The Worst Privileged White Men

The worst privileged white men are the ones who have no idea, or refuse to believe they're living in a different context than others. And context matters. O therwise we wouldn't celebrate the minor achievements of children or have age groups at 5Ks. Why do we celebrate them? Because they represent the best-of, and significant progress forward. Context matters. Let money be the absolute quantitative decider and let love be the qualitative one.


It's not enough to be right. It's not enough to be correct. It is more important to be effective.
 Thoughts, ideas, and quotes of Joseph Leo Moreno:   ∞   It’s not enough to be right. It’s not enough to be correct. It’s more important to be effective. – Pedestrians may have the right of way in a crosswalk. But I’m not going to step out, in front of a fast moving car, only to have my epitaph read “He was in the right.”  ∞   Political spin is the art of highlighting the truth in a lie or the lie in the truth.  ∞   Imagination is the first derivative of reality.   ∞   Instead of picking the best option, invent a new one.  ∞   Be the person you needed when you were younger.  ∞   Dreams are your imagination, uninhibited.   ∞   Knowledge can be updated faster than the speed of light.   ∞   Eating diet food and taking supplements is the nutritional equivalent of using electric shock treatment to target muscle groups instead of physically working out.  ∞    It’s more spectacle than significant.  ∞    A cult is an indoctrination around a movement or leader that never ends.