit to the US government that can take down the Internet. 

He danced with this one woman and gave her great abilities. 

We had a love that transcended the universe. 

He had the ability to channel the love of all the women he loved. 

He was truly disgusting. Not only would he trip his toe nails and put them on his desk, then he’s used the clipping to pick wax out of his ears. 

When something is done professionally, it’s done over and over again until perfection is nearly achieved. 

We have to be friends. Right off the bat, we connect and respected. We have to be nice to each other. 

A good decision made yesterday may become a bad decision, tomorrow. 
Yesterday's right decisions can become tomorrow's wrong decisions. 

The terrorist had a secret meeting that the CIA knew about. They didn't speak. So as not to be bugged. The CIA thought they were using computers to communicate, but that was a honeypot since they had a script typed back and forth while with disinformation while the terrorist used pencil and paper. A young CIA analyst caught the mistake, later, when two lines of the scripted computer dialog were transposed. The answer before the questions. 

These bets were POW/MIA. The went to visit the White House and got left behind when the White House bus forgot them. They weren't even fans of the president. They did it out of respect for the office. The assistant chief of staff resigned over it. 

At a heads of state event, you'll see a pole sticking out over the venue that reads air temperature, pressure, and humidity. The data is used to coordinate an assassin's rifle shot. But this one used a crossbow. 

I remember experiencing it, but I don't re-experience it. 

The space probe was built without coverings. That's was the hardest thing for the engineers to get their mind around. Nothing out there is moving slow, any encounter with dust will be damaging. 
It was hole 18 that finally degraded the signal. 

When there's something you hate, and then you learn to like it, you end of loving it. 

I'd rather go blind. 
Don't explain

Measure your success by how much fun you're having. 

I traded a possible future for a definitive present. 

Everything, energy and matter, become infinity. 

It turns out the moral values are determined at infancy, from the family environment. 

Perhaps it is irony that my second book is listed first, and book II came before book I of this book. 

Be the Picasso of you're life. 

A woman may fake an orgasm, but it’s a man who fakes love.

Concisely speak with creditable authority, in everything you say, and you will be treated with respect.

If we loved each other any more, we’d be a cult.

You're the Prime Meridian. I'm the International Dateline. 

Love is a ship. You're not always together, yet you're sailing in the same direction. But sometimes, rarely, two boats crash together to become one. 

The secret to successful, intimate relationships is to have that intimacy on all levels. Implicit communication with minimal interaction, "You get me."

It's bit victimless in a moral sense, but there are no complaining witnesses. 
$75M 2014
$135M 2015

From Cape Cod to Coronado. 

As a writer, my biggest fear is using the wrong word, especially when the perfect word is out there. 

Be like a dog, at an appointed place and time while eating your favorite treat. 

Technology absorbs us.
We are addicted to things. 

My bedroom reeked of musky sex. It was that beautiful scent of two human beings, mixed together. I walked in, opened the blinds, and slide open the big window wide. The cool morning air felt like a blanket as it flowed around my hot body. My heart was still racing from excitement and exertion. I gathered up the pillows, smelling her jasmine perfume on the pillowcases as I yanked them off the pillows. I pulled down the bedspread and blanket, carefully rolling it up at the foot of the bed. I threw the pillowcases, and my clothes that I gathered off the floor, into the center of the sheets, which had damp areas from our sweat, and stuffed them into the washing machine. 

The story was Allure a kit Lori who would think and say what a guy would to. 

With every other woman I was blind. But with you, I see and feel love inside me and out. 

Can the police or government subpoena something that doesn't exist? "Hey, Apple, make a special govOS."

Could this have been more efficiently handled at a lower level. 

Look forward and go to where you want to be. We all lived, made, and experienced mistakes. Learn from them. Don't settle for mediocrity. Live a great story.

Love, it's a pheromone, chemical, smell connection thing. It happens subconsciously. It can also go one way. 

True love is about more than an attraction. One can be attracted without the other. Or, both can be attracted until they make love to see if there’s a deeper connection.

You melt into my soul. 

We know what's happening in the present because we stayed connected to the past. 

The government doesn’t need to protect itself from the people, it’s the people who need protection from the government. 

The ability to recognize what category a random comment falls into, and what it represents.

Jobs would never do business with childless CEOs. 

I’m waiting. Wait! Wait!
No one said anything.
I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the universe.

It's a rainy night in Lyndhurst.
–Pussy from The Sopranos 

What if science is the new religion? Science can be stuff we can't see or prove. Prove to me that other galaxies exist. 

He's the director who did that sizzling eye commercial for the sun glass company. 

It smells like love wrapped in a warm hug. 

From came to come in 36 mins

I don't care if they're honest
I only care if they're violent

Find a partner who is your muse, and you theirs. 

It's a song about a shipwreck 
She makes it,
He doesn't
Now she hears him in the house
She misses him

+++++++ ******
Chris and Kelly
It was the most intense lovemaking ever. 
Our souls melted together. 
If there was a perfect fit
We were it. 
You fit me perfectly, in every way
She said
We went down below for this
And brought the memory back up
To feel a love like this
Was worth a lifetime 
You are a beautiful lover, says one
Because I start with a beautiful partner says the other
One said that thinking of others made it more intense
The other understood. It was worth it

We believe what makes us happiest

Children can sense their parents' stress. That's how they learn what to fear.  

It's a cross over a cross, at an angle, laying back, almost horizontal. 

We're not on a journey through space, it's a journey through time. 

How come we can't remember back up there how we communicate down here?

Once you get away with something, very, very wrong, there’s no turning back until you’re caught. 

A guy this clean has got to be dirty.

The story is complete when not better ending can be told. 

You must make love to a beautiful woman, deeply and truly. Then, skip the cigarette and sip anisette. Then rest and do it all over again. 

Our communities used to be smaller than our countries. Now they've expanded beyond the borders. 

I think I reached that age, all too long ago, where being home alone, in bed, at 10 PM on the weekend is pure heavenly bliss.

Cup your hands over the end because it lights up. When you exhale, blow down. 

It's not the being in love, it's the falling in love. 

No words. Just a smile. 
And each breath is a sign of bliss. 

When two people are heightened to each other's cues more than other people. This is love. It's about picking up the cues and properly processing then. 

I thought you meant me to think that you believed he was right.

And Marines, don't take yourself too seriously. By the very nature of being a Marine, we almost take ourselves too seriously. Make sure your shinning pride isn't mistaken for smirking hubris. 

I have lots of ideas for stories. But some of the ideas don't make it past a few sentences. But you! You have hundreds of stories. I want to write those stories.... I want to tell your stories. You know your capabilities and limitations. You know you have an addictive personality. But you don't want to believe it because you are who you are and only who you are. You know where you'll fail and you accept yourself for it with a candid raw reality. We want to learn how to channel all the beauty and love of all men or women into our own man or woman. If you need to think about someone else, in order to enjoy that very moment in your life, then you do it. 

She learned how to tolerate  it. And then she learned to act enthusiastic. 

He came into our life, late in his life. It's rare to get someone so developed on our side of the world. 

I was raped by a man. Now I rape men. They never figured they be schooled and ruled by a woman. Even after the fact, they never realized it. They were the perfect victim. 

Justice For All
We told the guy he was positive. He got drunk, that night, and dwi'd into someone and killed them. 
We screwed up.
He was negative. We deleted the secure private message we sent him. But he figured out that an e-mail was generated that he received, notifying him that he was an unread message. The timestamps and header all match. Someone deleted the message.
So, fix this.
You can delete encryption, but you can't alter it. 
I did fix it. I invited him in for complementary treatment 

You invited him in?

Yes and he tells me some condescending story about how my conscience caught up with me. I was looking for any reason. It to do this, and he gives it to me, himself. 

and injected him with an aggressive strain. 

Record albums were very special because they're personal. We all listen to entire albums at home. But we never hear entire albums in public. Coming of age over music is imprinted on American teens since the 1960s. 

Comedians in cars getting coffee.
Stoners in sofas speaking science

stoner = drunk
cannabis user = mom drink a glass of wine

Why market to stoners? No one markets to drunks. 

I'm deciding if I want to poop or take a nap since the former isn't that pressing. 

"You tell that lazy, broke-dick homunculus that I'll kick his ass." 
That's actually 100% politically correct and non-offensive. The offensive part is that he thinks it really is offensive. 
I don't even know what you said, but I'm sure it's correct. 

Good design should never push itself to be any more than it really is. 

I was reading the article and I could see exactly what the journalist did. He had an ax to grind with his subject criminal, so he pointed out the felon’s misspellings. 

A writer wants everyone to read what they've written, but they have to come across your works on their own. You can't make them read it. 

Your presence is my present

As a writer, my biggest failure is being misunderstood. 

You can’t break the law without showing disrespect for it unless it's an immoral law. 

You see the real value of something when people ignore it. 

We are the king of outsourcing. As a republic, we have outsourced our will to our elected leaders. 

I hope your mother gets genital warts on her face 

You will know when I'm gone because you knew when I was here. 

It's not about having money and buying things. It's about having money and not buying things. 

We do it because we can. 

As I age, the elderly seem so much younger. 

I am the wind, you can’t stop me.
I am the wind, you can’t catch me.

To save social security, they gave the citizens the choice to earn their income, tax free, by loaning it to the government for one year. They had to wait at least a year to pull it out, without being taxed. 

"Barzini's dead. So is Philip Tattaglia. Moe Greene, Strachi - Cuneo. Today I settle all family business…" - Don Michael Corleone

a  divorce of passion from creativity
– Steve Le

The Marines taught me a lot about discipline. And it also taught me a lot about confidence. I learned how to talk to myself; how to talk myself through a difficult situation. A situation which I had not choice in making and that I had to face head-on, ‘cause head-on was the no-excuses, quickest, but not the least painful, solution; a solution responsible to the long term. Coping with discomfort and adversity became unnoticeable. Unnoticeable, like being wet when swimming in the ocean while everyone else was walking the streets notices the rain from above.

Rabidly ascertain. 
Rapidly ascertain. 

I had a dream. I was stuck on a bus in Ensenada. The people on the bus were telling me to get off. They were friendly. They didn't know where I was going, but they knew that I didn't know where I was going so they were trying to help me. 

Our fears aren't proportional to the dangers we face. 

The people will come up with a standard to which leaders can be consistently measured. 

To consider it pornography, one must consider the understood artist's intent. 

We build for concave, not convex. 

Randomness cannot create order. 

No truth is final.

You didn’t need my judgement and contempt. You needed my empathy and my compassion.
– Peter Attia

I could see some thing oh so very sad, in her eyes. 

Everyone wants that private secret that only they know, and can live with. 

Ladies, when he holds you, do you feel an overwhelming blanket of comfort and safety?

Energy is the scaffolding holding the universe together. Light is a manifestation of this scaffolding as it ripples through our time dimension. 

What makes life different is that it stores information. 

Just because I don’t respect doesn’t mean I disrespect it.

I just saw Jesus come trough, riding a dinosaur.

In life, there are priories and preferences. 

There was always one thing, infinity. 

The problem with experiences is were limited to our experiences which leaves a lot of experiences we have an experienced. 

For sale: baby clothes, never used. 

People who flippantly think others should be killed probably have never killed, themselves. 

Follow your happiness. 

When someone does something morally wrong their entire sense of perspective becomes paranoid while they rationalize the situation. 

What kills countries? Usually not outside enemies. Most people don’t die from external trauma, rather internal. Think: Rome

I miss the beauty of undressing a woman and waking up in the morning to find our discarded clothes scattered on the floor.

Pleasure, desire, beauty, passion. 

People say west-south Florida if they're from the panhandle. 

If you fly away from a sunrise, it looks like a sunset. 

Refactor: To simplify your code to solve more complex problems. 

I am not your frizzen. 

I was trying to figure out why the new Apple remote had IR and Bluetooth. Then I tried raising the volume when the remote wasn’t pointed at the TV. The Apple TV flashed, indicating it had received a signal, but the TV volume didn’t changed until I pointed the remote at it. Volume isn’t commanded by the Apple TV, rater it’s controlled by a standardized remote IR signal.

Why are none of the tall buildings in London built next to each other? The reason is to limit "downtown" traffic. One of the oldest cities in the world took from new metropolis the key urban plan lessons and applied it. 

Startups are about people finding their talent. Not everyone has talent. Practicality is about understanding your circumstances. 

The smaller the scale, the faster events happen. From atoms and galaxies to short stories and commercials. 

People's skills are no better today than in the past, they just have better information and technology. 

The universe is a conduit for information. You can bring the past to the present, but you can't change it. 

You feel less, but feel it deeper. 

Organization that live and breath innovation, in their DNA, such as Apple, don't explicitly have a department of innovation anymore than, say, the Marines have a department of discipline. 

People went from being computer to being computers. Site: history, 1880s ad for computers. 
Today, there are people at the IRS who manually calculate if proper taxes were paid when the correct amount was paid, but to the wrong entities. In almost all non-evasive cases, there's a direct connection between the two different entities, such as one is a subsidiary of the other. 

My death will not kill me, for I will be dead. Rather, it’s the death of others that does me in.

I could hear the voice of angels calling to me, calling me. Many different angels, but all the same voice. 

The ones that can handle sativas are the adrenaline junkies. The rushes from the mild paranoia. 

The enemy that gets respect gets respect. 

Stay in the present, otherwise you'll end up somewhere else without knowing it. 

Men take care of women in ways they'll never know, but, more importantly, yet less noticeably, women take better care of men. 

You don’t see it; we were figuring it all out, then; you’re looking back at factual history. When you’re figuring it out, you don’t know when you’re there until years later.

SJ's rebel-ish attitude appeals to almost everyone. 

Steve Jobs wasn't mean for no purpose. He knew that demanding it drove away all those who didn't want to be better. 

When company philosophies become religion.

Be excellent. Because mere excellence isn’t excellent enough. 

When someone else's behavior isn't understood, we begin to fill in the blanks with our imagination. The bigger the blank, the wilder the imagination.  

We own prime real estate in the universe. Let’s take better care of it.

Emotional response is contextual. You need to understand to experience the emotion.

I killed my enemies and treated the dead with respect by burying their bodies and offering prayers for their souls. 

Never sensationalize someone else’s “facts” until you’ve verified them.

Life is a series of stories. Write a good one. 

These people think Trump will be elected and force the states to run at a surplus with the extra money going to the federal government to reduce the deficit. 

That's what the strong and week nuclear forces do; they support molecules through space since these particles can't generate gravity, otherwise matter would pull its self all together. 

Tolerating people's difference is way different than enabling destructive behavior. 

What made the Star Wars story great was that no explanation was given for the technology. It just worked and the audience accepted it by suspending their disbelief. But a part of them made them want to know more about the technology, and it attracted their mind and appreciation. 

New is more exciting than better, until it wears off. 

Leadership looks different from the other side. When doing it, it seems like the only option. 

Everything you do today will be history, tomorrow. Make it memorable. 

Humans are a species that feels a great connection to each other through social bonds, but you need to evolve to feel that same connection with the universe that you’re a part of.

Enable and inspire whenever possible.

We look for perfect permanent answers in an imperfect temporary world.

We need a problem solver. We don’t need a problem creator. Further polarizing this country only makes matters worse. Destroying other’s ideas increases the divide. We need someone with actionable solutions.

Can two people have the same experience?
No, two people can experience the same thing, but not have the same experience. All is too personal. 

It became an exchange economy where people bid for favors.

When he wrote, it was magical. He did not write in the first, second, or third person. He wrote directly to the world. Only when he got tired did he begin to slip and write in the pluralis modestiae.

Intimacy implies loyalty. 

At the school reunion, we confessed away the decades. I’ve never been around people I’ve know so little, for so long, and felt a warmth of non-judgmental trust. This reunion was a portal to the past, whose secrets could no longer harm us. Even though I’m living in the present, now, I was speaking to people in the past, as a child.

Spin is the fine art of highlighting the truth in a lie or a lie in the truth. 

The Apollo 11 missions were a series of freak luck, never possible to repeat.

It's not the object described, but the light that falls on it. 
-Boris Pasternak

Be who you needed when you were younger.

Blackholes are ice cold, since nothing can move. No amount of energy put into it will increase its entropy. The inside of a blackhole reaches absolute zero, yet subatomic particles still move about, tearing at the physical fabric of space-time, until it disappears into nothing, from whence it came.

The difference between digital and analog is like the difference between walking to a destination in 1/2 intervals as compared to actually transversing the distance. This difference is why your TV set instantaneously changed channels, but today’s HDTVs take close to a second to decode the station signal. 

The speed of light is finite, but not constant. It changes as the universe changes. 

Continuity refers to where there is a sameness of content and a sameness of context.
Discontinuity refers to where there is a difference of content and a sameness of context.
Symmetry refers to where there is a sameness of content and a difference of context. Asymmetry refers to where there is a difference of content and a difference of

The social bonds that connect us are also the ones that scare us.

There’s a point in life when you become a settled adult. This is when you realize that you know enough about life to relate to anyone else, no matter what their age.

What makes history so romantic is that you can't touch the magic. 

Life contains life. It's when life recognizes the different scales that true intelligence is demonstrated. 

He wasn't afraid of the dark and he wasn't afraid of the day. He held control of his life. 

You add a fact at the end of a list of opinions to strengthen your argument. 

People life is based on carbon and creates silicon based life which produces germanium.  

What can a species understand the world around them is a test of its intelligence. 

It's a froad, a fraction of a dot. 

She knew how to lie and she knew how to do it well. She could simply throw out something that was more than plausible with a convincing detail that was unconfirmable. 

Everything you do is history. It's just a matter of who's recording it. 

There's a difference between describing and event and experiencing it. You have to describe it so clearly that one feels the experience. 

What makes divorce so hard for everyone is that your greatest ally has potentially become your worst enemy. 

Brilliant people can imagine far into the future. While you're thinking years into the future, the visionaries are thinking decades. 

No plants or flowers, but insects and they were much larger than today due to the highest oxygen content ever on Earth. Plants came along, the kind that could reach for the sky. 

Obiter dictum (more usually used in the plural, obiter dicta) is Latin for a word said "by the way",[1] that is, a remark in a judgment that is "said in passing". 

You are not presented with this opportunity. You step up and grab it because destiny demands it of you, with arrogance and hubris, you steal it.
–West Wing

In the service of your country, son. 
–West Wing

We don't need someone to close his eyes and pray. We need someone to open his eyes and lead. 

He learned duty through his failures while I forgot my duty due to success. 

He's a gift I will celebrate opening, everyday. 

The worker, the handler, and the pilot. 

Using marijuana while the brain is still developing is like riding a roller coaster before it's been competed. 

I’m living my life to build my legacy.

He had an extraordinary sense of hope. But I had the uneasy feeling he was guarding secrets.
- The Great Gatsby movie

I am capable of anything including my own demise.

I had very good subjects to work with and then the computer took my excellence and added perfection. 

How is it that social bonds grow stronger over time? Because the number of attachments to the past lessen over time, strengthening each remaining one. 

Smart people like being around other smart people. They’re smart enough to know they can’t know it all, but they can keep learning, so they carefully observe. Something repetitive and mundane, to one person, can be innovative to another.

Your cutting edge, now, is someone else's past from the future. 

Book title: "The Vignettes" 

Nobody thought they'd develop the technology in the 1960s to put a man on the moon. Even now, looking back, we still can't see how it happened.

You don’t have time. Time has you.

You don't connect with people by telling them about yourself. You connect with them by asking them about themselves.

You'd be amazed how quickly a religious person will doubt divine intervention. God can do anything that can't be verified. 

We usually try to feel better by decreasing the intensity of painful experiences; in mindful practice, we work instead to increase our capacity to bear them.

Gravity isn't the matter pulling in, rather, it's the universe pushing down on the mass. 

Jony Ive is a designer, not a marketer or architect. 

Why does matter accelerate, or need to accelerate, when being pulled by gravity?

It's like the Möbius strip loop. It's unlimited, but not infinite. 

The candle flames were dancing with each other. One candle had three wicks and the other had one. They played off in a distant dance. 

The pop out of the NASA capsules, upon slash down, was theatrical and solely for the file and news films. 

It's not that you feel hungry. It's that you don't feel full. 

The superior leaders are the ones who have the poise to act like the smartest person in the room even when they know they're out of the league. You want to make the smartest people in the room think you're the smartest in the room. But you have to have control of the room. 

He was a coffee drinker, but he never went to the cafe next door. He said it tasted too burnt. 

Movies are 3rd person, like almost all entertainment. But books of fiction can be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person. A book, with a decent plot, written in first person with a third person for context will get made into a movie.
Think about A Bronx Tale. The story's told from C's point of view. But things happen, like his friends being burnt in the car, that he couldn't see, first hand. 

Pink Floyd had melodies. Rather than settle each one into a single song, they’d repeat the melody through difference songs on the album. People, listening for the first time, would rehear melodies they didn’t recognize, at first, from an older song and feel a strong attachment to if they enjoyed the melody. Repeated messages, themes, or motifs is the key. 

Is he too dumb to be brilliant?

It's the darkness that makes the night. 

At night, I wanted to get through the night as fast as possible so I'd try not to dream. 

Why say system preferences when you can say settings?

Art is what thoughts our imagination allows others to see. 

Living the dream and sharing the passion. 

With my attention at a peak, I decided to dig deeper and to have a peek as it continued to pique my interest.

Purple haze led to purple rain. It works as a haze from city lights, but it doesn't work practically with rain. 

I was a tree
A great big beautiful tree
I loved reaching for the sky under a warm spring sun

Can evidence from one crime, be used to solve another crime if the original evidence wasn't properly seized?

Pink Floyd's secret was Thayer wanted to be composers, rock and roll composers. Not rock stars. 

"Its absolute beauty," or "It's absolute beauty."

The brain is made up of compartments, like rooms in a house, where memories are stored. Each memory needs to be refreshed, each time you think about it otherwise it decays. Each time you recall it, you're really remembering the last time you recalled it. This process keeps it fresh. 

You learn to forget the pain of the situation and learn to remember what it taught you.

It was at that moment when I discovered I was ready to die and it was at that same moment when I discovered that no one else was prepared for my death. 

They cursed him, and all his fathers and mothers before him, and all his seed to come after him down to the remotest generation, and every hair on his body and drop a blood his veins. 
- "The Call of the Wild"

Every decision and opinion was a religion. Nothing more to learn. 

He had a dormant genius waiting to explode.

You couldn't know then what you know now, but you should know now what you knew then. 

Write sober, edit stoned or write stoned and edit sober. Both work equally well. 

Steve Jobs could see the wind. Or, as he put it in one employee communications meeting, "We need to be able to look around the corner."

We always looked for big things that shaped the universe. It turns out it's the smallest energies from our thoughts, our random thoughts from life. 

Living off the grid in the big city. 

I keep slipping in and out of reality. It’s the only thing keeping me sane. For those times when I’m gone for awhile, it’s like a waking crazy stuper since the body can only stay asleep for so long, then it has to wake up without me in that reality.

Today we met a homophobic redneck who saw a woman that was so pretty that he'd sleep with her, even if she's a guy. 

Stupid people don't think they're stupid unless they're really beaten down, from marginalized abuse. 

This Jewish man made a Christian argument to Christians something was alright. Oh, the inter racial kiss is allowed because it represents a Godless future.  

The drug emits a frequency that resonates and interferes with pain in the body. 

Universes exist in those moments we never missed. 

There's this idea, or expectation, that we accept something from those who've "arrived." Whether it's a movie, short shorty, or poem. And we skeptically question an unknown. 

Particles appear and disappear as simultaneous resonating universes coexist in the same place at the same time. 

He probably can't swim. 
Seriously? That's your first thought. I bet you he can swim better than Hawking. 

Photons travel forever because time doesn't pass for them. 

Light travels in all directions at once. Your speed doesn't matter. 

Matter is punctures in the universe, swirling around like four dimensional bubbles. 

Zeus gave me his ambrosia. 

Why does religion, without logic, convince intelligent people? It's because of the emotion involved with religion. What if you took that emotion and applied it to space? I give you Preacher Neil deGassee Tyson. An evangelist for humanity. 

The act of doing it perfectly is the measure of it going unnoticed. 

Tim Cook had a rescue plan in place. If the Chinese economy went south, the government would continue to buy Apple products to make it look like China was flourishing and keep Apple manufacturing in China. As bad as it is for China, this is great for Apple. 

Trump, by surrounding himself with so many supporters, makes the press look like the enemy since they're the only ones attacking him with questions. 

Government has nothing to do with morals. It's simply about keeping the people happy, not matter how unethical the methods and means. 

She thought she was in a guy's world so she acted like a guy. Too much of a guy, making her look cold rather than pretty. 

China’s stock market is only a fraction of the country’s total economy. The problem with the rest of the economy is its completely opaque compare to its stock market.  

Trump is saying what others are thinking, yet feel their concerns are unheard or not acted upon. 

Sore today. Strong tomorrow. 

The obvious imperfection gave it a more subtle realism. 

You can’t go through life scared of the worst case scenario. 

It causes you to go inside yourself. You don't experience reality directly, but you experience the experiences. It's the difference between flying a plane or piloting a drone. 

He was the type of person who wouldn't get worried when the motion night light, down the hall from his bedroom, would go off for no reason. After all, he was the only thing, bigger than a bug, alive in his home. 

There are two types of dating thugs. The one who is secure and confident enough to seduce her, or the guy who needs to control her. 

This fiction author broke the code. He learned that he could create beautiful descriptions, as if he experienced the events, himself. He would simply jot down the scene and figure out where to use it, later, or never. 

Religions all with drug ceremonies that had to be justified to those who didn't understand. 

You see, I get any and all benefit of the doubt from these people. They've known me for decades and know me. Let's say, for a moment, that I am lying, and I have them all fooled. What does that say about you, who I apparently lied to and didn't care? That's too unusual for someone like me who cares too much about an honorable perception. 

I didn't click on the thumbnail. I did not want to see the face of a deadman. 

Friction of information. 

I don't want daisies and dandelions. I want tulips and roses.

There are people who go through life knowing and people who go through life unknowing people. The people go through life unknowing get stressed out simply crossing the street or trying to find a parking spot in the busy part of town. 

“Creativity is the art of being yourself through all the possible means and ways.”
― Yasser Kashef

Does something really have to happen for you to experience it?

To increase your success rate, you'll have to increase your failure rate. 

He emanated a cool warmth that pulled you in. His smile was genuine and his eyes looked deep into yours giving you a glimpse of his soul. 

One look at that guy and you knew his story. 

He was thorough but careless and it worked in his favor. He was the sublime hero. 

You can't be normal and get abnormal results. The type of person to be that gaudy is the type of person you need to be to get that. 

The world is full of good people. If you can't find one then be one. Set the example.

Breath, trust, and let go. 

He had a warm, inviting smile that seemed particularly tailored for you, in that moment in time. It pulled you closer to him. 

Life is about executing and excuses. 

Why do we make concessions so our personal lives fit into our professional lives, especially when we hate our jobs?

Addiction is an adaptation to your cage.
–Johann Hari

You may be bigger than me. You may be stronger than me. But you’re not meaner than me.

Life is not about squeezing every penny and every second out of everything and everyone. It’s about making every penny and every second last as long as possible.
Life is not about squeezing every second out of everything and everyone. It’s about making every second last as long as possible.

A boy gets to be a man when a man is needed. 

He was the guy who always showed up unannounced. Yet we were always happy to see him. 

I wanted to hold on to tonight and make it last forever. 

How come I hear different lyrics and sounds, down there?

How come I don't remember when I come back up. But I remember it all, down there. 

You can fight change, but you can't stop change. 

There was a gravity in his manner and a quiet so profound that all talk stopped when he spoke. His authority was so great that his word was taken on any subject, be it politics or love.
- Slim's description from "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

Don't try to disarm an awkward silence with nervous talking.

The problem with opportunity, in front of us, is that it's hard to make out compared to the missed opportunity behind us. 

Celebrities don't care. Their choices don't affect your life, so keep things in perspective. Rather, your choices affect their lives. 

Nobody cares. Celebrities' choices do not affect your life, so keep things in perspective.  

Some people are always going some place instead of being where they are. 

An unsuffering existence is something to celebrate. 

Don't tell the story to the reader; show them. 

She was ugly in a very beautiful way. 

Do something every day that either brings you pleasure or money.

The world needs more leaders who can follow.

The thing that seems impossible to do is sometimes never suggested. 

Don't confuse wanting more with wanting something new. 
Don't confuse wanting something new with wanting something more. 

The easiest choice is to do nothing. Life is full of hard decisions. Do something.

I’ve never regretted failing, except failing to try.

When we're young, we care too much about rank, status, and job title. 

Making things worse never makes them better. 

The memory of a pain that was not there. 

Of course, I'm being a facetious asshole. 
Did you see what he did there? He's saying he's not really an asshole. 

He's a 50% narcoleptic: Half his waking time he’s asleep. 

The most dangerous woman in the would is the one you kiss who isn’t your wife.

What's the point of making a point if no one gets it?

Welcome to the life you were meant to have. live?

Data is content and metadata it is context.
-Bruce Schneier

I needed something to look at as I walked by the construction workers taking a lunch break. Should I make eye contact or not? I tried to, but most of the workers weren't looking up at me as they ate their lunch. Except for the last guy leaning against the building wall at the corner. I was transfixed on his work boots. I didn't want to look him in the eye. I didn't want him to think I was looking down on him. But, how could I not? How could I not look down on a person who was physically lower than me, as he sat on the sidewalk. Yet, he was the guy with a job, while I did nothing, or at least I did nothing that made money. All I do is spend it. 

I don't remember it. I only remember savoring the memory of when we first met. 

He was a gentleman. He could party. But when things went too far, he could get arrested with strength, dignity, and moral courage of Rosa Parks. 

He made hextangular cuts on the ends to be used on the roof, only. The boards of the roof didn't need to touch, they need to join, watertight. Either side is up on the roof boards. On the roof, the tarman paint the gaps full with rubber cork chalk. The it's sealed flat with tar, no shingles needed. 

He could impose his will upon you and make you think it was his idea. 

Design is art with function. It's how things work from the outside in. 
Engineering is technology with function. It's how things work from the inside out. 

Are we part of the universe or just inside of it?
Are we part of the earth?

If you want friends, you have to be a friend. You have to give, not to buy them, to keep them. 

Every night we dream up big ideas. The good ones, the really good ones, can withstand the light of day without fading. 

Marijuana is the first derivative of reality. 

I'm not forgetting. I'm forgetting what I'm forgetting. 

If you wait to do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you end up doing nothing for nobody. 

I don’t want to live in a world where somebody else makes the world a better place than I do.
-Silicon Valley

Math is pure because it doesn't have life. It has no randomness. 

You know what's funny about being 13? It's that you're old enough to think your smart, but you're not close enough to fool your old man. 

Ask me anything you want and my answer will be exactly what you want it to be. 

We prioritize responsibility. That's how we learn to get things done, setting small responsibilities. 

He smiled understandingly – much more than understanding. It was one of those rare smiles with the quality of internal reinsurance, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced – or seemed to face – the whole external world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would liked to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey. 
– The Great Gatsby

The most successful people are the ones who focus on who they serve. 

Everything you do is an experience so make the most of it. 

Saw something awful in the very simplicity you failed to understand. 

The difference between art and skill. The creator can't reproduce art without noticeable difference or appreciation. Skill stamps out the final product.   

The fog of war doesn’t just limit what you can know; it creates doubt about everything you’re certain that you know.
– Tim Kudo
Many of us live lives stuck in a room with no lock. We push and push on the door yet it never yields, simply because it opens inward.

Fix yesterday. 
Be ready for today.
Make big plans for tomorrow. 

We will produce a chemically pure and stable product performs as advertised. 

I am awake. 

A headache is a muscle cramp in the brain.  

What happens is the smarter you get, the smarter you realize you are and the harder it becomes to see your mistakes. 

No one asks where did language come from? How was it bootstrapped, taught, and standardized. It had to happen at close to the same time otherwise there'd be fewer languages. No culture gives up its language, they keep the language, always. How difficult it must have been to figure out the rules of the language and then tell others. Without a language, no species can challenge man. 

The one you believe could never lie makes the best liar. 
The one who's never lied to you is the best liar. 

All those thing I didn't want to be, I was. 

Beauty forgives intellectual shortcomings. 

"You can kill my body, and you can take my life but you can never kill my soul. My soul will live forever!"
-Huey Newton

She hired a PI who spoke directly to her mark. He confirmed everything and implicated himself. 

Apple's secret has always been that they knew when to abandon a product, when they could no longer innovate and iterate enough to grow it and be relevant. 

Where other mission statements talk about generating a profit, Apple talks about building a product so great that it compels the customer to come back and buy more. 

When a man of honor has a moment of weakness, he will reach out to a friend to help him make the truly right decision. 

Content, frequency, and time measures electronic importance. 

I bring the sun with me. 

I can't feel guilty. I'm not sure if I can't because I can't, or can't because I won't allow it. 

Every jet that flies creates a cloud a hundreds of feet wide and thousands of miles long. 

The woman you want is one you can tell all your dreams without fear of being judged’ she’s your biggest cheerleader. 

What makes a relationship bad isn't how it was, but how it ended. 

Anytime you take anything in public or politics, you're at risk. 

Write your own history; otherwise someone will write it for you. 

Time doesn't matter to something that can't measure it. 

It's a drug that made Poole only remember when they were under its influence from the previous time. A sting of memories, stretching rough time, only remembered when under its effects. It's an encrypted brain. 

The reason ideas seem stronger than others is because different thought patterns meetup at the same time which strengthens of the resolve. 

Everyone that travels more than a decade ahead in time is at serious risk of developing a psychosis, it's too hard to digest that much missing time. Everyone has their breaking point of you travel far enough ahead, until a tipping point when it doesn't matter. It's like running a marathon, even the best runners get injured. 

Love is an elusive butterfly that you can't reach out and grab. But then, when you least expect it, is when it lands gently on your shoulder.

Love is like a butterfly that you try to catch. When you stop looking for it, when you’re tired, it settles on your shoulder. Love comes when you least expect it.

We went through the last of the Marine's personal effects, his clothes. This is what he was wearing when he died. And they were soaked with blood and human waste. The smell of death is always different. But it always smells like death and the hot summer heat cooked this until the entire building reeked of it. The XO look through the washed clothes to determine if we were going to return them to the next of kin. As he held him he began to wretch. The smell of death buries itself deep, not just in your nose, but in your mind. 

The biggest lies in the world are the lies people tell themselves.

There's a physical healing process that only occurs when the mind is awake and the body is rested. 

There are two days you cannot change. The day you were born and the day you die. Make the days in between count. 

Bad boys have more fun, but they also get in more trouble. 

As you move up the leg under the dress you feel the skin and the new smells and texture. You wonder if you will like it. How much?

The fear of what you're afraid of causes that action. 1620

We’re not afraid of what what we think we’re afraid of. We’re afraid of what we think.
– Michael Neill

Addiction is to continue doing something in the face of mounting consequences.
Addiction versus dependency.

What's the difference between plant and animal? Any form of life that has memories is an animal; all else is a plant. 

It causes you to see things you wouldn’t ordinary see. Like a filter. The stars don’t go away in the morning. They’re still there, you just need to filter out the sunlight.

Crazy people can make you crazy, excited people can make you excited, and calm people can make you calm. Attitude is contagious. 

It’s not a doing, it’s a being. And being doesn’t take any time.
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

We can only have fun once we've accept the truth of a situation. 
How do you design fun? By giving it the respect it doesn’t deserve.
– Ian Bogost

“She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together.”
—J. D. Salinger, “A Girl I Knew”

He was one of those people who framed everything in the context he wanted.
Every introduction came with some sort of political judgment.

There is no right or wrong, just the consequences of your actions.
– Californication.
There is no right or wrong. Just the consequences of your actions.
…And the guilt of your conscience.
So, if you do something and there are no consequences, does that make it right? No, because there is no right or wrong. 

In high-tech unless you're cutting edge you are commodity.

As a group of military minded Service members, our thoughts on the creativity of art are other the opposite end of the spectrum from the operational needs of the military.

I want to make meaning. I want meaning in my work. I want to be part of an organization that is making a difference. I identified with that in the Marines. I identified with that at Apple. 
Being in the Marines means I can color inside the lines
Being at Apple means I can think outside the box.

Failed pettiness. 

Non-Numerical Anniversary of Her Planetary Arrival.

It's easy to draw a straight line to connect the dots to the past. 

"Apple was more interested in defining markets than trying to catch other companies that were busy trying to create a market for questionable products."
-Steve Jobs

"I remember talking to Steve Jobs and asked why he was perceived as harsh," Ive said. "And I said couldn't we be more moderate? And he said why? And I said because I care about the team. And he said, 'No Jony, you're just really vain. You just want people to like you. I'm surprised at you, because I thought you really held the work up as the most important and not how you are perceived by people.' People misunderstand Steve because he was so focused."
-Jony Ive 

I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries because that’ll mean we’ll be one bar closer to humanity.
–Prince Ea

 “The only way you can pull this off is when everyone is working together well. And not just working together well but almost blending together so that you can’t tell where people are working anymore, because they are so focused on a great experience that they are not taking functional views of things.”
– Tim Cook

World peace begins at home.

There a reality of human nature that make people attribute their successes to their personal genius while attributing failures to bad luck.
— paraphrase MICHAEL CARNEY 

We want people to have no excuse not to confront their own artistic ability
–paraphrase Bill Atkinson

Caffeine put a man on her horse and a woman in his grave.
– Ernest Hemingway

Don't let you life go so fast that you're not living it. 

A great story is larger than life. It should make everyone who hears it wish they were there. 

You are always young in the present. 

In the future, I plan on living in the past. 

You can break the rules if the effect you are seeking can be obtained no other way. 

Be genuine. Do not mystify when there is no mystery. 

If you have to go out of your way to make a statement then that's not the real you. It's really you making a statement. 

I think, therefore I exist. The problem with this is that you can think without knowing you exist.
“I am here,” is all you need to know you are conscience. 

It existed to entice people. Once they used it they succeeded at life for their goals. 

Son Diego Software

The story is the glue that connects the metaphors. 

I can see the sound in the flame.

The the space beyond what I see.

It went to from where it came.

I've loved you always - even before we met. 

Born again atheist. 

Fifteen years ago, I used to travel with just my laptop. Now I work on my laptop at my desk, my iPad on the couch, and my iPhone on the go.

The end was guaranteed from the beginning. 

The road to power is paved with hypocrisy… And casualties. Never regret. 
-House of cards

Life is more than a transition from birth to death. 

You'll never figure out life. 
You'll never figure out life if you don't stand still. 
Just live it. 
The hardest thing for good leaders to do is tolerate bad leaders. But a good leader will preserver. 

The older we get the more scars we have. 
It's one thing to see a scar, it's another thing to see it being made .

The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobily for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.
-Mr. Antolini from The Catcher in the Rye

A mind gripped by fear is prone to stick with familiar and safe routines and to engage in repetition rather than innovation. 

Never cheat on a cheater or lie to a liar.

The more natural the interaction the more meaningful the experience. 

If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween will fall on the same day.

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we have a full take of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it!

I'm too serious to be an amateur and not enough to be a professional. 

Hemingway commented, "anything capable of arousing passion in its favor will surely raise as much passion against it."

People learn from their surroundings.

Simplifying complexity is not simple. 
Simplifying complexity is not easy. 

Edit the crap away so you can focus on what you want to do. 
- Susan Rockrise, creative director

The creation of art is not the fulfillment of a need but the creation of a need. The world never needed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony until he created it. Now we could not live without it. -- Louis Kahn
There is no progress without change.

I am not in danger, Skylar. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks.

It's never too early to start beefing up your obituary. 

Hot, dark, and quiet. 

Anyone who has never done anything wrong has never done anything. 

Never drink to feel better, only drink to feel even better.

You fall in love with this extraordinary person and over time they begin to seem ordinary. 

Loretta, I love you. Not like they told you love is, and I didn't know this either, but love don't make things nice - it ruins everything. It breaks your heart. It makes things a mess. We aren't here to make things perfect. Snowflakes are perfect. The stars are perfect. Not us. Not us! We are here to ruin ourselves and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and die. The storybooks are bullshit. Now I want you to come upstairs with me and get in my bed!

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.
—Ernest Hemingway in A Farewell to Arms

Do we live life to work or do we work to live life?

The Internet is as shameless as it is awesome.

I now realize that I've never been as fulfilled as I am with you because  I genuinely feel empty without you. I suspect that I will spent the rest of my life looking for what we had.  

Diego is the best of friends and the worst of husbands.

Technology is a blessing and a curse. 

If you lie down with dogs you should expect fleas. 
If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. 

You bring life and warmth to any place. 

Because we wanted to. 

If you're not different then you're normal. If you're normal then you'll live a normal life.

Then she realized that they were gone. She'd have to prepare for all the little things. Like seeing the dog dish or a dog toy. It reminded her of when her father died. She flew home that very day and her sister picked her up at the airport in her father's car. She knew he was gone, as unexpected as that news was, but she wasn't prepared for the moment when she got into the car and could smell his cologne. It was as if he was sitting there in the car with her.

Politics is the opposite of science. Instead of welcoming constructive criticism, it is about doling out destructive criticism.

The main reason people don’t tell you what they really think of you is they’re afraid of your reaction. (If they’re right to be afraid, then you need to start by working on that.) 

Instead of just picking the best options invent new ones.

In 1977 Lee Ross decided to name it the “fundamental attribution error”: we attribute people’s behavior to their personality, not their situation.

Lance Armstrong tried to ruin so many lives of those who simply told the truth. It will be nice to see him taken to court and stripped of his money. I would say "honor" as well but I don't think he ever had any of that. All I can say is that I'm glad that I never wore a LIVESTRONG bracelet.
-Ric Arthur

The only experience we have is our own. 
-Dave Winer

I know the curves of your face
And the scent of your beauty
I love the softness of your breath
And the sound of your laugh

They're just fixated on you because of how you make them feel. That's not love. 
-Something About Mary

Old flames are like old tax returns, put them in the file cabinet and then get rid of them after three years. 

Don't ruin the best thing in your life because you're unsure of yourself
-The Family Man

You forget that time marches on once you leave a place. In your mind, time has frozen. 

Winer audio blog post was great in that it conveyed an emotion that would have been missed by words. 

What was infatuation
Became full fixation

A poem rushed
A love that hushed

14 days together
14 weeks apart

A man who knows how to use his dark side for good. And then you move to Florida.

The quality of work resulting from a project is inversely proportional to the number of people involved in the project.

The quality of work resulting from a project increases in direct proportion to the degree of involvement by the ultimate decision maker.

Art’s purpose is to express consciousness.
- Hugh MacLeod

Whatever happens in the next few hours, whatever you hear, we will never speak of it. 
-House of Cards

I pray to myself, for myself. 

I'm here, you deal with it. 
-Jerry Seinfeld

Love turned into respect and friendship which then turned into numbness and purposeful separation. 

You found the best guy in the worst way. 

Ennui - listlessness. 

Psycho aggressive control freak phone call. 
Men are incapable of growth, change, or progress. 

Those who make you believe absurdities can make commit atrocities

“We manage the company at the top and just have one P&L, and don’t worry about the iCloud team making money and the Siri team making money. We want to have a great customer experience, and we think measuring all these things at that level would never achieve such a thing.”


“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”
– Leonard Bernstein

When love flourishes in a world that doesn't support it then it won't survive, even when you remove the obstacles. 

You know Stallion it's too bad we have to get old. 

The best way is to read it all every day from the start, correcting as you go along, then go on from where you stopped the day before. When it gets so long that you can’t do this every day read back two or three chapters each day; then each week read it all from the start. That’s how you make it all of one piece.

Don't look for happiness from others, people make too many mistakes. 

In the best traditions of the Navy and in the interests of the United States. 

For love of love a love is lost

It's a mystery inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma. 

I try to be sensitive to the world around me. I try to ensure that I'm sensitive to how it's stayed the same even though I've changed and to how it's changed but I've stayed the same. 

The journey of life is like a highway. You don't get on I-95 in Maine and take it to the end in Florida. You get on and off somewhere in between.  Sometimes you want to move fast to get to the next exit and sometimes you just need to take it slow and smell the roses. 

Kenya is beautiful, not like Hawaii or Bali but in a spiritual way. In a way as when the world was new. 

How music can move you to a moment in time. Small can't be transported. 

Sun kissed skin. 

It was just after midnight and I had been awake since 3:00 AM. My day, and a new life, was about to begin. 
50 degrees and my first trip in an airplane. I just left weather that never got out of the 30s. 
Your drill instructors will take care of you. There are always people looking out for your well being. Complete strangers who flew the plane I was on or inspected the bridge I drove over or a food inspector who recalled some bad meat that I would have eaten. 

We are connected to the universe; in the past, through star dust and in the present through the earth, solar system, and Milky Way.  

Every project at that company was an exercise in the longest distance between two points. 

Poetry is song without music.

We were crazy..We were nuts. We were insane. I had seen something that I could never unsee.

What you're doing isn't nearly as important as what your spouse is doing. 
-Brad Feld

Spiritual warrior

Once you get what you want out of life, then what?
My mother is a simple woman in the best way possible. 

I flew too close to the sun because I couldn't get enough of the heat. 

Newness: There's something special about a new, temporary place. Limited time, perhaps. Walking into a place I've never been, in a city I've never visited, is when I seem to make the most connections. Like striking up a conversation with a stranger on a plane. 

If you can't explain it simply then you don't understand it well enough.

Our choice of entertainment is a reflection of who we are, both as individuals and collectively. But, it's not a direct reflection. Just because I like the Godfather movies, the Sopranos, and Breaking Bad doesn't mean I long to be  part of organize crime.

A year from now you may wish you started today. 
- Karen Lamb

Uncommon freedom in common places. 

Ev Williams definition of social media:
Media for which the consumer’s relationship with the creator is relevant for understanding or value.

Let us love as lovers love 
Let us live as lively doves 
Let us long for life together 
Let us lean on one another

Evil will trample good unless good stands up to it. 

The elderly complain about poor customer service at restaurants while the young complain about how slow they move. 

Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games.
-Babe Ruth?

I'm a very good thing in your life. Don't push me out.
We're very good things in each other's lives. Don't push it away without a great reason.
Don't push away a helping hand that's helping.

You cannot be an intimate part of my life while keeping me at arms length. 

What's worse, thinking you're paranoid or knowing you should be?

but I only paid attention to the bad ones. I would say, “Did you see what this guy said about me?” Maybe it was a Long Island thing. We had a chip on our shoulder.
-Billy Joel

Here's my Q t

Too much of a good thing is bad. 
Food, information, etc. 

Tomorrow is not promised to you. 

Carpe that diem. 

The 420 bowl used to cost $4.20 but that's not why it was called the 420 bowl. 

I experienced my own reality. 

I miss the beauty of undressing a woman and waking up in the morning to find our discarded clothes scattered on the floor.

There are no asterisks in this life, only scoreboards.

There's nothing wrong with reliving an export emcee. Just make sure you're present to live it the first time. 

If I could buy another day. 

We was humping and having so much fun. 

Adding this doesn’t get rid of something else.

Getting rid of this doesn't get rid of something else. 
-Gary Hoffman

Coffee bean Buddha. 

We got kicked out, baby. Your brothers threw a snow cone at a sea otter. 

The answers don’t lie in the past or future – the answers are here in the now. 

They say their Chambers coil is overloading their Comm system. 

The act that saves him condemns him.

Exodus 31:15 ESV
Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day shall be put to death.

Should we be concerned about living under a flight path due to jet fuel fumes? 

She hired a PI?

Some people can look at the past and figure what was needed then. 
Some can look at the present and figure it out. 
Steve could look out a few years and figure it out. 
We over estimate what we can do in two years and underestimate what can be accomplished in a decade. 

“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
–Maya Angelou

I'm in a dream called Life

I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to lose. 
-American Beauty

I don’t believe in your ability to be perfect, only human. I just want you to be a perfect human with all the love, risk, beauty, and imperfections that a human has.

The most important idea in advertising is “new” through a deeper bond with the product: nostalgia. A twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.
-Madmen, The Carousel 

Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacott Steel. 

A perfect flower is nearly old.
–My Old Lady, Kevin Klein

Author's note:
The purpose of these quotes are observations or content for fiction. Some of these comments I believe and some quotes are the exact opposite of what I believe for fictional dialog purposes.


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