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Quotes (draft)

It is not enough to be right. It's more important to be effective. Pedestrians may have the right of way in a crosswalk. But I’m not going to step out, in front of a fast moving car, only to have my epitaph read “He was in the right.” At what point does protesting become complaining? At what point does tolerance become enabling. Partial answer: Protest, without action, is merely complaining. PR spin is the art of highlighting the truth in a lie or the lie in the truth. Is doing something wrong to correct another wrong the right thing? –––––––––– How to fix a broken heart: You need to get over the addiction. I call it the Mall Dance. There isn't a clear pattern, but it all works out without a single collision, like two galaxies colliding in the cold and vast emptiness of space. I feel like my wife and I teased either too meanly or we were too sensitive. With the old one, we teased too little. You and I do it best. Engineeri