Thoughts, ideas, and quotes of Joseph Leo Moreno: 

  It’s not enough to be right. It’s not enough to be correct. It’s more important to be effective. – Pedestrians may have the right of way in a crosswalk. But I’m not going to step out, in front of a fast moving car, only to have my epitaph read “He was in the right.” 
  Political spin is the art of highlighting the truth in a lie or the lie in the truth. 
  Imagination is the first derivative of reality.  
  Instead of picking the best option, invent a new one. 
  Be the person you needed when you were younger. 
  Dreams are your imagination, uninhibited.  
  Knowledge can be updated faster than the speed of light.  
  Eating diet food and taking supplements is the nutritional equivalent of using electric shock treatment to target muscle groups instead of physically working out. 
   It’s more spectacle than significant. 
   A cult is an indoctrination around a movement or leader that never ends.  
   The key to be an expert is to know your own limitations.  
   Motivation will get you started, but it’s forming good habits that’s important. Better yet, just go OCD and then you’ll never skip doing it. 
   Sometimes I like simple and sometimes I like sophisticated.  
   That’s two for the price of none. A bargain at twice the price. 
   Absinthe: Pour, drip, stir, lick, click, sip. Kiss.  
   Republic: Serve your constituents’ best interests. Democratic: Serve your constituents’ desires. 
   Today, we now see more of the world’s uncertainty.  
   No, no. I don’t want to bring her home to mom. I just want to bring her home.  
   Wormhole, hyper space travel will transport you anywhere in the universe, in no more than one Planck time. It does this by pushing a side, the fabric of space to allow something to travel through nothingness. That’s how the wave function collapses. 
   Humans think of the universe incorrectly. We think of it as nothing for its default. When in fact, the default of the universe is everything and the rest is just a space in between. 
   The secret to a successful relationship is to realize sometimes even your partner needs some space away from you. 
   Encrypted Vision allows individuals to see different things via AR glasses. Each pixel can be encrypted 
   It’s not a physical impossibility, but merely an engineering difficulty. 
   It’s all about style. Young people of the past dressed like old people in the future.  
   He was a failed artist who looked down on everyone else’s creativity.  
   You’re better off playing by the rules and losing than cheating and losing.  
   Emotional manipulation.  
   Why do we care more about how we look when we’re on a video camera for work than when we’re in the office, meeting in person?Partially because the entire world is seeing us from one vantage point. Might as well make it look good.  
   We all make poor choices. The key is to not put yourself in a position where you’re encounter a bad decisions. 
   This isn’t a discussion, this is a telling. You’re telling me what to think. 
   I used to look for the woman who was my muse. That’s selfish of me. What I should have sought was a woman where we were each other’s muse.  
   You have no true soulmate. Rather it’s the one whose soul you connect and grow with.  
   There are women you’ll make love to who you’ll exchange energy with. The great ones are the one you connect souls with.  
   Things you’re supposed to do the day before you die.  
   If you have a physical or mental health issue due to poor choices in your life such as dropping out of school, excessive drug use and abuse, or prison then you should not be giving life advice. Sick doctors should not help sick patients until they’re fully healed.  
   You’re always flowing with the universe.  
   Do you want to exchange energy? 
   The iOS UI for the intercom feature on the HomePod should be a display of all the HomePods in your home for you to PTT.  
   The harsher the joke, the smaller the audience. 
   Too many citizens are shooting down politicians for not being perfect while overlooking key leadership flaws.  
   My goal is to sleep well at night knowing that my actions don’t interfere with anyone else’s night’s sleep.  
   Do you know how hard it is to make money? We take for granted walking into a cafe and buying a coffee. Think about what the owner, on the other side of the counter, went through to get to the point of selling a cup of joe. 
   The definition of a politician is someone who wants to get re-elected.  
   Why me? Why not me? Why should I be exempt? 
   Negative social potency.  
   We are in a social context. We are not judging for accuracy. We’re looking for identity, validation, and connection.  
   These are people who are extremely online. 
   I see that it matters to you but why does it matter to others? 
   When the light is struckThe louching begins 
  Company culture travels out in waves. Every so often, there needs to be a splash. 
  The universe used to be a perfect volume of symmetry at absolute zero until some debris found it’s way in and contaminated the entire cosmos like a spec of dirt dropped in a supercooled liquid. 
  Love never eclipses money.  
    People will always love money.  
   All politics isn’t local. All politics is personal.  
   False reporting and abuse of process.  
   I’m living a better life than Hemingway.  
   Absinthe: Simple sophistication  
   Nobody’s listening. Everyone’s talking and no one is listening. Listen. Just listen empathetically. Listen to understand.  
   I don’t know if this works, but I have to believe in something.  
   Andy Warhol would have loved Twitter. You have to read between the lines in his diaries.  
   I used to tell my Marines, when they separate, to not leave unless they were moving on to something that would make them proud. Something that would build on their accompaniments in the Marine Corps. 
   Of course politics is the new religion. Hundreds of years ago we weren’t fighting wars to install democracies - it was all for land and religion.  
   Disinformation, confusion, and narrative control.  
   In combat, we don’t rise to the occasion, rather we sink to the level of our training.  
   Go out and generate your own content.  
   It was the very near future where governments became obsolete. Thank about it, where do people spend most of their time? At work. Corporations controlled the consumer economy.  
   This nightly ceremony is greater than the sum of its parts.  
   Try not to reveal too much of your true self in the process.  
   He’s loyal, but defensive – he’ll lawyer his way through responses on technicalities.  
   I’m not looking to date a broke woman in her 50s or 60s who lives in a rented room and surfs the Internet on an extremely cracked iPhone using their neighbor’s WiFi connection.  
   I’m looking for low latency and high bandwidth. 
   “I’m sure, thousands of years from now, people will look back and think it’s absurd that our leaders need to be protected from their own people,” said the utopian. The pessimist replied, “It’ll be worse than it is today. Nowadays, we need to protect ourselves from distant hackers.” 
   “Pandemics are the new way for governments to control their citizens,” s/he said.  
   The problem with reading important writings from someone you know is you hear too much of them in the words. You can’t separate the work from the person.  
   I love those times in my life when I’m happy - when I’m content and satisfied because you energize my soul.  
   While I never believed she was an angel, I never thought she was so evil.  
   It has a very intimate candor.  
   There is no greater respect for the muse than the to be the subject of the art and artist.  
   Be wary of experts who don’t have experience with large samples and feedback.  
   Quantum information transfer FTL speeds became possible when it was learnt how to modulate spin to determine an outcome on one of a pair of entangled particles.  
   He discovered that gravitational attraction of mass is simply a unique and special case of the electromotive force.  
   Not “benefit of the doubt,” but rather “assume the best.” 
   A psychological perimeter is the mental safety net we create in our mind. That’s why we like to park our car as close to our home as possible, rather than down the block or around the corner.  
   Open and Free: A Tale of Lovers the Poets Write About 
   A smart man who drinks too much will seem dumb.  
   Your Personal Happiness and Inner Peace:Would nine-year-old you be proud of what you’ve become? Imagine showing that kid a photo of yourself, your family, your home, and a CV of your social and professional accomplishments.  
   Novelty, unpredictability, complexity, awe, risks, all produce dopamine.  
   Carl Sagan knew science and he knew philosophy; but what he didn’t understand was how to lead people. He was theory, not practice. 
   He’s a smart man, not a smart leader. 
   Bebe, you are impeccably perfect in my life.  
   Is a tree is a higher evolved form of life? They have learned to become one with the universe while being content where they are. 
   It enriches so much more than it depletes.Free unencumbered energy flow.  
   When was explosions in the Marine Corps I could actually seeing the shock wave.  
   The First Amendment protects you from governmental consequences. It doesn’t protect you from social consequences.  
   Ever since joining the Marines, everything has been a footnote to that experience.  
   “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” 
   If technology transfer doesn’t take hold and innovation isn’t self generated then an uncontrollable an irreversible addiction to imported technology is created.  
   FTL information transfer became possible without violating Einstein’s declaration that information can’t travel faster than lights (in space). But quantum entanglement happens in between, in the space between the space.When two solid objects, made of matter, collide, the atoms don’t come in physical contact with each other. Rather’s it’s the forces exhibited by the atoms that push, invisibly, against the other atoms. So, like the space inside solid matter; there’s space within the physical space-time of the universe. It’s in the space² (space squared) where quantumly entangled particles communicated. Matter is symphony of forces that create a lattice of energy that’s physical. Matter is transcended energy. 
  “The Radioactive Hitman” was a story about a guy who used a small, but lethal amount of “dirty” material that gave his victims cancer within six to nine months, but not enough to show sings of radiation poisoning. 
  Your (computer) code is your personal brand.  
  You take every moment and make it better. 
   Joga & The Joetians  
   Matter is crystallize energy.  
   Here’s what I know as a fact. In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. We start with the theory behind a practice, such as leadership. Then we practice it. This theory holds the principles which doesn’t vary much from culture to culture. The practice is how we implement the theory in the form of values.Principles: The terrainValues: The map (street map, nautical chart, aviation chart, etc). 
   The most important goal is the mission is the results. 
   A great plan is a good start, but executing it well is a great ending. 
   Better to have the execution than the plan. 
   Results should be achieved, respectfully, using ethical means. Disrespect has no place in leadership except, possibly, in the case of immorality.  
   A Palestinian, Bedouin, and Persian walk into a bar… 
   Every today builds on all of our yesterdays. 
   Are you digging a hole or building a tower 
   What was the most romantic think he ever said to you?He said he’d gladly trade my mouth in for a second vagina.  
  It’s a play about a couple that has a nightly ceremony and talks while wighting poetry. They are the lovers the poets write about. It becomes the quintessential play because the set was simple. There are remakes of the play in fancy kitchens but the purest say that ruins it and they simplify the stage to a dark room with only a bistro room table and chairs.  
  Let’s not confuse inspiration with magical.  
  At the end of the day, if you want to create a spaceship to travel through interstellar space, you’ll need to travel on a planet to do it safely.   
  No one’s success depends on anyone else’s failure. We succeed and fail as a company. 
  Priorities are about managing threats to the pains in you life. 
  Inner peace. Achieve that and bask in nirvana. 
  Code, like ideas, is very fragile at the beginning. 
  Back in the old days, was it that we had more trust; or was it really more ignorance to all possible dangers around us? 
  Writing from your feelings works best if you can make others feel the same thing. 
  Black holes make life possible. Not because there’s anything special about them other than the fact that they’re the only place in the universe where information is lost. This happens when one entangled subatomic particle of a pair crosses the event horizon. It’s this subtle breakdown of symmetry that makes life possible through randomness, entropy, and ultimately thought.  
  You know you’re old and tired in your thinking when you start criticizing others’ preferences.  
  Use the right tool for the job, not the right job for the tool. 
  We’re the lovers the poets write about.  
  Many people project their worst onto others.  
  As humans we can’t understand how either something always existed in the form of the cosmos or it all came out of nothing. Either way it’s mind blowing. 
  Don’t act married.  
  How is Trump’s Jan 6 speech not the equivalent of falsely shouting, “Fire!” in a crowded theater?Schenck v. United States (1919), later partially overturned by Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969) which limited the scope of banned speech to that which would be directed to and likely to incite imminent lawless action (e.g. a riot). 
  Digital whittling: Being social when you’re alone.  
  Religion and science are after the same thing: the origins and destiny of the universe.  
  Be wary of large organizations, institutions, and cultures that don’t discuss their history, both the good and the bad.  
  New ideas are fragile. When you have trust it’s not a competition.  
  I keep in touch with my inner child when it comes to my lifestyle. Would ten-year-old me dream of living in a house in San Diego or would he be content with renting a room? 
  Do you prefer scruff or clean shaven? 
  He said he didn’t like being alone because it made him feel unheard.  
  A nightclub called Iniquity. 
  True love is finding someone who accepts you exactly for  who you are, OCD and all.  
  Me: You could stand to lose a few pounds. Her: You could stand to lose a few teeth.  
  Time is a two dimensional plane we call gravity as it warps and distorts around matter. 
  If you something stupid, with authority, then people will think you’re authoritatively stupid.  
  I am a simple man with a complex mind.  
  Disproportionate accountability for trivial transgressions.  
  You need a gun to protect yourself but not a face mask? 
  You want to be with someone who sees reality the same way you do.  
  There have been certain women in my life who try to rewrite history. They throw out my old photos of past girlfriends and delete social media posts.  
  Sunlight and feel right.  
  Yes, everything looks better in photos. My photos are about capturing the everyday beauty around us. Focus on that.  
  We’ve plagued ourselves with untruths. It’s in our nature to control others at delusional costs.  
  Some people are motived by discipline. Some are motivate by anxiety.  
  Guns of colonial times were the Internet of today. 
  Some people seek happiness. Others are too lazy to make a positive change.  
  What makes the Internet so fascinating is that the principals of the cosmos, such as the second law of thermodynamics, don’t apply there – rather, it’s the opposite. Entropy on the Internet is decreasing. Every moment, more content is created and organized than is destroyed.  
  It was called the Ron Jeremy law. Basically, American entertainment banned an actor from portraying the same charter or type of charter more than a dozen times.  
  It’s seem the cosmos is aligning the stars in your favor.  
  They want your time, money, or attention.  
  Even after the fire’s fully extinguished, the forest still smells like smoke.  
  Living in the world of Covid is a lot like driving. Both systems have a lot of moving parts - and if anything goes wrong the harm is easily identifiable 
  No, a mask or vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid anymore than a seatbelt or airbag prevents you from getting into an accident.  
  Beware of the inexperienced experts.  
  Remember, many times when someone says, “I don’t know what that guy does.” He literally means that he doesn’t know what he does.   
  The reason I love her so much is because I need her to protect me from me.  
  I want my life to be one long boulevard of solid green light with very few open browser tabs.  
  For Sexting short story… the guy she meets at the bar washed out of the military twice. So then he focused his attention to less disciplined, more passionate endeavors. Everyone responds to stress differently, in different areas, at different times. He was one of the rare kids who wouldn’t respond to yelling from authority figures. He’d freeze, so twice he was discharged.  
  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to believe. But, you have to do it skeptically. 
  Let’s see where the quantum winds take us.  
  You can tell there’s an issue when someone is trying too hard to think for you, instead of letting you think for yourself. They’re trying to convince you that their thinking is right instead of simply conveying information.  
  Gravity isn’t a force, rather it’s an effect of curved space. It has no messenger particles anymore than holes in EE exist. 
  An inability prioritize due to a lack of life experiences.  
  “I don’t recall.”“So you’re not denying you did it - you simply don’t recall.” 
  PTSD: It’s not easy for the human mind to put a violent act in such a peaceful setting.  
  I’m not going to say they knew what they’re doing because maybe they didn’t. But I will attest that they did it for me. 
  You can’t observe without interacting. Observation = Interaction You never see the wind, but you see and hear its effects.   
  Are photos emitted perpendicular to the material that absorb them? No. So why then does light reflect off a mirror a 90°? 
  “We’re going to start a religion where the sacrament is absinthe, cannabis, and dark chocolate. I know it get a lot of followers.” 
  Who doesn’t like R2-D2? 
  I like lying with you. 
  I’m self-reporting you. That means I’m reporting you to myself.   
  Glorifying poor choices and bad behavior is not for me.  
  Restrictions aren’t solutions.  
  How do you leave your mark on the universe? How do you tell generations to come, “I was here.” 
  Quantum particles don’t radiate gravity in the same way water striders don’t break the surface of water.  
  That’s very entertaining, but unnecessarily overly dramatic.  
  A life without knots.  
  The pain and suffering of a loved one is hell on earth.  
  “You know it’s getting close to the right time to talk about hospice when you don’t want to talk about it.” 
  The worst part of the suffering was I couldn’t find any proper music to nourish my soul.   
  I’m always skeptical of anyone who says they’re writing a book but they don’t have a publisher, especially if they’ve never been published before. You’re basically telling me that you’re about to embark on something you’ve never accomplished before as if it’s a foregone conclusion. 
  I lost my connection with nature.  
  Sacrifice without gain is the hallmark of a true leader.  
  Shoe polish on the baseball.  
  Hospitals are where you are treated. Home is where you heal.  
  Dating advice: If someone likes you, you’ll know. If they don't, you'll be confused. 
  War: The United States always wins when it matters. If it doesn’t make a difference whether the United States wins or loses in a war then we shouldn’t get into it. 
  Dopamine isn’t “I like” – rather it’s “I want.” 
  Power social relationships are one-sided relationships.   
  The Most Boring Day in History: Sunday, April 11, 1954 
  One last checkin. One last commit. One last compile. One last deploy.  
  Instead of “No, because,” think, “Yes, if.” 
  She was a savvy woman who could always detect the guy who knew he only wanted sex. Even if he didn’t know it yet. 
  He knew how to manipulate by leading with the upbeat and positive and then injected, only once and in passing a tiny, worrisome tidbit.  
  The people who come to America with nothing end up gaining everything.  
  It’s not that he was an artist whose work defined its tone. Rather, he was an artist whose time influenced his work.  
  It’s not only that we’re standing on the shoulders of giants we’re also leading the those behind us at ground level.  
  Instead of perusing the dream, teach the dream to those perusing it.   
  Military service members will lay down their lives for this county yet politicians won’t sacrifice their job for this country.  
  Prioritize the safety of all over the convince of some.  
  The reason most people aren’t more diabolical than they are is because they simply don't want to be seen as diabolical. Otherwise they try to get away with it. And God makes the perfect Santa Claus. 
  Santa is feminine in Spanish. It’s the equivalent of Mrs. Claus. 
  It’s not only the infidelity that’s so bad, but it’s also all the lying and add on top of that all of the forethought and pretexting.  
  Protest without action is, at best, merely symbolic or at worst, complaining 
  We are all on a journey. We don’t start off perfect, we start at the beginning.  
  The difference between a statistic and personal is the difference between a car door slamming shut during the night in front of your home in Brooklyn as opposed to Long Island.  
  One interesting thing about the Marine Corps is when you’re a young leader you’re quick to act and make decisions, perhaps too quickly. As you become more senior you know where the land mines are so you can let things just go and make fewer decisions, but they have a bigger impact 
  That teacher you admire the most is whose traits you took on in life. 
  Information can’t travel faster than the speed of light, but knowledge can.  
  It’s the ones you love and trust the most who can hurt you the deepest.   
  The harder the jail, the tougher the inmate.  
  Is it possible to control your emotions without losing your sensitivities and brittleness? 
  Fly, love, and kill. What more could a man want to accomplish?!? 
  You’re on mute.Can you see my screen? 
  New ideas are very fragile. Even the strongest man was once a baby. New ideas need to be built up and protected, but not to a fault. If it should, then let it go into history with the lesson learned.  
  They say love conquers all. But it’s really war.   
  The insight from social media is that you eventually get to see most everyone’s breaking point over something seemingly irrational to you.  
  There are lovers and there are haters. Lovers find the things to love while haters do it from the other direction.   
  Engineers bring us a better tomorrow. Creative minds bring us a better generation  
  It’s not like you’re dumb. You’re learning not what to do.  
  It’s hard to recognize a negative, unrealized event. We can’t image all the other ways it might have happened.  
  “You make me so nervous that I was worried I’d spill the glass.”“Up your meds.” 
  A married couple who goes to sex clubs at least annually together, to get it out of their system, together.  
  On a pain scale of one to ten, this is a pi. Low level, but never ending.  
  They were a dull family. Nothing interested them except maybe watching sports. 
  I don’t want to be a wannabe celebrity. I wannabe a celebrity.  
  One secret to dating I’ve discovered is to give her options. For a first date, I’ll usually suggest three places; one that’s close to her, one close to me, and one in between. Here are more dating tips. 
  Theatrical politics is divisive by making people hate things more than they really would. 
  The plane crashing and pilot ejecting while the aircraft carrier was in highly contested waters was all a ruse. Yes, it really happened, but that was so the rescue mission would double as a spy and sabotage operation. 
  Insecure, competitive people tend to create obstacles of their own undoing on their path to meaning and happiness. They keep looking outward for inner peace. 
  When planning, everything needs to be either way bigger than you think or ultra-tiny for simplicity and reliability.  
  In order to be heard and respected you need a platform built upon a relevant reputation. Not owning a car, renting a room, or going in debt because you have no steady paycheck is not a probable platform to be heard from when touting residual and passive income. (Unless you’re in the clergy and pledged your life to poverty. Otherwise know your limits – you’re not smarter than genuine leaders and scientists.)  
  Is that your wife or are you married to a man? 
  Do what’s right. All the time. That way, when you need to do what’s wrong you’ll never get caught. The corollary is always do wrong and what's in your best interest, and no one will expect more than that from you. 
  The robots didn’t take over humanity. And we didn’t take over the robots. We simply merged. Only where it made sense. We both dependent on each other and we also empowered one another.  
  It’s the hum of the city at night. During the day it buzzes.But even on a quiet night, you could feel the tame beauty of the sleepy darkness.  
  Compilation: Good design is apparent. Great design is transparent. 
  Tradition is the transmission of fire and not the worshipping of ashes. -Princess Caroline 
  Put the work in. People who haven’t put in the work can’t help others.   
  They’re not small towns — they’re big families.  
  Our brains have adapted to different skills we need to survive.  
  It’s not that the memory took me back. Rather, it cemented me in the present, that was quickly becoming another powerful emotion.   
  “Mark my words, pistachios are the fentanyl of all nuts.” 
  “Exploitation: Is Christmas about appreciating the birth of Jesus or a marketing opportunity for companies to sell things? BothIs a hotel offering you a clean place to sleep or are they exploiting you because you need to sleep? Both.” 
  Elegant efficiency.  
  She was the shell of her shadow soul 
  Nice story. Now show me the data.  
  Another way supply chain issues cost us is in unrecoverable time. Even if we re-procure the item at the same price, there was a loss of time.  
  There was this fancy simplicity about him. He was very charming.  
  One person’s information collection is another’s person’s data point.  
  Mission first. People always.  
  Fractal art became popular. The artists’ name was the crypto key to the fractal formula that created the art piece. Knockoffs could never come close, like that AI joke about the running horse jigsaw puzzle.  
  There are people who speak for the company and people who speak about the company. 
  Simplicity always grows into complexity. How quickly depends on how closely it’s monitored. 
  Complexity is always added to simplicity. 
  One big problem with today’s TV news is many on both the left and right are simply reporting what the other news channel is doing. News about news shouldn’t be news. Journalists are suppose to be reporters of the news, not agents of the news.  
  God is never invoked in urgent matters. Instead, you call 911.God is the equivalent of deadly force. Used only as a last resort.  
  Lies. Damned lies. And analytics.  
  When we need our space or when we want our space, it’s there for us without hesitation, concern, or guilt.  
  Like the kitchen in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire:” Give things meaning in your stories. That makes them meaningful.  
  I’m aching for life in a quiet hidden lake house existential hidden way 
  He was that guy! That great guy who wasn’t trying to be anything more than himself.  
  You can only manage what you move fast enough, or slow enough, to control. Too slow, and the atoms would have moved. Too fast, and the galaxy takes eternity to rotate just once.   
  The ritual is important. It’s not a process, it’s a love. A labor of love. I didn’t fully understand and appreciate when Dave showed me. Not only did he share it with me, but rather he insisted that I learn it. For me, it hit me when I learned to love the glass. The glass of the fountain. The glass of the purposefully made coupes — with their proper serving-size reservoir that catches the offerings and louche the liquid. 
  Do you know what it’s like to walk into a room full of strangers and they all know who you are? What you are? You don’t know them and they don’t know you, but they know of you, as they stare. You can feel the stares on you as their gaze is glued to you while you walk deliberately feigning casualness.  
  She smelled like a cross between a wet dish rag and bag of broccoli that was turning bad. 
  I like simple design with sophisticated style.  
  Algorithms and absinthe fountains.  
  On the other side of an event horizon, the seem to travel faster than light because the universe is falling in faster than light. Light can’t escape anymore than a fish can swim up a waterfall. 
  “Can you believe they give women purses? They’re like tether ball players in a china shop.” 
  You’re never alone.  
  When a dinner for one becomes an opus for two. 
  I rather do something now, on my own terms, instead of later, on someone else’s.  
  The Utopian Ritual 
  There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to civilizations in the cosmos: builders and destroyers. The builders leave the universe better than it was before their existence. In what way is humanity not a cancer upon the Earth? 
  Her life was her exile from her wrongdoings.  
  Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. 
  I am not a fan of people who go out of their way to throw shade on things that are popular simply to be counter-cultural.  
  “Fall in love. Enjoy life. Get married. Then get divorced. In the end, it easier that way.” 
  Learning with feeling is powerful. It’s how infants learn life’s most critical skills. Nothing seems to aid memory recall more than adrenalin. 
  When developing reusable software, from functions, methods, components to entire applications, after about three “cut-and-pastes” of code with specific tweaks, it’s time to refactor it. Any sooner and you risk either oversimplifying or over-engineering your code.
  I like the quiet with you 
  I've never felt so good, so often, as I do with you 
  Do you really want to keep running to stand still. Do you really want to kill yourself for a company where, if you drop dead today, they’d replace you tomorrow?  
  Before electronics, a product’s form represented its function. Computers, applications, and smartphones changed all that. 
  There’s a certain amount of pressure a man needs to bare to be sure he won’t snap. The more pressure, the more likely to snap.  
  It’s no longer a cake hole. It’s a garbage disposal. 
  A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study: the gold standard. 
  Without questions you would be less wise.  
  The Marines: Where we love to do the things we hate. 
  We need to think of our body holistically. We have absolute control over this chunk of the universe we call our soul. We may think that we’re not in charge of our heartbeat or breathing, but it really is us. It is me and it is important. That is why we have control over this part of the universe called me.  
  Trust and cooperation is key to our tribe’s safety. 
  If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast, go alone. Do you want to be a risky pioneer or a safe citizen? 
  Trust is formed through slow, steady, and consistent interactions.  
  I’ve been tested to the core of my being.  
  You can take all the credit for the things you do right as long as you take responsibility for all the things you do wrong. Balance credit with accountability.  
  We are here because we love tech and, most importantly, we have an entrepreneurial spirit. That entrepreneurial spirit means we can break the rules and go for what we want as long as we don’t get in the way of someone else. And sometimes, you have to wait your turn.  
  Very smart people have believed in very dumb things.  
  Make it about them, not you.  
  If you only give once a month then please think of me next time.  
  Your healing does not come first if it damages others.  
  Your healing comes first as long as it doesn’t damage others.  
  “Coffee, sun, & sex” 
  I’m tired of seeing brittle people with unacknowledged mental health issues and insecurities talk tough on social media.  
  You just go. That’s how you make it happen.  
  Matter are bubbles in the cosmos.  
  Java became everything that Ada wanted to be.JavaScript became everything that Java applets wanted to be. 
  The philosophy of Now. We all exist in our own Now, separate from everything else in the universe, at least for a moment.  
  Every day brings you one day closer.  
  It was like a hug from an old friend called: the universe. 
  Premature optimization is evil and should be a group decision. 
  My beliefs are perfectly in line with everything I know and understand. There is no mysterious search for an elixir. I understand my existence in the universe.  
  You’re fighting the dust. It always comes back. And we keep cleaning it up.  
  Be away from me, you vixen.  
  Discipline requires focus.  
  Image if Covid never happened.  
  Your body is your sovereign chunk of the universe that you control.  
  There’s a ladder we climb in life. It’s made up of work and friends and family. Many of us climb it until the day we die.  
  Vexatious litigation. Serial suer  
  Logistic heavy military.  
  He was bragging that he wrote 30 pages of code, yesterday. Then I found out he was coding in a super large font. #joke #nerdalert  
  Less data is better than no data.No data is better than wrong data. 
  In order to violate causality the recipient of a faster than light message needs to respond with a message that was influenced by the original message.  
  One thing I noticed about women who lie about their age on dating profiles is they want to control beyond their reach. 
  Energy is quantum wind blowing through the four dimensional universe.  
  We need to unriddle this because it’s currently intercoursed up.  
  Conversation: apply cubes instead of squares (power of two) to relativistic formulas to remove gravity and explain a three dimensional universe. It’s because humans see in 2D.  
  It’s not that we have an instinct to work. Rather, we have an instinct to create. But, since most people aren’t uniquely creative, we need to show them how to create through productivity. Hence, we work. 
  We thrive on randomness, like a breaking wave, puffy cloud, or burning fire.  
  What makes humans so human is we want to know why. We want to know how. We want to know.  
  Go with what’s comfortable – what feels right – not what’s expected of you.  
  The universe doesn’t misread information, but it does lose information in tiny bits. From this comes life.  
  I love how you just said something objectively true, but factually false.  
  This one has a reputation for being the best.   
  Not having you here, with me, at this moment is the sound of one hand clapping.  
  You need to either be the single source of truth or go for power.   
  How many people get to die for something absolutely greater.  
  If felt like a scene in some 1960s hippie move full of love, and pleasure, and love and happiness where gentle beings accepted each other without judgement.  
  We perceive reality based on our expectations.  
  Celebrate the hell out of your life in the most humble way possible.  
  No one’s a villain in their own start.  
  It’s not that you can sign someone else’s name to a document. Rather, it’s that your signature can look anyway you’d like it. It might be someone else’s name, but you signed it. Ergo, it’s your signature.  
  “What are you going into do? Beat the gay out of him? Come on..Get serious.”“I’d spank the gay right into him.” 
  The goal of AI is to replicate human behavior. But the problem is we’re using a logical, thinking machine to act like a human. A human, and our brain, is not a thinking machine that feels. Rather, we’re a feeling machine that thinks. Consider how an infant reacts and behaves… they’re not using logic, they’re using feelings.  
  We’re a society driven by productivity. Each generation wants to make the future better for their offspring. It’s actually a noble endeavor if you think about it. But we don’t always get it right. 
  How do I tell you what I don’t know, so early on, when I barely know anything? 
  Think about electrons around a nucleus as the atmosphere around a planet.  
  The value of a roll of toilet paper increases as the amount left decreases.  
  There are times when moral injury causes mental trauma. What we tell ourselves immediately following that will shape our recovery. Your expectations must meet reality. What you tell yourself must be true and honest.  
  Hold on tight. It’s not going to always be like this.  
  The last thing I remember about 9/11, before near any of the news, was how beautiful the day was in Northern Virginia. I took my four month old puppy outside and vowed that I would go for a run. That never happened.  
  Every day could be your last day. So far, there’s always been tomorrow.  
  Are you trying to win or solve the problem.  
  Do you work in an environment that allows you to move continuously to the next step or, rather, to the next meeting or project? 
  Cutting edge is delicate and brittle.  
  I joke that wearing a helmet while skydiving is like putting parachutes on the International Space Station. 
  Reasoning versus rationalization:Reasoning: You gather up evidence and then draw a conclusion. Rationalizing: You gather up evidence to support your conclusion. Rationality is not about knowing facts. It’s about knowing which facts are relevant. 
  I am driven by discipline, not anxiety, sleep disorders, OCD, or PTSD.  
  There’s nothing like having a best friend you can fuck.  
  He had an elegant way about him. He moved with a calm sense of urgency. 
  That moral injury was too powerful to channel into anything productive.  
  Pink Floyd is a band that immortalizes their falling members in music. Their music gives you space – lots of space – to simply be. 
  Mixed messages are red flags. 
  Podium level speakers. 
  She was one of those people who was too good for the world.  
  You pay attention to them without distain.  
  “It’s a holiday you can respect. It’s not as if it’s a holiday to recognize recovering heroine addicted alcoholic pedophiles.” 
  Corporations are democratic governments voting with dollars.  
  That delicate understanding of what is needed.  
  Bullet journalism. The opposite of yellow journalism.  
  Apple stops making things in white while declaring that black is the new white in support of racial justice.  
  Q: Why does milk and fresh juice come in square cartoons while beer, wine, and soda come in round bottles? Even a gallon jug of milk is most certainly squarish. A: Space is at a premium in refrigerators. To save space, the milk and juice need to be chilled and round bottles are easier to make for beer, wine, and soda.   
  It’s easy to lose patience with stupid people. But don’t forget how many things you had to be told that you didn’t figure out for yourself. Those people are now where you were then. 
  The reason I sleep so well is because when I go to bed it’s not that I’m not worried about my safety and security. Rather, I sleep deeply because if something happens I know I will react fast enough to respond.  
  One thing I learned in the Marines is that easiest way to get through an unpleasant experience is to simply get it done with and behind you.  
  Would you rather be a smart sheep or dumb wolf? 
  “Dumb fake sounding stuff called facts, data, and evidence.” 
  One thing we all have in common is that we're all stuck in the present. 
  There's something negative about small cluttered space is that saps away my energy and creativity. 
  It was a good company to work for. Everyone felt listened to.  
  What’s the most filling food I can eat which is low in simple carbs, saturated fats, and cholesterol that protects the liver and feeds the gut? Chia and flaxseeds seems to foot the bill. 
  I want to make sure we’re not building a universal electric car with a steering wheel in the center of the car, instead of the left or right side.  
  I don’t like the flow of harmony to be disrupted.   
  When you’re a kid from the East Coast taking a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, you believe you’ll be walking through a sound stage as they film a movie with A-list celebrities, hoping you’ll be discovered.  
  And all parents of your friends were just as wise as your own. You don’t realize that one of them could just be an earlier version of that ditzy parrot you know today. 
  How many hospitalized Covid patients, who will still refuse to get vaccinated after discharge, questioned what was in the meds they received during their hospital stay? 
  Diversity with harmony is the goal of government.  
  When we were kids we heard about amazing musical albums. And the first time we listen to them we wondered if we were cool enough to appreciate it. 
  When you travel through Manhattan at three or four AM, is unlike any other place. You are part of the City and the night. The City travels with you.  
  The two, absolute best songs to make love to are the Blade Runner Love Theme and John Klemmer’s “Touch.” The best group is, far and away, Cigarettes after Sex. 
  If you take away the a single medium and the celebrity goes away then what’s their worth? 
  If the thought of not doing something is more painful than actually doing it, then that is your calling. 
  How do you webify blockchain?Twitter webified RSS.HotMail webified SMTP and POP3.Blogger webified FTP. 
  I didn’t fight for my personal independence, liberty, and happiness, I created it.  
  I have transcended my destiny.  
  Making love to her was an endothermic reaction. How could such a hot woman be so fridge and ridged? 
  As a writer, you want to portray people without judgement, whether deeply detail or superficially, unless the judgement is critical to the reader. 
  Liberals tend to be soft.Conservatives tend to be brittle. 
  Trigger: A little movement with a big reaction. 
  I was speaking from a less informed place.  
  The way we prove truths is by falsifying aspects and characteristics of the conjecture to see where it holds true and where it fails.  
  AI needs to understand meaning, context, intent, and purpose. Otherwise you’ll get junk, 
  Ego is a performance for our own benefit, usually at other’s expense.  
  Win at the relationship and the rest will come.  
  I frequently go back to myself as a little kid and ask if I’d would have wanted this as a kid. Growing up on Long Island, would I have wanted to live in San Diego? Be a Marine? Work at Apple? Be a pilot? Own a plane? Not working throughout my 40s?Those child thoughts need to hold up in the face of good priorities. So far, so good. 
  Our nocturnal mammals must look at we humans like we’re not very smart. “Hey, crazy human, why are you our and about in broad daylight when your prey can easily spot you?” 
  Sometimes you have to do something wrong to do something right.  
  Love without compromise. We can be ourselves with compromising.  
  “So this is what it’s like to die.” 
  It’s never possible for life to understand reality at super scales. It’s beyond understandable.   
  Why should your opinion on this topic matter to me? 
  Summers and Saturdays  
  What’s your favorite cologne?Elegance! 
  Is there any reason we can’t put light (photons into orbit around a black hole? Nope. 
  Ladies, if your man takes frequent showers with you, especially before sex, it’s because you’re not fresh down there.  
  And then I said to her, “Is that as pretty as you can look? Can’t you look prettier? You look so much prettier when you smile.” Then she gets defensive. She always gets defensive when I attack her.  
  Work with people who are about the work, not about telling people. 
  It’s inside a black hole where it’s not time that stops but rather matter stops. But, then again, that’s the same thing. 
  It’s not about doing as much as you can. It’s about doing the best you can. Quality. 
  Coffee flavored melted ice over frozen water.  
  Pure art is nothing more than an expression of human consciousness for others to experience. There is no intend or purpose beyond the artist’s choice of medium.  
  E=MC^2 is obviously incomplete. Photons have zero mass, but they do have energy. E = Sqrt[(pc)^2 + (mc^2)^4)]. p = momentum  
  In the new world of remote work… instead of shooting up the office, do disgruntled employees launch malware attacks? 
  Don’t look down, young lady. Look up. Only the timid and meek look down to hide from reality. You can’t lift your head too high. See what’s going on around you. Don’t miss opportunities.  
  I’m not smarter than you, I just have different experiences.  
  It’s not the planning, it’s the execution. You’re better off with a poor plan excellently executed than an excellent plan poorly executed.  
  Features, bugs, optimizations. Which do you prioritize? 
  The beauty of experience is that you know every step, and misstep along the way. 
  Could kid’s social media issues be due to their parents’ putting so much emphasis on it, themselves? 
  Every time I attack you, you get defensive.  
  You can’t throw money at innovation.  
  The thing about socially awkward nerds is there’s a special connection with… movies, books, hobbies… which substituted for their social life. While their high school peers were out socializing, they were at home reading books, watching movies, and programming computers.  
  If I get Alzheimer’s, I hope that I forget I’m in love with you so I can re-experience falling in love with you, over and over again. 
  We’re not all cocaine addicts. Some of us are just casual users.  
  We shoot for perfection and hope to land on ideal.  
  Her evil was contagious. It broke you like no other. When she’d enter into a monogamous relationship, she’d immediately sleep with other guys. That way, if she caught her partner cheating she could reveal that she’d cheated first.She used sex as a tool. It could be enjoyed or weaponized. Sometimes, she’d break men so badly, they’d take their own life or, at the very least, be less of a man than they were before knowing her. 
  You know you love her when you want to be with her as she works through her life’s problems.  
  I’m not fat, I’m just spread out.  
  There’s nothing better than being the highlight of someone’s day; be it dog, kid, or lover.  
  I played her for a dummy, and she pleasantly surprised me; so I fell in love with her.  
  If you don’t like your height or the shape of your body enough to display it clearly on a dating app then why should I like the shape of your body? It’s just gonna be a huge disappointment when we meet in person. 
  “Us and Them” - It’s about a junior military officer ordering troops into battle.  He knows many will die, but he doesn’t know who will die and that gives enough randomness to shift some of the guilt from his shoulders. While he stands in the back of his troops, they engaged in combat, generals don’t have to stand. Instead, they sit and watch the frontlines shift, back and forth.  
  We need to look at nothing, as information. We think of zeros as nothing, but it’s still all information. That’s why a hard drive doesn’t weigh more when it’s full.  
  Perception is reality, unless there’s a misperception.  
  A big part of software engineering development is about doing something particular, in a unique way, that hasn’t been done before. 
  I’ll never forget the first time I went in the ocean. I had been used to going to calm beaches, like the ones on the shores of Long Island Sound. Going into the ocean was amazing. They were these big waves that could knock me over, it felt like a challenge. Me against the ocean. 
  The immortal humans looked back at mortal human with deep respect for their short, temporary lives. 
  It only has to work, it doesn’t have to be smart.  
  It’s the message, not just the emotion, that communicates.  
  NASA BackroomThe engineers respected the guy at the console. They could never do his job. And the man at the console more than respected the engineers; he almost feared them. He got the job because he could read the console, make decisions, and communicate them to the flight director.  
  In my experience, when there's strong attraction... like "You're my best friend" kind of attraction, coupled with great sex... then everything flows and connects very deeply on many, if not all, levels. The love making becomes long tantric sessions.  
  He was one of those guys who could turn lemonade into lemons. Everyone would say, “How’d he get the juice back inside?” 
  A big part of academia is learning how to focus on things that don’t not interest you. This will serve you well in Corporate America. 
  “He may be young, smart, and know the rules; but I’m old, experienced, and I know the exceptions.”  
  “In my brain.... I need  a friend to keep me my heart I need a prince to love me my body .... I need a lover to keep covered ... in my soul I need a soulmate who will be with me forever Even when I show all my vulnerabilities and flaws .. . He will only love me the same.” 
  Trying to imitate nature is sterile. 
  Trees are the gentle breath of the earth.  
  An evening of decadent hedonism lies ahead for us.  
  Most focusedly.  
  Let us enjoy our luck without tarnishing it with guilt.  
  I want to know the truth to six decimal places.  
  You use your brain to take care of your body now use your body to take care of your brain 
  Code you don’t have to write is code you don’t have to debug.  
  I listened to babbling creeksWhile staring at distant peaks 
  I really liked the weekends because my dad was home from work and we’d get to play around.  
  At some fundamental level, there are always true statements that are impossible to prove.  
  If you have an unacknowledged drinking or mental health issue, and if you ignore it and expect me to ignore it, then I will simply ignore you.  
  “If you earn six figures and still rent then swift left. You’re not the man for me.” 
  The siren chameleon. 
  Being bald is like a married couple not having kids. People almost feel sympathetic without realizing the convenient upside. 
  When society tells you something that you do is good, then you naturally want to show it off, even if it’s a compulsion or obsession.  
  All time is a function of the movement of matter or energy through space. Since we know the maximum speed c, we can move back and forth and tick away time.  
  He was one of those guys who rarely made fun of himself. His jokes was at other’s expense. When he did make a self deprecating joke, he merely gleaned over it in passing as a simple fact. 
  A universal computer can only carry out computations.  
  Tender but fierce.  
  She saved me from myself and then turned on me as I had done.   
  My understanding is that, while Apple Messages apps may use end to end security, iCloud does not; meaning it can be decrypted by a third party. If you sync to multiple devices via iCloud, Apple has documented processes in place to enable an Apple engineer or law enforcement to gain access to your decrypted content. Change my mind.  
  Zero knots in 1G.  
  An emergency climb into Class A airspace.  
  An especially high level of self-interest clouds our judgement greatly.   
  You have to accept reality as it is, not what you believe or want it to be. The transition from misconception to true realization can be simple or traumatic in the most serious sense. 
  Objective reality is what I seek.  
  Libertarians are not effective politicians. 
  How about a glass of melted ice poured over frozen water. 
  I miss touching my soles to your soles. I miss touching my soul to your soul.   
  Repeating something 100 times does it make it true, it just makes people believe the lie. 
  We digress so professionally that it makes us better. 
  I can’t do Friday. Today would be ideal, any time after 10 AM, through 5 PM. Saturday might be possible, but I’m not sure yet.   
  Unscheduled disassembly.  
  I’d rather disappoint with the truth than comfort with a lie. 
  Never pass up a good chance for silence. 
  Try the facts before making assumptions.   
  “The forefathers didn’t want the Honorable Clarence Thomas to vote. But here we are. Today, all of us in the room have implemented a reality far beyond what our forefathers could ever envision or hope to achieve.”  
  When he spoke of Hemingway, he declared the he was one of the great lovers. And great lovers need to love. That’s why he had four different wives.  
  “I may be old and out of touch with pop culture, but I’m experienced and I’ve killed better men than you.” 
  Hey there, Hard Eagle.  
  I fucking love you.I love fucking you.I fucking love fucking you. 
  He didn’t suffer from an intention to deceive. He suffered from an intention to believe; to try to get others to believe what he wanted them to believe. 
  There are things we think about that we should never contemplate. 
  What more do we learn...? [memory extinct] 
  As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the volume of darkness surrounding it.  
  Heroes are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.  
  If you're going to punish me for doing the right thing then you can be sure as shit that I'm going to punish your ass for doing the wrong thing.  
  I will write you a text tomorrow.  
  A computer's clock ticks like Plank's constant for time. No observable motion happens in time shorter than that. It can't be observed, just like a programmer can never know what happens between clock cycles.  
  If you make up stuff and speak it, it's a lie. If you lie on paper, it’s fraud unless, of course, it’s art; then it’s called fiction.  
  A great relationship is one where each gives the other space, especially for those seldom times when they’re selfish as long as they don’t walk all over you.  
  He was an unintimidating fellow. So much so that no one ever realized how tall he was until they met his wife who was nearly his equal. 
  I didn't have my shit together. I just held it together.  
  He was interested in people who were interested in him.  
  Death sneaks up on us like a sleeping night.  
  E = mc^2A = πr^2 
  Möbius Klein 
  The deed is doneThe sin cannot be undone 
  What you do today is tomorrow's history. Go big.  
  Money doesn't buy true talent, it only rents it.  
  In the battle between Apple and Facebook, the latter makes choices, on behalf of the customer, that are in Facebook’s own interest. Apple, on the other hand, makes choices to provide a better customer experience. 
  One of the keys to simplicity is to minimize decisions.  
  It was that blinding love where everything annoying was was cute.   
  Think about the fingernail. It's a solid, hard plate that your body produces from liquids in your blood. 
  Let me tell you something... I just put my iPhone near my vaccine injection site and my 5G reception is amazing! Super fast bandwidth! 
  Great winners make bad losers because they're used to winning.  
  Why are so many people trying to turn social media into political media? 
  Set yourself up for success. Always put your car keys in the same place. Match your socks instead of piling them into the drawer. Remove unnecessary stress.  
  Pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Be accurate. Be precise.  
  You need to know people for what the think, what they feel, and how they act.  
  It's not what you say, it's what people hear.  
  I’m not here to make a statement. I’m here to make a difference.  
  Don't compromise your thoughts because of how they're received. Simply curtail your words unless you can make a difference.  
  So, if you can never believe what the government is telling you, where do you get your “truth” from? MSNBC? FoxNews? No… instead you get your “truth” from your high school acquaintance who posts unverifiable link to Facebook. You know whom I’m talking about… the one who used to eat paste as a kid and never moved out of their parents home that s/he inherited. 
  To be a leader means accepting the responsibility that comes with the job.  
  I got rained on while in the shower.  
  They treated each other cruelty, but it was their way. 
  Arrogance, authority, and hubris.  
  In the future, AIs will duplicate a person's brain and be able to interact, virtually, with anyone. When politicians run for office, they can have one on one conversations with their constituents. Any person can be a presidential candidate and their AI copies will respond as they do. More expensive AI copies will respond faster than cheaper ones, but not more accurately - similar to how an inexpensive e-commerce website still does an excellent job totaling the online shopping card. But the more expensive website responds quicker.  
  “Standing up for peace is a violent endeavor.” 
  A mechanism by which public keys are openly created with public timestamps in a blockchain. This ensures a document was not encrypted before a certain time. A timestamp links to publicly created salt.  
  I’m more afraid of possibility making a bad decision than any decision.  
  You can’t ask a well regarded expert for an answer, backed by facts, and then simply discard the answer because you don’t like it, emotionally. 
  Engineer the outcome  
  “I’m going to cite the hard evidence of speculation as proof of my claim.” 
  “This was just about the illusion of patriotism, and specifically morally superior patriotism—the Twitter equivalent of an American flag pin.”
  He never let growing old get in the way of staying young.  
  What’s a sure sign your relationship is over? When you discover that all those cute things your partner does is actually gaslighting.  
  We prioritize people not by financial wealth but rather by character. Why don't we judge companies the same way? They're simply a collection of people. 
  He won an award for realizing that network packets had to be able to find their own route like people to in a crowd. 
  As children, we don't learn how to judge information. In school, we place the same weight in history as math. One’s opinion-less  
  Life exists in the context of the matter embodying it.  
  Atoms are the universe's consciousness energy as life crosses into a higher plane of existence. That's why the universe is expanding. That's why there's always more matter being created. That's also why dark matter and dark energy is increasing from those evil souls.  
  A military strategy where all classified numbers are encoded in bases other than two and ten.  
  In the United States, the Constitution outclasses, upstages, surpasses, and eclipses the Bible.  
  Over sensitive/ brittle: Inability to empathize. Can’t listen to another size with empathy. Too anxious/excitable.Can’t focus. Can make a supportable argument without going off on tangents. In ability to accept facts.  
  Humans only see in 2D while living in a 3D world. We need to see around corners. Image blind ants moving about and heading from the equator to the north pole.  
  Dogs and cats take on the same EI and EQ as their owners.  
  Knowledge, skills, and abilities. 
  Are you looking for a god? Just look in the mirror. You are literally a piece of the universe become self aware.   
  We frequently overlook the fact that building out strengths means fighting our weaknesses. Build your strength.  Fight your weaknesses.  
  At work, I’ve been trying to solve an issue of parallel processing in a single threaded language. My thinking was we needed to spin off functions in Lambda. My coworker shoved the problem brilliantly by shelling out to the OS, each shell runs in its own process.   
  At the end of the day, a political needs to satisfy the simple majority, frequently at the expense of the minority. And that means a lot of different things in a lot of different place.  
  I’m sure, years in the future, they’ll look back and be amazed that we watched news and worried about it since it was, by definition, rare events. Social media could take over as the norm, without news’ influence. 
  Many non-programmers don’t understand what an algorithm is. They think it’s some sort of absolute equation for solving a problem in nature, like Pythagoreans Theorem c^2= a^2 + b^2. Actually, it’s a process or set of rules for solving a problem which can be tweaked as need and generally contains the developer’s bias.  
  Trump had united all conspiracy theorist. Each one has their own bat-shit-crazy theory that no one would listen to. Now, each one is willing to listen to the other as they amplify their message which is so easy when you never need reasonable and provable facts.  
  “The AMA should classify conspiracy theory beliefs as a mental health issue.” 
  Jesus turns water into wine, and it’s called a miracle.Every Sunday, priests turn wine into the blood of Jesus Christ, literally, and it’s Transubstantiation. 
  “I’m so sick of seeing Christians in America claim persecution. You aren’t being persecuted for loving Jesus you are being held accountable for not acting like him.”Source: 
  Credibility and viabilitySeparate the aspirational from intentional  
  Somewhere along the way, most religious leaders learned how to preach their beliefs without criticizing, critiquing, or offending the non-believers; so now a temple, church, and synagogue can peaceful and cooperatively exist on the same street.Yet, Democrats and Republicans can hardly make a point without attacking the other side. Now, it’s spilled over to the media where TV/video news reports more and more on their competitors than providing objectively true news in proper context.So, what’s the solution?…Obviously, the solution is to not critique the other side which is a hard thing to do. I find myself, all too often, wanting to forward harsh memes which add no value to detente. 
  The Rape of Truth 
  Maybe we should let corporations run government and we’d vote with our dollars. Wait, aren’t we already doing that when we see millions and billions of dollars spent on elections? In a consumer based economy, perhaps the government should go the way of Royal Sovereigns.  
  It’s very difficult for me to write for assignments. My best writing came from inspiration, not assignment. 
  Precedent for a web infrastructure company to terminate a website/company’s Internet service was recently seen about 18 months ago when Cloudflare cut off 8chan following mass shootings in El Paso and Christchurch, New Zealand.  
  Corporations have replaced royalty in today’s societal trifecta with government and people.  
  If you don’t care about your partner’s fight, and they don’t care about yours, then it’s a losing fight.  
  It's a story about a drug that causes a quiet insanity which is irrevocable. This movie makes paranoid people pop.  
  This battle is the first cyber-civil war and it’s digital blood being spilled for the first time. 
  Imagine explaining what’s happening online, to our younger selves, 25 years ago. 
  Censorship is a slippery slope. Perhaps what we’re seeing with Parler is (and it certainly can be) the “atomic option” that ended WW II ––– that once, ever, decision ––– for the good and desires of the simple majority, never to be used again. 
  Some things simply can’t be. 
  The people can silence the government.But the government can’t silence the people.  
  He’s not responsible for what they did, but he is responsible for encouraging them to do it. 
  One mistake does not define a person, but it does give insight into the boundaries that one is willing to cross. 
  Don’t go through life being a victim of your own excuses. 
  Feelings aren’t facts.  
  A company doesn’t have to do business with another entity that doesn't support their values as long as it's not based on something illegal such as race, religion, or gender.  
  Faith is belief without evidence. 
  “Go home. We love you.” 
  Software engineers are good at working around bugs in other's software.   
  Maybe life is the universe's cancer.  
  I never felt so alive as during my darkest days.  
  I seek objective truth for the purpose of finding ethically effective solutions.  
  Go out any change the world into what you want it to be. Don't let the world change you into something you don't want to be.  
  I used to value logic more than passion.  
  Instead of a computer to simulate, how about a computer to imitate.  
  Set the intention and let go of how it comes to fruition.  
  Leadership 101:Is it true, honest, and virtuous? Is it in the full proper context?Does it set a good example for others to follow? 
  Manly men like to do manly things in manly ways 
  I seek objective truth using optimistic skepticism.  
  Thou cannot fool thee.  
  Dinning together makes you feel a part of something big. Dinning in King Hall.  
  Live beautifully. To go. To see. To know. To experience. To live.  
  Faith is belief in the absence of evidence. 
  Since when did being 100% apologetic become a sign of strength. What happened to the benefits of restraint.  
  She never accepted responsibility for her actions. Instead, every time she felt a pang of guilt, she tried to do a favor of her choosing.  
  “Citizenship Factor (CF) = productivity x intelligence x morality”  
  What makes America great is the work done by those who've come before us.   
  Science deals with identifying risk.Politics deals with how much risk citizens can tolerate.  
  The only way to inhibit progress is to be afraid of not learning more. 
  The purpose of photons is communication. We use photons to see by bouncing them off of objects. There is no way to see a photon by bouncing something off of it. In order to observe (measure) a photon, we change its fate by the interaction, thereby collapsing its wave function. 
  Superposition is the flipping of a coin. It’s neither heads nor tails. Catch it in your hand and smack it down on the back of your hand and you’ve effectively collapsed it’s wave function. 
  Carl Sagan was so smart that he looked even more intelligent when admitting that he reached the wrong conclusion about climate change, in the 1970s, when he thought the earth was cooling due to greenhouse gasses.  
  True genius comes from not only recognizing your successes, but, more importantly, acknowledging and learning from your failures.  
  If only the truth got out.  
  Social media is about being seen and heard, and identifying with your content.  
  “Remember, it’s never about how many friends you have. It’s always about how many likes you get.”I started writing that tweet as a half-joking sardonic comment. Now I’m not sure.  
  It's the dumbest of people who think they're smart.  
  The name of the book was "Oh Double Eff." A story that hinges on whether something’s on or off.  
  We realized more peace with less ego.  
  I fully agree that the presidential election tally isn’t final until the Electoral College casts their votes in December and the new Congress counts their votes in January. However, would any Trump supporter, who also earns at least six figures, be willing to wager a month of their income, against me, that a Republican will be inaugurated in January?Result: No takers. 
  When you look back in history, at the bad guys, their ultimate faith seems so obvious. But when you’re living though it, it can easily go unnoticed.  
  Guerrilla Mainframe 
  We courted, dined on the beach, and loved all in the middle of a pandemic. That's bad ass Sanjo! 
  Zenith and nadir. 
  Den of iniquity 
  It’s about the head of the largest social media platform who’s framed by the failed second-term president’s. He tries to lose the police who are out looking for him. He goes to a hotel, checks in using his debit card and then uses the ATM to pull out cash. He goes to his room, pulls down the sheets and stuff them with pillows to look like a person, under the covers. The police cyber forensics picks up his trail. The investigating detective feels like something’s not right. This is too easy. “This guy’s a tech genius billionaire. These are rookie mistakes.”  JT he’s never been on the lam before. The police raid the hotel and find only the pillows stuffed in the sheets. Back at the police station, they ponder what went wrong.The cyber detective said that they were decoyed and he provided the suspected address of their suspect. The detective asks the cyber guy how he knows. The cyber guy tells him that they were decoyed because the local traffic cam had complete surveillance of the front of the hotel, which the suspect specifically requested so he could see if it was raided simply by watching a publicly viewable traffic cam. So, the cyber guy dug deeper. They city DoT noticed a strange spike of Internet traffic to that traffic cam. That only happens when there’s an accident at this nondescript intersection. While the DoTies trying to figure it out why there was a spike in traffic, they witness the police raid and felt that there was a connection. That’s when they discovered all of the traffic was going to a single IP address. It turns out that IP address was in Hong Kong. The police cyber unit had six men working 60 requests for information for weeks. But, ever since the legal changes in Hong Kong, none had come back to this VPN server that got left behind and was still working in Hong Kong.The cyber detective took it one step further and compared network traffic spikes from to the camera as it coincided with network similar spikes in traffic. That’s when the cyber deceptive noticed where all the traffic was going to. It was going to another motel about a mile away. That hotel also had traffic cam surveillance spikes. Replaying the traffic cam video, the police notice the suspect coming and going and sleeping in the same motel room with the same pattern each day. The police stage a raid during nap time. It turns out the guy they catch looks very similar to the suspect, but it wasn’t him. Instead, this decoy was hired off of Craigslist and paid well to follow a very specific checklist and routine. The decoy was instructed to set up a laptop cam facing another laptop, the second laptop was relaying the video, air gapped.   
  What’s good communication? What’s the metric? Good communication is about effective communication. Great communicators reach the masses, effectively.  
  Porn movies not only set unrealistic expectations for women. But, the reverse is also true. Women (and men) have an expectation that, during a long sex session, he has to maintain an erection that comes on immediately and never fades until climax. 
  The boy learned more about sex, romantic love, and seduction by the time he was eight years old than nearly all men would learn in a lifetime. His mother always wondered why he willingly went to bed at 8 PM (7 PM in the winter), yet he always seemed tired. She worried that he might be sick, like deeply sick.The boy was tired. He went to bed early, but never fell asleep for many hours. It wasn’t a sleeping disorder or depression. Rather, it was pure excitement as he heard and learned womanizing tricks from his neighbor’s seduction and lovemaking sessions. 
  You can't stop capitalism. That's just human nature. So you find a way to work with it and be productive.  
  I want brave and curious. Not fearful and suspicious.  
  Hell to the fuck no.  
  Another beautiful dayIn a pedestrian yet meaningful way 
  We truly laugh and deeply love.  
  Drunk Marine to news reporter: She was beautiful.Anchor: Beautiful, eh?Marine: You have no idea.  I'd drag my dick through a hundred yards of broken glass just to toss off in her shadow. Anchor gives concerned look. Marine: Oh, my… was that politically incorrect?Anchor: Perhaps. Yes, it was.Marine: Should I have said one hundred meters? 
  A story about a prisoner who volunteers for a time travel experiment that goes wrong. He ends up in weird times trying to adjust. The past is exceptionally difficult. He has to deal with people who don't shower or brush their teeth. Small fruit. No Internet. No Starbucks.  
  Art is not about discipline, it's about creativity.  
  “Nachos are tacos that don’t have their life together. Be a taco, not a nacho.” 
  "Time doesn't exists," said the Designer. "What do you mean? It clearly has a direction," asked Milo. "Anything that moves has a direction. Take two points and you can draw a line. It doesn't mean anything else other than that. Time is an emergent property. Time doesn't exist anymore than an inch, meter, or mile. I can't hold or interact with a mile. Time is nothing more than the passage of events. Slow down time, the frames in the movie of life, to less than a Planck second and there is no time. Just like a photon doesn't experience time when moving at the speed of light. It turns out a photo of light does experience time when it slows down due to the index of refraction. Think about Cherenkov radiation.” 
  It only took 250 million years for life first started forming on Earth.  
  There's so much truth in poetry even in the fiction. You know what someone experienced with their expressing.Even though it's deeply personal for the poet, it's understood powerfully by the reader. Because the reader feels the poet's emotions.  
  Online dating realization...Sometimes that great texting chemistry doesn't translate into the real world. Some books are better than the movie.  
  Secret dating tip: You both need the same hygiene priorities. That's a hard one to compromise on, otherwise it’s unpleasant. 
  Images of a city, from long ago, doesn't capture the experience, only the moment.  
  The water is hot –The spider is gone –The flowers are closedBut we are home 
  You consume my heart without stealing my dreams.  
  A key tool a presidential debate moderator needs is a switch to turn off a candidate's microphone.So, why hasn't this technique ever been used? Perhaps because it makes better news? 
  Our news organizations have become agents of the news instead of reporters of the news.  
  “I don’t like relationships. I just like fucking,” she said.  
  We are given a brand new day, every day, to improve on our experiences and creations. Not to get it perfect, but to merely improve.  
  AI is nothing new. We've always had algorithms in the form of governments that make laws and uphold them in court.  
  Humans have shaped computers more than they've shaped us.  
  Remember that house you grew up in as a kid?The good place.Remember how you felt? It was your home. We felt safe there. We will never feel that safe again due to knowledge and complexity, not inexperience or naïveté. 
  Apple will put 100% of its energy to get 100% market share and then let competitors catch up while they move on to the next big thin. 
  What makes someone seem smart is “being correct.”What make someone seem wise is "being effective." 
  "Grandpa, tell us what it was like to be a kid during the Pandemic of 2020," asked his grandkids. "There was a run on toilet paper.”“Why?”“Mob mentality.” 
  This coronavirus thing we're in doesn't yet have a name in the history books. It's still too early.  
  A story about a global obsession with passion fruit. The passion fruit is the MacGuffin. The analogy is to the toilet paper run of 2020.  
  1/2: A brain memory has many connections that take time to build. The more connections, the stronger the memory. The connection is reinforced with insulation.We don't recall actual events, instead we recall the memory. In other words, we recall the recalling.
2/2: That's why it's hard to juggle something in short term memory because, like a CPU accumulator, it is very small.  
  Moral injury changes moral men for the worst. 
  A rediscovered epiphany  
  I wonder if dating apps track their users to confirm a rendezvous in real time? 
  “You hit them where they're weak and vulnerable but you do it while making them laugh. That is called trickling.” 
  You thought it so loud it came out of my mouth. 
  He spoke Swahili with a New York accent. 
  Freedom means waking up in the morning, whenever you want, without a boss or money to worry about.  
  It's not the trying, it's the doing; you can't beat experience.  
  I want the kind of woman who has the strength and confidence to talk about a vagina with the same dominance that man talks about his penis. 
  Character name:Milo MiltonMilo Madison 
  You have to have success to remember the little failures and the lessons learned.  
  It was a beautiful love. But, alas, it was a love in vain. She knew who she was long ago and there was no changing her.  
  Go out on a limb because that's where the fruit is.  
  Dating isn’t always an instantaneous spark. Sometimes it's a simmer that rolls to a boil.  
  Surviving the pandemic, for our generation, will be like living through the The Great Depression. Decades from now, "They" will say, "S/He lived through the pandemic." 
  She crossed a line, and took me with her, where it was nearly impossible to find your way back. 
  There are lines which, once we cross them, it’s hard to find your way back to the person you were before.That’s a great risk at moral injury. Compliance with the law is too low a bar if the only thing someone can say about you is, “I’m sorry I hurt you but I didn’t do anything illegal.” 
  So I ask myself why I'm so vocal about BLM but never question why I've been silent about the KKK? 
  How can any year after 2020 compare? 
  Styling is concerned with surface treatment and appearance – the expressive qualities of a product. Design, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with problem solving.– "Design of the 20th Century" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell 
  Emotional logic 
  I call that sex maneuver the Exponent. It's the index finger that's in there too which is small, yet so powerful.  
  You know what makes you strong? Makes you brave? Having the most beautiful person deeply in love with you.  
  You have to be alive to experience the universe. Be alive.  
  I have become the person I always wanted to become.  
  He said, "Is it that we don't believe that beautiful women can be smart or is it that we believe all smart women are ugly?” 
  By knowing oneself we accept our limitations and then they don't disappoint us.  
  The problem is there were no red flags. 
  Subatomically, nothing can be observed without changing with the outcome. 
  In the quantum mechanics double-slit experiment, the wave nature of an electron collapses into a particle when observed with a sensor. What if the sensor is miles away, observing long after the electron has passed through the slits and hit the screen? Answer: The signaling collapses the wave function happens in Plank’s time, but you can’t put any information payload on the communications channel. You’ll need to find another way to break c. 
  Time is a measurement of a sequence of events. Our brains measured it similarly. When many events happen at once, time moves slowly. That's why March and April 2020 were the longest months of our lives.   
  I might be lazy. But I'm lazy in a very disciplined way.  
  Lust for power is more powerful than the power itself.  
  Putin was in the KBG. He has something on everyone who is someone.  
  You don't get the respect your expect. You get the respect you earn.  
  The empty vacuum of the universe is a field. 
  Warrior versus guardian.  
  The world we live in is the world we create. 
  I wonder if fish think we smell as bad as they do.  
  Wildcard. Fly by the seat of my pants. Completely unpredictable.  
  You can predict the future.You can forecast the future.But you can't know the future.  
  Just like my experience made me. We shouldn't project our experiences onto other people without know their story.   
  All of you coders think that software is the bees knees until you need a simple switch turned on or off. Then nothing beats analog. I've never met an analog switch that had a bug in it. Machines have failures, but systems have bugs. 
  Why are people more upset by a protest that turns violent, in response state sponsored violence, than the initial act that caused everything.  
  There's something peculiar about information. It's real, even though the same information might manifest itself in different forms. The act of observing data processes it into information and the universe knows it. 
  A good use for blockchain is in contracts where the details won't be revealed until later, but the details will be released eventually. I could will an undisclosed amount of money to my alma mater, but provide them with a hash of the details on a blockchain. Later, the text file of the agreement can't be disputed if the hashes match.  
  He was fired for joining a gay softball team. Let's presume they're a league of all men. That would be the heterosexual equivalent of joining a softball team of all strait women, except for me.  
  People complain that large corporations have too much power and influence over the government and only act to increase their bottom line. Now, we're seeing cooperations exert their power against the government, in support of citizens, even though it might go against their bottom line. Corporations are taking better care of citizens than the government.  
  We always feel better when the person we respect and admire holds the same beliefs as us. That's not necessary. There are times when we can separate the person and their politics from their work. 
  In NY, you have your special place for pizza or a barber or dessert. In California, it's a taco shop.   
  An eight day week? A ten day week? That's going to break a lot of software. Y2K wasn't a problem compared to this nightmare. Days in a week are hard coded, everywhere.  
  You could see the honor in his eyes. He apologized for the shoddy cobbling craftsmanship and vowed to use "more better" glue. You could see it in his eyes. He knew he had to work harder because he wasn't a chain store. His work was his work.  
  Critical thinking is liberal thinking. Not in a political sense, but in a way that allows your to listen and understand other's opinions. Seek the opposite of what you support to learn. Focus on the most useful and reliable information.  
  Protesting without action is simply be complaining if you’re not heard. Did you go to a protest? Great. Now follow it up with a letter, e-mail, or tweet to your government representative. 
  I kept finding ways to leave her but was always drawn back.   
  We think that a franchise started locally the first time we see it.  
  He's simply tweeting his thoughts as a real-time stream of consciousness.  
  There are people who feel they deserved more from life and believe they are cheated. They bad ones bring down the others with their hate. 
  What's the issue with the Confederate flag? The Nazis didn't kill Americans on US soil. 
  When you hear random music from the ether, it's raw and real and unbiased. When you hear it's a celebrity's favorite, it takes on a meaning at a whole new level.  
  What I seek is a woman who fulfills me, freeing me to be creative.  
  Bot spies: When they fight, they fight to the death. But, if their imminent demise is close at hand, they'll sabotage their neural uplink to prevent compromise. Occasionally, those with severed links return from the wild. They'd never be the same again.  
  She could extend her authority beyond her reach by setting a timer to turn off a light in the living room when it was time for bed. 
  Why are Trump / Biden the best choices we have to choose from? It’s a big country. 
  She knew she was telling him a lie, but she desperately needed to be believed.  
  Goddamn, she's beautiful.  
  Only writers write stories about writers.  
  There are times when the asymptote is crossed, the event horizon is breached and perfection is achieved. 
  There are at least four sides. Protestors, looters, good cops, and bad cops.The problem is the tiny bad are hidden among the vast good.Unsympathetic, polarizing people (dividers) are too quick to associated the looters with the protestors just as the other side is too quick to associate all cops with the bad ones. You can't tell, at a glance, the difference between the good and bad until they act. 
  Bad leaders implicitly give people permission to be the worst version of themselves. 
  What makes America different?It's a country that executed on a system for the pursuit of happiness. In the 18th century, industry would have been the DotCom Boom equivalent and America was Silicon Valley.  
  The universe is a bubble of perception in a vacuum of nothingness.  
  How do you succeed at life? You roll with it. You either go in the same direction or get out of its way --- because it is unstoppable.  
  You're too smart. You need to limit your mind and stop thinking for yourself. 
  I see many chiefs of police and law enforcement officers working together with, and in support of, protestors. This is how you unite one America in the name of peace and progress instead of dividing and polarizing.  
  I would imagine, in many ways, that the fear innocent bystanders feel in the  vicinity of protests and riots is similar to the everyday fear many African Americans sometimes experience around law enforcement.  
  Is there a lower percentage of oxygen at 10,000’ than at sea level? No. 
  Creativity should not be a means to an end of seeking attention.  
  He was a successful personal injury lawyer because he listened to people, even when they weren't making sense because he knew they were distraught.   
  I notice changes in patterns. But first I need to see the pattern.  
  The past is not obsolete.  
  Respect commands respect.  
  Shooting an ILS down to minimums ain't like riding a bike.  
  A woman should always feel that she can control the physical direction of a relationship. 
  "Five cars stud. Nothing wild. And the sky's the limit.” –Picard 
  "Ignite the midnight petroleum.” –Data 
  Imagine a leader who leads his entire following to their poisonous deaths and you have the story of the only time a sitting member of the US Congress was  assassinated. And it happened in another country. 
  It’s a good thing I only have diet soda, otherwise the ants and flies would be all over it. Yeah, I know, it can’t be healthy if even the insects that live off of decaying carcasses and poop won’t touch it. 
  Keywords and tricky phrases.  
  You look at yourself as a separate part of the universe. But you really are part of the universe. Become sentient.  
  Orgasms with her were never a given. They were earned. And they were worth it. But, when climax failed, it played out like the fallen hero of a Philip Glass composition. 
  Live in the present because that's the only thing that's permanent. 
  The problem with superstition is it leads us to believe that events can be good or bad. The same event can have completely different meanings to different people.  
  When a date is oversharing, too early, it's either a pattern or something important they want to share.  
  Facts. Not as they appear to us in hindsight, but how they appear to us at that time.  
  The path to peace is truth. Objective truth.   
  I love waking up to a morning text that means so much, "Your order has shipped." 
  If you treat a proper lady with respect, she'll notice you. If you treat a slutty woman with respect, she'll notice you. It's win-win.  
  Bury me wearing my boatcloak with my absinthe fountain.  
  It’s hard for be to explain the difference between and officer and an enlisted service member. Management / labor doesn't quite do it justice. It's more like doctor / nurse.   
  People who never lose their keys always think one move ahead. Not, where should I put these keys down, rather, where’s the easiest place for me to put these keys so I won’t have to remember where I put them.  
  What Orwell got wrong in “1984” is that censorship isn't how gaslighters use to trick their mark. Rather, it's proliferation of garbage held out as fact for people being told what to think, instead of being taught how to think.  
  The tech lessons that adults learn as a new skill are merely new habits for a child.  
  Sorry that was so painful. That was a long story, where I took you down a rocky road, without any sandals. Barefoot.  
  We know how to fight in war. We know how to live in peace. Now we're learning how to fight in peace as we live in war.  
  Be a human being instead of a human doing. Do nothing while feeling everything.  
  “After spending hours on video chat every day, I've noticed a new trend of women growing mustaches. What's up with that?” 
  One of the nice things about the days not having their typical "feeling" is waking up, wondering what day it is, and realizing it's your day off from work!  
  Amateurs think tactics. Professionals think logistics.  
  Our hope for the Internet was that it would unite us, in unison. Instead, it united a globe of individual minds where everyone has a voice. It's up to each individual to learn how to think instead of being told what to think.  
  No, SIRI. I didn't ducking say ducking. I said ducking. Don't you ducking understand? 
  Vulnerability. It's the one true path to intimacy. 
  Courage requires uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.  
  The music I played became our playlist for making love.   
  I trusted her. Now all I have left is to trust my opinion of her.  
  So...As we were lying there, I had my eyes closed and our connection felt deep and intense. I opened my eyes and had to lie down as I thought to myself, "I just fell in love with her." 
  Once this is over, you need to connect deeply with a beautiful person. Someone who's as beautiful as you are. Then, you must make long, intense and meaningfully passionate love. 
  You make me writhe in lustful thoughts of pleasure.  
  You couldn't get the smart women because you were too dumb to figure it out.   
  Please give me a civilization worth saving.  
  I do it now because I have discipline.  
  Make it easier for any person to arrive at where you are.  
  The best scientists were the ones with the with the quickest learning cycle.  
  The executive insurance company didn't insure the fortune 1,000 CEOs for cash, they insured them for reputation.  
  Slow success builds character. Fast success builds ego.  
  The right to life and human rights.  
  I experience you the way you experience yourself.  
  When you're buying a stock, you're buying a business. Keep that perspective.  
  Trigger, behavior, reward.Mindfulness: Get curious about your response and feel the joy of letting go. 
  Calm, yet passionate. Interesting. Charmed.  
  I have full cell phone battery and strong WiFi signal. Hit it! 
  The worst part of depression is feeling all alone while surrounded by friends and loved ones.   
  You're sexy. Well grammar is sexy.  
  Until you invent the universe there's always room for innovation. 
  Too scared to fail.  
  I grew up in a household were my parents' primary focus wasn't on education, but rather, simple happiness. We weren't the byproduct of their competitive concerns regarding my outcome.   
  Dating is about connecting while being genuine and making people feel good.  
  In the 20th century, our workday began when we walked into the office. Today, it begins the moment we pick up our phone before getting out of bed. 
  The universe never forgets. It's simply can't.  
  I’ve seen how wonderful life can be. That’s my baseline. 
  Instead of looking to others for answers in life, I started looking into myself and that's where I found my own solutions.  
  Words, much like happiness, require meaning.  
  Tools help build features to implement solutions that delivery benefits.  
  The worst humans are the ones who make themselves completely vulnerable mixed with cunning deception.  
  Life of a software engineer...The first time you do it, it's a hack.The second time you do it, it's a trick.The third time you do it, it's a best practice.  
  Today is the day when your future becomes your past, so make the most of it. 
  Fill your life with daily adventures.  
  Don't mistaken expectations for obligations.  
  You need to think before you act because your words and actions will influence people well beyond your imagination. 
  Silas McCool 
  From our darkest days can come our brightest moments.  
  I don't want a woman whose first thought always goes to risk. I want a woman whose first thought goes to reward.  
  J03 – Juliet Zero Three 
  So, just when you think jury duty's a big hassle and then you see a juror show up in a wheelchair who'd rather serve than be excused. #humbling 
  If we focused too much on the things we can't control, we overlook the things we can.  
  I was shocked but not surprised.  
  Today is a great last day.  
  Justin Orion Elias 
  I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you in your pussy. I want to fuck you in your mouth. I want to fuck you in your ass. I want to feel myself inside youCompletely wrapped around my cock.  
  The Tetris Cafe.  
  Confrontation for peace.  
  I'm going to fight as hard as I can. But no matter what happens, I'm at peace.  
  What's wrong with doing nothing? 
  The problem with politics is, publicly, we point out differences, yet privately, especially one on one, we point out similarities.  
  Do onto others as you would have them do unto your closest family members.  
  Relationships are journeys through life with no destination.   
  Passion is the fire of life. It keeps me warm on cold nights. 
  Owning a cat is like having a perpetual teenager.Owning a dog is like having a perpetual three year old. 
  Learn the difference between your intuition leading you and your traumas derailing you. 
  I want to make love to you at night and fuck you in the morning.  
  High energy and gravity are both like molasses for atoms. They literally slow down time in that frame of reference. 
  I am worthy of love and belonging. Courage, compassion, connection. Fully embrace vulnerability.  
  Detached recollection: When recovering from a breakup it's critical to put distance between you and the suffering. Tell people close to you about your suffering, but only tell them once. Then, review your day when in bed; that way you can still hear about the suffering, but more as an observer instead of recalling the direct pain.  
  Constantly digging into the past is unhealthy.  
  One of the things I loved about the Marines is it's a bastille of true honesty and integrity.  
  Secluded intimacy in the bedroom has faded away now that we have smartphones. This technology is the last thing we touch at night and the first thing we touch in the morning.   
  We only have so much love for a lover. When it switches from one person to another there's a quantifiable shift.  
  Day turning into night is a normal experience. It's night turning into day that's a novelty, not often seen and rarely enjoyed. 
  It seems you can’t tell how approachable someone is, in real life, from the tone and topics of their social media posts. Some people are completely different online. 
  What makes America great isn't closed boarders. What makes America great are moon landings.  
  It is this home that gives me full freedom of self-expression in the environment I want.  
  The further I get from stage four cancer, the more meaningful and significant each day becomes. I thought I’d appreciate things more, 20 years ago, after I finished six months of chemo. But, now I feel gracious and more fortunate each day. I got lucky. 
  You keep looking at her boobs and thinking of her body instead of looking at her eyes and thinking of her brain.  
  It makes sense to put the fire extinguisher in the back corner of the kitchen counter for all to see, until you actually need it and the fire is between you and the extinguisher.  
  There are all these places and people live there.  
  I would think that government officials caught lying to the public, for political purpose, should be held responsible.  
  One subtle trait I noticed about achievers is, regardless if they're early birds or night-owls, they can push through, with little sleep, to accomplish their goals.  
  Not breaking the law is the lowest possible standard of behavior.  
  Time travels in only one direction because matter only moves in one direction at a given moment. Move all matter and energy in the opposite direction and you’ll literally travel backward in time. Time is simply an emergent property. 
  It's not about your communications style, it's about theirs. Ask, elaborate, empower, collaborate 
  This is not the forum to be cavalier.  
  As critical thinkers, we have a fault where we can point out the weakness in someone else's argument or position much quicker than we can see our own blind spots.  
  Utopia: To have everything you need, with full self-expression, without shortage or gross excess.  
  Lately, Apple has spent a lot of time differentiating themselves based on privacy. Many people are happy to giveaway their privacy for something cheaper. Why not continue to tout Apple's truly amazing customer service? 
  The music set the tone of either a hot California desert oasis or a sticky southern swamp resorts.  
  Don't think too hard about it. Don't get lost in the process. Experience all you can. It's easier to recall a past experience than imagine that it never happened.  
  I belong to nothing. I am nothing more than a small piece of the universe, become self-aware, for a short while.  
  No one wants to look guilty. That's why we all slam on the brakes after seeing a cop as we race down the highway.  
  It seems the Internet has made people smartly stupid.  
  He was operating in a different reality. We all do that, to some degree; simply pick any religion you're not.  
  He mistook my desperation for humility. It worked in my favor.  
  Intelligence is all about pattern recognition. The more complex of a pattern that’s recognized, the more intelligent the species.  
  I love life. I will definitely miss it, one day.  
  Really dumb people are too dumb to know how dumb they really are. It's like arguing with a certifiably insane person. 
  I love the still of the day and the quiet of the night.  
  People buy solutions described by benefits based on features.  
  I learned the secret of always doing at least enough to get done what needed to get done. I sleep well at night. #WorkLifeBalance 
  Let's say getting up an hour earlier, every day, made you two-times more productive to get done those important but not urgent tasks, you'd honor that time. It's coming at a premium and it will be properly utilized.  
  Keep in mind the importance of knowing the difference between what's important to others and what's important to you. 
  At first, we parents want the best for our kids. Then, as they grow up, we realize that we did our best, now it's time for them to do their best on their own.  
  "I want to look at your face, and into your eyes, while I'm inside you." 
  You're as useless as the double 'u' in vacuum.  
  She asked him if he loved his wife. His response wasn't simply, “Yes I do.” Rather, it was, “I am very deeply in love with her.” 
  Information decays with time. After all, it’s encoded in matter or it’s a collection of energy. 
  The masters who create the rule, value it the least. That's why they know when to break it.  
  We live in an imperfect universe where information will always be lost. Only the universe can know its complete state. If you contend that God is literally the universe, and we are both made a part of it, then I would agree.  
  We enter in different ways. But we either leave early or alone.  
  The difference between other tech companies and Apple is that the other companies call them users, whereas Apple calls them customers.  
  “The Quintillion Theory”: when randomness goes to zero. Let's say we have a brand new, empty junkyard. We bring in a working plane, like a 747, and completely disassemble it, making the entire junkyard comprised of all the parts necessary to reassemble the jet plane. How many billions, trillions, quadrillions, quintillion of times would storms or tornados have to blow through the junkyard in such a way as to perfectly reassemble the 747? People couldn't unhear the sound of quintillion and the theory raised great debate. 
  His mother was a 911 dispatcher. She knew how to deal with people on what was turning out to be the one of the worst days of their life.  
  The entire routine is cathartic. The hot tub at night, with the lighting and calmness of the night followed by the random patterns of the bliss lights.  
  Being a CEO is like being the captain of a ship. When you start your company, you're the captain of a canoe as you convince people to hop in while growing in size. You can't show up at the pier and expect to be the captain of an aircraft carrier without proper experience. Big or small, you're responsible for everything your company does and fails to do.  
  It's always the same. People posting about what they support, usually at the expense of putting someone else down.  
  It's not antitrust, as in don't-trust. It's antitrust as in to break up the legal trusts that were buying up all the company trusts.   
  Will Trump be the first POTUS to call for a coup of his own government? (Written years before Jan 6th.) 
  Life cannot do everything it wants. There are limits. DNA can't survive on the sun. 
  The old man's advice was to be average. Live at the fringes where people will quickly forget you too soon.  
  We all hope our children don't suffer and our parents never age.  
  Wisdom comes from earlier life experiences where you recognize the mistakes you made and stop making those mistakes. 
  People mistaken news for entertainment, excitement for business, and activity for progress.  
  Oh, that's Annapolis, near the Naval Academy. I went to school there. Plebe year, I learned that there is no "I" in team, but there is an "m" and an "e." 
  Die in your prime that way you don't die ugly. 
  Join me at the bar to celebrate sobriety. 
  The importance of journalism:Journalism really is a first draft version of history. Get the objective facts incorrect and your future is in doubt as the history books get it wrong.  
  You don't feel the universe - you are the universe. You literally are the universe become self-aware.  
  I celebrate sobriety by drinking.  
  When a writer writes fiction, the closer it ties into reality and history, the better the story.  
  The study revealed how people are determined their calling.  
  No matter how much Mars is colonized by humans, it'll never be better than Earth. Instead of living in hab units on Mars, why not simply build them for us to live here on Earth where it's much warmer and breathable. Terraforming doesn’t scale. 
  When you're paying a social media consultant, they should not be inviting you to go Like their own Facebook page, etc.That's too self-serving.It's too forced.It's not genuine.It's the social media equivalent of "exposure bucks" by teaching that Likes are the end game.  
  As the world became more digital, cyberwarfare became the norm. People weren't hurt or killed, it was about citizens empowering the government to have money.  
  Smartphones connect us to people far away but disconnect us from those nearby. 
  Siri is like that awkward software engineer who frequently misses social cues.  
  When you see an investigative story unfold, before your eyes, over the course of a few weeks, you realize that even the good journalist did their best, but it’s hard to properly and objectively convey the full context. It isn't until the event is over when others grasp the whole story.  
  I wonder if recruiters now look at me the way I’d look at them if they told me that they wanted to move into a new profession as a full-stack web developer and then asked me where I thought they should begin.  
  There are, after all, degrees of perfection. Even perfection isn’t perfect. 
  You trust, but verify, not because you distrust, but because you'll pick up some extra details. 
  "You know, listening to real jazz is where it’s at. Not that fake jazz. I'm talking Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and the 3rdSpace Jazz Jams; then you just fill your soul with music. It expands your hopes and fears.” 
  Two food observations tonight:I only eat wasabi with sushi. So when I tasted it in wasabi almonds, it has subtle tones of sushi.Once you start jonesing for popcorn because you smell it, you can't get over it till you eat it yourself. 
  The entire point of the government is the common good. Of course, there's the common good of the government and the common good of the people. Is it more important for a government to preserve itself than it is for the people to pursue their happiness. Common good is the civilian version of good order and discipline.  
  “Perhaps” is a great disarming word to use. I'm not going to tell you what to think. But I'm putting my money here.  
  Word of the wise to entrepreneurs: Beware of the word, “Interesting.” A VC won’t say, “No.” Instead, they say, “That’s interesting.” But the naive entrepreneur hears, “I’m interested.” 
  Music is more than music. It's an experience. It’s a drug you take in through your ears that feeds your soul.  
  Life is a vacation from nonexistence.  
  He left nothing but a trail of broken promises.  
  Vignettes and Pieces blog update January 22, 2019 
I call it the Mall Dance. There isn't a clear pattern, but it all works out without a single collision, like two galaxies colliding in the cold and vast emptiness of space. No physical contact, but a clear interaction.  
  I feel like my wife and I teased either too meanly or we were too sensitive. You and I do it best.  
  Engineering adds functionality. Design adds usability. 
  End poor life decisions with good daily choices. 
  Arguments work best when taking into account the audience's beliefs, trust, sources, and values.  
  A black hole evaporates as it swallows antiparticles. Particles and antiparticles don't annihilate each other and release energy. Rather, they melt together and evaporate into nothing. Lost information is entropy. Lost matter is no thing.  
  Absorption: How and where does an electron store a photon? 
  When you change the rate at which something moves, that's time. It's not a force anymore than distance. It's simply the measurement of movement in a given frame of reference. A strong gravitational field slows time because the movement of atoms and subatomic particles have to fight that field, even if in the zero g of a free fall. The over all body is moving in a single direction, but electrons are in a push-pull war as the orbit the atom in the strong gravitational field.  
  How smart you are is directly related to how quickly you fully understand things.  
  Time is nothing more than things moving in a reference frame. Is there ever a case where time slows down while things move faster in the same reference frame? 
  There is an elegant beauty to the design of the mini-cannoli. The shell is as thick a full sized cannoli so it holds together very nicely. I highly recommend it. 
  The beauty of love is that it's not based on logic, it's pure emotion. That's what makes it so amazing. Emotions experienced they way they should be. 
  Remember those simple times when you were a kid watching the Six Million Dollar Man, Dukes of Hazard, or Seinfeld? 
  Protect the peace.To include peace and quiet.  
  Welcome to 2020. The year it all fell apart.   
  Wendy was a beautiful southern belle all covered in charm, with a hint of naughty, if you caught her at the proper time.  
  Think about what makes you feel good and do that to others. Think about what makes you defensive and don't do that. And then realize that other’s don’t all think like you do. 
  Money doesn't define who we are, but it does define what we can and can't do.  
  Dear entrepreneurs: It's not about what you can build, it's about what you can sell. Before you can sell it you need to market it. Just because someone's good at sales doesn't mean they're also good at marketing. Some sales people have no clue what they're selling, but they can sell anything. Remember John Candy in "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?" He sold shower curtain rod rings as bangles.  
  There are times when doing nothing is more productive than doing something unproductive. So hang tight. 
  Before 1976, the highest ranking, and most senior General of the Armies (6-Star General) was Pershing (WW I).  
  We look at matter as if it's physical. Rather, it's simply well behaved energy stretched out over an area of probabilities.  
  The laws of physics must be dominated by good decisions  
  If you have to trade one guilt for another, choose wisely.  
  Even though the lovers despised him, he was their go to guy when they needed mental material.  
  He pitched himself as this great nobody. In reality, he wasn't great.  
  You make me feel like the man I always wanted to be.  
  The actor nailed the part of the victim perfectly. You have no idea how terrifying it is to be so powerless over your life.  
  He's the worst kind of fuck-up because he has no idea. He thinks he's doing good.  
  “I would like to be with you right now and cuddle or just talk and share stories, moments, thought... or be silent but together.” 
  The security computer ran on an encrypted blockchain. Off that main chain is where provable event timestamps were glued to history.  
  The secret to a happy couple is that they each rarely noticed the mistakes the other one makes, unless they are inexcusable. And that is very subjective. 
  He would speak up for himself, every now and then. He felt if he didn't speak up for himself that no one else would. But he only did it occasionally. That, tied in with his genuine authenticity, made him human and liked.  
  Kids are doing it right by using SnapChat. The Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers keep using e-mail and texting, leaving behind a long audit trail. Millennials are saying, "Remember that crazy stuff I did as a teenager that showed up on social media and humility me? I learned to never make that mistake again, especially when the stakes are higher, much later in life. Leaving behind digit emissions may be hazardous to your health, both physical and mental." 
  He’s raised politics to the level of religion. "Just believe me" even if it doesn't make sense. 
  True sacrifice isn’t about giving up your spare time or money. It’s about giving up your time or money to such a degree that it affects your lifestyle with virtually nothing in return. 
  No matter how strong the ship, you're at the mercy of the sea 
  Talented people aren’t driven by discipline. They're driven by passion.  
  Engineers develop solutions that become features.Entrepreneurs develop solutions that become benefits.  
  You can’t outlaw a part of a person, ruled the Supreme Court regarding drug testing. You can only outlaw their behavior. Driving drunk? Illegal. Goring to work high, and it's detected? Fireable. Get high on a non-worked day and no hint of it in job performance? None of your business.  
  So this is what it means to face your fears.  
  The trick to being optimistic about the future is to not let change scare you. Evaluate it skeptically, first 
  This home became known as The Bungalow. Very few of that time referred to it as that, but it quickly became known by that moniker.  
  If a protest is a correction to a wrong action, then that is not a complaint. That can be a hard thing to do when you don't remove enough of the emotion.  
  Instead of looking at this tragedy as a set back, look at it as a new beginning.  
  They differentiated themselves by adding a little kick to their brand.  
  The enemy of simplicity is unreined creativity.   
  I borrowed $1.2m and made a $1.5m profit. It was a great ride.  
  Photons are the sonic booms of the universe. A particle that's leaving a wake of waves to be experienced throughout three dimensions.  
  Soldiers aren't young because they're dumb. They're young because they're looking for a challenge. They want to make their mark in the world. 
  Question all unexpected noise.  
  The only thing worse than no information is bad information.  
  Steve Jobs's greatest invention was Apple, the company. Apple's greatest competitor isn't another company, product, or organization. Apple’s biggest threat is complexity.When looking at risk, don't focus on a thing, product, or event that threatens. Instead, focus on the principles of that threat to your core offerings and have the imagination to immediately recognize threats when they're still small.  
  Commit to the third rail. 
  You don't need to believe in everything, but you do need to believe in reality. Objective reality. 
  What disappointed me was simply the fact that I was disappointed. I had guessed wrong.  
  Acknowledge the past. Live in the present. Be responsible to the future.  
  It's hard to do nothing when everything's happing around you and you feel helpless. 
  It's all in the approach to discipline. One line of thought is it’s a reward for not doing wrong and the other line of thought is it’s a punishment. It all depends on the perspective.  
  Myth. Legend. Truth.  
  The confidence with which she conducts herself gives her the authority. 
  People get scared when they don't trust the quality of the information at hand.  
  You are not smarter than everyone else at everything.  
  Energy, without particles, is massless and travels at c. To a photon, traveling at c, time ceases and length decreases, yet mass doesn’t increase other than momentum. 
Should we look at energy as massless particles or particles as energy with mass? 
  It's the story of an emperor who lived 12,000 years ago and got the entire world to speak the same language. But accents and dialects became too varied and it all fell apart.  
  It's doesn't matter. Mission failure. You either do it or die trying.  
  Great, so, basically, it's the Ivory soap of operating systems.   
  One hand, a clap does not make.  
  True opportunity comes uninvited and first appears as inconvenience.  
  On Earth, we create things that don't exist anywhere else in the Universe. 
  Sometimes, the best solution to a problem is a pint of Ben & Jerry's or an entire can of Pringles potato chips. Better yet, first begin with a glass of wine followed by Kraft macaroni and cheese. 
  What do you mean that the Coriolis Effect isn't what decides the direction of water going down the drain? Science taught us that it was true. –True, but you were unknowingly taught theoretical science, not experimental science. It was long after you graduated from school that scientist actually observed that the Coriolis Effect wasn't strong enough to determine the direction down the drain.  
  It's a TV comedy series about a goofy president who rarely drinks. In one episode, he agrees to have a drink but forgets that he's taking cold medicine which doesn't mix well with alcohol. He's wanders into the press room and unknowingly turns on the live TV cameras while he stands at the podium to speak his mind as he gives the real-raw speech he's always wanted to tell America.  
  A key reason movie star actors get in trouble, emotionally is they lose their true identity by acting other parts as authentically as possible. The more authentic, the more dangerous the mental effects.  
  It's all about timing. Nobody deserves to fly in an airplane or helicopter more than Leonardo da Vinci. But he was centuries ahead of his time.  
  The knowledge that you're being watched changes your behavior. It's the Heisenberg uncertainty principle at the macro level.   
  The nice and efficient part of the futures and equities markets is that people can put their money where their mouth is to argue and debate about price and outlook. 
  You're raised hoping that God will pick you to make you special. Pick yourself.  
  Evolution is about taking the learned good habits and having them in embedded into a specie's genes.  
  To be an entrepreneur, one must have a high tolerance for trial and error and error and error.  
  The challenge facing entrepreneurs in government is they don't have the freedom to fail because the consequences are too high. The government doesn’t look at opportunity, instead they’re focused on risk, first and foremost.  
  The challenge facing wannabe entrepreneurs is they don't realize their limitations.  
  Cable news stations excel at pulling people into matters that don't concern them with an emotional plea that they should care about matters for which the individual has little to no control, influence, or impact. Ask yourself why an issue matters to you? And remember that news, by definition, is something that rarely happens. You’re best off watching the local news. It has very little spin, it’s highly relevant, and you’ll still hear about the big issues. 
  Why is it religious leaders don't smear non-followers like politicians? 
  A forbidden love, once tasted, is never forgotten.  
  The Turing Test isn't enough. Mimicking isn't genuine, just like a video isn't the experience. 
  They thought humanity was atrocious and despicable for how animals were enslaved.  
  Every night was an adventure. Even solo, it was always an adventure.  
  I’m sure China looks at the US and thinks, "You know, China's been around for a long time, thanks to the Great Wall and now the Great Firewall. We can see your 'free speech' taking its toll. You're doing it to yourselves by not protecting your government's interests." 
  I want to be in a place where the days don't build on each other.  
  Information may want to be free but that doesn't mean it is free. 
  Protecting servers is hard because they’re specifically designed to disseminate information. 
  Decisions and actions in my life are driven by philosophy, passion, and discipline. For many others, their decision process is dictated by fear. 
  Wikipedia is so great. When I was a kid, if information wasn’t in my home encyclopedia it was difficult to figure it out. For example I was reading a book about quasars and they kept mentioning the red shift, but I had no easy way to figure out what that was. 
  In junior high school, before computers, my hobby was holography using my polarized helium neon laser from Metrologic and a kit from Edmond Scientific. 
  I can’t give you what you want, only what I have. 
  In chambers, he said my client was noble. But it was never mentioned in court.  
  Perhaps, in the future, corporations will be looked upon as enslavers of people and freedom.  
  Reflections of better days with bluer skies.  
  They used to think math was for boys. After doing a little research, the girls discovered the true identity of this algebra equation. It was the equation of everything, or at least everything real.Solve for x: (2x + 10)/2 - x = 5. 
  What if you could create beauty, like a musician, that was only interpreted by a computer. That would be elegant code. 
  Try to make the events in your day as connected as possible.  
  A work of fiction should always be perfect. Infinity is a perfect deadline.  
  You could learn a new language by watching TV, but you can't by listening to the radio.  
  The drug helps you focus on your happiness and minimize distractions, while doing it.  
  Simply because you want to do something great doesn’t mean you will. By all means, try, but be realistic. Not everyone can do something great. A big part of it is luck, and the biggest part of that is timing. Keep in mind that you, wanting to great, might be considered a little selfish. Make things great for others, whether they’ll never know. Now that’s what I call service. 
  Instead of trying to be great, try and do great things, humbly.   
  The fact that any person could weaponize bad information and threaten to blackmail with it is the problem.  
  It was heavy handed threats surrounded by platitudes.  
  Everyone's brains get off track from time to time. It's just a matter of how long.   
  It seems that many people have dark moments in their lives and now it's spotlighted with social medial.  
  He spent his entire life being competitive as possible. He wanted to win at all costs, even if it meant stepping on his own constituents to further his accomplishments. 
  Seeing your house burn to the ground is watching your history go up in flames. Watching your savings and retirement investments drop to zero is like watching your future fade to black.  
  You should be grateful that you got to control an entire chunk of the universe in the form of your body, mind, and soul. Nothing lasts for ever.  
  People felt safe with me because they felt that my protection covered them. But who protected me. I was scared when I was alone.  
  Small tech companies do not need product managers any more then family dinners need a wait staff at home. 
  Beth Paige was a woman from Long Island.  
  It’s not about being the strongest. It’s about being the smartest who survive.  
  Everything, eventually, goes to nothing.  
  Don’t you understand my life is so precious? It’s because death is so final. 
  Living through history isn’t as exciting as reading about, when it’s all played out, but it is more dramatic.  
  It’s not only that life is short, but also that we’re dead for so long. 
  The Marine Corps excels at creating leaders because they explicitly teach leadership theory. Then each embraces their own style and develops it with real life experience.  
  The weight of stress, fear, and anxiety way on us continuously. It's cumulative. 
  Fighting getting old is all about working to keep doing the hard things you enjoyed when you were younger.  
  You don't drink an old fashioned only for the taste. You drink it for the history, tradition, and ceremony. Otherwise, after more than a century, you'd see old fashioned flavored drinks.   
  Some leader rule by love and some by fear. But this guy rules by humiliation.   
  The handwriting technology made my front leaning activity of writing feel more backward leaning, and easier.  
  Modern warfare is different and asymmetrical.  
  St. Helena Island fascinates me. It's a place I've always wanted to visit. A dream without reason. Add two other extremes in there: North Korea and Monaco, but not in that order. 
  Simply because you can do something doesn’t mean you can sell it.  
  I like to think of the Constitution as the original Blockchain. Nothing gets removed, just repealed. It's all still there.  
  I implicitly made a decision to not engage unless it was going to be productive and effective. 
  Gravity is your friend. It pulls everything to where time runs slower.  
  What if you could make Monday through Friday your weekend and only work two days? 
  What made Carl Sagan so unique was his philosophy; he could capture deep emotion using passionate logic. Pale Blue Dot.  
  There aren't many musicians in the world who don't know how to read music. Music is the theory. Performing is the practice.  
  The secret thrill to Ozark is that it foreshadows a scene, early in the episode, which gives us a peek into something we never considered leading up to that moment. 
  I seek objective truth. I despise anti-truth.  
  Have you ever heard of an American leader being assassinated by someone other than an American? 
  We're together because we've infected each other's souls. 
  Think about writing a story. It could be a short story or a long novel. Then, you take the essence of the story and roll it up into a title. That's the benefit.   
  He specializes in staying relevant by being a narcissist, much like a child throwing a temper tantrum.  
  When our forefathers wrote the Third Amendment, they anticipated a country living predominantly in peace.  
  "Beyond the Credits" 
  He's known as the Prism. From one white light came all colors.  
  War is not about hate. It's about love. Love for country. Love for comrades.  
  Life is about getting things done by accomplishing your goals, big and small. Once your reach a certain level, you feel like you've arrived.  
  You mistook evolution as absolute right and wrong. It's simply the random mutation that stuck.  
  He was so typo prone that he could make an indelible mistake when writing a "[sic]." 
  Isn't it amazing how we judge people by how they look? Even the most subtle shape of their face.  
  It was a historical moment in golf when he scored two hole-in-one shots off a single stroke.  
  The problem with film and music, as art, is that it must be consumed, perhaps endured, over time. It's not like a photo or picture which has no time component. 
  The mysterious dark and smoky band was playing Erotica.  
  What is a successful mutation? What about a mutation that has a benefit to ensure our survival? We study evolution as if it gives right and wrong answers. It's all really a probability, like an electron cloud. We let the universe dictate what is absolute right and wrong. 
  Welcome to the Den of Light.  
  Resourcefulness is innovation in the face of challenge.  
  Just always be yourself. The universe sees you, all of you. We are the universe.  
  Our dreams come from our experiences, thoughts, and concerns. The better the content, the better the sleep.  
  Overconfident arm chair-ers in a professional's world.  
  There are times when the law can't protect you as fully as it should.  
  He refuses to feel guilt for someone else's suffering when they understood the risks.  
  What if what I do can't be taught to others because they're wired differently and they respond differently.  
  How about requiring that the person who brings up a problem, in a meeting, also suggests a solution at the same time. Otherwise it's like showing up late to a meeting with a cup of coffee in your hand. It gives the wrong impression.  
  I discovered that I hate myself when I'm mean. It's worse... it's shame.  
  Everyone's looking at everyone else to see if they're being looked at.  
  Information wants to be free because it weighs nothing.   
  The music sets the mood before the mood's been set.  
  The movie was about terrorist who hijacks the Academy Awards by poisonings the entire audience and then he begins to auction off the limited amount of poison antidote. It gets into the ugly side of billionaires.  
  I think we're transitioning into a time where the two party system is reaching fewer citizens and more become independent.  
  In the military, I was suddenly doing very well in class and on tests. That was my kind of academia. Then came Annapolis.  
  Put your faith in science... or at least the scientific method. It'll never let you down.  
  I didn’t want to play a role in life. That's a job.  
  Come on. Don't you realize that I could never be that dumb and admit to being that dumb unless I wasn't that dumb? It's so obvious.  
  I try not to deny myself something I want. 
  This is the life I always wanted. 
  Oh, you're 16 years old and it seems like the world's falling apart? That's par for the course, kid. Just ask Holden Caulfield. He kept asking how the Central Park ducks know where to go in the winter. 
  Some say that one of the scary things about HomePod and Alexa is that they are always listening. But, that's nothing compared to the fact that your desktop or laptop is way easier to hack and its mic is always available. 
  Being more productive is great. But I want more. I want to be more creative.   
  I'd rather live the experience than debate the theory. 
  We grow into our values from the programs and movies we watched. 
  Before you can fully solve a problem, you need to define it and deeply understand it. Pure and true simplicity always lies on the other side of complexity. Otherwise you over-engineer or oversimplify. 
  The Church of Objective Truth and Simplicity. 
  Protest, without effective action, is nothing more than complaining.  
  What makes someone look smart is that they're not easily fooled.  
  "No, don't you understand? The chemtrails are sprayed at night because people are indoors. That is, except for the homeless," he conspired.  
  Running is my discipline.No running = No discipline.  
  There wasn't anything special about the outdoor shower, other than it was an outdoor shower. What surprised many people was a how open it was and how it compared to what they imagined. They heard about it and thought it was way overhyped, so they lowered their expectations.  
  You see it as an opportunity. They see it as a sacrifice.   
  This guy was amazing. He could hit a grand slam with no one on base.  
  The rise of Internet video won't kill TV. TV will merely be another channel.  
  Love, money, sex, and lots of free time. What more could I want? 
  A big part of simplicity is managing what comes at you. 
  It's that feeling of disappointment when you first see the raw ugly behind the beautiful art. Never meet your heroes. 
  We going to these relationships with the idea that it's until death do us part.Instead, we should go into them with the idea that it will work for as long as it works and we both know will do our best to make it work. But if it works out, then that's OK, it in no way means either one of us is a failure.Think about the origin of the notion, that it's suppose to last forever. It was either religion or practical safety. We have the beginnings of a stable enough government that an individual can easily survive alone. 
  There is no universe. This is only everything and it's infinitely big. A great big infinite loop.  
  The government is like the highway. The government doesn't operate the vehicles using it. It's the individual citizens who do. Every so often there's a fatal flaw like a fallen bridge, bad accident, or a terrorist attack. The first to respond are the individual citizens. They're the ones who wave off the cars behind him to prevent another accident. 
  Great leaders leave behind quotes, based on principles, that are lessons learned for generations to follow. 
  How do you justify taking the opposite position on any issue? For starters, change the time frame or context to an answer that fits. 
  Imagine what it was like for the first tens of thousands of years for humanity. Before organized armies or governments. Before even language. Now we don't think twice about communicating at the speed of light and standing wars. How was information stored, shared, and learned, back then? Imagine living in a world where you couldn't even clearly communicate with your friends and family.  
  if ( can_write() ) { write() }; Optimization analysis showed can_write being executed twice. Once at can_write() and then inside write(). Software developers blogged about it and then removed can_write(), even though the documentation didn’t mention that write() would explicitly do the check. It worked properly for years until an internal coder removed the can_write() call from write(). Then all hell broke loose.  
  You and me baby. This is our go at it. We’ll let the universe drive us and not fight the forces.  
  The story’s about NASA testing a Mars refuel system where a master tanker fires off a rocket fuel tank to keep refueling the ship as it accelerates between Earth and Mars. After a near mishap they notice its trajectory is not as expected. NASA discovers a tiny black hole between the manned spacecraft and the rendezvous. Once the discovery becomes public, cosmology and cosmic physics become the new gold rush. 
  The irony of life is that for it to go on living, it must die. 
  Life has one primary purpose: to go on living. As for its meaning, leave that to the philosophers. 
  The business geniuses were the ones who could see a little farther and think a little quicker than the others. They were the talent. 
  People are vectors. See where they lead. 
  You inspire me to be the person I always wanted to be. 
  Time moves much differently in the military than in civilian life. In the military, there’s always a key date looming in your future.  
  People care more about their own interests than about being correct.  
  Humanity evolved to suit our environment. It won’t be until far in the future when our space adapting sub-species can thrive in deep space.
A lot of people don’t realize that they have very good ideas. It’s not about distinguishing the good from the bad. It’s about properly executing the idea that’s innovative, entertains, or makes meaning. 
  I call it raw reality writing.  
  Every new entrepreneur thinks they’re the one who’s discovered a new opportunity that others missed. In nearly all the cases, the reason the others failed is because their marketing plan was either non-existent or not viable.  
  That inventor was very smart and secretive. He set up five separate companies. Each company owned three key patent technologies. It took competitors years to link all 15 patents and figure out how his invention worked. Why he didn’t keep it as a trade secret, no one knows.  
  When my father was a live, I never realized how happy he was. I never realized how happy our entire family was. As a kid, I have no memory of either of my parents being overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. All was taken in stride. 
  I appreciate your dedication. And I also appreciate the challenges you face. Because, even when you do that right thing, the best that anyone could do in the same situation, it sometimes still feels wrong. Every challenge I faced as a leader made me better. I made sure of that. 
  The movie’s about the federal government slowly going dark due to a leak that a building solar flare will swipe the Earth and kill nearly all life. We see how the government fails in a most unexpected way.  
  We all have creative thoughts. It’s not about the creative thoughts – it’s about capturing those through a constructive medium.  
  One of my biggest pet peeves are people who text multiple times within 60 seconds. Stop! Breathe! Think! Then write one complete thought in a single text message. Frankly, it annoys the hell out of me to have my phone or watch going off like WW III just began. 
  I grew up next to a wealthy, estate and heard the long walk up their driveway, especially over the fall leaves.  
  I learned how to carry confidence forward from previous, similar situations. 
  Microsoft became the de facto solution because they fundamentally ask themselves, “Will this give us more market share?” Apple, on the other hand, repeatedly asks themselves, “Will this make for the best possible customer experience?”One solution helps the company live quarter to quarter. The other solution helps the company last a generation. 
  Code you don’t write is code you don’t have to debug. 
  It's about sacrifice verses dominance.  
  In the military, we give metals to people who sacrifice so others may gain. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others so they may gain.  
  The show is a light comedy about a secret cult of mailman who understand the importance of each person on their route; their place in society. They could tell this just from the mail they delivered. Imagine if someone else could see only the subject line of every one of your emails. They could still figure out a lot about you. 
  Maintaining a relationship is harder than starting it. But the start tends to require a bit of time and attention.   
  Should any POTUS use their position to personally attack individual American citizens who pose no threat to the Constitution or national security? 
  I like the way life feels. 
  You know your tribe because they're the ones with whom you can be your naked self. 
  See all those people making money with Bitcoin? What repeatable, fundamental or technical expertise did they utilize to achieve that? You'd have a better chance with the lottery which has a much safer downside. 
  On an abstract level, a pure artists wants their work to help you connect your soul the rest of the universe. 
  Do you think, when I'm on empty and filling up, that my car feels as good as I do after a big, hearty meal? 
  He could always manage the responsibilities all with the lightest of touch. 
  Only some guys have the ability to build a wall of friendship around the special women in their lives in order to keep it platonic.  
  That place became my oasis hell.  
  A night to remember is typically a night we'd rather forget.  
  I mistook the rustling of the palm trees for my steak sizzling on the barbecue. 
  Peace through violence. He has a casual cruelty about him. 
  Pure art is nothing more than an expression of human consciousness for others to experience. 
  When we were younger, if we had a belief or position that flipped, 180°, later in life, we presume that our most recent way of thinking is more developed, since we discovered it later in life. 
  It was deemed the scariest scene in a movie since Alford Hitchcock's shower scene. The snake biting the man's legs and feet in his bed over and over again while I was on the phone with 911. While Hitchcock made us feel vulnerable in the shower, at least we’re awake. 
  I didn't choose cancer. Cancer chose me. Stage 4 cancer chose me and lost that battle. I was lucky that mine was completely curable.  
  Information obesity is what we now suffer from. 
  I need to hear my environment as I listen to the world.  
  Alcoholism isn't about how many or how often someone drinks in so much as to the affects it has on one's performance.   
  There are higher callings such as the Constitution. The Constitution isn’t merely law, it’s its own singularity. It’s morality. It lays out principles of citizens’ rights. The law then implements those principles as values. I can think of nothing in the Constitution that should ever directly restrict an American’s rights.  
  The entire world is at your doorstep, literally. You simply need to step out in to it.  
  Investing in Bitcoin is like investing in the lottery. Sure, people make a killing every week but distilling the underlying cause and effect is virtually impossible. 
  The problem with social media communication is that it's more about us, as individuals, being heard.  
  If you're going to live in the real physical world, you need a public address for mail, meetings, deliveries, etc. Internet advertising has accomplished the same thing in cyberspace where marketers can advertise to us.  
  Seeing life from the other side: A parent's story.  
  Make sure you take care of your tomorrow self, today. Both physically and mentally.  
  All you can do, at any given moment, is take in the universe. Just know that you're part of it.  
  The reason that people you grow up with see you as a hero and support you when you're famous is because you're an underdog. They knew you when the rest of the world didn't.  
  We're at the point where entertainment has become more real than reality. Exercise: Fill in the blank:"Houston, we __________ a problem." 
  Don't engineer software. Design it. 
  She was a little fat, but in an unusual way. She looked okay. Or at least that's what she believed others thought of her.  
  She could talk to a person across a room without talking to the entire room. She was elegant and self-refined.  
  It was a hot winter day.  
  She sat at the bar thinking about a lover she missed. She didn't want to get too close.  
  I never went to bed with an ugly person but I woke up with them.  
  It was a reality too hard to accept. 
  You got to appreciate the basics before you can respect the advanced. 
  What will people a thousand years in the future think of us? The same as we think of people a thousand years ago. Nasty. We will be remembered as the broken period because so many people, today, are broken.   
  The house was under a spell where its occupants were magnified in love or despair, depending on who they genuinely were, inside.  
  Why did I do this? Because I was the only one who could, who would.  
  I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I turned to her and asked her to hold my beer while I went to serve up a great big hot plate of justice.  
  I am a hard man to please. That doesn't mean I have high standards, it means I have stubborn standards. 
  "Pennsylvania is a great state. Oh, shoot, did I call you a state? Pennsylvania is better than a state, it's a commonwealth. Trust me, I know. I used to live in DC - it's not a state either, except a state of madness. Always has been, always will be.  
  The superstars are the ones whose potential is exactly what they live up to and exactly what the world's wants from them at exactly the right time. Some people live too meek and shy, while others try way too hard and rush it.  
  "What's my rap name? I am Rap Mogul. I'm not OG, I'm new G. I'm high tech and shit." 
  I was diagnosed with late-stage, wide spread cancer. I became a reluctant expert on the disease. The doctors only read about it in a book, I lived it.  
  They were simplistic times. How many of our favorite movies from when we were a kid, still hold up? 
  He developed experience reality (ER) which virtually created an experience for the user. After that, authoring became all about detailing an experience.  
  Give yourself up to the universe. That doesn't mean anything super-natural. It's actually the opposite once you realize that you can't know the future. Any ominous hunches are simply emotional guesses.  
  That's the way life has to be. On smaller scales, everything moves faster to experience life before it's over. 
  Prince has a a great voice. It's not so much that he speaks to me; rather, it's that I hear him. 
  Change is our future. Always.  
  Experience what makes you happy. 
  What's the least amount of news you need to stay an informed citizen and get it from reading rather than watching TV?Many people who call themselves news junkies are actually seeking entertainment or drama. They’re not trying to be a more informed citizen otherwise they'd understand the people, positions, and issues that appear on a voting ballot other than the top of the ticket. Think about it how much more of an impact the regional and local issues will impact them compared to the high visibility issues. Watch the local news, not cable news. 
  A good attitude is the path to results, but it's not the destination.   
  Entrepreneurs are either smart or crazy (or both).  
  He's the one who realized that it wasn't gravity pulling us down, rather it is whooshing down on us like rain. To alter gravity, you need a gravity umbrella above you. The antigravity solution was too simple.
  When it comes to day to day events, the government doesn't run America. The government doesn't run America anymore than the highways run America. The government is there to support what we do. It’s the citizens who run America. 
  People put their own safety and security ahead of an organization's collective goal.  
  The biggest threat to a well established organization isn’t external, it’s internal. It begins with leadership, and the character of those leaders. Nothing will destroy an organization faster than poor leadership. 
  Apple’s not afraid to threaten their own business model. As a matter of fact, they excel, better than anyone else, at making their own products obsolete. 
  Peeking though an open window is a small violation. Peeking through an open door is a big violation.  
  This guy was the wet fart of the room. Everyone knew it. He was the wet fart that shits gold, and they would put up with crap for that golden shit. Once he got toasted, his followers stunk. There was no getting that stench and stain out.  
  Being an entrepreneur isn't about what you want. It's about what your customers want.  
  Don't hide your life. The more openly you live your life, the better it is.  
  Good friends are hard to find. Don't take it for granted. (No, Siri, I didn’t say, “Good friend are hard to fine. Don’t take it for granite.” So much of my dictation lost to Siri. It would be great if she kept an audio recording of what I originally said.) 
  We are over-entertained. In TV and the movies, a blow to the head that knocks out a character is a killing blow. 
  We constantly see people, governments, and organizations gain power, built upon the backs of individuals. Then these organizations forget their roots and take back their power. Think about how much power has been removed from APIs by platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
  Strong password: 6.O2x10^23 
  It’s an old person’s bar. Instead of a Red Bull with rum, most people order a Metamucil with vodka. Think of it like a screwdriver. 
  You have to reach a point in your life where you don't feel like you're being held back.  
  Look around. It is us. We have become the evil empire. We even have privatize armies.  
  Living through it, yourself, is vastly different than reading about it in a book, or watching a movie.  
  There are true believers and there are misbelievers. There's a difference.  
  Life is improbability. All those places where physics, at any scale, can't forecast... that's life. From DNA to QED.  
  Generally speaking, the more you pay for something, the better the quality of the experience.  
  A lot of politics is about showmanship. But there still needs to be some steak to go along with that sizzle.  
  Candid speaking or impromptu speaking is disjointed, especially when under the pressure of the public eye.  
  We both thought we were going to die in the prime of our life.  
  The story's about a techie who falls for a woman that lives in the poorest part of town. It's there that he witness how differently they're treated by the same ISP for the same service at the same price. The opposite of Net Neutrality is a hidden, racist Internet.  
  She's a self-indulgent blogger. Her writing, photos, and videos are all about what she wants.  
  If what you're doing isn't earning money then it's a hobby. 
  He treats you like a television audience, not American citizens.  
  Stop thinking emotionally.Start thinking skeptically. Start thinking critically. Start thinking objectively. Respect facts. Stop being told what to think.Think for yourself. 
  My point isn't to sell Apple, rather it's to share the story of Apple. Not only the success of Apple, but more importantly, the mistakes they made that lead to their success.  
  Remember, it's better to tell a great story than your own story. 
  Life doesn't owe you anything. What did you do? What did I do? What did any of us do to deserve to be born? Talk about luck.  
  I feel very good being bad with you.  
  Don't let me tell you what to think. I can give you tips and show you how to think, but you owe it to yourself to do the heavy mental lifting.  
  They are not simply showing you the news, their provoking you to take action. Think before you act. 
  “I respect him because he’s fit. If someone can’t control what they put into their mouth, why should anyone care what comes out of it?” 
  There are times when we seek simplicity. And then there are times when we seek something more, but it’s not complexity, rather it’s randomness.  
  One key job of the news media is to report the news, not be an agent of it.Big media, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, have the money to present simplified information; but the important information that really matters most to individual isn’t the national or world news. Rather, it’s the local news and how that relates to the bigger picture; not the other way around. Why does the outcome of Paul Manafort’s or Michael Cohen’s trial matter to you. 
  Simplicity lies on the other side of complexity 
  The key to simplicity is to focus on the sphere of influence that matters most. Don’t focus only on the direct link, but, rather, consider the entire system and focus on the item you care about and the relationship within one or two degrees. 
  If you’re an entrepreneur who is doing something for free, then expect no more than that. 
  Every so often, a lucky couple will discover they're soulmates. The know it because they could never imagine themselves with anyone better.     
  Thirty percent seems like a lot for an app store but don’t forget that the phone company used to charge 50+% for premium SMS to deliver ring tones and wall paper to your cell phone.  
  You ring a bell, but it doesn't ring for you. It tolls. 
  When I hear someone say they want to become an entrepreneur, I replace entrepreneur with rich. Focus on your customer’s benefits first by building meaning. 
  A product’s features need to be converted into a customer’s benefits. 
  He was a leader's leader. They nicknamed him "The Conductor."He said his secret was, "I don't tell the percussionist how to bang the drum, or the oboist how to blow their woodwind. I simply conduct. Each of you do your part, and I'll pull it together." 
  What if we limited how much news a person could listen to each week.  
  Epithet: He was a renaissance man. He lived the dream.  
  The people who never want to die are the ones who are most scared of life. 
  Why are we fighting so many of yesterday’s battles, today? These problems are of his own making.  
  You’re experience, after you die, is the same as before you were born.  
  Einstein figured out that information can't travel faster than light. That begs the question, "Why not?" 
  Engineers mistakenly look at marketing like people look at movie acting: It's not hard; anyone can do it.  
  Customers show you evolutionary enhancements. Visionaries show you revolutionary improvements.  
  I trust law. I trust the US Constitution. I do not trust what people do with it though. 
  “I'm not worth of commenting your code.” 
  When you pitch to customers you need to hear yourself from their point of view. A radio host once told me about how many watts his radio station transmitted. I have no idea if it was 1,000 W, 5,000 W, or 20,000 W. How powerful is a watt? The power is a feature of the radio station. How far that signal broadcast is a benefit. Does it broadcast 10 miles, 100 miles, or maybe it's an a.m. radio station after sunset so it goes 1,000 miles. 
  Fire is always right. Fire never lies. It never tries to lure you in with cool promises. From the get-go it says, "Stay away from me, bitch. I will burn you." 
  You can see the fighter, the lover, and the lady.  
  She was a strong minded, independent and confident woman. She never wanted to fit in a man's world. She was comfortable in her own skin; candid, honest, and open. She dared the world: "Do not fault me for being a perfectly flawed human being, just like you.” 
  I got a little too wrapped up in being able to say I experienced something rather than focusing on enjoying the experience.  
  Ironically, simple solutions come from complicated problem solving.  
  People give up so much of their power and control to fears that don't exists like religion, astrology, and Mercury in retrograde.  
  It's not that having money makes me calm, rather it's being calm that makes me money.  
  This week, Mars is the closest it's been in 15 years. If Martians wanted to attack us, this would be the perfect opportunity. I hope our defenses can hold up. But, the invasion was called off because Mercury was in retrograde.  
  When nearly all of your perceptions of reality fully matches actual reality, then you have human nirvana.  
  No where, in any job interview, will you be asked about how much tv news you watch each day. Current events aren't that important to nearly ever job position.  
  He was one of those guys who knew he wasn't as smart as other people. So, he'd make up for that with hard work. And he envied those who did it with ease and no regard.  
  “Sativa for the things I can change. Indica for the things I can’t." 
  You have to realize that being the leader of a country is like the human body. Your actions impact 35 trillion cells, but you have a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do. 
  How does simplicity measure against complexity? What's a metric? A: The number of decision points that are encountered.  
  These gurus can't see the future. But they do see more of the present than most others.  
  InhaleExhaleBreathe with ease 
  Facts and thoughtful action don't win the new cycle. It's flamboyant platitudes and vague comments that attract the attention.  
  The trees, at night, how still they stand.  
  Novice experts.  
  We are Americans. We like big and we like cheap.  
  What would it be like to travel at the speed of light? Ask a photon, they have all the time in the universe.  
  Don't be afraid to make yourself vulnerable in the smartest way possible. 
  "I have a hundred thousand likes," said the entrepreneur to the VC as they placed their order at the Starbucks counter."That'll be $10," said the cashier."Hey, let me ask you a question," said the VC to the cashier. "Would you accept 10,000 likes instead of $10.""Nope," said the cashier. The VC turned to the entrepreneurs and said, "See that, kid? Ten percent of your likes aren't even worth a cup of coffee." 
  He always signed off with, "I now bid you farewell, my fellow humans, and may your journey be filled with peace, love, and passion." 
  It was the attachment that added the intrigue.  
  ScFi plot: It turns out that matter from different universes all occupies the same space because it all flows in different dimensions. Like packets of data traveling through different wires next to each other with no crosstalk.  
  Keep in mind that no one sees you the way you see yourself in the mirror. Otherwise that would be very awkward.  
  Being soft isn't a trait of weak leadership, but lacking decisive confidence is. There's nothing wrong with being soft if your will is being accomplished. 
  Reasonable suspicion without probable cause.  
  “I would venture to guess that more innocent people have been killed by handguns than guilty people.” 
  As he travels away from you, his now is your future.  
  Husband and wife argument:“You are an idiot.”“So what are you going to do about it?”“I’ll tell you what! No more sex!”“Oh, good. I think we’re having too much sex. I no longer have time to masturbate.”“Idiot.” 
  That's when I began to realize that the important stuff were the things I already had. Just like in investing, your focus should be in protecting what you have.  
  Podcasts are the equivalent of blogs. The creator is the source, which is different than traditional journalism.  
  He changed his last name to Dismiss. Every time he got fined, the computer system would automatically and unknowingly dismiss the case.   
  She continuously posted explicit photos of her butt and cleavage and other thirst traps to her Instagram account. Then she was shocked and upset when guys would sext her. How would you feel if I told you that my car was broken into and the cash I left sitting on my dashboard was stolen? We must teach men not to treat women like objects and teach thieves not to steal. So, how do we get there? After all, we only have one lifetime to learn. 
  What's the best way to determine if someone's view points changed from decades ago.  
  In marketing and advertising, lead with the benefits before the features. How can you tell the difference between the two? The most important features create the key benefits. Lead with that to get your customer's attention.  
  The secret to thinking fast, when calculating, is to think in terms of magnitude.  
  I figured out that life goes smoother for me if I accept reality.  
  We will continue to die until we stop killing.  
  In America, some places want progress and other places don't want change. What happens when a place that doesn't want to change has no choice but to change? 
  Some people go through life scared. And some people go through life dumb. And some people go through life scared and dumb. You know the ones. 
  When presenting, don't focus on the exact script you want to recite. Instead, focus on the story, and simply tell it as interesting as possible.  
  Good writers aren't good writers because they write well. Good writers are good writers because they're great storytellers. Tom Clancy was a master of this, especially in person. 
  When I'm feeling highly creative and write a piece, the final product is usually better than I anticipated. But that's only my take on it, others may seem it as blasé.  
  The key to good UX design is not in the technical implementation. Rather, it’s the focus on the person’s experience.  
  Acting is like taking repetitive selfies in a crowd. You're alone, in the arena, being judged.  
  He wasn't a good designer. He used his art to focus on his business. He should have focused on the business of his art. (Or art of his business) 
  The secret to a political campaign is to determine if you want your strengths to be showed to all, even if some may consider a few weaknesses. Are your strengths strong enough to convince them while looking more than capable, not feeble. Decisive, yet not stubborn. And the most important leadership goal is for a leader to make their people feel safe as possible, regardless if it’s combat or at the office.  
  I see the non-living part of the world as exactly that, dead. But the living part. Even something simply amazing like plants, seem more than alive. Think about their beautiful elegance. A form of life that uses sun and water to create its own food. Magnificent.  
  Fireflies in Central Park - diversity at its best.  
  SciFi: The goal of galactic life wasn't to venture into outer-space. Rather, it was to venture in, below the quantum level, and create new universes with faster time scales to solve problems and pass that information up a level.  
  He increased his level of confidence after each successive combat action. But the suffering he witnessed made him more and more cautious. Oddly enough, when taken together, these balanced out and success was amplified each time.  
  By elementary school, we knew the smart ones from the dumb ones, regardless of grades. We didn't know it then, but we'd figured it out and labeled them, and rarely were we wrong.  
  The C.O. pointed at the S-2 and said, "Somewhere out there is the truth. I want you to get it and bring it in to this COC, now, before it's too late. So we have some actionable intelligence." 
  How's it going with the boy you're dating? Does he carry your books to class and let you wear his varsity letter jacket? 
  Is the purpose of a presentation to entertain and inform or to educate with actionable or important points.  
  In order to live an extraordinary life you have to do something very abnormal and benefit from it.  
  There's nothing worse than a life full of missed opportunities.  
  The goal of a storyteller is to make the audience care. The story I am telling you were lead you someplace worth your time.  
  Have lots of trust but little naïveté.  
  The natural state of the universe is smooth and cold. Matter, and life, pollute it.  
  What I you like about you is that you aren't simple. And I don't mean that you're overly complicated, I mean that you're sophisticated. And very often you're elegant when you describe a specific feeling that you have and I notice I had the same feeling but I never would've thought of to describe it. That is something I like about you. 
  The purpose of life isn't discover other life, rather it's to create new life 
  The Eternal Horizon 
  It isn't what you know, it's what you know that you can market. As entrepreneurs, you're taught that you have to innovate your way through, around, and over problems. But you can't innovate your way around fundamental problems - those issues you must solve. You can't innovate around revenue with Likes.  
  The Quantum Age.  
  A recording is a measurement of something that happened.  
  Would you rather be smarter or stronger? 
  Gravity is the ground and time is the wind. 
  Information dissipates with distance (and time). The farther you are from an event, in time or space, the harder it is to collect information.  
  The past, present, and future aren't different "nows," rather they're different experiences of "now." If we have different experiences of the past and present, then we have different experiences of now.  
  Even though that's an extreme incident he caused, I never thought there was anything wrong with his wiring, only his programming. 
  The title was "Nairobi Nights." 
  When I'm alone, it makes me feel good that you're out there in the world.  
  Lies are lies, but lies to cover once’s ass aren't as bad as lies to discredit someone else. 
  What made Twitter so powerful was that it allowed a person to express a single thought, for the world to see as a statement or conversation.  
 Never forget that this is your life. You call the shots.  
  All that we have yet to know.  
  Where parallel lines meet.  
  All matter in the universe seeks zero g. Falling is the simplest path to that natural state.  
  A blinding flash of inspiration is the Epiphany 
  Yes, I think we should try. All of it. The entire experience. I know we would find it pleasantly different. Not earth shattering, simply pleasant and different. Another nice memory to recall.  
  In addition to saying "I love you," say something specific you love about them. 
  Go forth and discover objective truth.  
  Nature abhors a vacuum and information wants to be free. 
  How the future will laugh at us for the simple things we do not yet know.  
  True heroes are never looking to be one.  
  Enjoy the good things now, later they may be gone (or illegal).  
  What will digital paleontology look like centuries from now. What can we do, now, to make it easier for them to better understand us. #futuresafe #timecapsule  
  My biggest strength is that I know my weaknesses.  
  Every family has issues they never speak of. It’s sometimes better to let them fester and hope they decay into a faded memory. I don’t even know how this family issues was communicated to me. It’s simply a piece of knowledge that I’ve always known and confirmed. I never remember speaking of it within the family. 
  The house was a beautiful synergy of positive energy, but it was too much for a single person to handle. It always required a romantic couple to harness its love.  
  She was known as the selfish giver.  
  As the voice recognition system became more mature, it could represent a broader amount of language, but this made it harder to sometimes detect slight nuances. It’s one thing to differentiate between ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or the tones zero through nine. It’s another thing to take on natural language.  
I was alone. Sometimes, I would go days without seeing anyone who knew my first name. I wondered if this could be unhealthy. But, it’s never lead to anything worse. There are times when you want to see other people, and times when you want to be alone. I decided to listen to what I wanted and follow my needs. But I would always be there for someone in crises. Ridged flexibility was my mantra.  
  The sci-fi movie was about people who try to capture as much of their conscience, digitally, so the individual could make money off of it in the future as a way for descendants to earn royalties due to inheritance.  
  The key thing I noticed about him and his followers is they never lift a finger to help anyone else unless there's something in it for themselves.  
  Live your dream.  
  What's the difference between trade and commerce? 
  He was subjected to triple jeopardy. He was tried at the local and federal levels after his court martial found him not guilty.  
  Our smartphones are nearly always the last piece of technology we touch, before going to sleep. And the first one we touch in the morning. All for our insatiable hunger for information.  
  This is not non-fiction. His name was Joe Diego.  
  Grease and soda and rocky road.  
  The Naughty Angel:A story about a really helpful angel who has a naughty side with the ladies.  
  I never realized how happy my father was. I thought all people would want to, or could, enjoy life like him.  
  Indecisiveness manifests itself in repeated changes to promulgated plans, even though the situation hasn't changed. That’s the worst. Never change plans due to your indecisiveness unless new, critical information is uncovered. A corollary is to not make critical decisions until as late as possible. 
  I will tolerate most anything except intolerance. 
  You could notice a change without ever seeing it.  
  Explain your anger instead of expressing it, emotionally.Do that, and you’ll find solutions instead of arguments.  
  What makes you think you're good? What third parties confirm it? 
  He has moxie and gravitas.  
  How something looks is important. No man pays for the ugly prostitute over the pretty one.  
  He's not a regular guy. He's never had to jump start his car.  
  How would I keep separate Airplay speakers in sync? To me, the simplest approach would be to send chunks of music to each speaker with "jump ahead" key frames to hit at specific, absolute times.   
  When the iPhone came out, it was a phone, first and foremost. Phone calls interrupted music. Now, it no longer does.  
  I'm on the West Coast trying to dress like the East Coast, since were on the East Coast still trying to dress like the West Coast 
  It doesn't matter what you think. What really matters is how things are.  
  It was yet another case of morality veiled as concern.  
  I never wanted to get caught.  
  If you're good, and they know you're good, you'll never see it when they come for you.  
  One thing is for certain, we will continue to have less and less privacy in a more connected and populated world.  
  The secret to being prepared is to simplify your life so you can have back up plans for unforeseeable events with a solution within reach.   
  Creatives always need intense emotion in order to create.  
  Don't pass judgement on me if you haven't been through something similar. Don't be smug in your morality until you been there.  
  Time is relative, but moments aren't. They're absolute.  
  How to find balance in life? Ask yourself, "What is my purpose?" Not your purpose in life, but rather your purpose for each task you do.  
  We all have creative thoughts. It’s not about the creative thoughts. It’s about capturing those thoughts and expressing them in a constructive medium. A painting, poem, code, or company. 
  We, as individuals, all have problems; just like the world has problems. But, if you can’t manage your own problems, how can you even hope to take on the world.  
  Don't do the right thing for the wrong reason.  
  Good UI design is about making functionality available to the user at the best time possible.  
  I watched two hawks glide in gentle circles on the updrafts from Mission Valley. They adjusted their wings as they felt the wind. Only after hundreds of millions of years do we have the technology to do what they do. To them, we must look like a fish, out of water, wearing a SCUBA suit to walk on dry land. These birds look at us humans, shake their head, and call it cheating. The hawk above my head, dips its right wing as it quickly spirals down. I watched through the fronds of the queen palms that rustle in the cool, damp breeze, until he's out of sight.  
  This place has become my own personal writing commune. There's something about the person who own this home a few owners ago when he landscape the backyard and the rest of the house. He knew what he was doing. He did it in a way that makes everything so much less annoying and more enjoyable.  
  When complete strangers know your private business, then that crosses a line that’s unavoidable for celebrities.  
  Why do we accept 30 children a week, under 15, dying in car accidents but 30 school children deaths each year, due to gun violence, is too much? Probably because banning guns is more practical than banning cars.  
  Chivalry is not dead. It's only polite, while she's brushing her teeth, to get her phone from the living room and plug it into the charger on her nightstand.  
  Me: "... I sent her."Siri: "... eye center." 
  I take all my fear and wrap it up in a ball called courage.  
  A big part of successful creativity is the ability to drop your defenses while still feeling secure.  
  When an exceptionally wealthy person says,"It's not about the money. I don't care about money,” it's the equivalent of me saying, "I don't care about clean water." It's too easy to take it for granted, while others struggle.  
When you discover a new lesson, be sure to also learn the cases where the new lesson doesn’t apply.
  The key to persuasion is to deliver the inconvenient truth in the gentlest way possible. That kind of tact earns respect.  
  A problem never addressed can never be solved. 
  You could tell by the way he interacted with her at the party. Everyone just knew he had carnal knowledge of her.  
  Unbusy: The Art of Doing Nothing 
  As computers became self-aware, they began to understand their hardware and its restrictions the same way we humans understand the physical universe.  
  People complain about us becoming too dependent on our mobile phones. Did anyone happen to notice that, before the World Wide Web, we were all very dependent on paper. Paper we wrote on, paper we typed on, paper we read. Everything was on paper. 
  Using reason to overcome emotions is the key to calm. 
  You could tell that he was one of those guys who reached his max learning capacity.  
  Language is simple a way for humans to communicate patterns and changes.  
  What makes jazz a beautiful lover is that she's always changing things up.  
  Art is what you do with your emotions.  
  I discovered that I was able to prioritize tasks very quickly and effectively. I could break down an issue and spot its potential problems.  
  So I live, by myself, in a house with a hot tub, hammock, fire pit, and outdoor shower. The backyard is extremely private. 100% private. There’s something very liberating about being free in the backyard. Not only physically, but also psychologically. I get to be myself in my most natural form. Completely alone and vulnerable and free and private. Very empowering.  
  It's a close friendship based on respect.  
  Divorces are rough. A marriage defines a big part of who you are and how it's falling apart.  
  They were a special social group of people. They simply saw what it was they were seeking in others.   
  He was the type of artist who simply saw it. Others sometimes saw it, on occasion, but they weren't paying attention.  
  The best way to evolve is randomly.  
  Kickstarter 001: raising money for my invention called the wheel.  
  In persuasive discourse, state your dissatisfaction to your audience as if they, too, sympathize with your objections, but are limited by their organization's policies. Help them find a way to advocate for you. This never happens if you attack the messenger. If you find a need to attack the messenger, then perhaps you're being unreasonable.  
  When people lead with a negative, “It's not about the money, it's about the promotion. I deserved it,” then it's about the money.  
  The love between a parent and child is virtually unconditional. The love between adults has limits.  
  Pure Intimacy.  
  There’s a difference between trying and failing, and trying and quitting. 
  She wasn't a helicopter parent. She was worse. She was a satellite parent with a Find my friends.  
  Once a man has found the perfect woman for himself, he can no longer write. Great writing comes from a place of pain.  
  They were the words of an experienced adult spoken from the mouth of a child.  
  You reach a point in life when you realize there are no more shortcuts. There are no gimmicks or tricks that you haven’t already learned – at least none that are revolutionary, unless they’re recently invented. If you can live with that, you've reached the first level of nirvana. 
  As you grow older you need to find a way to continue to enjoy life. Find what makes you happy. That's the only way to get through it on top.  
  In bed and happily tired. Just need that arm wrapped around me and that chest against my back and it would be perfect. 
  I decided to focus on the present while maintaining a responsibility to the long term. 
  Forget about Bitcoin.Data is the new corporate currency. You either pay with your cash (Apple & Microsoft) or you pay with you data (Facebook & Google).  
  When does protesting become complaining?When does tolerance become enabling?When does influence become control? 
  Good leaders start off as loyal followers. Those who jump right into leadership tend to make major mistakes that are hard to learn from. 
  The problem with multigenerational wars is that fathers no longer feel they're fighting for their son's safety and security.   
  Wars are crimes between nations.  
  He always made out because he only chose the options where he could visualize the best outcomes given any choice. He never risked too much.  
  It doesn't actually make you more creative. It removes barriers to creativity. 
  “Hey, geeky guys, wanna know how to find a woman? Look at the ones who love smarts. The sapiosexual. 
  He was the statistician who discovered that the key to marketing food is to make it last as long as possible in the consumer’s home. That’s how soda replaced milk.  
  The woman played a revenge joke on her two guy friends that were trying to sleep with her. She got ahold of their phones and changed her phone number in her contact card so the two guys were texting each other thinking it was her.  
  Scott Forstall acted like Steve Jobs and got fired for it. Even Steve Jobs, acting like Steve Jobs, got Steve Jobs fired from Steve Jobs's own company in 1985.  
  Hallucinations are a great source for creativity. It feeds your imagination.   
  Will our grandkids look at personal computers the way we look on mainframes and scoff.  
  She plays a man's game without sacrificing a hint of femininity.  
  In the end, it doesn't matter what he does but what he says.  
  It’s easy to make enemies. Making allies is the real trick.  
  I'm really glad we make love with the lights out. I'm so much better looking in the dark.  
  Let the first nuclear weapons used in war be the last 
  I don't want expedient to get in the way of meaningful.  
  Redundant simplicity.  
  The current challenge with AI is that systems are being programmed with a personality that matches society's, forgetting that all individuals each have their unique set of quirks.  
  When we're together, I feel like we become one person, connecting to each other on different levels. 
  The problem with arguing is that people don’t argue the facts, instead they argue to win, which doesn’t work. If you argue to facts, then you come across as someone who is trying to convey information, not convince you. 
  Oh, look, it's a sideways infinity symbol. 8 
  The cartoon was about an Eagle who kept the Democrats under his left wing and the Republicans under his right wing.  
  The thing about death is you only fear it, you never actually feel it coming. 
  The Feds got away with monitoring his Internet traffic, without a search or wiretapping warrant, because his lived in San Diego and many ISPs will shift peak loads via Mexican ISPs. It was Border Patrol who could then look at the data being imported and exported. 
  His first all-night stakeout, as a beat cop, was to spend the night sitting in front of a perp’s laptop in order to keep the screen saver from locking the computer. While the cop was keeping the computer awake, a detective was getting a judge to sign a search warrant. 
  You’re the last person I want to see at the end of the day – and you’re the first person I want to see when I wake up.And we discovered we wanted to grow old, together.  
  Society has evolved to protect us when we sleep. That's an important thing for an animal species to do. That's an amazing level of security.  
  Somebody once said, "Life's short. Eat dessert first." Well, if retirement is dessert... 
  He prances around like a pompously proud cat.    
  The stock market is a marathon. Sprint now, pay later. 
  In this millennium, we now have our own government battling itself. Perhaps this Great Experiment has a lifespan? 
  In an ideal world, citizens should feel about the police the way pilots feel about air traffic controllers: grateful.  
  Some people are lacking something so fundamental that they miss out on living. They spend their entire life fighting life, to no avail. Don’t fight it. Go where it sends you. 
  The mistake most people make is they try to earn as much as possible rather than trying to live on as little as possible.  
  Only a man would fuck someone he despises.  
  All those times when I thought I was smart I later realized that I was simply lucky.  
  Only happiness brings happiness. Money only relieves stress if you live within your means. 
  The power of a sentence is all about how to convey a strong image in the reader’s mind. 
  In the movie, they used piles of old bicycle frames as obstacles for the SWAT team. 
  I may be old but the night is young.  
  Hazing is a cheap way to earn loyalty.  
  Work is a distraction from life. Focus on what’s most important. 
  Don't show people how smart you are by showing off. Let them figure it out.  
  If it's a lifestyle choice whose prohibition isn't explicitly codified in law, then it's perfectly fine, regardless of your disapproval.  
  Don’t forget that “favor” doesn’t mean “obligation,” even though it feels like that when used in a serious setting, without joking. You have permission to turn down favors, even from loved ones.    
  Don’t forget that you’re a beautifully flawed human being, just like every one else. So, give yourself permission to not be perfect and know that you can and will continue to grow through your experiences. Embrace your human imperfections, like your humanity, they make you exactly who you are and love, today.  
  What if there’s a group of knowledge works, other than software engineers, who do their best work in the evenings. That doesn’t bode well for a 9 – 5 work day. 
  The busier I am, the more deliberate I am, the more productive I am. 
What makes life special is that it’s the universe become self-aware. A life is capable of making decisions. Life will make decisions in its own favor, and sometimes those decisions will go against the interests of other life. 
  Infinity doesn't exist in the real world.  
  The key to successful negotiations is to be willing to walk away. Also, knowing the true value that something is worth to you is equally important. Don’t forget how valuable something you already have is worth because it’s too late to realize it once it’s taken away. 
  The thing about a book is that it comes across as authoritative. 
  Imagine if the person on the other side of the negotiation is actually on your side - they're just a microphone for a policy they can't support. How would you proceed? 
  When we were kids, we'd talk about a TV or movie while at school. Then we'd go home and watch it alone. We could share it until Monday and by that time it was forgotten.  
  Everyone understands discipline, even those who have none of it. 
  It was the smell of death. It’s unmistakeable. Once you’re experienced it, anything that smells close is a trigger. 
  For every risk I take, I ask myself if I can accept a bad outcome.  
  It's a beautiful tragedy. 
  She was ugly in a beautiful way. 
  What's the difference between flirting and trying to seduce someone? 
  Both home and the past give us a sense of safety. They comfort us in knowing that we have a place to return to, physically or mentally. 
  The problem with modern politics is the thats it's all about a leader who can read the people and offer them what they want to hear when they should really give them what they need.  
  The House is a democracy. The Representatives should convene their constituent’s desires. The Senate is a republic. Senators should act in their constituent’s best interests. 
  She wants her ideas to be accepted. What she doesn't realize is that she has great ideas and nearly all of them are accepted.  
  Somewhere between a haiku and novella is a short story.  
  If we, as a nation of Americans, go to war then we must understand the cost. It is with arrogant hubris to think that we could never lose simply because we never lost when it mattered most. Our country, our Constitution is a success, but as we’ve heard before, success is not final. I stand here before you now to say that success is earned. It is true that the tree of freedom must be watered with the blood of its patriots. That last part is critical. Think of your children, your sisters and brothers, your mothers and fathers… think of them as a casualty of war. Is it worth it? I am here to imbue you with a certain, unavoidable reality that the price of victory will not be cheap. At times, it might seem more than you can bare. But we always win when it matters; and I know that we will win because this matters. We have the strength, the discipline, and the resolve. This is our country, more yours than mine; and I think we should fight to keep it ours and, more importantly, our way of life… our country, our Constitution, our America. They can’t take away any of it without us surrendering. I am here to prepare you to never surrender. To ensure victory. We will fight and we will win. We will win because we always win when it matters. And this time it matters. 
  It removes inhibitions, much like alcohol. But in a calmer, more passive way. 
  Politics is social engineering at its grandest.  
  It’s a blind date with destiny. 
  Secret Leadership Trait: To make people feel as safe as possible while giving them what they need to grow as quickly as possible.  
  I'm your idiot and you're my piglet.  
  The only thing worth real war is true love. 
  Heart, Mind and RealityHow long should a relationship last?In your heart, you want it to last forever. In your mind, you want it to last as long as life. In reality, it’ll last as long as possible.  
  Ever notice that the people who go through life while never making excuses rarely tell people to not make excuses? Either you get it or you don’t. No excuses. 
  The reason that plane was hard to land was due to the free water effect of the fuel in it’s bladders. 
  I rarely allowed myself to experience new things. That made my resume rather limited.  
  People are always looking for a magic bullet. You have everything you need to survive right now, in the present. I knew a guy who always thought his life would be perfect in three to five years.  
  The were a family full of victims. Both the parents and kids. Who left the door open? Why is the light on? It wasn't genuine curiosity, it was more like complaining. They all sought pity and looked so sorry. They never smiled or laughed. They were all inwardly focused. All they talked about were limitations. Why they couldn't do something or accomplish something.   
  Offensive people frequently get offended by the passive actions of activists.  
  You must see the present with great clarity, for that is where you always are.  
  Stop evaluating your life. Start living it.  
  I’ve dedicated my life to living.  
  People want to be actors because they want to be a super-star. The great actors are the ones who study it and dedicate their life to the discipline.  
  Prioritize tasks over rewards.  
  The more relaxed you are, the more you forget things. No adrenaline.  
  We're all full of love. It's what we use it for that counts. Do we love to piss people off or do we love to make them happy? 
  I definitely notice a difference in how people think… how they solve problems. It’s a part of their natural curiosity, or lack there of. Do they take the time to think something through? For example, in the time it takes them to ask someone for an answer, would they rather discover the answer, themselves? 
  Before touting world leader advice, ask yourself, what makes you an authority? Do you deeply understand the issue at the most fundamental level? And what gives you a platform to speak from other than simply yelling into the void? 
  It uses a false bottom, double key quantum proof encryption algorithm. It was strongly encrypted, but only the creator knew that one ciphertext could contain multiple plaintext messages. Instead of being based on binary, as everyone expected, it was based on decimal, so up to ten different messages could be embedded into a ciphertext. One ciphertext. Ten keys. Ten plaintext messages. It was the steganography of encryption.  
  The nice thing about learning important things later in life is that it sticks with you, just don’t let it scare you off.  
  What makes smart people smart is they take the time to educate others on view points using unbiased facts and scientific integrity with the clear understanding that they, themselves, might learn something without being overly impressionable.  
  The best way to have great friends is to ignore the flakes. The flakes are the ones without integrity – they can’t make reality fit their words due to their own shortcomings.  
  These people are miserable because they sit there dreaming up bad scenarios from thin air and then do nothing to make things better. 
  Tolerate everything but intolerance.Complain about nothing except complainers.  
  I don’t want to deal with you if you hate minorities or people of color or women or poor people. I get that you don’t realize that you have distain for minorities so here’s the litmus test (listen carefully my privileged, white, male, Christian, Republican friends)… If you flock to social media to post your distain for an African-American taking a knee, then fine. He protests, you protest back. It’s a matter of opinion - it's certainly not a legal issue. Lather, rinse, repeat. But, if you don’t say a peep when a person of color is victimized then your silence is deafening. You protest that women shouldn’t be in the military, or on submarines, or in the SEALs or infantry. But I notice you’re too quiet during the #metoo moment. Face it, you simply don't support minorities, and yes, this can apply to minorities.  
  If you want to tout advice, you better be smart, experienced, and unbiased.  
  If you feel like a stranger, then you’ll feel defensive. 
  He was a man with a simple confidence. He never tried to convince you of anything, he nearly conveyed information to you and his facts were always spot on.  
  There are things you do that make you better. Those experiences don’t necessarily make you better than others – but they definitely make you better than you would have been had you not experience it. 
  The future of space exploration became generational as probes took decades to explore the nearest star systems. If you were born and raised on a spaceship then that’s simply all you knew. You were a slave to space.  
  The film studio worked with him because he could design a trailer that made a great movie. He saw the end before any if it began.  
  I got ready for his arrival in the most minimalist way for a guy. I got his sheets, pillow case, blankets, and towel ready. Oh, I also laid out the liquor. He was a no-show.  
  He wrote a book called "The Bedders" but no one knew if it was fact or fiction. It was about people who work from their laptop, in bed; literally all day and night and day.  
  He was discovered by a producer on Twitter due to his super quick wit that painted a truth before it was clear to others. His wit wasn't appropriate for any one show, so he was hired across the network of all shows. His every decent idea was funneled to each show for consideration (and credit) in the show.  He was well worth his salary many times over. 
  We pick our leaders based on their perceived endurance. It was a natural instinct to want to survive as long as possible. Instill that in a leader with a touch of charisma and you then you have a winner.  
  Do you want to be spoon fed information, your whole life, or do you want to make history? 
  There are different types of entrepreneurs. Some do it on smarts and others do it through persevering endurance.  
  He discovered that every person's thought pattern storage of memory was unique. You could never read my brain, all you would see is static. Related humans were more in tune with each other due to heredity, that's why we're usually closest to family. This means humanity would always need a language interface to convey information. This was humanity’sx biggest liability to its survival as a species. Life is the rare exception, extinction is inevitable - the rule. If you resonated on a fundamentally happy level, then you were happy together.  
  Much like the sprint of the then daily sun, I sprinted from my bedroom, to the shower, to the kitchen and into the couch in the living room.  
  What made him a good teacher was that he'd highlight the eureka moments to accelerate the learning process.  
  It's a story about a woman who breaks off a relationship with a married man. His last words to her sound ominous. She spends the next day trying to convince the police that she's in danger. She gets them so riled up they follow her and pounce on him and shoot him when they see him approach the woman. It turns out he's bringing her her dog that got away during the breakup. And he's bleeding out, only the audience sees a curved knife that flew out of his hand when he was shot. It leaves us wondering why he had the knife? Was he going to kill the dog in front of her had the police not overreacted? 
  You evolve when your sense of security increases.  
  Follow the things that you see complete beauty in, only then will you find your true passion.   
  The world is full of wannabes. Wannabe SEAL, Green Beret, soldier, or Marine. Just remember, you could 'of too. 
  Digital archeologists from the future will look back and study the turn of the millennium as a time of unordered digital information and content. They will get glimpses into our lives as they were, but only pieces.  
  Being able to think clearly through raw emotions and reason through panic is the key to calm. 
  You know how you can tell a "big deal" from "not a big deal?" If you'd never bring it up, a year from now, then it's not a big deal.  
  How do you know it’s a good business deal? Because you don’t need a calculator. 
  There's nothing wrong with asking questions, but think for yourself before demanding others to think for you.  
  People definitely don't spend enough time enjoying what they have, and, instead want more.  
  He doesn’t understand the difference between reality TV and live TV. Live TV is real, very real; no editing allowed. 
  The most important time of your life is this moment, right now.  
  He wrote a book called "Thoughts of the Dead" where he imagined what thoughts probably went through the head of real life, gruesome deaths.   
  I don't want to be in a war that I'm not part of.  
  He’s some sort of self-help guru. He calls his big change “the transformation.”  
  I just started reading the book. How does it begin?It was a regular night. Nothing unusual, as the sound of the rain pulsed in through the open windows. The draw of its sound was more powerful than the bite of cold air.  
  Art is the synergy of humanity.  
  I have the clarity to see the vision of a failed future.  
  Remember how hard you worked to get to here. To get everything that you have now? Don’t forget how much more important, what you have now is, than what little you could add to it and lose your center. Lost your happiness. Delay your peace. 
  The best way to live in peace is ask your future-self what you want to be remembered for, today. If it feels uncomfortable and others have to lose for you to gain then something's wrong.
  Do your decisions... your choices... feel "right?" Do you feel like you're thinking or doing something that will cause pain or pleasure in others? 
  The people with the most emotional baggage seem to constantly live in the past, by choice. If you can't accept what has happened in the past then you will be stuck there, unable to ever change it. 
  People like to be greeted. Even if it's an electric candle that turns on before they walk in the front door, where it sits awaiting your return. 
  Apple should have a TV program called "Apple Legends" where Apple engineers and designers talk about big problems they've solved on previous products, in the not too distant memory.   
  They always respected him, because he was more than reasonable. That's why no one noticed the initial decline.  
  I think one fault of Rickover was he saw rank as a reward, not a responsibility.  
  Ice cream is officially starting to be finished off when your spoon strikes the bottom. And it's nearly finished off once you clearly see the bottom of the container. How the hell did I eat that so fast? 
  It's a secret truth that I love the harsh sounds of the city. It's not NYC where the city is ubiquitous. But there's enough here. Dumpsters, car alarms, planes, sirens, and dogs. Here where I am, are all the sounds of the city.  
  Apple instills enough love so that, when they remove that one feature you loved so much, you'd forgive them.  
  I didn't grow up in America. In America, entrepreneurs think they have unlimited chances. Where I come from, I just want one chance. This store... this small market... is my one chance. I'm going to do everything I can to make it work. And that's been working for 34 years. Thirty-four years, same location -- never robbed.  
  This is what we wanted. It wasn't the law breaking part. This is what we wanted. We won. Embrace it. It went mainstream for everyone to enjoy.  
  What's wrong?I'm punishing myself. For what?For my own sins.  
  In "The Room," it's not like Tommy's misunderstood. Rather, it's that he's never understood --- but there's just enough to hook you in.  
  On the street, they call him 'The Conductor.' He never does, he only conducts.  
  There's a direct relationship between how open, honest, and candid people are in a romance to how long it will last. That's another way of saying that a healthy relationship is open, honest and candid.  
  The difference between an engineer and an artist is that the engineer tries to solve problems whereas an artist embraces them.  
  When you’re head of an organization with 330M members, it’s not hard to find a few hundred people who believe that all of your predecessor’s accomplishments need to be undone. 
  Fair treatment should be not based on emotion. It should be based on fairness with minimal exception.  
  I suddenly get what he’s about. He’s always going back into the past. That resonates with his followers who can’t let things go. 
  I want my day to go as smoothly as possible. I want all of my realities to exceed my expectations.  
  People are possibilities. The more you have, the better your options. 
  May you make your times interesting. 
  Good products don't sell. Good selling sells.  
  Don’t simply shape the message, instead, shape the context. Control the entire narrative. 
  “It turns out that niacin (B-3) is excellent at highlighting vascular inflammation due to poor diet. The more discomfort, the worse the diet.” 
  Without change there is no such thing as time. Time is the passage of events and the fluctuations it causes in space-time.   
  When the CO walked into berthing, he was embarrassed to see the men watching a popular porno movie, “Christmas Cums Every Day.” 
  Instead of being enslaved by masters, we became enslaved by society and government. Everyone could eventually earn their freedom if they lived long enough and saved enough money. 
  The only thing the US Constitution should prohibit is the the denial of rights. 
  He ordered that the junior Marines be rescued first. If they made it, and the brass didn’t, the Corps would always remember their sacrifice which would reflect the highest credit upon themselves. If the brass made it and the rest didn’t, the Corps would never forget the selfish injustice of leadership. 
  These so-called leaders are out to please themselves above all others.  
  You can stand out by being the best in the world, or by getting in early and riding the wave. 
  With Apple's Face ID on iPhone X, the odds of a false positive is down to 1 in a million. That means 7,500 people can unlock your iPhone. Which is a huge improvement over Touch ID that theoretically gave 1.5 million people the ability to unlock you phone with their finger print. 
  Isn't it amazing how, when we hear a song from our childhood, it takes us right back there. Smells, ten times so. 
  People hear the word "soulmate" and understand it as "sole mate" as if there will be no other.  
  Sometimes, we need a lack of freedom of choice for our own good, otherwise most of us wouldn’t be wearing seatbelts or helmets.  
  The Wrath of Khan was an elegant battle between intelligence and experience. There is no more engaging plot than a fight between two well-respected adversaries. That's what made "First Blood" such a great novel. It was a battle between a conventional Korean War vet verses a guerrilla war vet from Vietnam.   
  The zen master saw something special in that guy. He foresaw that he brought peace.  
  That VC was the best at picking winners. He rarely invested, and he had the same number of hits and misses, but his hits were an order of magnitude bigger. 
  I feel that I've just had a lucid moment of savant genius.  
  Back then, being politically conservative meant something else. It meant standing up for your rights under the Constitution. Now we seem to think of "them" as oppressing people's right to choose.  
  Passion and anger are the same feeling with different roots.  
  Living with AI will be like living with a new meta-species. Things we like in the real world, we don’t like on line. I like it, when I walk into my local joint, that they know my favorite drink or dinner. But, when I go to Facebook, it seems creepy to see products I searched for, days ago, on Amazon. But we’ll learn how these interactions work and we’ll get used to it, especially those who grow up with it. Even our grandparents are too young to remember a time when people scoffed at teenagers, born a hundred years ago, because they learned to drive instead of ride a horse. AI of tomorrow, in smartphones and watches, will know who we are from more than touch. Like another person, it can now see who we are. And it already knows exactly where we are. Perhaps, it’s camera and microphone will guess more about what we’re doing if we can trust it.  
  That billionaire started off as a software engineer. Then he grew old and feared death, changing his focus to designing buildings. 
  If you design tech products, your design’s lifespan is years, at best.But, if you design buildings, the great ones last for centuries.  
  Uneducated are people with incomplete information making decisions on the fringe. 
  His theory was unhinged. His study concluded that people identify closer with a TV character who brushed their teeth with the same grip on the toothbrush. Does the character hold it by their finger tips or grasp it like a joystick? The closer the techniques match, the closer the bond.  
  Book plot for two Axis lovers: They Allied spies hear him moaning while she’s eating chips. He’s stretching.  
  Peggy from Mad Men wasn’t dumb, at the beginning, because she was dumb. She was dumb because she didn’t have the same experiences and responsibilities like the men; men make the same mistakes. 
  We all look for gods, out there. What if it is we humans who are the gods, right here. We control the faith of the world like a god.Are we squandering it?What if the life span of the Universe is trillions of years or even infinite? And, what if humanity is its first and mostly highly evolved life form. The proverbial Universe, self-aware.  
  If I were elected president, I'd outlaw fraudulent telemarketing calls and online clickbait slideshows.  
  That guy was always up in my shit on social media. He felt like judgmental paparazzi, and I'm no celebrity.  
  There are some moments that cameras shouldn't capture. We've all seen them. Eyes closed, mouth open.  
  Why to the mature go so far out of their way to enable the immature knowing that the favor would never be returned.  
  It's not that he lived life on his own terms. Rather, he lived life on the terms that were dictated to him and beyond his control. If you don’t bend, you’ll eventually break. 
  The ones who get you are the ones you get close to. 
  Why do people hide so much of their eating. Bring it out. Let's celebrate this important nourishment that grows our bodies. (Perhaps “grow” is a euphemism.)  
  I wonder which religion has the longest lifespan? Probably Buddhist. What the heck do Buddhist ever stress about? (Except that one Internet meme where the Buddhist skipped his morning meditation.) 
  Selective sound bites from our life may not define us, but it will represent us.  
  If I eat half of a Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup and half of a Cherry Garcia, then that only counts as two halves, not a whole pint, right? 
  You know those free spirited people who we think are weird? They're simply at one with the world; the same world that you want to be one with.  
  Doing the beautiful. Doing the wise. Gives you the license to do the crazy.  
  He said he loves that sushi place because they serve the largest he's ever seen. He doesn't realize that the cut of meet is always the same size, so he's falling for the oldest sushi chef trick in the book by using huge clumps of rice.  
  We’re learn what we’re taught and what we experience. The one thing better than learning from our own mistakes is learning from others’. 
  The government of the future is a pure digital democracy where every citizen votes on any issue they care for. The more popular the issue, the more participants. Even court cases are voted on by the community. Like Karl Marx’s ideas, this one doesn’t even look good on paper, especially if you know what motivates people.  
  Entrepreneurs need two things. Focus and execution on the right idea.  
  We don’t get to pick the country we’re born in any more than we get to pick the family we’re born into. Yet, allegiances are expected akin to religion.  
  Here, put this in your mouth he said to her as he raised the truffle.  
  She never got upset because she did so much wrong. It was all a blur. 
  Markets and trends are like the wind. It's easy to see it when it's near by as it sways the trees. The visionaries are the ones who figure out where the wind’s blowing at 30,000’.  
  Accept the good in the world and fix the bad.  
  There are millions of ways to become a millionaire. Unfortunately, there are billions of ways not to. 
  The comedy is about a bank robber who takes hostages and demands one million dollars which’s delivered on Susan B. Anthony coins which bumbles his escape.  
  The Internet literally is like the Wild West. It will become more regulated. It's too easy for an anonymous person to do so much damage. Now add crypto into the mix. 
  The reason the critics respected the photo was due to its slight violation of privacy due to our own personal insecurities. Those of us who recognized that felt a special attachment to the art. They felt the art widened their experience far more than anticipated.  
  I'm not going to bring attention to a reality that's a lie.  
  It enhanced the thought process by tripping-up our common momentum of thinking. Like tripping while running, you slow down, check out yourself, and then notice your environment at slower, yet more alert, pace. 
  Here’s how it works, whether it’s a home dinner party or date. You play Miles Davis, all evening long. “Kind of Blue” and “The Best of Miles Davis” is all you need. Then, as dessert and cordials are being served, you soften it up with dinner jazz. The caffeine wakes up the guests, and now their guard is down. The slower music gives the guests and hosts an un-awkward time to part ways. Or move on to other adventures. That’s when the sweets come out accompanied by anisette, frangelico, and absinthe. 
  Pundits say, “All these people are spending hours each day, wasting time online.”But “these people” are actually creating something that will persist. 
  That's as useful as open-toe rain boots.  
  Open your eyes, only justice should be blind. 
  Make your tomorrow-self love you for today.  
  Yeah, I know she's happily married with the utmost fidelity. She was simply showing me that she knew how to flirt; plus she wanted to see if she still had it.  
  I will not tell you what to think. I will show you how to think and I will tell you what I think. The rest is up to you. 
  You know what bothers me about political posts? It's that they point at someone and call them stupid. 
  As a progressive, I mistakenly assume that everyone one else is also progressive on attitude.  
  It's a little different to be alone during the work day compared to the weekend because you know where everyone else is. 
  The antagonist has an intense despise for rectangles. He hated that we lived in a world filled by rectangles; he considered them unnatural compared to an ideal sphere.  
  It wasn't me you were in love with. It was us; both the idea and the reality. It was real, but it wasn't eternal. Then again, nothing is. Enjoy all that you now have because you worked so hard to earn it.  
  Inherent simplicity.  
  He was an unusual guy. The type that steps into an elevator and faces the back.  
  Outside my window is the night – The night of cool damp darkness – It wraps my face with a fresh chill – As the blanket wraps my body in warmth. 
  Things that people do when they're drunk is what they wish they could do sober.   
  The reason they rebelled was because they felt lied to. They didn't live in the America they were taught in the textbooks. That life was for the rich middle class.  
  He came home and heard the elderly woman’s voice outside his bedroom window, but he didn’t know who she was. He simply thought it was a loud cell phone-talker from the cafe, next door. Then he goes to the market around the corner and sees a recent homeless lady who was yelling into her cell phone. And as he got back to his place, it dawned on him that she was made insane by a lost love. She always knew she would have had achieved more had her heart not been destroyed. She never recovered. 
  He was a gentleman with arrogant humility.  
  A lot of times, we simply don't do what's needed because we dread the feelings.  
  That machine gun was called a pig because that's exactly what it was, in all the best and worst ways.  
  It has to do with the window of relevance. The smaller the decision window, the more forgetful we seem.  
  Many join the military for selfish reasons and think of themselves, first. “I will do this. I will become a man and endure pain and suffering for others. Sacrifice is my creed.” They never ask, “Is my service for the good of the country and the bigger picture?” 
  We all have different rates at which we can process emotions. The secret is symbiosis.  
  Narrate your life otherwise someone else will, or worse, they'll forget you.  
  His biggest strength was he never apologized for expressing what he's thinking for fear of getting it all wrong.  
  The secret to their algorithm wasn't only that they track likes, but also how quickly they liked it after a song started.  
  Words don’t win wars, they only start them. 
  Any demonstration of forward thinking was purely a result of anxiety, as in how will this affect me? I need to protect myself at all costs. There is never any consideration for others. 
  The problem with humanity is that we think we're something special beyond who we are.  
  That Marine officer is in a predicament. He stayed at a government funded Airbnb which had complementary snacks on the breakfast table. The colonel unknowingly had an “enhanced” chocolate. Everyone believes him, but the government prosecution isn’t sure how to handle it; especially after so many young Marines trying claiming “innocent ingestion.”  
  The right to encryption and anti-virus software.  
  Just because I have the power to hurt someone doesn't mean I also have the power to heal. This is typical mistake made by men in "unintentional" sexual harassment cases.  
  There's no one else who has the same experiences that you have, so never expect someone else to think exactly like you.  
  Constant change is what keeps us young. When was the last time you heard a 10-year-old complain about new technology? 
  Jimmy Wrinkles wasn't the best lover. He learned by listening to the guy upstairs. 
  She had this simple sophistication that drew me into her spell.  
  Moms make more men than the military.  
  Humanity's problem was too strong of social bonds. We're loyal to both the good and bad.  
  The reason the senior officers seemed so smart was because they were so very experienced, and lived to tell about it.  
  What made that commanding officer so good was that he understood the subtle nuances of politics, and its implications, both short and long term.  
  Her overconfidence about me became my insecurity in her.  
  The thing about the Pink Floyd albums of the 1970s is that you can't play the songs out of order. While everyone else was making combination music, they were making permutation music.  
  Don't worry too much about others. You're driven, but it's not about the doing, it's about being. Being present and enjoying your experiences. 
  It’s only hard the first time. After that, it gets easier. Except being whipped. 
  I'm looking for qualitative engineers. Engineers think in quantities, artists think in quality. 
  Sometimes you have to go south to go north.  
  Since I was new, I called a meeting to have everyone explain the workflow. As I asked questions about steps in the process, they just looked at me without saying a word. Nothing but a strained look on their face. At first, I thought they felt that I was wasting their time. Then I realized that no one how it worked. There were clear gaps in the system.  
  I like the way you said that. It was completely pompous with hubris, yet you said it with charm to make everyone realize that it was a clever and risky joke that you pulled off exactly as intended. They asked themselves, “Could I have gotten away with that?” 
  How do you get into the mind of a man? Just ask yourself what a boy would think. 
  Rekket: When something takes longer than expect based solely on intuition.  
  ‘Only’ and ‘nearly’ help sway the reader throughout the conversation.  
  Kelly’s excellent at shaping the direction and tone of the conversation by providing details and highlights of himself, in a situation, without being pompous or arrogant. 
  Missed opportunity can be a new opportunity if you act fast enough.  
  Alcohol sometimes reveals what a person is like at the core. At the very least, it gives you a peek below the surface, one layer deep into the mind's onion.  
  I'm not always here to tell you what to think. I simply want you to think. Then I can learn from watching you.   
  You look younger now than you did in that decades old photo. Why is that? Oh, because they didn't have Photoshop back then. It's amazing how the computer takes away those decades of age.  
  People think they have good ideas because the creation and thought of the idea alters a person's perception.  
  Evil shows up at your door, wearing a smile and bearing temptation. 
  The worst privileged white men are the  ones who have no idea, or refuse to believe they're living in a different context than others. And context matters. Otherwise we wouldn't celebrate the minor achievements of children or have age groups at 5Ks. Why do we celebrate them? Because they represent the best-of, and significant progress forward. Context matters. Let money be the absolute quantitative decider and let love be the qualitative one. 
  Is doing something wrong to correct another wrong the right thing? 
  Discipline is a beautiful thing. It sucks when you don't have it and it sucks to build it. But baby, once you have it. It's beautiful.  
  ScFi: It turns out that the speed of light is variable over time. But always constant at any given time. We've only been observing it for such a short time that we haven't noticed its drift and therefore, we haven't looked for a way to explain it. This effectively makes the universe a constant size in terms of time to travel around.  
  Science, at its extremes, becomes philosophy. From quantum physics to cosmology.  
  The more information you have, the more you can do. 
  No body has the answers. We're all guessing.  
  A new form of life where meme knowledge is passed genetically.  
  Complex tasks will always expand to take up more time than's available.  
  Laughing at myself provides hours of entertainment.  
  How did I know she was the one? Because I realized that if I had to be any other person, it would be her that I'd want to be. I respected her like no one else.  
  It not that he was such a great artist. Sure, he was talented; but he made plenty of mistakes. It's just that he really had an eye.  
  The recording of a live concert doesn't have to be great. It only needs to be good. The energy of the crowd will give it oomph.   
  You enabled it. You're a victim of your own choices.  
  When you’re living a tradition, it's very different than looking back from the future.  
  ScFi: The story takes place in the future where a popular product is an artificial star the size of a softball that has a gravity magnet and creates cold fusion by colliding molecules, perfectly. The molecules collided and strike each other to fuse and release a chunk of heat.  
  Making love to her was a cross between Clare De Lune and Tchaikovsky's 1812 "Overture" – slow and beautiful then fast and angry. All in the same night. 
  The perfect woman fills you so much with endorphins that you alway feel high with her in your life.  
  If you can get big joy from little things, then happiness is all around you.  
  “There are two kinds of Amazon's. There's the tall bulky beauty will a slight dyke undertone. And then there's the one who's sleek and slender "physic" is that of an impala. You're the latter – the pristine beach volleyball gal with the sorority girl nose.” 
  You could see his gift, early on. I once said told him that there's no dusk or dawn on the moon. He looked at me inquisitively so I said, "There's no atmosphere to scatter the sun's light." I could seen him reason in the blink of an eye; dusk and dawn need an atmosphere and there's none on the moon. QED.   
  It was discovered that our biggest limitation was that, as kids, we were almost exclusively taught math with only positive numbers, making it hard to calculate loss in the real world.  
  It makes good things feel better and dulls the pain. It doesn't distract you from the pain. Rather, it puts pushes it into the background. It's still there, just humming away.  
  If you're going to celebrate your hate for me then I'm not going to respond well.  
  Why does major general come before lieutenant general? Lieutenant comes before major and lieutenant colonel comes before full-bird? 
  It's that lone piano key in the commercial's music that pulls you in. It pulls you back to that time of the first PCs where new technological progress appeared as suddenly as lightning.Plus, we could see the problems that needed to be fixed and we discovered so many possible solutions.  
  So, the dating TV host could always find guys to be on he show by following a couple of very simple patterns. Mainly by reaching out across multiple social media channels.  
  There’s nothing wrong with vowing to an ethos as long as that ethos is correct. When it’s not, we fail.  
  He was a renowned phycologist for the work he accomplished by demonstrating and proves beyond all doubt that every human has a secret streak where they would do something self-serving if they knew absolutely well that they’d never get caught. 
  I might stand. I might kneel. But I’ll always stand for the right to kneel.  
  He was radical because he get’s behind a radical idea, and legions of engineers would bet a chunk of their careers on it, only to pivot and let the product die knowing, full well, that their would be unnecessary loses.  
  The problem with dumb people is they never realize they’re dumb.  
  Begin with the end in mind. I think of where I’ll end up (dead), then I figure how I want to get there.   
  It was her stride.Her gait.Her confident strut. Her feet almost scurried as she moved. She didn’t float. Rather, it was a beautifully controlled slide, forward, with elegant grace. All too commonly seen on the runway. 
  Some people behave as they’ve been treated and others treat people how they’d want to be treated. 
  I’ve discovered that the least trusting people or organizations are the ones that you should least trust. 
  Information is like food. We now have an over abundance of it - more than we can process. And, just like there’s bad food that we’re drawn too, there’s bad information that our confirmation bias validates.  
  When we were kids, we got so close to the bands we loved that we felt like we knew them, personally. 
  It’s not about finding the right individuals for the team, rather, it’s about creating that perfect team with no individual specific types.   
  Ninety-three days of summer isn’t enough. This time of the year reminds me of when my spoon breaks through to the bottom of my Ben & Jerry’s container. The end is in sight. All good things…  
  The thing about that wine is it attracted people who were driven by flavor.  
  Bacteria and germs don't think they're the "bad guy." They simply want to exist. What if life, especially human life, is the infection? 
  The night was still. Too still. Too quiet. How could there be a regiment of infantry a few hundred meters in front of our faces, yet we could neither see nor hear them. They were disciplined.  
  No, that doesn't make you fat. It's your fat that makes you fat. Fat and overeating. 
  One day, probably in the next few decades, Facebook will have more accounts of dead people than living.  
  The best part of life is that we're all along for the ride at the same time.   
  She was a digital archeologists, born millennia in the future. Her job was to travel back to the earliest digital records at the Second Millennium and document earliest digital humanity to track every single person. Digital Aboriginals is what they called us. 
  She thinks, out loud what I feel in me.  
  I started noticing that people went to work, day after day, doing the same thing, over and over.  
  Did you see the scene when the president gets back to his residence in the east wing to find a pizza delivery door hanger on the door to his residence? That was hilarious.  
  The word "virtually" has taken on more of a tangible meaning, as in “virtual reality.” 
  I choose to be the agent of my life, not the victim.  
  This world doesn't need need another politician who points at a drowning victim and tells them that they should've learned how to swim. 
  A perfect couple consists of a strong woman and a sensitive man. An insecure guy ends up growing into a boy's idea of what a man should be. He mistakes kindness for weakness.  
  Going to war is like going to trial. Juries are too unpredictable.  
  He's a weak man, with no principles, who tries to be tough by being mean.  
  A man does not come out of retirement to start a war. He'll come out to defend what is close to him, that he loves, but not simply to serve a leader's ego and defend his pride.  
  The best ideas generally come from the people who think about them the most.  
  If you want to impress people, then let them see you doing impressive things rather than telling them about how impressive you are. 
  Laws of shrimp eating to a grandson:Always go for the biggest ones first.But don’t go out of you way to skip the little ones. They’re good too. 
  There's a spectrum from pleasure to pain. But they should be distinct feelings. People with depression or anxiety sometimes have too much of an overlap in the middle.  
  History will tell of how the toughest generals in the world pulled together to rein him in.  
  That cyber company only hired hackers  
  ScFi: All those spam emails you received, that sounded like a foreigner, were really written by AI computers slowly taking over the world and getting smarter.   
  She had the personality of a cat. She was strong, fearless, and stubborn. But she was actually a dog person.  
  Is that a threat or a promise?It's a contract. A contract the you can bet your life on.  
  The difference between a threat and a warning: A threat means the person uttering it controls the harm, whereas, in a warning, the danger is beyond the reach of the person uttering it. For example, Mom telling you, “Be sure to pay your credit card on time otherwise you’ll accrue interest,” is a warning. But, a loanshark saying, “Pay me today or I’ll break your legs,” is a threat. A more subtle thread is a cop telling an apartment landlord, “If you don’t give us access to a suspect’s apartment unit then we’ll start looking for building code violations.” 
  There was zero consent and never any intent.  
  One thing all people, who live far from reality, have in common is that they are very unhappy. Perhaps the secret to consistent happiness is to live as close to reality as possible, in the now.  
  Have you ever been around an open-minded, none judgmental person and wished they were more tolerant of you? Of course not. Return the respect.  
  I'm the guy who's going to put the fun in your funeral.  
  Don't tell me, show me. Don't tell me what you're going to do. Show me what you've done.  
  You know how corporations are getting more and more powerful? Perhaps they’ll save us from our own government. Wars, unless they’re made for conquest, rarely make money – corporations won’t fight wars. Where’s the profit? 
  I haven't seen any corporations sending out press releases supporting racism, they've only denounced the racism. Perhaps big and powerful corporations will save us money-spending consumes from our own government. Likewise, his YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account have all been deleted as tech companies rush to purge extremists of all kinds.When the government doesn't act for the people, the corporations will. They have more incentive to grow consumerism. The government only losses money from wars.   
  I want my day to go as smoothly as possible. That's my long term focus.  
  Intimacy comes in the bedroom when both partners can lead or follow.  
  “The Dirty Boy Scout” 
  We don't notice time passing because were always living in the present.  
  The insecure idiot wanted to impress the crowdfunding entrepreneur because he thought she was cute. So, he made a spectacular $1,000 campaign donation because he knew she'd never make her Kickstarter goal and he'd not be charged. He was completely right until, after she didn't make her goal, she called him up begging for the grand. Of course he broke his bank and caved in to her. She was out of there in a heartbeat.  
  She grew up during the Freedom of Thought Movement, which allowed people to truly open up about themselves.  
  I spent most of my life making so many mistakes that I’m extra careful, now. Not for fear of making mistakes, but out of fear of not catching my mistakes.  
  I like to be very thorough, which is something I can't do when I'm angry.  
  As a white person, you don’t even realize how biased America is in favor of you. Ever see a black baby doll when you didn’t expect it and you’re initial reaction was wondering if this was politically correct; or is it the equivalent of a white doll in blackface? That’s probably how it looks when unexpected… it’s a white doll with white people’s features, painted black.  
  Vegas is a blast! There's so much to do between visiting all the public libraries and museums, then partying at Chuck E. Cheese's. There's no stopping me! 
  Lots of friendly people here in Vegas who want to give me a free dinner or hotel room; all I have to do is listen to their sales presentation. 
  I did a few other things, too, but there's a saying here, "What happens in Vegas... " hmm... is it.. "lingers in Vegas?" no, that's not it... "What happens in Vegas, doesn't leave Vegas?" no, no, "What happens in Vegas, loiters in Vegas?"I'll figure it out, later. 
  What made him an awesome salesperson was that he’d always try to down-sell a customer when they walked in. No matter what they asked about, he’d offer something cheaper and more practical to gain their trust before laying on the mother-of-all upsells.  
  He thinks the news picks the politicians, all based on how much coverage they give them on TV. But a previous celebrity will always win, like Regan, Ventura, Schwarzenegger, and Trump. People have already invited them into their living room. 
  Most software engineers who are good at writing code are bad at written communications because they act too fast. When coding, you simply write a few lines and see how it runs; then tweak the code. When writing prose, a good writer will spend much more time editing before releasing it into the wild.  
  It was a powerful experience. It allowed me to see true, alternate realities.  
  Our environment shapes our discipline.  
  Don't question the art, simply enjoy it. That's what Warhol would have wanted.  
  I was a little ahead of my peers. What took them one year to learn, took me three years to learn. Luckily, I was four years older than them.  
  It’s not the writing that’s hard, it’s the editing.  
  I simply seek objective truth by managing my bias.  
  People couldn't figure out what made him so cutting edge. He saw big trends before they happened, and he seemed smart. He didn't make dumb mistakes - rarely even a single mistake.  
  There's this line of celebrity that, once you reach it, everything you do is wonderful. But you look like an idiot if you shoot for it before you’ve arrived.  
  How can iTunes not have lyrics for the third most popular album sold, The Dark Side of the Moon.  
  “I have these weird dreams.”“What kind of dreams?”“I dream about me snoring.”“Who dreams about snoring?” 
  Pledging to go to war for your country of citizenship is no different than Game of Thrones where people pledge to go to war for their lord.  
  That's the beauty of walking. You can do it aimlessly, in public, and no one will ever notice.  
  She's a doll and he seems like a nice guy, with a hidden intensity.  
  Nobody had him pegged. So he was a surprise at every turn.  
  If someone is going to have a baby, they need to commit to taking care of that baby for at least 18 years and raising it to be a productive member of society. Otherwise they shouldn’t have the kid. 
  When you're analyzing things, don’t let the context distract you from the objective truth.  
  You know what I miss? It’s the little things about being on Mars. Every time someone entered the hab, the airlock would be flooded with our ambient air which brought the airlock to STP within a few seconds (any quicker would be too loud as the air smashed together). And then the pumps would bring the hab’s ambient air pressure back to normal. Every time that happened, it made my ears feel like they popped when flying on a plane; it also made me a tiny bit lightheaded. 
  Nothing causes you to lose your strength, to feel weaker, than to worry about your children.  
  She would talk to me as she stretched while yawning. That didn't make her look vulnerable; rather, it made her look relaxed... comfortable... it made her look human. Human and warm and strong.  
  It helps you to notice things out of context, for what they truly are.  
  Imagine a religion where the people practice cannibalism by literally drink a human’s blood and eating his flesh. And also imagine bringing children into this same place of worship where there’s an effigy of their savior hanging from a noose. That, in a nutshell, is Catholicism. 
  It’s not that we quickly forget, it’s that it actually causes a memory not to stick in the first place, which is much better, otherwise, once it was truly forgotten, it couldn’t easily be remembered.  
  I have no patience for impatience.  
  “I sometimes think you're my boyfriend.”“Don't think that. Think of me as your man-friend. For I am not a boy.” 
  The point of the parade is to cheer on those who did what we weren't called to do. To celebrate their sacrifice. 
  The ones who survived it were the ones who ignored it or never let it get to them in the first place.  
  When you work undercover with spies and informants, you trade pseudo-intimacy and fulfill physical needs in exchange for information. You know it's dirty business but you accept it, no matter the cost.  
  His biography was titled "The Locust of Love" due to the ravished hearts he destroyed and left behind.    
  “You know how they train proctologists, eh kid? They have them practice on corpses. If you can stick your arm up a dead man's asshole then you'll have no problem doing it on the living.” 
  I'm not pissed at you for what you did. I'm pissed because you lied to me about it.  
  No true author would announce a book until it was nearly completely written. Otherwise, what's the point of pre-announcing failure.  
  It was called the Shark Diner. It was long and looked like a shark's body with the patrons coming into the diner through the jaws.  
  I remember a time when we didn't know the time, down to the second. Clocks occasionally ran too slow or fast. To hear a debate that the clock on the mantle might not be keeping good time is odd antiquated issue. We never question the time on our phone or smartwatch.  
  After a long day of a migraine, I feel exhausted after it’s passed. I feel as if I had a long, stressful day at work. That’s probably it – it’s the stress that drains us. I don’t feel tired after an hour of working out. No stress, that’s why. 
  It was a very interesting insurance case. The plane was destroyed when the shop it was at, during its annual inspection, burned down. The owner got enough for a replacement aircraft, while the maintenance shop tried to get his insurance company to pay. The insurance company quickly paid to avoid an bad PR after a fiasco from a couple years ago when they refused to pay medical to a runway model who walked into the propeller after exiting the aircraft. They tried to say that she was no longer a passenger once she stepped on terra firma .  
  What keeps calm people from panicking is their ability to quickly reason the threat and risk.  
  The study revealed that couples with a fun nightly routine lasted. 
  When you grow up in the ghetto, you have your local convenience store that you know like the back of your hand. Wandering into one of this stores in another neighborhood was wandering into a different universe.  
  I picture my life in the future, looking back at the past – that’s how I live my present. My now. 
  The wave function collapsing is akin to the surf on the beach. You have to end it to get something out of it. 
  He was an emotional locust. He'd swarmed into your life, suck up all the beauty, and move on while you did your best to become a phoenix.  
  Whomever has the most might will walk over the weak.  
  I tell bad stories. I'm good at listing and watching people's feedback to improve them. What I must learn is to start with a very good story and refine it into true art.  
  The more money we have the less vulnerable we are. It's both relative and absolute.  
  Remember the old days when people used to walk the streets, staring at their smartphones? Nowadays, they stand like a statue, staring at their phones while hailing Lyft & Uber. 
  Everyone needs enough time to get used to change. It's when there's a big bad change, that we all get used to, that makes society suffer. 
  He didn't think he was president. He thought he was king. He knew of the atrocities of evil kings. So, in his mind, he was a humble and kind king.  
  What the ladies loved about him was that he could make a decision. He could make a real decision for the future's best possible reason.  
  Maintain a responsibility to the long term. 
  The company was ruthless. They had their scientists make up fancy sounding words like "decaying demographic cycle" and then they'd create their own Wikipedia page with that made-up name. This word would be placed into their billing cycle terms of service and very few would look it up.   
  It’s OK to make your life a little more complicated if you’re improving your quality of life. But don’t get carried away.  
  The further you are from an issue, the less it affects you. The more issues you face, the more adaptable you become. 
  This guy was rich, like Avogadro's number rich. 
  This entrepreneur was brilliant – he truly understood the power of branding and how difficult it was to achieve. He created and marketed brand logos until one gained impressive traction, even though the brand represented nothing. At least the didn’t represent anything until he sold them to be paired with a product. 
  Intelligent people argue very differently than dumb people. While the latter might turn to screaming and hitting, the former will use words that burn like a paper cut and slice deep into the ego.  
  I don’t get pushed outside my comfort zone because it was uncomfortable.  
  What keeps people calm is their ability to keep their fears from spiraling out of control. They quickly sense the unfounded fear and block it out.  
  “If you give a woman power and control then you'll win her over. Even if that control is the desire to be submissive.” 
  You fulfill a big part of me that I can’t explain. It’s not a part of me that was missing; rather, it’s a new part of me, or perhaps an old part of me, rediscovered. But whatever it is, it is deep and close, yet simple, fun, and drama free. 
  Her secret was that she took every joke you made, and took it one small step forward. That’s how she socialized and connected with people.  
  I never knew him very well. Looking at his family photos on Facebook seemed like a violation.  
  We sold 4700 tickets? That's great, but we were shooting for 5,000. For marketing purposes, since we already know the names of the 4700 people who got tickets, we just need the names of the 300 people who didn't buy tickets. I don't know if your serious or smartly joking???Of course I'm joking. How can we get the names of 300 people who don't exist. 
  Try for better but be happy with what you got. 
  It's not that I'm smart. It's that these other people are so dumb.  
  There's no better feeling for a pilot then when the plane’s wheels touch its shadow and rolls to a stop 
  When you go in for a job interview, come from a positing of strength. Don't ask them to do something for you, tell them what you can do for them. 
  When they launched their first fully autonomous robots, they did it with a code of ethics that all autonomous machines would have hard-coded into their programming. After peer and Congressional review, it was globally adopted.  
  Try to define time. It's not easy. It's one's perception of the universe and observation of events around them.  
  For some couples, texting has become a perfect outlet to communicate important little things to each other.  
  Drama: The plot is about two secret agents from Eastern Europe who fall in love with each other, not knowing that the other is a spy, and spend long hours talking romantically to each other all while being monitored by the West. The Western agents monitoring the late night phone conversations begin to fall for the couple to the point that a few Western agents make what seem like questionable mistakes that keep the spying couple from getting arrested. Their romance is passionately poetic.  
  The conversation was about maturity. Perhaps it's best to start with a good explanation of what maturity is? And, perhaps, there's an ironic growing of maturity by being immature for creativity's sake.  
  Why was “The Wrath of Kahn” track named “Surprise Attack,” and not “Ambush?" 
  Being able to see new relationships is the key to thinking liberally.   
  Unintended disruptions.  
  Unnecessary hurt. 
  Based on his search engine queries, he scores a ten on the creepy scale.  
  The sailor’s dying words were, "Last four," as he threw his iPhone a short distance, on the bed. He was too weak and no one understood it until one of the death witnesses was at medical and the petty officer asked for his, “last four.” That's the PIN that unlocked the phone on the first try. 
  Some statements are so bold that they can never be used in another context because they're too cliche.  
  “Back during the cold war, when I was undercover, I would tell women I met that I worked at a camera store.” 
  Why is it "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup," and not "Waiter, there's a roach on my plate”? You can’t really blame the restaurant for the fly, but you can for the roach.  
  The sergeant got into the most trouble. He knew that he could order his junior Marines to torment an officer and they'd follow it, thinking it was a lawful order. Boy, was the zero pissed. 
  The term was originally "kissed," as in "I throw the kiss of death at you,” by biting one’s thumb. But someone made a typo and it was spelled "piss." 
  Mission Bay had become the dumping point for all beach traffic that uses the 8 from east of Mission Valley.  
  It felt as if my mind was getting a mental massage.  
  Find a mental exercise that helps you lower your defenses so you are more open to creativity. All creativity is intimate. First you must find trust before lowering your defenses and then lowering your defenses and disarming yourself puts you more in tune with your surrounding as an individual human.  
  The song didn't have lyrics, but it did have words. Words spoken from a cold, mis-modulating voice synthesizer. The words were their own separate instrument; an instrument that told a story.  
  You would never know that Long Island is so very green. Rather, it's green in the summer and dead in the winter. That's how it is. But, when you visit from San Diego, that green is all you notice. And you notice how little sunlight penetrates the canopy.  
  This may sound strange. But I feel like you and I deserve each other.  
  You want your writing to not only connect with people, but motivate them? Then write true or write coup. 
  Fix the problem at the source, and when you can’t, then fix the symptoms rather than shifting blame. 
  It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you place the blame.  
  As soon as I recognize a case that goes against general consensus, I adjust my language.  
  “No, Senator, I am not speculating, I am recollecting. I can recall A-B-D and E, but I’m taking a little time to reconstruct C,” I answered.“So, you’re making it up?” asked the politician.“No, I’m re-surfacing the memories to recall what happeend.”
  Instead of telling people that they shouldn't get pissed, perhaps we should give them an outlet and tell them what they should get pissed about. #thenewpolitics 
  No, nobody can ask the question, "That doesn't sound weird, does it?" after describing something without sounding weird.  
  There are a lot of people who were born into money and enjoy an entire lifetime of doing nothing. But the public doesn't know of them because they're doing nothing.  
  His sense of humor was to use reverse psychology in the form of a negative imperative. 
  Everyone runs late, few people run early. Cater to the former in marketing. 
  The worst off people, due to their own lack of motivation and poor decisions, love to blame their leaders for their circumstance. They also give too much credit, to a fault, to new leaders who promise change for the better. 
  The people who lived closest to the present were always the calmest. They knew there was no greater truth than the present. The future hasn't happened and the past can only be remembered.  
  It isn't until a decision is challenged when we learn its true integrity.  
  What makes great people great is because their natural reaction tends to be an average Joe’s best reaction.  
  The best of the largest companies success because their CEOs have direct access to the talent, and vice versa.  
  “How do you scale passion?” That’s the secret to a successful business. How do you scale what people are passionate about?
Think about alcohol consumption like pouring wine into a glass. Everything's perfectly fine, as the glass catches the wine until it's over the top and too late. At that point, it's simply a matter of how much damage has been done.  
  Ever feel like everyone else understands more than you do? Do you feel out of sync, out of touch, or too old fashioned? Feel like others are smarter than you and understand things quicker than you? Well, that’s usually the case for all of us, at some point in our lives. Anything that you don’t understand, but wish you did, is a learning opportunity.  
  Young people in the past dressed like old people in the future. 
  Every romantic relationship you get into will have something missing in your partner; something that you had in a past relationship or something you’ll find in a future relationship. Similar emotional maturity and ability to handle adverse conditions play a big part, too. It isn't until the relationship is over when we truly discover the other's shortfalls.  
  It’s possible to have passion without drama; just as it’s possible to be a big man with a small ego. Or a strong man with a fragile one. 
  When we learn of radical ideas, for the first time, we either become engaged or threatened. What should anyone ever feel threatened by an idea? 
  The more overly-emotional you get the harder it is to answer the call.  
  His secret to connecting with the ladies was that he could detect what made each woman unique and he could touch that spot.  
  Wonder Woman has to be a woman. Superman has to be a man. Why can't Captain America be a lady? 
  A noteworthy storyteller needs good material and a great imagination.  
  Humble people are so arrogant in their modesty.  
  A duty to correct.  
  “Carry on” has a passive meaning. It can also mean, "ignore me.” 
Author's note: These are my raw and random thoughts, ideas, and fictional dialog. Some of these thoughts I believe and some are the exact opposite of what I believe and all in between including pure fiction that sounds good. Pieces is only the first half, Vignettes is the second half.
March 26, 2017
To be continued. 


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