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 Thoughts, ideas, and quotes of Joseph Leo Moreno:   ∞   It’s not enough to be right. It’s not enough to be correct. It’s more important to be effective. – Pedestrians may have the right of way in a crosswalk. But I’m not going to step out, in front of a fast moving car, only to have my epitaph read “He was in the right.”  ∞   Political spin is the art of highlighting the truth in a lie or the lie in the truth.  ∞   Imagination is the first derivative of reality.   ∞   Instead of picking the best option, invent a new one.  ∞   Be the person you needed when you were younger.  ∞   Dreams are your imagination, uninhibited.   ∞   Knowledge can be updated faster than the speed of light.   ∞   Eating diet food and taking supplements is the nutritional equivalent of using electric shock treatment to target muscle groups instead of physically working out.  ∞    It’s more spectacle than significant.  ∞    A cult is an indoctrination around a movement or leader that never ends.